#84, April 24, 2016, Sunday

4/24/16, Sunday, I think this is Earth Day but I haven’t heard a mention of it. I’m trying to get to the court tomorrow about that car accident in November and am going to sign right back out, unaware if anyone ever calls up this blog-/website. It’s like a horror-vacuum that I live in. I got an idea for a way maybe to find someone like an accounting office to collect donations for me that maybe won’t get attacked by all this “Armageddon” problem I’ve really got in real life, but that would take a little while to figure out how to get to any resource for that so I’m hoping to hear from that PayPal company but I haven’t heard anything back from them so far. My cell phone re-charger’s gone and that number no doubt isn’t secure from the “Armageddon” monsters anyway and I’ve caught onto that they must be running my email too, i’m sorry. – 30 –

I’ll try to type this in fresh later, April 5th, 4th or 5th letter to this seemingly non-existent person anyhow. (5/13/17 now, I’m going to try to type the pages 2-7 that I’ve got that don’t have a date or a page 1 but just this 4/23/16 note that I don’t think think this one had actually been mailed.) that have become dependent on this brain “narcotic,” etc. //They have me so upset about all this end-of-the-Earth that they’re doing off of this torture to me that the whole Universe Rescue-attempt and PayPal business has slipped my mind, me unable to check my email. They just did a scene of changing all the places at the meal-table and going behind my seat to spoon red salsa onto the Thunderville-type-insane girl’s plate, as an example of that this is the same (or worse considering that it’s the big Catholic place now,) as the 10 years downtown near the Capitol building. Re-hash the past instead of any forward-thinking permitted. There is a theme with the name of one of the girls here, that it sounds like “I’m not for being turned into petroleum,” speaking of the Capitol building, that it seems to me as though it’s possible that the generationally-enslaved — now here’s the parasitic insane monster-girl showing p to interfere with my few minutes of after-being-locked-in  with it since noon quiet space to myself, — I suspect that “the Jew” type’s let this monster-type they have me captive to think that the brain-selling business is morally superior to the turning people into black-goo business that they might otherwise be victim to, but the Jews have different captive-slave groups of themselves working under the main Autists’ core. // for those, and using these bums for wrecking this and other countries for toward the main-core’s Armageddon takeover’s purposes, that this fraud-parent, and the descendant “nation” of its mutants all over everywhere destroying the normal people, are just having a moron’s, morons’, good time regardless of the larger picture that they’re enabling — I wish a human could hear these filthy sirens that follow me everywhere that are carousing now with their noises. The “Thundervilles” and other relatives’ reproductive matter is all over Washington DC running this kill and replace of normal people with identity-thieving underground-trained “walking abortions.” There were at lest 2 of the other lines of fraud-family relatives at that Kensington “Safe Haven” and 1 of those really seemed to be naturally-insane, — I’m trying to think how I can get my blog-/website to get some income to me, because it’s the only thing I could do with this filth disabling me from employment, etc. for all the years of being alone and tornred like this, God hel me, and writing letters like this for help to no reply, assumably becuse like rightthis instant the fraud-parent’s line of beings block and live off of all my communication-attempts.

I guess that the fraud-parent, under the “matic’s” work, had had hidden “candid” cameras planted all around for getting pornographic pictures and the videos of me that have been the “bulwark” of the “nation” of them’s fortune, and especially using thee for LURES of normal males and for this Armageddon Show near the Capitol, and probably for here at this place too. What the modus operandi is is for people to meet and think that I seems like a nice person and they say that I seem nice and the circus expounds upon that and gets a crowd of positive-thinkers and then turns the tables, like these ladies have turned all the tables around and I’ve got a table behind my head in this new bed they’ve fixed-up because of this painting-scam that they’re saying is going to go on for another 2 weeks. Now the insane-girl is out here for the 1st time and now she /it’s singing. — so I relocate to the front door of this basement now, just having the attention of its life for terrorizing me from one moment to the next while those “sisters” are all Mister Teresa-trained and making or sneak-making whatever they can off of my imprisonment and being a hatred-recism victim, that the racism is all an Autists’ joke that they want people to do the work of killing each other for the Autists’ Armageddon takeover.

I can’t explain it because I’m all alone and the system’s so sneaky that everything’s unprovable by me alone all the time, but this car accident business is very complicated.

All kinds of things have happened that I would get called crazy for mentioning; I’ll try to make a little list:

1- it was the 2nd car-hit and ambulance since that 11/4/15 topiary-ritual but I haven’t been able yet to find any note I’d have made on the 1st accident so it’s moot.

2- the 11/19 hit was relatively “soft” and I thought I was okay but I was awakened in ICU a week later in so much pain that it seemed my skull had been cracked and I had muscle pain between my legs, each inner thigh’s muscles on the sides there, so bad that I could barely walk for about 2 weeks, so I figured that I’d been beat-up and that’s the fraud-parent’s modus operandi, to beat defenseless women and children, the Mrs. and me, after the accident. The ambulance’s arrival-time at Suburban makes it seem that the pains were inflicted after I got there, by the way. Then the inner-leg pains made me think 1st of some mass-rape exhibition and then of ovary-theft.

3- My Maryland DMV-ID card had been asked for by a hospital-nurse or what on 11/26 or 11/27 when I got my purse back and I never have seen it again yet. It’s a piece of evidence I could use in trying to untangle all the horrors that had been going on as there was some photography “magic” trick played on me for that.

Any of those 3/4 subjects would get the hospital to claim that I’m “schizophrenic” and I’d be locked up and silenced then on this whole big-life problem so I haven’t mentioned these and probably a few lesser and other things, except in the 600 pages I’d just had to upload in backwards order. While at the Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center that “CRRC” girl called (to harass me) and mentioned that the hospital has got my ID-card. I don’t want any part of that phony outfit so I didn’t ask her anything about it but I guess that she and the CRRC had asked the nurse to ask me for it and they’d walked off with it in order that — well actually, I think it must have happened on Friday that I’d thought was Saturday because everything was put very confusingly for me, and I suspect that it’s CRRC that has the pilfered card because then that night I’d nearly died from some standard-trick hospitals do with big heavy “oxygen masks,” where you can’t get it off of your face when saliva builds up in the back of your throat while you’re sleeping — really, I’d nearly died and it was right after I guess this CRRC-scam had stolen my Maryland ID-card and they’re a kill and replace underground scam place, likely getting it known/arranged for that I’d be left unattended then that night for long enough for that suffocation-death scam to work. That’s 4/5 problems I’d had to keep to myself or I might not have made it out of Suburban to speak of, which I’m really still in prison-like circumstances. The 30 days in Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center they had like a continuation of Suburban’s trying o drive me crazy by putting me in a room with some underground-sneak who might have been descended from Pope Leo X and/or that King George III from that phony American Revolution time-period that did nothing but yetll and then later beg for help but really seemed just unable to stand not having someone in attendance of her “Neanderthal” self, plus other traps laid-out for me there, like I think I was just lucky I’d finally gotten a phone number and found out in advance that I could only stay there 30 days or otherwise I’d have been stranded to have to apply for “SSI” where no one on earth understands that since before the “French Connection” the underground’s “magic” like now has been following and fouling anything I go near, that I’ve stayed off of computers all millennium and away from Social Security because the “magic” global-system wants to destroy those thins for normal people and they use me as destruction-excuse. It’s a difficult-to-describe sabotage situation that I use the word “convoluted” for.

(#85, April 25, 2016, Monday, court) 4/25/16, Monday, court was a big nothing, that they’re changing the charge from failure to stop for a pedestrian to failure to yield to a pedestrian and they’ll mail me an updated subpoena when a new date’s arranged for in around a month but I don’t have any address and have zero idea what I’m going to do now, because this “Armageddon” uses me as it’s “Alpha and Omega” world-takeover gimmick, following underground everywhere I go to and putting on this free “show” that’s really the way that global-system underground goes around sneak-taking over everywhere, they go under and parasite-devastate everywhere by the gimmick of providing “entertainment” based on making fun of me that’s really a people-disappearance LURE, trick. There’s nothing I can do, it’s everywhere, I’m sixty years old now and have been in this area so long and it’s all their Autist-psychopaths’ system everywhere now. This idea I’ve got for finding an accounting place for people who’d like to make shareware-type donations to keep me trying to explain how this system works and how to disentangle it before it’s finished parasiting and destroying Earth to death requires a little busfare and I just don’t have it, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve been, and I’ll try to get all these things I’ve been quick-scanning straightened out and better-organized soon but I’m just always in this emergency situation, writing these background-information letters to a Chief Judge Morrissey at the address I’d received but today now someone tells me his office is in Annapolis, not here where I’ve been writing to where this particular library is which I’d just as soon you didn’t know where these travesties are going on anyhow, and don’t, — I have to fix that contact-address, I haven’t been there since the accident and have to get it off this website but this web-/blogsite is not easy to move around in and I’m lucky I can do this and the scanning still so far, I’m afraid I might “break” this again by trying anything new. What I thought I’d do is I’d seen advertisement-advice for financial-helpers for senior citizens like I now am and I thought I’d try to find some group that could withstand this “Science Fiction” file-described horror that follows me around parasite-supporting this science fiction-mutant breed nation of “offspring-descendants” of this bizarre fraud-family I’d grown up thinking were normal “family” and that’s all fiction and everything is fiction and a lot of it is because of that “crucifixion” religion, that that crucifixion is slave to this Autist-psychopath & friend-buddies underground-system and everything is just made-up to please insane psychopaths, that I’d like to be able to just have myself be able to write down to explain what I’ve learned about about all this and no one can fend off this whole system and the brutes that behind-my-back live off of my whole life no matter what I’ve tried to do. This guy hit me with a car and I’ve been in horror-medical care ever since and it’s like nothing to all these people to do anything whatsoever, they’re all system-people and the system is, spitefully and maliciously, taking us to total planet extinction. This latest realization that that “Mother” was really a guy in women’s cover-all garb Teresa could straighten out all kinds of things about how this system really is in no time flat but the underground won’t let anyone help me, it’s dangerous for any individual to try to do so, so don’t even think about it but i’ll go and try to see if I can find again a copy of that senior’s magazine that I’d seen the suggestions for places that help with finance-business for elderly people and maybe i’ll be able to find some group but after seeing what went on in court today I really doubt that any accounting firm would be able to withstand the system-threats against doing anything for me, I’m always kept like totally broke and that’s how they can manipulate everything that I have to do with each day so that they control my entire life from all inside and outside of me. I gave this website address to two of the lawyers, and maybe I’ll survive till someone gets me some protective custody or witness protection. The latest big thing about the “Mister Teresa” is that I find out her spate of lack of faith that God even exists coincides with when the Autists thought that they’d be rich and controlling Earth from either the moon or Mars, around 1959-69 when the definitive moon-samples showed that there aren’t valuable minerals or food or other beings to enslave out there, and then in 1982 she’d told all her workers to start using the before-meal prayer to St. Michael that’s all the Revelation-style insane warmongering gibberish. I suspect Wernher von Braun was their enslaved modern-day St. Michael descendant-stereotype and he and Hermann Oberth had done all the work-thinking how to get them up into space and they got there and saw there was nothing for mortals after all but have just kept forging ahead with the world-takeover obsession, with that 1962 personal “French Connection” LSD/hero-in business done all while under the illusion the system would soon be rich rich rich because they thought they’d be harvesting diamond-stars and silver or something good from the moon and building bases there by which to live and control the Earthlings, but they’re just insane Autists, medically-unable to break out of the repetition selfishness-rut that they wake up everyday and forge ahead with desire to rid the Earth of everybody except their own selves as being in control and extant. I could explain so simply all this phonied-up “racial” business, that what we’ve got is nothing but skin-dyes from petroleum refinements’ being added to wrongfully disembodied ovae-into-people abortions, and the real “race” thing is that they were all long-lost in Paleo-America and had developed black hair and dark eyes and they keep those traits by the bizarre inbreeding they unnaturally do with the disembodied ovae they have no business to take. I’m sorry, it’s probably dangerous to even read this stuff. I have one whole page I’d just found today that goes to those letters I’d scanned yesterday, the first page of the second letter and I’ll try to type that onto here and put those pages into place soon, as I’d tried to describe all this to him but no one ever acknowledges that they’ve read any of this stuff I’ve been distributing by hand and mail for years to no reply. I don’t know what to do with myself right now. I’d written and asked the judge to get anyone to trade me cash for an Amazon gift card for $25 but he wasn’t there today and I was just basically ignored like I don’t exist and that’s what always goes on and how the system’s been putting off that book of Revelations’ centuries-old Autists’ writing, which then had attracted the other writings onto itself and then into that big double-book of the old and the new, but they basically do all the other religions too or their other slaves also set those up for them, like even the Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard looks like a descendant of the big slave Archbishop of Baltimore John Carroll, d. 1815. I suspect his ancestors had been people like St. Patrick and Joan of Arc, just traditionally used as a parasite-victim genotype generationally like I am too. I hardly know what words to use, like even “thanks” and all the simple plain words are made-believe that they have other meanings by this Autists’ system. I don’t know where I’ll be able to sleep because I really don’t want to go to this “Mister Teresa’s” anymore, and I’d love to be able to explain us out of this through the example of Mr. Teresa, d. 1997, but the system sucks all my time to themselves, I don’t even like to have to use the computer but they’ve sucked society down to just a few things and this is the big thing, as with what they’ve done to drugs that is the big problem that keeps everybody in this system that we can’t break out of because the Autism is a medical illness that the Autists can’t  do anything about themselves, it has to be done from the outside, explained to everyone. I have to get off this computer now. – 30 –

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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  1. kathy says:

    I just had to do a “Report this ad” on a tiny red one that said Rock This Way, free listen, because that is one of the LURE tunes connected to that fraud-parent I keep trying to describe is like security for the Armageddo n underworld, and through disseminating those “donations” that created system-goons, one very involved with performing that song, Walk This Way, all the time, as how a lot of the system’s takeover got done and I’m all alone with the system taking advantage of my attempts to get assistance away from its “Limitless” brain-eating m****s. I don’t want that ad here or any sneaky things.

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