Additional Warning:

I/we don’t want any “google-style” sudden mania around here, the real universe doesn’t work that way, the Autists (and their partners and hybrids) have obsession-compulsions in place of steadiness and this specific thing onto me is “Limitless”-ly malicious and sadistic for real, forget about any sudden moves or changes or passing this URL around, I’m really only trying to reach mature people in the medical/neurological field/s. This morning the “Ginsberg-style” invisible and unprovable torture is doing goon-Romper Room based on that this is one of my 2 potential long-hours days at the library, where the goons gather suckers for turning on them at the end of the sport-like activities nominally based on that phony “saving the w****” trick-set played on me back in 1979; please do not play into the sneak system’s hands or participate in their “show” or “Armageddon” -anything off of me and my normal-person’s attempts to get through each day of this filth they have all over me, the worse the filth the harder I have to try to think about how I could reach some form of assistance, they’ve been doing this scam to me all these years, decades of this b.s. for their holocaust of any normal-type people. They do one of their standard tricks onto me of waking me in the middle of the night, 2 nights in a row now, and they sneak-eavesdrop of what I’m thinking of doing about all this and this horror of being invisibly-molested awake all the time for whatever their invisible to me other place/’s’ purposes are at any given time or place or another. Their running a particularly intricate scam right now that appears to have not anything good for me in any foreseeably-soon way, that it looks to be plotted to be dragging on for at least months of this “disgusting” molestation day and night, as has been in one way or another what the whole 26 years of this have been like and I try to underscore the Autism aspect of all this because Autism is about repetition, that they aren’t going to be moved to change anything, while in the meantime this c*** all over but invisible to me seeks victims at all times and by doing this goon-circus “s*** the world” gimmick, whereas everything really does have to get straightened out in real life, the system just won’t let adults discuss it unless it’s part of the con-job for pigeon-getting psychopathy. It’s “psychoto-psychopathy” because of the hallucinogen/serotonin-addiction but the phrase is too fancy-seeming for me to be able to use. I’m going to try to get back to this painting/fresco of that “Disputation” business because it probably was approximately the same things I’ve been saying these 26 years plus then 10 years ago or so I’d realized about the disembodied ovaries part of the system, and the system wants to make a death-sports and LURE-ram big-kill off of the gathered listeners is what the “Disputation” is about. Also there’s a big aspect of the 1987 incident that’d happened to the girl named Tawana Brawley, like a system-code that the system wants, T’wanna Brawl-for “ee” feeding its members, T’want to brawl-ee, that I’d moved to that area about a year and a half after the incident and it’s part of the repeated-patterns of this “Armageddon Program” that’s been being run off of me and that I’m basically unaware of, I’m just out here doing a normal person’s regular things but the system watches and twists my activities to its Armageddon purposes, so, please try to keep this quiet and away from immature types of thinkers.File:Pinturicchio - St Catherine's Disputation - WGA17820.jpgSt Catherine’s Disputation, by Pinturicchio, (145401513,) 1492-94, fresco with gold leaf, Borgia Apartment, Hall of Saints; Wikimedia Commons; This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less.

I have to get back to this as being connected to this LURE to disappear normal people that’s long been being perpetrated off of my unawares self but they are doing a big decapitation idea-of-reference for nearly 2 hours in this library while I’d been trying to look up the essential (code-slang use of that word and any others is never used for anything here, that the bums, the system, thinks essence, (like Essenes,) has to do with brain fluid,) background materials for trying to describe this big “Disputation” scam the system’s been doing off of me for their sneak Armageddon. The scam is that I’m “nonstop” (which word I also hate to use anymore because I shudder to think-guess what they twist the secret-code meaning of that word to be,) invisibly/unprovably tortured and they make believe me and the invisibles are in a dispute about that because one under torture has to scream and complain for it to be quitted, but that isn’t a dispute, I’m out here all by myself and that’s a reaction, a normal reaction to torture. Also, that’s what they’re also pulling with this idea-of-reference they’re nonstop doing too, intermittent disgusting noises that idea-of-reference something they always do with this decapitating or brain-drugs way of underworld life, the guy’s been making these disgusting noises like through the nose, “holocaust sign” I’d noticed they were and then last year I’d search-engined something that looks like an “Allen Ginsberg-type” doing this to a type like me, where the girl that looked like my type was wearing a jacket-shirt nearly identical to the one I have on now, maybe have had since just before the car-hit, I haven’t thought of it till typing this now and can’t recall offhand where I’d gotten it from. Similarly they’d had a girl get off the bus here wearing a pair of shoes they might-could have gotten from clothes I’d lost decades ago, all kinds of creepy stuff goes into this keeping me invisibly tortured 24/7/365-6. So I’ve been sitting here trying to look up about this “Disputation” fresco and its connections to this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION difficulty and this guy’s been doing this till it reached the point where someone had to say something to him and that was about an hour ago and no one had and each time he does this snorting noise it makes one’s stomach upset and tense and finally I’d be like to yell across the room to the librarians’ desk to go see about this guy or I’ve walked over myself lots of times to inquire about difficulties but the system of course has everything under its control and it’s likely to be that the guy has some sort of a “medical condition” that the clerks realize he isn’t doing that on purpose as a “sign” that there’s decapitating or how they do the brain-harvesting going on and the girls aren’t neglecting the guy or their job in making sure the place is under control for the innocent bystander patrons here or what. After he snorts and snorts like to get the brain juice to come out of his nose or what then he spits conspicuously then sniffles then goes back to the snorting to get something out and now the spitting again, and he’s probably got a rag right there or box or bag of them that he’s cleanly spitting into, isn’t spreading anything or doing anything untoward or on purpose for the decapitation of anyone or his stereotype (I don’t know what stereotype he might be, a skinny black-haired boy it looks like he is, twenty-two-ish maybe,) but the win-win system is sure having a ball wrecking my day, gimmicking off of that I could potentially get in nearly 8 consecutive hours working on the blog if they weren’t “toileted” away by the system’s turning my life to this negativity typing, “emergency-style” for the system to quit doing this bum sucking my brain for anything I think all day long every day, part of it I’m recalling, that that’s the standard library scam, that, decade after decade now, as I sit and try to read or write my head is continuously sucked to dissipate any momentum I might get going with either of those activities or anything else, like the usual finally getting up and going over to ask this guy what’s the matter. I am the worst off possible, there isn’t anything I can do for whatever his response to that in real life could potentially be, so why should I bother him since there is zero I could do to assist him anyway, I’m not going to believe anything anyone tells me about anything anymore anyway, I can’t assist this strange guy or much of anyone else with anything, all I can try to do is to reach some responsibly-behaving adult toward trying to get first myself and then maybe the planet out of this Armageddon-underworld system b.s. and I cannot both do that and do this emergency-style complaining about what’s going on out here to myself toward this nonstop and unspeaking torture-scam. It’s always the same one “disgusting” thing or trick after another. They had a guy do a walk-by on my way here that looked like Spiro Agnew, and then 2 old shoes of mine ideas of reference, c*** like that because I might could make some productive use out of an uninterrupted 8-hour workday. And the “show” started putting an old ritual-character of a guy fast-talking-to-himself on the buses as I’m headed to here. Yakkety-yak, yakkety-yak to the thin air. Now an emergency signal they beeped but just a few times.

photo by/from Mary Ann Sullivan, architecture project she does. She’d said I could use her Conques photos and I learned of the link to St/e. Foy from her file too. In fact now I recall that I’d had such a time getting the link to work here that maybe I hadn’t even included her photos of that Conques church. I think they are here in the St/e. Foy file and if they aren’t I’ll have to run them down again because I think that that book of the Revelation had actually been written from Conques, and then the rest of the NT had gotten written and added to it and then of course the whole thing partnered with the OT. I think she said a link to her site is okay but I do try not to involve innocent bystanders to the system’s notice, but her architectural photos are all for educational purpose, with just some credit line and or link to her site. This Arch of Constantine has a replica or reference to its 312 AD self right there in the middle of the “Disputation,”File:Pinturicchio - St Catherine's Disputation - WGA17820.jpgbut the Disputation’s version has that gold Borgia bull added on its top. The 312AD Arch of Constantine was built to commemorate Constantine’s victory over the Roman emperior that is being represented on that throne on the left, by the son Cesare Borgia, listening to his sister Lucrezia’s representing the “St.” Catherine. Here’s the victory write-up by Wiki: The Battle of the Milvian Bridge took place between the Roman Emperors Constantine I and Maxentius on 28 October 312. It takes its name from the Milvian Bridge, an important route over the Tiber. Constantine won the battle and started on the path that led him to end the Tetrarchy and become the sole ruler of the Roman Empire. Maxentius drowned in the Tiber during the battle; his body was later taken from the river and decapitated, and his head was paraded through the streets of Rome on the day following the battle.[3]

And then Constantine converted to and spread Christianity alot. Constantine’s (Constant Eating’s?) mother was named Helen and often I fear I’m thought to be descended from her, constantly feeding some ingrate Autist-hybrid and encouraging them. Then she goes off to Jerusalem to find the “true Cross” that Jesu had officially passed on, absolutely positive then that the piece of wood she’d narrowed that down to there on Golgotha or however exactly that had transpired was the very one, absolutely positive, hunting all around, possibly to satisfy some whim of the tyrant boy’s, maybe that it’s okay to eat other people. Maybe it was but we’re in the 20th-21st century now and should re-assess instead of keeping the source of the dinosaur-food’s extinctions a big secret. — Then I’ve got the Ginsberg-types’ sitting on both that and Astronomy… so I’m thinking that perhaps the Ginsberg-Tsiolkovsky type, like Ira Levin and Chaim Potok and all those Bronx writers that look/ed like them, might have come from some hybrid off of “Harley” and Goddard, but that’s such touchy area.

I’ll have to keep looking up things about this “Disputation” until I can pin down who the guy on the white horse is. I’d read 2 accounts so far and the namings are different, which is very common in artwork. I think I’d read once (a long time ago,) that the guy in the cloak with his back to us, talking to the kid, might be Andrea Mantegna the artist. Then I’d read that the little boy might be Lucrezia’s out-of-wedlock son.

A year ago I found this and she said I could use her photo with giving her a credit line or link but I couldn’t/can’t reciprocate because it’s involving unawares innocent bystanders into this goons-scam of the system’s using me as a source for getting hold of the names and bodies of normal people, so I hope nobody bothers her or anyone else because of me:

And one last picture from my visit last year, though this could have been carved at an point throughout the room’s history – a gaming board carved into a windowsill which I found to be incredibly interesting. I have no idea how the game was played but it certainly looks interesting! Random gaming board in the Borgia Apartments (Picture by me)
(Courtesty Samantha Morris,
I’m just fascinated by how that vandalism had been put there and if it has some larger meaning, which I figure it does, is a schematic of something the Autists-Jomon were doing. –Pinturicchio/Bernadino di Betto di Biagio, from “Sienna” the Loyalty Binds Me blogspot spells it, which maybe I’ve seen somewhere else.
  • Sienna, an alternative spelling of Siena, an Italian city historically notable for production of the pigment and the origin of the name
  • Sienna, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, a village in south Poland
  • Sienna, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, a village in south-west Poland
  • Sienna, Szczecin, a neighbourhood in Szczecin, Poland
  • Sienna, Silesian Voivodeship, a village in south Poland
  • Sienna Plantation, Texas — that’s just north of here, Houston, but the one in Szczecin is on a route that I figure the system Autists-Jomon had taken to invade and take over Berlin that Berlin became a big headquarter for them and the rocket-building till I guess then they’d WWII-era transferred to Chicago and thereabouts here.

But Siena likely had been officially spelled with a double-n sometimes as the system was evolving itself.

2/8/19, Friday, barely have half an hour, make a list for tomorrow:

little turtle

the emperor otto, that horrifying diptych:

I’ll try to put a blocked-out copy of this later but it comes up in this “Renaissance” business so I just got a copy for the time being, about that this is the modus operandi of how the bums have been steady taking over the planet.

(2 torture things, 2 knocks on the wall= ck the heat= tit for tat jew-thinking, wisping tt i hate that guy into my head while i was on the toilet-break yesterday = that and the knockings=the typical murder-excuses modus operandi of this nasi-j**, the tit for tat bc i hadn’t clicked the door lock bb tt had seemed too peculiar, so the unsecurity of the wall knocks i guess, the j** as judge theme! is big, like what they’ve chosen to do and be on this planet, judging the others but they are scamming that as a front for walking through the Autist-system to this same Armageddon world-takeover Revelation scam off of me,

Ps. 45, check for greeds, king james version from wikipedia, go back for the hebrew version to compare texts.

  1. My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.
  2. Thou art fairer than the children of men: grace is poured into thy lips: therefore God hath blessed thee for ever.
  3. Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O most mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty.
  4. And in thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and righteousness; and thy right hand shall teach thee terrible things.
  5. Thine arrows are sharp in the heart of the king’s enemies; whereby the people fall under thee.
  6. Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre.
  7. Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.
  8. All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad.
  9. Kings’ daughters were among thy honourable women: upon thy right hand did stand the queen in gold of Ophir.
  10. Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father’s house;
  11. So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him.
  12. And the daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift; even the rich among the people shall intreat thy favour.
  13. The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold.
  14. She shall be brought unto the king in raiment of needlework: the virgins her companions that follow her shall be brought unto thee.
  15. With gladness and rejoicing shall they be brought: they shall enter into the king’s palace.
  16. Instead of thy fathers shall be thy children, whom thou mayest make princes in all the earth.
  17. I will make thy name to be remembered in all generations: therefore shall the people praise thee for ever and ever.

since it turned out to be me tt tt sun moon and stars role had befallen pg could use the logo w ck impunity or what

the whimpering j**/jesu mealtime bit = all the time now, w also the Rooty-toot tune

claudio coello 1642-93 madrid

ck aalsum = 2 n. europe towns with that name

st. acacius – I’d looked all over for a saint with just a slightly different spelling, St. Acasio maybe it is. I’ll go look for a copy now or soon.

w the 14 holy helpers

nga – zuccaro

ck by austrian school version

ck natl lampoon, timberlands? tt family cartoon w the sadistic pater, et al = the Appletons. The mother isn’t sadistic. If you divided the sadism between the 2 of them it would be like the frauds I’d grown up with, why I was or am looking to re-look at that, not finding the comic funny before because I had no clue that that really goes on. Now that I realize it is based on real life now it’s interesting, to look at what the tricks are. Clues for how they get away with it but it’s “bottomless,” the knowing-con artists all over the place now too.


the appletons, b.k. taylor, ck taylor-portraits dot com= tt tree stamp image, bobk, sesame street, muppets sex and violence episode, home improvement sitcom, detroit,

ck liber al through harry ransom

(the Do What You Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law by crowley and his Aiwass vision/voice) /hermetic dot com/legis/index

://web.archive dot org/web/20110707173348/http://www.ashami dot com/eidolons/A_Transcription_of_Liber_Legis

/www.sacred-texts dot com/oto/engccxx.htm = Crowley’d finished that, the study of this book is forbidden and it would be wise to destroy it after the first reading. That sort of ruins thinking about trying to look into it for me. A nice synopsis would be okay.

advertising hall of fame, ck, ad= “odd” “fer” “ties” in’g

Little Turtle, Miami tribe

harley t. procter, 1 Dec. 1847 Cincinnati – 1920 NYC

Charles Bonaparte, 1851 Baltimore – 1921 Baltimore

Deaver 1938 Bakersfield, CA – 2007 Washington, DC

Kim Phuc photo

13th Tribe, Koestler,

From the dust jacket of Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon” (novel and the Houston library catalog,) which comes up from all the to-do about Communism during Diego Rivera’s time and trip to Rockefeller Center:

“Based on Stalin’s Moscow show trials of the 1930s, Darkness at Noon follows Nicholas Rubashov, an activist who has outlived his usefulness, as he is imprisoned and psychologically tortured by the Party to which he has dedicated his life. As the pressure to confess preposterous crimes increases, he relives a career that embodies the terrible ironies and human betrayals of a totalitarian movement masking itself as an instrument of deliverance. Almost unbearably vivid in its depiction of one man’s solitary agony, Darkness at Noon asks questions about ends and means that have relevance not only for the past but for the perilous present.”

ck Tecumseh and Ford

the “Romans” mt have been the Yayoi,

ck tt “This we’ll defend” and the red hat – I’ll have to try to straighten out all this later, have to sign off but i’d just noticed that the army has this This We’ll Defend seal/emblem and that little red cap on the boy in this detail or section from the apotheosis has what I call the Autism that’s taking us to the tpe, then that lady he’s taking the reins from is Ceres, who’d taught them agriculture, etc.

Apotheosis of Washington


it isn’t much but i might not have even tried to come to this library if i’d realized how late it is, Things are really bad. The weather shows how on-purpose all the badness is, all that yesterday somehow turned to even worse then when this weather change was done and now it’s freezing out and I’ll have to leave here again, those 14 holy helpers seem to be important to this, that catherine of alexandria being one of them and then there’s that similarly horrifying to the other horrifying things of that “marriage of st. catherine” that i think it’s the same alexandria one or maybe the both of them, to that “baby jesu” and it’s mother mary, like with that pius XII mosaic I’d posted the other day, dedicating that marion or marian year last century, the baby’s mother that the st. catherine had a ring put on her finger to always take care of that baby! scam that this horror-c*** off of me is like too, because then that “baby” became possibly is the same then as that pill-grim and into this 666 and car-hit and here in houston and everything. I have to sign out but it would have been real bad if i’d had to keep the list of the things floating around overnight so it would make things worse to think any further on anything, etc.

2/9/19, Saturday. It’s one j**-devil Armageddon “trick” all over me after another, the s***-throwup of meaningless garbage-toilet hallucino-world doing the Armageddon off of this, = invisible and unprovable, nonexistant. Feces the world to death, feces-pollute the world to death but it’s also the regurgitated aspect of the feces-pollution that one would have to bear in mind in order to grasp this that it’s directed to TOTAL planet extinction, no more earth planet at all as the only way to “cure” whatever they are that this is coming from, the holier-than-thou brain-eaters. It makes not any difference what I do, they’re going to twist-convolute to their world-ownership Plan’s purposes absolutely anything my time alive is filled with or by. All the bag of tricks to play on and off of me they’re pulling, cheap little nuance-type nothingnesses. Plus they’ve got this terminal all cursed from a carryover of the last time I was here’s trick-set.

— I changed terminals and they’ve got a kid crying again, as a “sign” or “idea of reference” or a curse or a fetish, a ritual of some kind of a twisted ‘nother. I’m stuck somehow on this Koestler/Khazar reading background for supporting my belief that that Krakow’s Kasimir the Great III was from those Khazar people and thence out to the Ghent Altarpiece and this Armageddon off of me, the Khazars out from the Jomon-origin. They’d likely been on Japan because they’d been with that first group of sun-source obsesseds that succeeded in getting over Beringia and killing off the dinosaurs. Yesterday I’d gone to social security and that’s why I’d only gotten half an hour but at least it was something because without even scrap paper to unload some of these things onto my mind gets too backed up with all this stuff and today I’ve only got about 4 hours excluding the break I’ll have to take. This seat had been let up by whoever was here and it’s the closest to the door and the fresh air I might be able to get a little more of by sitting here so that’s why I’d moved, not the other horror-set of reasons, that’s now molesting me merely because I’d thought of it that much, to do with that Bronx mass-reproduced fraud-family situation-set poor little all alone me has got.

— I’ll move this to the “ss” page later but I’d wanted to make a mention of that I’d had to go to the social security office because they hadn’t understood my address change or some such and while I was there they helped me to open one of those “my account” files, like this library has and alot of the medical places have, my health record, and some such that I still also have to try to do, but the guy went through the whole thing with picking out both a user name and then a password and answering the back-up security 3 questions and all whatever and I’d kept exclaiming that, this is why I couldn’t try to do this on my own, that I’d known it would be difficult, never would have gotten through it alone at a library terminal, thanking him for the assistance, but then it’s come up that that’s similar to my difficulty with the social media 2 files i’d opened, one of them at least, that I have alot of difficulty just getting into it when and if I did get extra time so that i could do that to try to straighten it out besides this real work-purpose here, and then if i could call that up right off i’ve got a difficult little chore that i don’t know how to do by myself and could use anyone for assistance with like the guy had been to me getting through the little sign-up yesterday, so I could do address changes without going into the office and such as that. So if I did call up the social media finally to try to do a little work on it, the last time I was there right off I didn’t know how to do some little chore that I’d have to take care of before I could do anything, on that account, where of course I’d had the car-hit shortly after I’d opened it and so I’m a little trepidacious (what is the word for that then,) about dealing with anything complicated or difficult, making things worse than they are.

2/11, Monday. I think the system had gone from its Burgundy Charles the Bold (1433-1473 I think offhand,) and his “half-brother” Anthony the Grand Batard (sic) (1421-1504) days to Anthony’s going to some assignment or job for himself of creating the sewers in Paris. Somehow altogether the system had learned that fireworks and then the gunpowder could be made from saltpeter that forms on dry feces or maybe other ways they learned to get the nitrogen for the fireworks and then gunpowder from that and Anthony had gone into charge of arranging the big sewer system and from there it’s become the world turned upside-down. (A feces-obsessed world they’ve got made now.

January – Jane Addams

February – Ernestine Schumann-Heink

March – Mary E. Woolley

April – Helen Keller

May – Grace Abbott

June – Florence Rena Sabin

July – Grace Coolidge

August – Martha Berry

September – Willa Cather

October – Carrie Chapman Catt

November – Minnie Maddern Fiske

December – Cecilia Beaux

This is something I’m trying to do on the side and am just storing here for now.

2/12/19, Tuesday, I’m leaving that above just for some distance from this Paris sewers origin of this underworld-system, though it does appear to have been all in the Cappadocia part of Turkey from way back. (check Melaart, maybe it was James Mellaart, that archaeologist with the weird wife and father-in-law circa 1950s.)

I found a place on here where there are the comments you’ve made on other sites and when replies to them come in they’re in this file here, under Comments I’ve made, which I hadn’t thought — maybe it wasn’t there, because those are what they sound like. A week ago Lance Marcom of the Texas Tales (and Hieroglyphics is the full title) site had responded that he’s still writing but not posting right now. Then I think it’s that you go back to that site where you’d made the comment and the response is there and then you can add to that. I can’t figure how his comment had even gotten to here because I don’t recall having seen to approve it, in fact there doesn’t seem to be any area for comments that are made but aren’t spam, “spam,” wherever they got that junk mail label from, people really advertising their own products that go around and mass-market same as the old 1960s junk mail practice. So where did that Comment that I’ve got at the top of the sidebar right now because he does have a really good site but I don’t have time to read for the pass-time of it, to read back-issues for instance, plus I’ve always got this Armageddon scam horror all over me that I haven’t given him or hardly anyone this site’s url, however it’s inadvertently or accidently on 2 of the social media because before the car-hit I’d opened those accounts but since the car-hit I haven’t figured out how to go try to get the sites straightened out. Which reminds me I’d just found the gravatar area here and I might be able to get a little photo of me in there instead of the little monsters.

Kathy Foshay 2017

Somehow I got it maybe to do this writing alongside the illustration way again, so far, waiting, — Actually, this is a caption from a copy I’d deleted because I’d messed up the caption by trying to tighten it up by that space between the illustration and the last paragraph, trying to delete that I mess up the way the caption’s attached to the illustration and so have to start over. I’ll wait and see where this goes and winds up.

Including, now, it’s out of the caption-bracket that that whole last paragraph had been in. — I can’t find it again right now, to where I could add a little photo of me to the gravatar section, and can’t spend all day on this unimportant detail, was really trying to pick up where I’d left off yesterday, doing okay for the first time since before that December “holiday” time.

2/13/19, Wednesday, real bad day so far, then I came to the downtown library because I want to “get rid of” this chore I’ve been trying to do for a long time but trying to send the copy of or url — now i recall how yesterday had gone and ended up, something real bad that i’ll have to do a post on but there’s the peculiarity that when one opens a post and first-time presses the “save” or here it’s first-time the “publish” button that that seems to be the recorded post and not all the then save- “updates” that I do, saving constantly on the account of the many losses i’ve incurred otherwise, waiting too long and then the system disappears the work and it’s either re-done or always lost now then, so that I tend to do what I’m doing now, hoping that I’ll make a post during this session and then I’ll send that as a whole piece that I’ll add to the next day but what happens is that i don’t actually be able to stick to whatever the subject is and so i don’t send it at the end of the day but keep getting this “emergency-style” of this “blog” posting, etc., etc:

Typical Sabotage Example:

and then I’ll describe the thing that had gone on yesterday that i was too busy with what i was doing to be able to stop right then and jot about it and didn’t get a chance to think about till after I’d left (the library terminal) for the day, to then come in today and have to post-explain about this typical sabotage incident that I’d just come across here yesterday, but today I’ve got the long-time chore i’ve been working on to try to get sent off finally to go work on.

Okay, I got the chore done and now have to do the next one. This one isn’t too swift an idea, on account of that the underworld-system plagues me in order to convolute anything i do into Armageddon for itself and that entails double-plaguing me and off of me to any of their “holidays” and tomorrow is one of those and then they all seem followed up by at least one aftermath day, where for instance they will LURE people as though I’m some “show” on the holiday-day and at some point then they turn on the LURED people and those are “disappeared” between that evening and the next, depending on the variations to these general practices, plus today is a 13th of a month, uhhuh. They’ve been turning this and a 10th of a month into also-horror days for me, along with the more usual of the first and last of anything and all the weekends and holidays, so tomorrow is this real gory theme they’ve been doing all these years and now here I am in Houston, where the system’s been doing an “Aztec” theme to this “holiday,” like, cutting out people’s hearts for the system’s “Valentine’s” day has been going on all those years in that shelter and now I’m in Houston where it’s like old Mexican territory or some such just to begin with, is like half-Mexican anyway here, and additionally today I’m trying to get this Diego Rivera the Mexican muralist allegedly, that the guy seems more Siberian cave-dweller to me than any Mexican anything in reality. I found a 1919 newspaper photo I have to write for a permission to use to where some lawyer in DC had happened to look just like Rivera to me, a guy named Edward Schwartz who’d worked on some of the Constantino Brumidi-connected probate business, Brumidi being the — I have to sign off, I can’t believe what bad luck I have. Brumidi being the big muralist, fresco-painter I mean. Bye.

2/14, Thursday, everything’s been like garbage and more things to look up now because I’d found some odd book after I’d had to sign off yesterday, that instead of getting that chore with the Diego Rivera Autobiography finished I’d wound up finding a write-up on the Florence Sabin that I’m trying to research about that was so peculiar that I’d looked at the other write-ups and it looks like nearly all of those people should be looked into this for c*** the system was pulling the whole 20th century. That relatively-cutesy “Sabotage Example” post I was going to try to work up is out of place compared to how bad this subhumans’ LURE is off of me. It’s back to the Paris sewers to find the source of this system, and after they started that I guess is when they’d found the “free” petroleum from Vlad Dracula’s days in Romainia. Before the Paris sewers underground-live-hiding had started in Cappadocia and much isn’t known about that yet if ever, as the invaders mass-invaded over from the New World and were too much to cope with with each wave of them. Plus there isn’t any guessing how they’d lived in their Arctic times. I think dinosaurs might have semi-dug some sort of a hole for a nest.To cite this section
MLA style: Gertrude B. Elion – Biographical. Nobel Media AB 2019. Thu. 14 Feb 2019. < Elion remembers vividly one particular scene from the Nobel festivities in Stockholm. “The ceremonies are held in an ornate and regal hall. The laureates and other officials are seated on the stage, all men except for Trudy. They are all dressed in black and white, all very staid, stiff, and proper. Trudy stands out in her “Trudy blue ” chiffon dress. She is relaxed and is enjoying every minute. She was a lifelong opera fan The chamber orchestra strikes up one of the arias from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Trudy smiles, as if they were playing this just for her. She taps her foot and nods her head in time to the music, no doubt thinking of the words to the aria as the music is played. This was in such stark contrast, as the men continue to sit black-and-white and stiff, while “Trudy Blue” Dr. Elion smiles, nods, taps, and mentally sings.”988/elion/biographical/>

Public domain This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

Testing fruitlessly so far. This is testing to see if I can figure out how to get that alongside-text phenomenon going regularly. This isn’t it.

Wow, now somehow it got to here, being very disobedient but I stumbled onto it finally and the over-image caption. I don’t know why there are 2 kinds of type on the regular bottom-image caption.

This is a Martian image from a Popular Science magazine article on the coming World’s Fair in 1939 in NY; courtesy Randy Richter who’d put the pdf on the 1939NYWorld’sFair dot com website. I’ll be trying to start with that Popular Science but also other write-ups on the Fair because it was a big deal, like the 1893 one in Chicago for instance. The system runs all those things; anything in place of ordinary human living, anything contrary to what the “others” are doing, — anything for trying to LURE the “others” of this planet, for disappearing and replacing them/us. Back in 1939 the system was full of the belief that they’d be finding any manner of biology and riches in the other worlds on the other planets. My point is that the Autism-psychopathy had already killed off the development of the other planets because if life got started it would only be subject to these sadistic Autist-psychopaths, like I am right now for instance and back my whole life. Along with the Martian there was also a big bit on the type of prehistoric animals that might be found on Venus that I’m looking to get to, starting from this same Popular Science March 1939 article-survey of the Fair, just a few pages. This image is just the start of trying to describe the 1939 system-mindset, brought up by pp. 28-29 of the “Limitless” story. But the Martian is here because my use of the article’s pdf was sabotaged to where one digit in the “html” I guess it is of the coding had been altered between the time I checked it and got the permission and then went back to bring the pages over to here, the one digit only making the 4th page inaccessible but it did ruin having the set of 4 images and it’s just a typical example of the sabotages that happen to me, I can’t guess what went into getting the coding altered but right off had figured it’s this syndrome of the system’s living on me to sabotage anything I try to do, that they seem to have been contacting anyone I try to contact and figuring a way or another to prevent that contact, mostly by giving “free” gifts to the people for ignoring me or what, but that “strong-arming” is largely how the Revelation’s promised Armageddon has been being carried out all these decades now, the system just parasiting off of anything I try to do and sucking it from me. I was going to do a relatively-light post on this example of the sabotage but then worse has been going on so that I’m just the LURE-horrified right now, the parasites crawling all over me to do this totally phony LURE of unsuspecting humans into their traps off of me, the helicopters over my head again like in late December, pre-“holiday” in December, that that is how the bums have been feeding themselves, by capturing people off of this LURE-gimmick that was started in 1979 in San Francisco but had already been going on before that from that fraud-family in the Bronx I’d been birthed into, and all that “French Connection” underworld skull-cracking, that that’s what the “Limitless” really is and there isn’t anything really there except sadistic developmentally disabled parasite-beings.

– I’m “paranoid” about giving out the URL, putting lots of WARNINGS that it’s a dangerous site because the system really comes from brain-eaters that use me as a gimmick for LURING people to “disappearance” traps, to put it briefly and euphemistically. Only if I got assurance you wouldn’t give it to anyone else or spread any of the material could I send the URL, though I’ll keep in mind to send it when/if I got the site cleaned up and better-organized. I think it isn’t safe to have any involvement with it or my (old-aged) self. Etc. — However I am direly I requirement for assist in that nobody I’ve given the address to has ever told me what they see when/if they had.called it up, that people might get “re-directed” to a warning sign or a sham-hoax version for all I can guess as nobody’s ever discussed anything about it or much of anything else with me, I’m like a ghost-prisoner who’s finally gotten to retirement social security age. If you somehow felt secure from the underworld and wouldn’t let anyone else have it because of the overall sensitivity of everything I could send it.

6:44pm, the monsters playing the “games” got the machine, computer, to cut off while I’m being kept “ghost-prisoner” to one of their standard “tricks.” Things are really bad for me. Only nice thing is that the weather’s been nice again. I can’t describe the c***. I’m not sure what will be best for tomorrow, the libraries all closed till 1pm except for downtown and I have to make a 2nd trip after library hours i guess to try to get the monthly prescription, again. Everything’s a big joke on me but it’s a real-life hoax that can’t be explained to these multitudes of participants in this “Francis Ford Ginsberg et al.” Armageddon Program production. I barely got this Diego Rivera little chore done. He was some real big shot like Ginsberg then was like for the system, that whole stereotype is for the system. I was thinking that first they’d seen that gold could be gotten for free and they got this obsession with the free things of earth and maybe the petroleum had been noticed as being useful like in that “Greek fire” use as a weapon, and then the system “Limitless” -thinking leaders went after the free doo-doo to get rich off of, from the bottom on up taking over the world off of making explosives and jobs for diggers and cover-uppers and transit world tunnels for their plumbing monopoly-thinking. It gets me real upset when the computer gets cut off and I can’t sign off, they’re just horrifying me every which way today the twice as much as usual because it’s a “holiday,” which, unfortunately, reminds me that I just noticed that the library isn’t closed for the president’s day holiday which seems real unusual or something, since all I’ve been doing since 2005 is going to libraries and the “holidays” are like this horror-calendar for not being able to do that and trying to figure how to get through them on not any money, etc, so it’s always been one of the days off and sometimes 2 days, that Sunday and then the Monday. I’d thought I’d have to be off computer both those days and now see they’re going to be open, have a project I was going to prepare for those 2 days but don’t have time to start it right now unfortunately; — I’ll try to see if I brought the papers with me.

2/15/19, Friday, this is 26 years today of this “Armageddon Show/Program” off of gooning me with these, those, “v&v’s,” visions and voices “shenanigans.” There’d been a previous year of what I call the warm-up for pulling that “show” extravaganza then off of me, a year of conning me into trusting and keeping more or less a secret this b.s. about the “world save” b.s. story-line plot to this real sneaked-Armageddon. It’s just been what I call “s***show” from about February 16th or 17th, devolved to garbage beneath humans right after the extravaganza singing and dancing opening. I used to have a good illustration of that sort of thing, had seen copies of a drawing two times. I don’t think it was by (Camille?) Flammarion but maybe was only in the style of Flammarion because I’d tried hard to find a copy of it on the search-engine after I’d lost all my duffel bag’s-worth of papers in 2014, an old drawing of what that v&v trick is like when they pull it on someone. I’ll try to look for it again sometime but I’m overloaded with all kinds of horrors and only a short time to do this in today.

. lyrics dot . com /lyric/27260700/ The+Wiz +%5B Original+Soundtrack %5D/Don%27t+ Noboby+Bring+Me+No+Bad+News = No bad news No bad news Don’t you ever bring me  no bad news; and then Dorothy drowns Evilene:

 cinemorgue dot . =Wiz21

I’m suspecting that the underworld really has been being run off of male or female versions of Evilene, that I’m saying come from that Matejko staircase-beings/Jadwiga painting I haven’t been able to get back to yet.

This is the only detail-copy I can find yet but I’m just referring to the 3 on the left side, the “Evilene” in front and then one I don’t know to guess about yet and the one at the top that isn’t in this color version well is the type I figure the fraud-parent had come from. I’m starting to suspect it’s an underworld/Jomon hoax to put these little-sized creations into charge of the underworld and it’s locking up of people for the cannibalism/serotonin industries.

— Wow, here is the alongside-text again. For years I’d only seen it once. In the color version of this Matejko the figure I figure my fraud-parent had come from is cut off at the top, it’s only mostly-visible in the black and white so far. The system made “magic-doing” stereotypes of those characters. Maybe Jan Matejko et al. decided that they themselves were too conspicuous as “magic”-doers and wanted to fade into the background as god-supervisors uber alles, supervising the staircase-beings’ supervising the underworld workforce. The bums gave me insomnia as they always plague me with and seems connected to the slaughterhouse and such operations; they do it all the time and I can only guess what the various ulterior purposes are but it’s always spooky and creepy and pointless-seeming except for some sort of evil use of myself, and I just lay awake and the main subject is usually where I could get assistance out of this from and then also whatever the day before’s subjects at the library that I’m working on had been and I’d just learned about this Nobel Prize 1988 lady scientist in –, actually I’d read the chapter on her because the chapter on Sabin was odd so maybe the rest of the selections might also be odd and the last one in the book was this really odd one that I’m guessing was from one the staircase-being in the lower left, with that red hat on I think it is, not hair. I see that type all the time and they’re all around me, — it’s the same as a “Jack Valenti-type” that’s from here in Houston and John Jacob Astor, and then I’d learned about one, I think it’s one of these small-sized being-types, that had come up in the Rivera book, “let me” look it up…. On page 111 of the Diego Rivera Autobiography he said, I walked for miles through the immense workshops of the Ford, Chrysler, Edison, Michigan Alkali, and Parke-Davis plants…. — I looked up Michigan Alkali yesterday and it had been founded by a guy named Ford who’d been born in Pittsburgh and worked on the Ohio River before winding up in Detroit or whatever so I’m trying to figure if, pre-dating Henry Ford, that Ford might have been the lordship Ford of the Huxley “Brave New World” 1932 novel, that is connected to this horror Armageddon Show in the way all this “It’s a Small World After All” things work in small circles. So I have to try to go back over the material on that Ford but am also trying to work on sections for these Stereotypes of the different system-people types or stereotyped people or archetypes or whatever they call themselves so during insomnia — oh, and there’s another big bad aspect of this particular staircase-being/Evilene-type of the being that has come up but these things involving contemporaries are too scary for me all alone to have to get into and this is only the beginning of a possibility of a fact of this Frankenstein-Jomon world we live in. That King Casimir might have been the original real Frankenstein or maybe it was (only) some descendant of his, experimenting with growing people in the dungeons of the purloined castle. Also either him or the ones who took over his Wawel Castle were likely to have been from the Khazar people. Before I get lost again and diverge from these subjects let me squoosh-in here another bit from the Rivera Autobiography, that his 4 wives were all still alive at the time of the writing of it and had been asked to contribute some little essay on their thoughts of Rivera and Kahlo 3 times in the 2 pages mentioned that he was Asian-like, which fits my feeling that he’d likely come from the Great Altai Siberian-border area. Pages 187-88, second paragraph, “Growing up from his Asiatic-type head is his fine, thin hair, …. The effect produced by these unusual eyes, situated so far away from each other, encourages one to speculate on the ages-old oriental knowledge contained behind them… On rare occasions, an ironic yet tender smile appears on his Buddha-like lips.”

Buddy Hackett

Lou Costello

ck Posada

carlo ponti

stephen a douglas

jack valenti

john jacob astor

Gertrude Trudy B. Elion


ck Perugia/tt Vatican Resurrectd painting’s painter, Pietro Perugino

File:Pietro Perugino 031.jpgSelf-portrai Pietro Perugino 1497-1500, fresco, 16×12″, Collegio del Cambio, Perugia, The Yorck Project (10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei (DVD-ROM), distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH. ISBN3936122202. — There’s some note from Vlado[1]— This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less.  — – — Here Perugino looks to me to be descended from that Rene d’Anjou, d. 1480, that I’ve referred to alot. (Perugino file) Detail, that that’s a self-portrait of Perugino in the middle there; in the Sistine Chapel, since circa 1482.  pPublic domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less.

ck the Appletons date

ck BoothieBarn

Breakshot/kenny gallo

ck samaria

tt no one’s allowed to assist me = extemporized scam as i hadn’t died from this yet — martyr b.s.

Mabel King, 1932-99

ck simon baron-cohen’s eyes b.s., mindfulness or some such

1942 portrait by boris b. gordon – 1882-1976

Angeline Belloff, rivera arranged for matisse to give her art lessons

4:05 pm, now another horrible thing has already occurred, I’d made some big error in trying to make a letterhead for writing letters on. I think I only sent it to one person or so so far, where if you type in those letters at the print-out bottom you have this whole site in its editing mode without any password or anything, so now I’d have to be some little hysterical over this new finding. And I’m trying to printout some of the letterwriting paper and this closes down in half an hour or less.

— Have to close now, with this one more problem for horror-life. No bad news, no bad news, don’t bring them any bad news. I’d barely seen bits of that The Wiz, 1978, film and just thought of it in conjunction with this personal-area problem, and now this, etc.

2/16, Saturday,

Man In Oriental Costume test 1

“Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” by Govaert Flink, Remrandt school, c. 1642 I guess.

This is what I call the “filthy Jomon” or -jew, mainly because I’m from NY maybe I think of that 2nd label-attempt, also I call it a likely descendant-offspring of that Joseph “Lepanto” Nasi and-or possibly on that “King” Casimir character, and today it’s just the high-holocaust Armageddon Program off of and all over me, the thing always doing the same sort of a scam pattern-set, pulling those tricks like crazy today, Janus-like two-faced and “judge” -type affect all the time.

Jan Matejko, 1838-1893 Krakow

I’m guessing they got obsessive with inbreeding for their “prominent” pointy cheeks and, high on their secret Limitless superiority went into breeding the staircase-beings to be “magic-making” assistants.




That turned out nice but this is the same emergency-style and not really able to focus to make any normal or presentable post or article or anything, just me trying to get me out of this horror-LURE abuse horror-situation, way out of control while they’ve got this latest and real difficulty that I just accidentally did, in addition to all their scripted sabotages onto me. I’d been out of note-making paper for a long time, am still trying to get some of that made today by updating some notes so I can use the backs of old papers, and I wanted to get something I could use for letter-writing and wound up using this “php” coding on that’s bottom line accidentally and I tried it and saw that anyone that replicates it can make like full access to this site, so the bums now have me figuring I ought to figure how to copy these files onto that USB thing I’d bought after the car-hit and that to help make my mind more of a wreck than it already is today. I’ll type the list of subjects I’d thought of during the (molestation) insomnia-torture last night before I get lost in trying to figure how to do this semi-complicated for me copying. Plus WordPress just put some new “Copy” option onto each file now and I can’t figure out what that is for. I hit it once and it just gave a new screen or something and what are you supposed to do if it did copy something you already have this copy of, etc., all this doo-doo floating in my mind and crawling, these s***-animals are like right now crawling all over and through my innards. Yesterday I’d barely mentioned that “v&v” horror and taboo-seeming subject, that they force you onto brain-debilitating “medicines” if you try to discuss any of that c***, and then this morning they actually did one, a horrifying to me flash of the worst of the psychoto-psychopath stereotypes, like a “St/e. Foy” smiling boy-girl that I’ve only been able to describe as looking “like Michael J. Fox with black hair” because what it really mostly is like is some big fancy celebrity-type that mentioning might cause me too much difficulty for so I can’t use the name, but it’s the kid in that “Dr. Carfagni” file lead photo, that that one had grown up to be the Communications Director at the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue place when this Armageddon Show then hit me right after I’d mailed a 5-1/4″ Inauguration Disk to there in Jan. 1993, — “The World Savers Club’s Inauguration Disk,” those/these v&v’s had conned me into sending to there and 3 weeks later this “Armageddon Show” was singing and dancing all over me. This seems to be the director of how the global-system “magic” does this to me:

Man In Oriental Costume test 1

“Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” by Govaert Flink, Remrandt school, c. 1642 I guess.

I guess WordPress or these invisible parasites crawling all over me have made this change that it’s always doing the alongside-text now. Get off of me you retarded animals. What I’m trying to reiterate for the manyith time is that the Autists love stupid and ugly people so that they the Autists seem to be attractive and normal in the comparison so they approve of the “Jomon’s” making these parasitic-garbages while the Autists just pretend that they don’t know about any of this or anything unusual and aren’t guilty of anything. This is a system from under the other side of the world that only wants to use this area for growing food and drug-capsule-type human resources for themselves and I think so far that they were merely island-bound primitives that the Autists took to the mainland and told that the other people had robbed them of everything, the Autists told the Jomon that the Old World mainland people had robbed them when the Old World peoples had never been anything but victims invaded by and trying to help the Autists. Etc.

ck “battered women’s” shelter — “battered” being a cooking term though that that’s likely twisted to.

Boris Johnson

Kenny Gallo

Wilkie subject and what was that in Rivera’s book ck

that I’d finally figured this insomnia “magic” scam is that they routinely let me fall asleep like normal but wake up 2 hours later, like that that was a nap and now I’m not sleepy for about 4 hours and then they “let” me fall back to sleep in time to be too tired to get up on time.

spirit killers they’ve been being, that that’s part of their “retarded” space quest, killing the spirits that had been spreading out to there, that all the spirit world has been killed by these Jomon that they’re also obsessed with covering up about.

ck tt home sense brand, that that is this Limitless novel supply-issue scam, to keep people grown for being brains to be harvested as whatever they call the chemicals they then squeeze out for themselves, lsd or mdt or ice or sunshine, joy, etc.

a.m. rosenthal

vince k.

then they’ve long had what I realize now is a female stereotype offspring-descendant type from that Herbert Huncke friend of Ginsberg’s. I think it started around 2013 with one of the Autist-stereotypes putting a curse onto me, that shortly later this horror-creature showed up and started being bothersome right off and then they’d had it when I’d gotten trick-forced to Kensington, Maryland and the curse-scam set with that led to the car-hit. Then I saw the same person or probably a look-alike of the stereotype a few times and now they’ve got one around me spooky-like again and it occurred to me that they’re a representation of what “Huncke the Junkie” had been, probably a big distributor.


1902 _


Now I think I screwed up bad, think I deleted the .exe file on my USB that it won’t work anymore. I wanted to call it up to read whatever it was, SanDisk.exe, something like that. Somehow it vanished when I decided to cancel doing it right then. I had the highlight cursor on that line and some detail wasn’t right so I thought I’d start over. I likely hit Cancel but maybe I just pulled out to this larger screen and clicked to vanish the Drive E: screen for the moment and whatever but it’s not there anymore. It’s just all dreadful for me. I was going to copy each of these new files individually onto the disk because I can’t recall or figure out how it had been bulk-actioned so simply when I’d first been shown how by a library worker once, where it seemed you just click on the posts from the index of them here and I was missing one step and feel so awful from all of the sabotages, this feces crawling all through me and walking into one mise en place set up after the other that rather than asking one of these library people how that chore is done I thought I’d do it the long way and while I was setting that up I noticed this SanDisk.exe file or some such it was called and I wanted to halt and read that, and went to call it up but was set up for doing the copy — “no,” I’d tried to copy something already and was just checking the disk contents for if it had worked and it hadn’t and then I gave up on that and went to re-find that one file and now it’s just a lousier day than already. Sitting here with these invisible parasites on me is way worse than I’ve ever noticed it to be because the system has, throught the insomnia-torture and probably on purpose for this, got my nerves all jangled, so that twice when I felt I was alone out of doors I’d screamed for these filthy f*g things to get off of me, as I’d used to do alot but they’re crawling on me differently, more inside my body than just hanging all over my brain like usual, hanging all over from the outside, instead of that these filthy horrors are like sitting in me and watching this as though like one would hold a baby on the lap while they’re doing this and this new “trick” is too disgusting. Thank goodness it isn’t a sunny day or I’d be having the “sense” to pack up and walk out of here instead of sitting in this crappy indoors like this but this “complaint-writing” doesn’t do me any good, this emergency-style of writing. One interesting but horrible point in reality is that I’d noticed what this new Copy option with the other options could be good for, that I could, hypothetically, (theoretically,) reverse the order of all the posts. What a mess that would be. Right now though I’ll have to check if I can even still just retrieve files from the USB like I only know how to use it for. I can’t find how full it is is also what I was trying to find, but the .exe file is usually what makes disks work.


#3, The Prehistoric Origins of Our System’s Problems

Surprise, maybe it’s only for if you want to SanDiskSecureVault.exe anything, giving that some made-up new password protection to try to be able to recall, — God help, I could only try to pick things I’d be able to recall if I woke up after something like that car-hit or else I’d never be able to get into any of these password-protected things again. I can’t go to the social media files I’d opened because there’d be that detail as well as then that other difficulty, with the fraud-family, that I’ve got, that the first thing if I could recall the little easy password I know I could get correctly after a few tries maybe is that I’d have to straighten out that and I can’t do these things without some sort of a person, like had just happened at the social security office and I still haven’t recorded those password-protection details in the safe place for finding them when/if I did have to check see if a check is coming in as usual, living hand-to-mouth practically even with this massive assistance after all those years, etc. Bad day blabbing like this too. Copying these files is the first thing I’d have to do in order to clear my mind to be able to get onto anything potentially useful. That entails, it’s being 2pm already, me having to take a break and freshen up a little for requesting assistance and to recollection it takes not any time at all, but now I’m stuck with wanting to reverse the other of these files. Then how do I get the new posts to join the previous one down at the bottom, I have to think on that, that that might not be possible. It’s just that I feel required to re-explain everything because the present post is the first one, after the WARNING/S, that anyone would be looking at and they wouldn’t have any idea what I was taking about I figure, but I don’t think it’s possible to make a new post and then get it to the first post bottom position, where I don’t have to repeat so many of the fundamentals all the time. …What I did today was to mail notes to both of those places I’d accidentally sent this “php” coding to on the letterhead, that the printer prints that stuff at the bottom and it says wp-admin and what but I didn’t think anyone could just key that in and be running this blog but now it looks like that’s exactly the error I’d made, like sending the whole Universe Rescue-attempt to 2 total stranger groups at a time when nearly everyone seems to be of some system-group or another and worse than that for description of what people are really like nowadays though I always have the factor that this “Janus” or Nasi or what label I use, the Ginsberg-type

“Man In Oriental Costume” NGA donation from Andrew Mellon, 1934.

and the fraud-family types that it works, seem to always be speaking behind my back as though FOR me, the “filthy Jomon” seems to be in charge of this judgment-job of describing everything in and for the world. I can’t believe this day is nearly over and nothing to speak of has actually gotten done. I’m hoping to hear something “nice” from any of these communication-attempts I’ve been putting out but the day has been so purposely made into being a filthy day by these invisible things all over my life directing this garbage that I figure nothing reasonable or “decent” in real-talk could come my way on a day like this. Yesterday I’d managed to get some nice little chore started on the Sabin material, got about halfway through the start on one of those but today is such a travesty — I really do feel that because of giving away how to get into the editing background here that I’d have to make copies of these new files of this past year, then if anything happened I could replicate most of what I’ve got left of my life’s work, it wouldn’t be totally lost, I could start over if some assistance did manage to happen. This business with the spirit killing that these Jomon have done for the Autists never gets to come up into this about the Earth’s going to extinction because the Jomon keep me so fraught with the personal small-time terrorisms. I’d tried to bring it up with that quote from that film director von Sternberg but I’m always just whooshed off my feet and maneuvered to time-wastes, like this copying idiocy of doing it the long time-wasting process way in place of dealing with these strangers in this what for me is a walking horror and everyone around me always acts as though oblivious or thinking god knows what lie-stories. It’s a shame to have a crappy day like this when tomorrow’s a Sunday and I might not be able to bear going to that downtown library because they’ve still got the whole Reference, history and biography floor and the kiddies floor closed down and there can’t be any good reason for that. It’s like the system is doing and getting away with a near-open holocaust. Then if they get me hospitalized for this phony oxygen invisible-torture or anything else I won’t have any access to this site till/if I get back out of there so I have to use and (try to) make good use out of any time that I do have free of being in this hospital here. There were six hospitalizations last year, all with the invisible torture as the real reason, so that I’m always nervous they’ll suddenly “jump” me so I can’t breathe — that happened this morning, when that quick “vision” of the face of that St/e. Foy type of a person had popped up like out from under my elbow with a grin, then there was some new pain done to my chest.

[This fits in here somewhere, it’s dated 2/18 so I guess it was Monday and I was so messed up that I didn’t want to put it into this file but it’s too confusing as a separate piece too:]

Universe Rescue-attempt

by me, Kathy Foshay, Feb. 18, 2019 now and they’re LURE-running and I can’t guess what other things to me and it’s another short day but then maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to pick back up with some regular effort, getting tired of this footer’s being a mess like that, same old thing because what I really have to do is to read the “Limitless/The Dark Fields” novel while sitting at a computer terminal because jotting notes in the room and then trying to come in in the same frame of mind and sit down organizedly to transcribe those is not going to happen, I have to actually sit here and as the places for notes come up work on them right then, it doesn’t do me any more good to read the book without being able to work on the file/s at the same time so I have been trying to clear like a week I could sit quietly to read the book while at the computer terminal and it isn’t going to be this week either. Besides the Revelation idea for what to do with that big ole footer I’m also thinking it might be a good place to start this project on trying to organize the “Stereotypes” as the global-system seems to be maneuvering the human race to maybe five different “types” of people, the E Pluribus Unum/From Many to One regular Autist that I believe then the Jomon mass-self-reproductions work for ostensibly in doing all this “making the planet safe” for those little buggers who’ve grown to be big, dangerous but amused and other types all “E Pluribus Unum” over the planet, but then also they’ve got all their Jomon-hybrids of I don’t have any concept of how many kinds of that there might be, and then their various “staircase-being” and Approved of lines of people, trying to organize some of that by starting with doing it in that footer space here is one of the ideas. It’ll be a big drone-work time-consumer to move these “Limitless” novel pieces so I’ll, having tried to explain this much, wait with it sitting like this till I can get some quiet time with just that book (critique) project to work on and when it’s finished I’ll put it into a file for under the Subjects and its Books file-area.

— I have to leave early now with everything sort of helter-skelter all over me and this blog and I can’t guess what the system-monsters are all doing but it’s bad, sucking my skull all over me every moment and me trying to function and they get hold of any contact I try to make and find a way to use that contact-attempt to my detriment is going on in 2 or more different ways, all over a tiny innocuous me these vermin all feeding, it’s indescribable what bums the brain-eaters are and I’ve got all these things to do for trying to real-life explain this and it’s like one grenade after another onto me from the php-code error I made and the attempt to re-arrange, that they’re wanting to make me unable to function so that the blog gets all confused and looks too stupid to bother with, they want to turn it to garbage through my own disorganization so they can blame its loss on myself, and that’s in the macro-world too is the point, that they are such doo-doo heads, bum after bum but then they turn that against the normal people if I describe them that way, they twist, convolute-twist, hallucino-convolute twist everything to this “Limitless” -headedness self-belief set they’ve hallucino-made up all these centuries and from before. I’m typing like this because the blog and myself are having to be left all torn up like this till I see if I can have a normal smooth tomorrow and rest of the week, but this is all just baby-level easy stuff I’m only trying to do, just re-arranging a simple blog, it shouldn’t seem like some massive or Herculean accomplishment through their “invisible” and unprovable torture abilities. — end of that piece.

mind reading error

explanation to follow

Elion, post (piece copied to Elion under the Testimonials area)

Gertrude Belle Elion, (c. 1913) – 1999; copyright, The Nobel Foundation. From “Hidden from History: the lives of eight American women scientists,” by Kim K. Zach, 2002, Avisson Press Inc., P.O. Box 38816, Greensboro, NC 27408. Note: Efforts have been made to find the copyright holders of all photographs used in this book. If any person or organization believes they hold the copyright to a photograph herein, and have not been properly credited, please notify the publisher at the address above. Summary: Short biographies of eight women who excelled in various scientific fields: Ellen Swallow Richards, Nettie Maria Stevens, Annie Jump Cannon, Alice Hamilton, Florence Sabin, Alice Catherine Evans, Grace Murray Hopper, and Gertrude Belle Elion.I might have a good one with this one, able, if I could research this well enough without all the phony-emergency interference interruptions, able to show how most of this medical-science world industry we’ve got is mostly hallucino-underworld made-up and made-up for this same Revelation-Armageddon and its Autists’-consortium of the “brain-eaters.” Not only do I think she’s from that main of the “staircase-beings” in that Matejko Krakow painting but it’s possible she’s actually pseudo-in-law -connected to this fraud-family I was birthed into, one of her ovae used for someone who’d married into that Bronx group, but then too, if that much is somehow all basically correct then there’s also a big child-sex-murder theme that also connects to my present “ghost-prisoner” living situation right now. That’s alot to go around thinking about this strange lady I’d never heard about before but she was from the Bronx and went to work in a place just north of there called Tuckahoe and I think that that’s where the in-law-fraud-aunt had come from. Then there’s also however some historical character named Anna Carroll that might be in this one’s past background, and then there’s that my first first-grade teacher seems to have looked like my fraud-aunt and then this lady too. I don’t think there are any or many public domain images of Ms. Elion. And I’d have to check her 2 colleagues, mainly a Mr. or Dr. George Hitchings and then they had a partner over in England named Black and the 3 of them together shared the 1988 Nobel, where this photo comes from. I think it’s got proper accreditation that I can use it without any difficulty but this is a whole lot I’m laying on this one lady, saying that the system could be largely traced and explained (away) through her life and work in Tuckahoe. I’ll be trying to get back to this of course.

Princess.pdf — I got this from the back cover of a Mother Teresa biography that right now I can’t be sure of the author’s name of but these few years later I notice that that is not the Mother Teresa person that Diana is speaking with; it looks like one of these #1 “staircase-beings” types (i.e., like Buddy Hackett, for instance.) File:Buddy Hackett Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Trailer14.jpgBuddy Hackett, (1924 Brooklyn-2003 Malibu, ck Bell’s Palsy,) from 1963 It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World uncopyrighted screen trailer. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published in the United States between 1924 and 1977 without a copyright notice. See Commons:Hirtle chart for further explanation. Note that it may still be copyrighted in jurisdictions that do not apply the rule of the shorter term for US works (depending on the date of the author’s death), such as Canada (50 p.m.a.), Mainland China (50 p.m.a., not Hong Kong or Macao), Germany (70 p.m.a.), Mexico (100 p.m.a.), Switzerland (70 p.m.a.), and other countries with individual treaties.

This is the only detail-copy I can find yet but I’m just referring to the 3 on the left side, the “Evilene” in front and then one I don’t know to guess about yet and the one at the top that isn’t in this color version well is the type I figure the fraud-parent had come from. I’m starting to suspect it’s an underworld/Jomon hoax to put these little-sized creations into charge of the underworld and it’s locking up of people for the cannibalism/serotonin industries. — I haven’t gotten to this file yet, the Matejko file. I’ll see if I can put a link before closing time here now.

I found the alongside-text way again, but it’s time to leave here. I haven’t gotten back to work on the Matejko file so if there were any readers there isn’t anything new. Be careful with this blog because the Armageddon underworld has lifetime been using me for their finding nice people to disappear, anyone who likes anything about myself would be unsafe.

2/20, horrors because of the weather and having to find a new library branch, I waited till it would be nice out and now they’re about to close so I only have a few minutes, etc. They’re reveling in the Vulcan’s public transportation or just transportation, power over bus-dependent me situation. And all the other powers over me. Etc.

2/21, Thurs., big putsch against me so again I don’t have much time today. The “Jomon” I’m referring to the invisible torturers as, had a bunch of the fraud-family types on the bus and then one of the fraud-cousine types get off at my stop and do that Sikh-style tongue-flick at me and then seem to come down this route but off to some underworld arena behind here I guess, with maybe another fraud-cousin type. I’ll put these chronology things in place in the blog if there’s much of a later for me but “the Jomon” use the fraud-cousine type for “magically” socking the air out of me like figuratively for my work and more literally in terms of this phony oxygen-difficulty, to where I don’t think I can stay here doing this very long today, unfortunately for me with the blog so torn up and in requirement of straightening out everywhere, so much to do.

P.50, “Breakshot” memoir by Kenny Gallo with Matthew Randazzo V, Phoenix Books, Inc.

That’s from page 50 of the 2009 “Breakshot: a life in the 21st century American Mafia” by Kenny Gallo and Matthew Randazzo V, Phoenix Books Inc., I have to look them up and write about permission to use the illustration that goes with that section of the book.

He’s referring to a guy who’s the main stereotype in this post that I’m still trying to work on, time allowing, “Ancient” Egypt:; and the Stealing the Vatican group, “Julie-ho,” della Rovere.

Louvre, through Wikimedia, the Seated Scribe.

Gallo wrote this, “I was sitting in a holding cell when a familiar face approached me, a villan whom I would unhesitatingly call the most evil person I’ve ever met, worse than every Mafie boss and Colombian coke trafficker, worse even than Mama Coca. By defending Tara’s honor, I set off a chain of events that would end with me making a deal with the devil–and, for the first time, law enforcement.” He goes on with alot of details about this particular crooked “undercover narcotics” and whatnot cop that had gotten him started into the “Mafia” business, which I think had wound up in Brooklyn, coincidental with this “Armageddon Program” too perhaps, me having read the book some years ago but losing all my notes in 2014 so I just found it in a library again yesterday. The crooked copy appears of this same stereotype as the “Ancient” Egypt famous Seated Scribe statue in the Louvre, and I’ve got a few other illustrations but Gallo’s description is detailed and I’d like to use it for trying to learn more about the one that appears to me to be of this same stereotype that was the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics’ European division during the time of the/that “French Connection” of 1962 difficulty of my own. I think he was stationed in Marseille or Paris, named John T. Cusack. I’ve only seen one photo of him on the search-engine and last time I’d looked that wasn’t there anymore. Maybe he’s mentioned in that “The Strength of the Wolf” by David Valentine, 2004 but there isn’t a photo of him in that, that happened to have been published the year I’d visited that old “French Connection” neighborhood part of the Bronx, the photos in that book seeming to refute my belief that the FBN agent Ben Fitzgerald had been poseured in the account by Robin Moore, etc., but that — in fact I’d just noticed a better copy of that photo than I’d been using. “Let me” go see if I can find it and get a copy of it to here. pdf on Dutch Schultz, “The French Connection,” and “Judgment Call”, page 11 of 21:

From the 1969 “The French Connection” account by Robin Moore, that had wound up in Brooklyn and the Bronx “French” Connection.

Robin Moore’s caption reads, “Record haul of 88 pounds of pure heroin is displayed by some of the arresting officers after seizure in Tony Fuca’s basement (February 25, 1962). Tony, left, is being held by Vinnie Hawkes; man in suit, center, is Deputy Chief Inspector of N.Y. Narcotics Bureau Edward Carey; on his left, Sgt. Jack Fleming of Special Investigating Unit; Agent Frank Waters of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and N.Y. narcotics agent Ben Fitzgerald.” (There isn’t a photo credit, unlike most of the other photos have.) — Ben Fitzgerald had worked for the FBN, not for New York, and that isn’t him, that’s my fraud-parent, them using suitcases I’d used to play with, etc.

I have to quick try to type my little list of things to do, look up:

cybill and polly

that hypnotist famous, and Mesmer

Jean-Martin Charcot









Portrait of Jean-Martin Charcot (1825-1893)
Date 19th century (published by Deschiens)
Author NIH / U.S. National Library of Medicine

(Reusing this file)
The National Library of Medicine believes this item to be in the public domain. Public domain information may be freely distributed and copied, but it is requested that in any subsequent use the National Library of Medicine (NLM) be given appropriate acknowledgement.


Public domain
This work was published before January 1, 1924 and it is anonymous or pseudonymous due to unknown authorship. It is in the public domain in the United States as well as countries and areas where the copyright terms of anonymous or pseudonymous works are 95 years or less since publication.

Charcot and Blanche Wittmann.


Names of the other people in the Charcot Salpetriere picture/painting.













Charcot teaching at Salpietriere, painting


You can’t see the picture on the back wall and I have to straighten out these errors but want to get moved along somehow today.




William Mathews/Matthews, WDC, – painting of charles carroll of carrollton as being Matthews’ cousin.

ck author of that no bad news song, Charlie Smalls, ck his wife, choreographer now, she maybe looks like judith resnick

anna carroll

rick from general hospital, chris robinson, 1938 w. palm beach


ck mindblindness, 1995, Bradford Press, 171 p., an essay on autism and theory of mind, foreword by john tooby and leda cosmides, sbc and his colleagues, tt one whose tomm, – tommodule, was impaired –= an individual with autism was one whose tomm had been damaged; tested on 16000 children

call, j., and tomasello, M., 2008, does the chimpanzee have a theory of mind, 30 years later, Trends in Cognitive Science 12(5) 189-92

1983, the mind of an ape, d. and ann james premack, upenn 1975-90, passed 2015

thomas nagel, what is it like to be a bat

Kazimierz, and that dragon and gold story, for that below, the “Jurassic Park” noise-pollution makers type, they might have played the role of the alleged dragon that the Krakow townspeople had to placate with gold, that I think the Dimitry of Goray character was then in charge of for King Casimir/Kazimierz, etc.

that dog-book author, jon katz (1947)

(ivan pavlov)

raymond orteig, 1870-6 june 1939, pyrenees to hotel martin in gv, and lindbergh


epicanthal folds

natural order of life, kids raising pets foods

planned parenthood dot org, smile ad

File:MargaretSanger-Underwood.LOC.jpgMargaret Sanger, 1922, by Underwood & Underwood, from LOC, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs division, reproduction number LC-USZ62-29808. [1], public domain. This media file is in the public domain in the United States. This applies to U.S. works where the copyright has expired, often because its first publication occurred prior to January 1, 1924. See this page for further explanation.

do that about the duplicates

reppetto, thomas, mancuso, pleasantville, vinson and moody branches

ck rivera and frog bs, gog and magog

img 20190224 145952

img 20190224 150300








This is another new thing it hadn’t done before. My point here is that that guy on the right in the first photo, the detail, looks to me like Diego Rivera but he’s a Washington lawyer named Edward Schwartz, there in a 1919 Evening Star Washington newspaper, about something remotely connected to the Lincoln assassination, me finding it on a Lincoln assassination blog/website, that should remain nameless because of these “difficulties” I’m swamped in, but I just got some news and I’m alone and there isn’t any sense keeping it to myself so I might have to discuss it here at the bottom of the file or what if there’s enough time today or maybe tomorrow, which should be a full day in a library, unlike right now. I’ll fill in the caption on this, it’s just a probate detail on the lady that was married to — this is why it’s more than just remotely connected to this blog, the lady owned property that became the Washington DC MLK Jr. main library there, besides the LOC, Library of Congress. She’d married that “wacko” artist Constantino Brumidi and he’d passed there in that property at 9th and G Streets, G and 9th Streets, NW, and then 120 years later I spent all my time in that “Mies-architected” building, as how this Revelation-Armageddon had largely been sneaked-through. So then in 1919 this particular Edward Schwartz was taken this picture of and to me it looks like Rivera and I’ll have to compare the birth dates on the 2 guys, tomorrow also, as well as filling in that caption and whatever all else.

alexandria library bs;

jk mullenhttps

“retarded animal” stereotype and “brand”-typer off of me

the “Jomon” maybe delight in the ludicrousness of their accusations

ron collins “Mania” = Johns Hopkins type maybe

describe Johns Hopkins and get that Welch rabbit cartoon

henry ford and henry wellcome had similarities


ck joe pappalardo

add pam to the stereotypes’ stereotypes and colleges set

self-evolving leonard huxley (jr)

shirley temple black (ck deanna durban)

mickey cohen

the staircase #1’s all on the bus on the court day

Flee Market are what those things really started as, that the parasites get normal people to flee from their homes and they just take over and sell the stuff.

stepford wives


ck cs lewis-vajiravudh

mioc to nasdaq

add vulcan

david linden


mars, where’s the civilization? probably underground

ft. detroit/pontiac

ck neolin, prophet

tecumseh 17681813

black hawk, 1767-1838

medicine bundle/bag

osceola portraits ck for

alot of busy drudge-work to take the pcs from the widgets to a file and back again

ck laurence to ww booth

ck e teller, 1908 budapest

charles bardot’s years 1860-1930?

pg lawyer charles

ck where in wales harry morgan from= south wales, 1635-88

ck susanna wesley to stepford type

petroleum system for the brains procured

huxley,* it’s julian huxley, not the father’s name, leonard huxley, julian, I’d miswritten that, been incorrect about thinking they’d had the same names, aldous huxley’s father and then brother Julian Huxley, that he promoted self-evolution I’d read, something he’d written where it’s up to us to do our own evolving of ourselves, not waiting for nature, the times move too swiftly or some such.

There was something else I’d wanted to mention while I’ve got a chance before signing off till the short library-hours day that tomorrow is if I’m even that lucky. At least I got a little done today. — I recall, that there’s been a “spate” or 2 new followers in addition to the one I can’t guess where that had come from, that it seems too odd for that to be a real person having a real blog of his own and happening to find this one, I don’t understand how any of this is working. It’s always possible that there is one or more legitimate people that find this and somehow follow it, and I don’t know how that works because I don’t have a Follow button, it would seem like they could just call it up, they aren’t getting emails or anything else from here as far as I can tell. The first one was real strange and I haven’t had a chance to look at the others, but the system is using the first one as a LURE-hint, a hint that they’re doing a kind of LURE they used to do all of the time off of me. I looked at his alleged blog/site and it seems to be just made up from a set of expensive-looking signs with a Bible verse on each and they revolve around somehow, you get one each time you hit Older Posts or some such, that it doesn’t look like a real blog, it looks like a front for these goons that work this unreal-type LURE off of me by which that Armageddon’s been being pulled off and I’m just kept invisibly-tortured all day every day for 26 years plus in retrospect I’ve learned about this fraud-family and all the planted people that I’ve sort of been tossed around from one to the next, hardly anything very real. “Real” I’m thinking the Jomon-system translates or code-uses for “royal,” they think all their Autist friends should be royalty people and it’s the “others'” fault that the Autists were abused before the Jomon got on the scene. I don’t have anything that isn’t lousy going on and now it looks like they might be setting up yet another phony difficulty for me, etc. Same on 2/22/19.

2/23, Saturday, sort of a waste trying to start looking into some assistance with my out here self and then coming to a different branch library just to be familiarized with it but there isn’t much space or time to work in so it’s another short day and at best then the same tomorrow.

img 20190224 145952

img 20190224 150300








2/24, Sunday, This is another new thing it hadn’t done before. My point here is that that guy on the right in the first photo, the detail, looks to me like Diego Rivera but he’s a Washington lawyer named Edward Schwartz, there in a 1919 Evening Star Washington newspaper, about something remotely connected to the Lincoln assassination, me finding it on a Lincoln assassination blog/website, that should remain nameless because of these “difficulties” I’m swamped in, but I just got some news and I’m alone and there isn’t any sense keeping it to myself so I might have to discuss it here at the bottom of the file or what if there’s enough time today or maybe tomorrow, which should be a full day in a library, unlike right now. I’ll fill in the caption on this, it’s just a probate detail on the lady that was married to — this is why it’s more than just remotely connected to this blog, the lady owned property that became the Washington DC MLK Jr. main library there, besides the LOC, Library of Congress. She’d married that “wacko” artist Constantino Brumidi and he’d passed there in that property at 9th and G Streets, G and 9th Streets, NW, and then 120 years later I spent all my time in that “Mies-architected” building, as how this Revelation-Armageddon had largely been sneaked-through. So then in 1919 this particular Edward Schwartz was taken this picture of and to me it looks like Rivera and I’ll have to compare the birth dates on the 2 guys, tomorrow also, as well as filling in that caption and whatever all else.

2/25 Monday, it’s even worse. Now they followed me to this library door with 2 blond-ish mangy dogs, on account of that I’d bought a whole cooked chicken yesterday and carried the bag of it to here with me because the room’s become so uncomfortable as this invisible-torture moves in around anywhere I go, forcing me to “flee,” etc., like with the car-hit way of getting rid of me in 2015, etc.

For what it’s worth, I’d just re-noticed the other day that that Linda Lovelace (passed in a car accident in Denver sometime this millennium, Linda Boreman her birth name,) was from the Bronx, where I’m from and all this invisible-torture “Armageddon” that’s sitting all over me right now unlivable example, example of the unviability of this that the brain-eaters have concocted for their world-takeover. I’d noticed when I’d looked into her business because there seemed there’d be some sort of a connection to this, that she’d been from the Bronx and I even might have come across an approximation of where in the Bronx but I’ve forgotten any such detail I might have learned. I think she wrote about 3 books. And then I came across — that’s why I’d looked her up, probably, is that the space venture had had a doctor named Lovelace, so I’d figured there might be a connection with then naming the big pornography after the space-industry’s doctor’s name, and it wound up with learning that they’re into being a Respiration Institute now, in New Mexico I think, but then also that the late Randy Lovelace looks like one of these “Shahan-666 Autist” types. But this “show” or “Program” off of me is filthier than ever, rather than improved in any way shape or form, after all this work and time, 26 years of trying to communicate with wherever this “Armageddon Show” to my brain is coming from, they’re just spreading out further from this obscure part of Houston not far from or toward the big space center, nobody noticing anything but the area all set up for that space-vultures I might as well call them, these Autists and Men In Oriental Costume who believed they’d be ruling the Earth from Mars or at least from the moon, that they’re just riding on the aftermath of that concept’s being proved wrong and they’re getting away with this pursuing their Earth-ruling by virtue of staying high and “Limitless” off of this stealing brains from unsuspecting and all-victimized other humans, they won’t let go of anything. I don’t know what to do, I despise their forcing my time to be spent on this going on about how terrible they are, how they manipulate my life to being about themselves, etc., killing me with this phony Respiratory difficulty. They seem to be semioticizing that they already have locked up (the) LURED people and are doing the process of smothering them to death through their means like that “slug-pneumonia” that grows and grows inside of you if you’re locked in without food and fresh air till you’ve passed, that seems to be what they’re doing today but I don’t have any real idea, I’m just out here with this huge list of details I want to check into and they’ve got me feeling to scream Get Off of Me! A human can’t sit here with them like fleas sucking your blood, like those mangy dogs they followed me from the street to the door here with me wanting to eat before coming into this place so that I can function to work on this real-life Universe rescue-attempt as there can’t be life with these parasites all over people. If they aren’t bothering you yet it’s only because they’d get caught if they’d tried to shoot everyone at the same time or run this brain-invading scam on everyone at the same time but they’d get around to you, and here is a first difficulty is I’ve got this Dinosaur guy’s book cover photo conspicuously coming up on the blog to work on — and that’s really the parasites right there, the Tsiolkovsky-Ginsberg and all of them from the Bronx and now further out, one or 2 real bad ones from California and also that I Have To get discussed with somebody that in real life they’re going around “disappearing” people who interfere with the world-takeover they’re perpetrating and doing so a whole lot off of me in many different ways at the same time that I all can’t describe and am alone with. They’ve been destroying my whole life. Horror, that would get me to drag up that Kindergarten lying-photo, that I wasn’t even four years old and they were setting me up for a photo they could later use to claim that I’m a conceited type of a personality, ignoring the little blonde girl next to me and doing a big cheesy smile like she didn’t exist. — Now they have a girl sneezing and coughing sitting next to me, that that’s like this locking up people and infecting them with (Avery’s) slug-pneumonia, The girl is doing a role where she’s breathing infection for them all to this area me sitting next to her and her ostensibly looking at the clerk’s desk on the other side of me, and wheezing and coughing and sneezing, that that’s just one of the “Armageddon Program ‘tricks'” these bums are getting away with barraging me with today. They’d done a big trick-set yesterday, “God help me” idiomatic expression people use but then this Jomon-Autists’ system of the brain-eaters think that they are the God you’re referring to and they stick their noses into your business to see what they can do for you with their underground kingdom selves. I’ll have to try to unpack my paperwork for today; by the time I get through all this c*** to the point of being able to try to work for the day I’m usually hungry and requiring a break and that’s why I try to eat just before coming inside here, so that I don’t unload this c*** of what the torture-boys are lately doing to me and then have to take a break and by the time I get back and unpack to see where I’m really at in trying to do this blog it’s already late in the day. Now they’re doing “contract” pains all over one of hands and arms, the power-bums over teeny me all the time. Go away crime. “Crime” is what I’ve been calling these Ginsberg-faces anymore, just the whole world of crime, not people anymore but have become crime personified. Usually I call them “jew,” but that’s unfair because it’s just that I’m from NY where they’re largely with that Ginsberg-type but they’re all over in every religion and field and place. For years it’s been Get off of me, jew, but now it’s get off of me Crime. — They’ve got a new clerk here that goes with the dogs outside all over me with my lunch sack and it’s possible or likely that he comes from the John Watt Young “type,” that this is about 1/2 an hour (or so) north of the space center and for whatever reason John Watt Young was the system’s favorite, him passing a year ago January. Then I’d stayed at that John L. Young homeless shelter for those 10 years in Washington so that I’d noticed the John Young name and thence the astronaut. There was also one I think that is somehow connected to both Brigham Young and then Joseph Pulitzer the newspaper biggie, Pulitzer Prize Pulitzer had somehow had some big personal crime or scandal that had to do with a guy named John Young, he’d made a murder or kidnapping attempt on Pulitzer or his family or wife. Very sketchy information I could only find in trying to look through old newspapers about that. Which could, since my day is so manipulated by these Pulitzer-also bums, bring up that there seems also I’m having dawn on me to be some connection with scandals and all this “disappearance”-system. The system might use some “big scandal” as some semiotic referring to a large underworld crime’s being committed, a crime that doesn’t count as being a crime because it’s in the unprovable underground so instead the system indicates that there’s a big crime by instead doing some big scandal around it. I get that guess dawning on me because there was that scandal at Abu Ghraib that I know is specifically hallucino-“magic” connected to this Armageddon Program, but now I’m going to have to be trying to describe about one about as large or so as that, that’s possibly connected to some of this unknown amount of illicit pornography of me that this Program has been feeding itself off of, using for the LURE but also earlier-on for the sales of videos of whatever they’ve got, these things’ always following and sabotaging me, at least since that “Kindergarten” phonied-up encylcopedia article ill-gotten photo of me, that’s up on the Navigation bar or beneath here in some pdf or what that I use alot to try to describe that this underworld-system doesn’t have any connection with reality, it’s only leading us to extinction. In 2008 I realized that they’re so ruthless that they’d just as soon the whole Earth die if they can’t be in charge. (Alexander Haig’d probably had a good point and we might be better off if he had been during Reagan’s abscence, the way the system twists things to make good people look/seem to be bad and their underground weirdos’ seem to be normal. All those people around Reagan, like Deaver, were all loonies. I’d have to check Haig’s file on Wikipedia and I don’t really have time right now.)

Mrs. Helen Resor;

This is the lady that invited Mies van der Rohe to come here to do some architecture for her in 1937 and I’m saying she’d set “the real” Mies van der Rohe up, had set up the real Mies van der Rohe to be disappeared-and-replaced by the guy who’d then had that reputation, with that say Seagrams’s Building in NY that’s a big deal in the “Limitless” novel but mostly worked in Chicago and Washington DC was given its main library designed by “Mies van der Rohe” the replacement circa 1967, that they’d gotten a big system-cursed building, had gotten a system’s-building, were just gratuitously-like told they were getting a library. I can’t recall the details of how it was paid for by the tax-payers but then I’d spent 10 years of this Armageddon Program in that building. When I went to get this photo of her yesterday there was one of the standard big “magic-” -done to-do’s over me trying to use a copy machine and this tricky clerk had, however “inadvertantly,” picked this paper copy up when it went flying because of the standard tricks whenever I’m at a copy machine, etc. I’m saying that she’s noticeably what I call one of these “Babar” people. Maybe she’d even come from Mrs. Mary Surratt’s stolen ovae. Honestly I’m thinking she might look like one of those, over the generations since 1865, then fertilized by Samuel Marcus of one of the big petroleum companies. I think that because looking at it after all these years and finding it again maybe I’m noticing that she also looks a little like my fraud-paternal fraud-grandmother that I’m thinking had been an “offspring-descendant” of Samuel, that there’s a little resemblance and that that resemblance might come through Samuel. It doesn’t make much difference what anyone’s specific secret-history biology might be when the nutso once’s are about to deaden the entire home we’re living on as the generations roll by and the system just keeps getting bigger and stronger, starting off of sneaky little “growths” and individual system-operatives, like Mrs. Resor. In fact the clerk yesterday I was thinking but didn’t look close or anything might have been a “product” from Mr. Resor, famous advertising guy Stanley Resor, the couple a working team and her off in Paris talking to (poor, real) Mies van der Rohe about coming to the States, and I’m sure he’d just been “disappeared” into the underworld but, I haven’t any way of guessing if “the real Mies” might even have been a Pill-grim “Shahan-type” for all I really know about anyone else’s business. I’d just had the impression that Mies had been targeted by “Mendelsohn,” this other architect, to where Mendelsohn was even the one who’d thought up for Mies to stick the “van der Rohe” onto his name, that they’d been that close when younger but then there’s almost not any information available linking the 2 guys, except that I’d gone to the library yesterday to go get this image however, big however, when you are dealing with things like art and architecture these system-people are all over you that copying any of their anything can’t be done without written permission first, and I don’t have that because I was only able to get it yesterday, which reminds me of the first time I’d had it and I’m in this same world’s-worst-(invisible/unprovable)-torture situation now as back then. I just bought a set of envelopes from the post office last week and it got curses all over its little package of itself to where I don’t know how I’m going to find any clean envelopes that aren’t going to be slug-pneumonia infecting anyone, for some small example of how difficult it is for me to clear myself out of the emergency for trying to get these permissions. I think that photo of Mrs. Resor and the one with Mendelsohn and Mies were both in books published by the Harry N. Abrams famous company, are in big, heavy art-type books, the above from Mies in America edited by Phyllis Lambert. I think she was the daughter of the owner of that Seagram’s Building, it having been sold at least once since then though, and she’s a big deal architect somewhere I might be able to get around looking up. I forget, because of all this then difficulty I’d had from the first photocopy I’d gotten, exactly which group/address has the copyright on “Mies in America.” This photo below is copyrighted by the Los Angeles County Art Museum (and maybe Harry N. Abrams but I don’t think so, mostly the museum wants you to get their permission is how I think it’d worked.) His name is/was Ludwig Mies and in German “Mies” translates to like dust or detritus, crap, little crap. I think I’d read that it was Mendelsohn who’d suggested he make his name sound fancier, but then Mendelsohn would have been the type that would turn right around to others and point out what a “phony” Mies was, as Mendelsohn was suck-learning architecture off of who I thought had seemed like a normal person whose ancestor’s had built houses for themselves to live in, so that it had sort of come a little naturally to him to just dig in and start building a house, then doing it for money for other people and then turning out into these system’s glass and steel buildings that are now everywhere. “Let me” go see if the photo is here for insertion:

Mendelsohn, Silberman and another colleague, I’ll get the names, and then Mies, greeting in Chicago. I’m pretty sure it’s MoMA that actually owns the photo that the LA County Art Museum then put into this “Exiles and Emigres: European artists fleeing from Hitler” exhibition and book.

That’s Mendelsohn (Erich/Eric) on the left and Mies (Ludwig) van der Rohe, meeting again after some long time apart then there in Chicago with their other 2 friends.

I’ll be sure to write for permission on using this photo but I’m always in this life and death and planeticide ultimately horror, as with right now where I can’t even have usable envelopes, can’t organizedly just sit down after I leave here and jot off for that, and these art book people, and the Art-world Man In Oriental Costume-Jomon-type therefore, that they invented this making a big deal out of art as part of this world-takeover, are real picky, the bums literally all living on me to spy on things like getting this copy and the one of Mrs. Resor and saying I haven’t any right — they don’t even say anything, the whole thing is hallucino-underworld made-up that they only do, — and Kathy hasn’t rights to do anything except be their insane brain-eating freeloaders’ torture victim and then die like I’d never happened, etc., syndrome. So I’d noticed that the Houston library has this book, because of the subject of Mies’ coming up in the Limitless book and it took me all this time to finally get this photocopy. Plus one or both of the books, what little I’d had a chance to skim-read, had reminded me that it was Alfred Barr (Jr. I think, Alfred L. Barr, Jr. maybe is how his name is,) who’d told both Mrs. Resor and Philip Johnson about Mies, got them involved with Mies. Maybe I’d read that it was the year 1930 that Johnson had been in Berlin and met Mies, I can’t be positive. This photo above I think was 1941, I have the caption somewhere in these papers, that they’re near the train station and across from which stores in Chicago there, the whole group from Berlin and the Bauhaus group but I can find almost not any connection between Mendelsohn and the Bauhaus, the system just disappears everything. I’d guess that most of the Bauhaus students had come from Mendelsohn’s “donations” of reproductive matter, really, but mentions of him having any involvement with the group aren’t around. The 2 guys in the middle I don’t really specifically recall even since yesterday if they were both with the Bauhaus school, but Mies was running the place I think when it was phased out or closed down by the Third Reich. What I’m saying is that Mies was conned to come to the U.S. and seduced by Mrs. Resor and then all the underworld-Autists got Mies underground and “disappeared” him, and that’s why I think that it’s okay for me to use the photo, that that isn’t the same guy as worked in Chicago and built, designed, that library in Washington, DC. I think, getting back to Johnson, that he’d gotten set up to meet Mies so that the 20 years later he was the “dupe” that verified that the replacement was the same person as had been met in Berlin the many years ago, more or less like that, that Johnson always had this unprovable-terrorism hanging over his head, as the replacement Mies was a scary guy, the group in the Chicago underworld, but then in 1969 the underworlders had all the tangible proof in the world that they weren’t going to get rich and be ruling earth from Mars or even just from the moon after all, and instead of backing off, — they’ve been increasingly living off of the bums’ doing this Armageddon Program off of me, that there isn’t any base to this system except ages-old mental problems, — ha, one thing on my list of things to do has to do with that that I’d also just started to try to reassemble from all my lost work, this Theory of Mind “Module” that some now-late David Premack had been writing about, I have to try to look up to see what that “Module” part of that is about, like maybe Premack had thought there was some whole piece missing in the brain that gives you concept that other people think about themselves also.

Horror I’ll have to add is that I’ve kept this “Elion” post-title because this Barnum & Bailey type torture that this has been off of me has had me thinking that under Chicago, with all the advertising people like Leo Burnett (and maybe Albert Lasker) against the immigrant Mies, that he really had been taken to face lions that might maul him to death however I’ll reiterate that I don’t know Mies, he could have been a Pill-grim Shahan-operator for all I know, that maybe he was faced with lions’ mauling him to death and showed them a better way of getting high off of human brains if they wouldn’t kill him, that that might have been the big drama “plot” and storyline, and then the replacement-Mies had to go up here and do that boring draughtsmanship and teaching or what, but being killed by lions seems to have been a big theme all along, and I’ve got this peculiar house near my rented room that has dozens of images, sculptures and what, of lions all over the outside of itself so that it seems a theme where I’m currently situated and where this LURE situation seems to be like some everyday thing that might always be going on underneath there regardless of then my happening to wind up there 5 months ago, with my situation of this Armageddon Program’s always getting worse every day, moving in all around me wherever I go but it’s unprovable and I’m always just stranded by the lack of “funds,” me disliking to have to use the word money all the time which I guess these Jomon had also invented. In looking at pictures of old coins lately I’m starting to get the impression that the Jomon would get their hands on people gold and silver etc. by saying to give them some and they’d make pictures of yourself for you out of it, and after “minting” the coins then the Jomon would get to keep some of it for themselves also as pay, is likely how this money-system had started, making art pieces out of the raw gold and silver people’d had around.

Alan M. Lesie, got hold of this theory of mind module/mechanism bs I’ll have to check on, and a Gerrans, P.

What I’m saying in the first spot on the footer is that there was a receptacle that lost its fluid, and that isn’t too different if a tangible place in the brain was what Premack’d been referring to. But it is time-consuming to try to look up this T0MM business right now. Etc., for that I’d noticed it because it was a guy named Tom that had played this hoax on me that had led to this Armageddon Program and so reading these psychology things about ToM or TOM and TOMM I’d suspected there might be some double-talk going on but it seems to have come from exactly only what it sounds like, that there’s a difficulty with people with Autism’s concept that other people have separate thinking of their own or also think or have any relevance to life or anything, Theory of Mind that you are a separate individual with your own set of thinking, that another person has got that, as opposed to just slaughtering us one after the other to get rid of us machine-like way of cliff-pushing us. Trying to read on what they mean by Module would be time-consuming for right now. (God help, again, not doing myself much getting on with straightening out this blog yet,)

Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, Cambridge, UK

detail of Simon Baron-Cohen’s author’s photo in his “Essential Difference” circa 2002 book on male and female thinking-ways to do with Autism.

I did this photo incorrectly, that you also should have that he’s holding his eyeglasses at the same time in order to get the whole idea that it’s like some sort of strange picture on purpose, maybe. I didn’t do this well and should probably have to do it over but the photo always is humorous-seeming by itself and the book has this whole test-section where by just looking at the detail of someone’s eyes you’re supposed to figure what they’re expressing, how they’re feeling. This is another book I’m finding from earlier researches and this time I noticed that, eyeglasses and hand/s out of the picture, that what is a person supposed to make of what his eyes are “saying.” I guess that that’s some sort of a part of a humorous bit also, maybe. He’s about the biggest expert on Autism. If you look him up by S. Baron-Cohen you’d get a picture of his comedian cousin, but I haven’t tried it on the search engine, just in a book catalog I’d noticed that, look up Baron-Cohen and they pop up book numbers and you write them down and he’s a Kazakhistani giving you a tour or some such, not this Autism doctor expert. Sasha Baron-Cohen, in films and what.

2/26, Tuesday, I’m going to try to clear the footer so I can start sticking (these) stereotypes down at the footer for a start on trying to figure out this stereotypy bs but I have a bad feeling from reading about Ira Levin’s 1970 novel, “This Perfect Day” that that horror-science fiction was like a loose blueprint for the situation we have now, even though their space beliefs were all proved to be wrong; at the end of the novel the “hero” finds out or asks the world-machine-runner from underneath the Alps how come he’s done all this world-corralling to take it over, why run the world, what for, sort of a thing and I’d read this critique from a places in Auburn, Alabama, Mises von something, excuse, I can’t recall, but they did a pretty detailed write-up on Levin and the protagonist of This Perfect Day asks that of the villain and the villain replies that he’d done all that just for the joy of it, not any particular other reason but the power-joy or joy of power, and Kathy Foshay here thinks that “joy” is one of the slang-nicknames for this brain-serum trafficking nowadays or back ten years ago, like, ice, sunshine, and joy are slang-codes for buying and selling the brain serum and I think that that’s the same thing I’m saying, that the system is doing even its petroleum-system for the car-obsession for the ulterior motive of the brains begotten by those slaughters, not to mention even their cannibalism system. Somewhere I’d jotted a quote from that Diego Rivera’s autobiography that one of these days the superstitions will fall away and people will accept cannibalism, but the “superstitions” are that women won’t hear of cannibalism because their children could become victim to that so that that’s why the whole system is a secret from “superstitious” people and that that isn’t superstition but plain common sense, which is the biggest slang-term for the brain-serum industry, that selling it it’s always called “sense,” brain is “sense” to the addicts, and that, as allegorized by that Levin novel that that is all there is at the bottom of computerized systematization of the people on the Earth, just the “joy” that the rulers get out of being in control of everyone. I’m going to go work on taking back apart the footer now, first storing the widgets aside and then transferring them to that “‘Limitless’ Is Here Finally!” file of last September-October, 2018, at the bottom of the 3rd of — I’ll put a link to it….

2/27, Wed., I’m going to try to move this file down to the end of the blog sometime today.

The Architect, Meyer Levin, about frank lloyd wright

Stanley Resor b. Cincinnati 1867-1962, Greenwich CT

teva, allergan, eli lilly & co, 1876, Col. Eli Lilly, baltimore 1838-1888 Indianapolis

I have to store this here for a bit: That was the title, and here’s a new fancy type of text-font, from this background. I don’t see any particular reason for all the empty space on the front page of the blog-rolls, but maybe it’s this “talking” that gets the system upset.

Speaking of upsetting the system, I’m so messed-up that now that my mind’s cleared a little bit from all this that I have to get done to clear it that now I’m thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be safe to, even this belatedly I think they’d let me do it, send for the 2016 “Earned Income Credit” tax return, that it’s taken me all this time to figure out the letter from them and I’d still have to get to a post office for a stamp mailing it in and I’m ready for being able to go do that tomorrow but I recall that maybe the last time I’d applied for that EIC was in 2001 for 2000’s income where mine is always low-paid work, a nurse’s aide sort of temporary jobs here and there, and also that year “Bush-43” I think was his number from 2001-09, had given everybody back some money, saying that he had too much money and I got back a little over $300 that year and boom, the 9/11 had happened and so, my Armageddon-situation way worse as time goes along, I’m not sure, now that I’ve cleared the time for writing back to IRS with the paperwork they’d sent me, that that would be a thing I should be taking chances on, considering that the last time I’d gotten the EIC there’d been the 9/11, and that NOBODY ever assists me with anything as though it’s part of some “underworld-game” or bet-wager, that I’m allowed to be out here as long as nobody does anything to assist me, and I’m due for the age 62-available Social Security, is the big deal with the “Program” sabotage now this month it seems, that I’m like just holding my breath waiting for that and perhaps this EIC might reach me but maybe I should skip the EIC, the stupid crosseyed girl all by herself figures, and hope that the system realizes of course that Social Security isn’t “assisting” me but is just an agreement that had been set when a person starts paying taxes. I’d gotten “Armageddon-dupe” off to the wrong foot in starting employment one day before I turned 16, as though my whole employment time was cursed by the wrongful early start, was that trick onto me. I’ll check the front page and see how this’s turned out and leave it for now if it’s okay. — I’d had to start one day early because of all those bizarre “fraud-family/French Connection” and this Armageddon business situation, was really desperate to do anything with my time and summer was nearly over by the time I turned 16 and the manager said either I start early or I couldn’t have the job and the fraud-parent didn’t comment when asked for advice, etc., etc., but I signed up for the age-62 SS and wait 2 months now….


Kathy, me, will let readers see if it’s ever safe to try to contact poor little me out here always all alone. Don’t give the computer any personal anything.

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Kathy Foshay, working on contact information for myself, a mailing address or way people could contribute to the/this Universe Rescue-attempt for reality, eternity



More about Ira Levin

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I’m leaving that 1962 “French Connection” there for the time being on purpose yet.

2/28/19, Thursday, it’s like I’m covered with “all of the evil in the world” more than ever, some spectre/affect of Levin doing the “Man In Oriental Costume” Armageddon-directing by laying all over me for the insomnia-torture from 4-6 a.m. so that I lost interest in what my plan for today had been and I just made it to here at 6p.m. now. That 3rd or 4th book of his, around 1970 or 1973, him allegedly passing in 2007 or 2008, that “This Perfect Day,” horror-novel, there are a couple of more points to my thinking that that might have been similar to Huxley’s “Brave New World” prediction-set fiction of the system’s plans, though so far I’ve only read that one summary-critique of it. Mainly it mentions that at the denouement the protagonist finds out that the world-runner from computer-land under Switzerland just force-runs the world for the joy of the power of doing it, not for any particular altruistic or other belief-set behind why he’s set things up to have the world ordered the way he wants it, that that “joy” word seems to me to be one of the code-slang words for the brain-serum traffickers, and that that seems to be all I can find after all these decades of trying to trace this system, that the leaders just want to stay being “high” on this crime of that, sin, indescribable “horror.” Then that other code-slang words are similar, sense, ice, sunshine, along with discussing it amongst themselves as being “joy.” Then there’s that the novel’s title “This Perfect Day” has I think a more specific point than about the villian’s weather-creating part of his world-running, his/their world-running, that it isn’t just about that he has them keep rain scheduled only for night times so that it doesn’t interfere with the daytimes, there’s the slightly more difficult to describe “slang-code” abuse of the word “day,” also. I think the system-people think underground that the word “day” also refers to who is to be killed on each of their underworld days, who is to be the victim or victim-type today, this day. I’ll try to explain that a little more but my point is that “This Perfect Day” refers actually to the protagonist, — and, again, that this is without me reading the book, only the one review of it so far. The protagonist succeeds somehow in actually killing, “disappearing” being the euphenism I usually have to use but in this case I guess it’s the point of the novel, that this protester to the conformity actually manages to find and to finish off this world-controller, and thus he is what we in English-normal would think of as being a or the “hero” to have done that and set the world free, but that’s the problem, that this is fiction and in the fiction-story he’s the hero but he’s also the system’s favorite sort of “kill,” favorite target-type for the world-controller types to ingest. I’d put a paragraph here later on but the whole thing is also “clues” about reality, of what’s running this real and now world that I’m saying has thereby got us headed to complete Earth-trashed extinction, that the planet can’t have these brain-eaters for the joy of the high and it’s going to have to quit existing as the only way to get rid of them out of itself, out of the inside where they are or even just off of the earth also, doing that, etc. This getting rid of the hero-type of people is mostly what I’ve been being used for all these sixty years of this “c*** from the Bronx” all over me like this, increasingly all over me to like this now, which is like having all of the evil in the world more or less on me today.

Another point I’d like to make, besides in the footer where I mention that that Heinrich Schule had worked near Zurich. I’d thought he’d mostly worked in Baden, but this is sort of like the situation I have with the Jomon also, where there was only a teeny bit I could learn and now there’s alot more, and similarly I’d more recently read that Schule had been mostly in that area around Zurich, where they had that big asylum that’s name escapes me right now, very famous, and then I think Schule was also slightly east of there, and it’s also around the town called Winterthur, where for some reason there’s some big DuPont business or maybe just the museum by that name, some estate some of them had had there maybe, that Schule had been working all in that area, with Switzerland then coming up as the headquarter of the world-controller in this Ira Levin circa 1970 novel. Besides that there’s the similarly peculiar point from my vague recollection of all my lost notes that the young Steve Jobs had somehow been in the CERN or C.E.R.N. big computer area in or around and-or under Switzerland, maybe its Lake Geneva area, and my hypothesis is is that he’d decided to get an identity-replacement and go back and live under there, and that that would match with how we’ve become all like computer-game-corrall managed now.

The bit about the word “day,” that describing that is a little wordy and deals with contemporaries, which is bad territory for me, I’m really supposed to be doing archaeology-type research. Someone had written a nice-seeming song called “This is the Day,” and I’d have to look up exactly who that had been, which I’d been able to find once before, let me see if I can do it again, 6:46 now: Ps. 118:24, Les Garrett, Leslie Norman Garrett, b. 1943, Matamata, New Zealand, arrangement of a folk tune from Fiji. — 6:54, somehow there’s also a mention of someone named Joe Pace but maybe that’s about piano music accompaniment. They have a little photo of him on a united methodist church discipleship website with the small write-up, the hymn first appearing in his 1967 book of hymns and sometimes it has varying lyrics. The song goes that, This is the day, this is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made, this is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made, this is the day, this is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it! Oh oh oh, this is the day that the Lord has made, and on and on, very uplifting-seeming, but I was in one of the peculiar places that I only get to be like manipulated or maneuvered to and I got the impression after singing that along with them for quite awhile that the place as a whole was really referring to these underworld-system goings-on, twisting the subject of God all the time to being about these mortals like say the villain in the Ira Levin novel might have been, God over the place, that that’s how the system works, — like Allen Ginsberg running around for awhile telling everybody that he was God, like the “God” of the Ghent Altarpiece, that somehow the Jomon had gotten explained-to about God in such a way that they feel they are in competition against God and they set up this system of mortal gods over their own given areas, as how the system’s been growing. When the peculiar group was singing this nice-seeming song but acting peculiarly the rest of the time, in the eerie ways that the system’s created for themselves and its growth, the parasitic ways the rest of the time, I started to feel that the “rejoicing” was about getting high off of the daily victims, that This Is the Day! that the Lord has made is about the victims the underworld has created for feeding their underworld, and the “Day” is preferred to be someone who’d protested against the system and was a “hero” type, and they sing this processional type of an entering into their arena, that is difficult for me to describe since I only get that impression that that’s how the people I see around out here “really” live, where I’m not around. I’m going to try to learn more about this and Levin’s other books but the Boys in or from Brazil, about “cloning” Hitler, and similar with — in fact those “Stepford Wives” likely might come from that Princess Viktoria Luise daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s, as what seems to be the type that I’ve been seeing all around when I try to go anywhere different, like a college library or the women’s center I’d gone to last weekend, that that type, — “cloned” or disembodied ovaries-reproduced off of Viktoria Luise, mass-reproduced from her disembodied ovaries, might be the main type of the Stepford Wives type, that these things that Levin had written about really are real-life horror, and he was from the Bronx this review I’d read the other day from Auburn, Alabama group, maybe Mises von Rohe is its name, stated that Levin had been born in the Bronx, and he’d gone to high school in the Bronx’s Riverdale section, where most biographies just say he was born in NYC. I looked it up and his “Rosemary’s Baby” was published in 1967. I was only 12. Then 1997 was his “Son of Rosemary.”

3/1/19, Friday, — This is a Biggie. I’m not probably halfway through with trying to describe that Levin-type – to- Jobs-type St/e. Foy business, that the original Jobs was a Foy type, that I’ve got a pdf i think I can use toward describing that the famous Jobs was some identity-replacement for the Foy type of the original Jobs, and then he’d been adopted by a guy that’s from what I call the “St. Bavo” -type, etc., the Levin/Tsiolokovsky/Ginsberg-type and the St/e. Foy type being people mass-reproductions of themselves types, they’re a partnership from six hundred years ago, from that Ghent Altarpiece time down to all over the place and Jobs’ retiring to “This Perfect Day-Levin’s” hide-out has worked out to be this computerized holocausting of all the normal people into being like drone-cattle for their kinds, but, at about 3 a.m. a thought occurred to me off of this photo I’d posted last week and what will wind up this same Trudy “Elion” file, — me hoping nobody minds my familiarity with her casual instead of formal first name, what her friends and family had called her by, Trudy, — that photo of what’s said to be Mendelsohn and Mies with 2 of their other group-members, probably those both also with the Bauhaus group, that when I’d thought of possibly putting it under the Pill-grim boy’s picture I thought of some other interconnects and it seems that it also might connect all then into that Shahan business maybe more closely than I’d thought, and it would show how the system had taken over the entire building/construction/architecture industry to make this holocaust-corral science horror-fiction way that we live possible. — [I thought I had a pdf I’d taken on this 1959 “Christ In Majesty” painting in the National Basilica but I can’t find it, so I’m using the copy from Denobili on the WikiCommons:]File:Jan Henryk Rosen, Christ Pantocrator, Washington, DC.jpg

Mosaik des Christus Pantokrator (Christ Pantocrator, National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC) 12 June 2016, photo by Denobili; I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International license; painting by, John de Rosen = / — “deRosen I’d thought his name was but he was from Warsaw I’m reading now, painting this in Washington’s big Basilica in 1959, for its 1959 grand opening if that’s what it’s called, grand dedication maybe, when a new religious place opens, founded originally by this 1857-1932 Bishop (Archbishop) Thomas Shahan that I’m saying looks like close kin with that 666-Crowley and then realizing had likely been descended from the Ghent Altarpiece’s Pill-grim boy, working with following that “St. Christopher” character, that the 2 of those had formed a brain-eating & people-growing partnership of taking over the planet for themselves way back then. This with the big 1959 painting, “Christ in Majesty,” it’d occurred to me last night could be connected to the scam with “the real” Mies van der Rohe’s being underneath Chicago, the Ghent stereotypes still doing the people-manufacturing and in 1959 it seemed to themselves that they’d soon be ruling from Mars, but that hadn’t panned out. They opened this Basilica in Washington in 1959 and then that MLK library I got stuck in for 10 years they’d opened around 1968. I’d been thinking that this Christ in Majesty might be deRosen’s interpretation of “disembodied-ovary offspring-descendants” off of Mies van der Rohe because in looking into this Stereotypes section being started in the footer section here then it’s finally occurred to me that “the real Mies” was a Pill-grim-666 boy all along after all, that he’d been in on the ruse of his own identity-replacement. The guy who became the famous “Mies van der Rohe” actually looks like one of the first Mayor Daley there’s close kin, that it was a pretty broad inside joke to say that he was the Bauhaus Mies van der Rohe. Also I’d like to check on that the Bauhaus’ moving to Dessau and then Berlin might have been connected to this general parasitism syndrome, that they’d run out of fresh “blood” or bodies they could get in Weimar and had moved to Dessau for that real reason and parasited that place as much as they could and then moved along to Berlin, similar to how this invisible-torture keeps me moving from place to place and they unpack and pull off this LURE underneath wherever I wind up, etc. I have to write to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art about using that great photo of Mendelsohn and Mies and I think it’s owned by the MoMA in NY, might be the place I’d should write to. I’m going to try to see what I can find of it on the search-engine now.

ck david chilton, Days of Vengeance, on the Revelation book

I can’t find anything, didn’t bring the right photocopies with me.

3/2, Saturday, I still can’t find the title page on this Exiles and Emigres book I found the Mendelsohn-Mies photo in. The more I think about it the more I’m sure all today’s architecture is just that “laugh” of a hoax these sneaky Jomon-Autists have invented while “high” on brains of other people, nothing to this system that’s taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. — I give up at the end of the library-time now. It’s supposed to turn cold again so I have to go rent-getting and food-shopping now and don’t know if I’ll go to the only open library tomorrow or what. Monday should be a good day but nothing is for me right now, the invisible-torture is very unpleasant, etc.

4 March, 2019: In looking for a PD picture of Allen Ginsberg I’d come across photos of friends of his who look “disembodied-ovae offspring-descendant” from this Pius XII,

NSIC mosaic.

Eugenio Pacelli, (1876 Rome -1958,) more or less called “Hitler’s Pope” based on that he hadn’t protested much. I’d taken this photo of this wall mosaic of his dedicating I think it was 1943-44 as a Marion year, a year to Mary of the immaculate conception, the mosaic made I think by someone named Arthur Kennedy around 1959, for the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary that it’s in the lower level of and which had opened that year, the whole idea for which had come from Bishop/Archbishop Shahan (1857-1932, add link here/see footer.) In reading more about “Pacelli” who was going to be mentioned amongst the thin-sized Jomon stereotypes in the footer attempt to organize this all a bit, I came across a mention that John XXIII (d. 1963, Roncallo having been his last name,) had been made a saint recently and in a double-ceremony or what the terminology is for that, with John Paul II, which was sort of shocking to me so I looked up about Roncallo, the cellphone’s search-engine mysteriously working again this past week, and it turns out that he was(/is) one of the “Matejko,” #1, of the staircase-beings, as I’m trying to start organizing about on the footer below, the “Evilene” from The Wiz type. “Plon-Plon,” a nephew of Napoleon is another example, and maybe Charles Bonaparte the AG was some hybrid from this Casimir/Kazimir-created majorly important stereotyped being type, etc. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get through the cold weather to get to the library today so I’m sending the note mainly to mention that Angelo G. “Roncallo,” John XXIII, (1881-63 I think it is, from near Bergamo in north Italy,) will be in the footer when I get back there. The pope after him was “Montini,” also from north Italy and I think he’s a stereotype under the Bicci de Medici group and will be adding him, born 1886 I think I’d read. In visiting Rome in 1976 I’d sort of gotten herded into the mass audience they do on Wednesdays for the general public to see and hear the pope and maybe I’d picked up some “unintelligibility” stigma because I was unable to recognize any of his English but I read now that he was fluent in it, though he might have been 90 by 1976, when he’d met JFK in July 1963. Yes, I’m suspicious, very, of the whole thing from “Pacelli” to Paul VI/Montini, them working-up all of this underworld “magic” that has us headed to real TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. Pacelli was from fancy lawyers and he’d spent most of his time in Munich and Berlin where the rocket-craze had come from. I’ll send this now and likely then find more “evidence” and then maybe the search-engine will cut off again, etc.

Railroad worker Phineas Gage with the rod that had gone through his brain.

Bad day: Out of curiosity I wanted to see what would happen if you do the “flipped” photography struck to say this clear example where Gage is holding that rod that’d gone through his head in his left hand, having noticed that ability on this cellphone the other day. I found it under the word Mirror and tried it and it honestly appears somehow that Gage is holding the rod in his right hand then, the whole thing opposite, which is important for me as an evidence-hunter against this scruples-less trick-playing system. Also I’ll add Graham Saxby to the Pacelli-Pius XII stereotype types.




7 March 2019, Thursday — “Monday should be a good day“…I’d said on Saturday, like a famous last words, Monday should be a good day. I’m like devestated right now, unable to get here because of the cold weather and these parasites are all over me, I don’t know how I’ll get rid of them, they added the Babar-type to all the other kinds of the garbage all over me, like I’m a free live-on entertainment and life-support machine for the evil. That’s planeticiding us. I got a phone call yesterday and they’re “tripping” into head-games they want me to play in addition to all the other invisible tortures, I’m just sick from all these parasitisms. The phone call is about that Martian illustration’s attached rest of that story, and that little bit has got these Babars charging me for phone calls and just living all over my body and brain, I’m really sick from all this bloodsucking right now.

I’m thinking that “Patrology” and Patristics and-or such lingo is really referring to Petrology, that it’s all about “Grease,” like that musical play, greed is the word, is the word, it’s got groove, it’s got meaning, or vice-versa. I’ve got the lyrics around here somewhere to where I’d switched it to Greed but then there’s so much about copyrights that I don’t feel safe referring to much of these modern-day things. Patrology is the study of the church fathers I think but that all comes from the disembodied ovaries that come from “the people with the Autism” that I think were mass-invaders from the New World, etc.

I have to figure out how to write a page to accompany any time I use those envelopes that got all cursed. I’m not superstitious but the system actually does use those ludicrous invasions of privacy for putting “Armageddon” curses all around wherever I go for all these years. I have to take a break now, this being a horror with these garbage-entities even more on me than before. “Monday should be okay,” I’d thought and I’m just devestated now from that I got stuck indoors all those days, first voluntarily on Sunday because it’s really nasty-feeling when I go to the downtown library, like this “Jomon” LURE crew that lives off of me do anything to get hold of innocent bystanders who don’t know anything about this invisible-torture off of normal-enough-appearing me, so that was the main reason I decided not to go downtown on Sunday, to not disrupt bad enough as it is with this worse that comes sneaking along unbeknownst to me except for “semiotic” clues I get, (like had happened then yesterday too.) On Monday then it was freezing cold and I figured that I’m too old to go through all that, it wouldn’t hurt to stay in another day but then on Tuesday it was even worse and I figured to defer until the only sunny day in the upcoming forecast, Wednesday, yesterday, for doing my clothes-wash, it was just too cold to drag that stuff and myself to a wash-house, I’d wait till I could at least drag us on a sunny day and I did that but on the way back to the room the atmosphere started turning and this c*** all over my head was incessant with that LURE-phrase that’s the gimmick to this Armageddon off of me, they pummeled and pummeled my head all day long with that “save” b.s. phrase, oxymoronically while they’re literally killing me all the time, like even this isn’t healthy and it’s all mostly baby-level, I’m only repeating the obvious to normal people things, that you can’t have human parasites crawling all over you, etc., the filthy system these disembodied ovary vermin-boys have built, and last night it got bad and the invisibles overpowered me and pulled out my piss onto the fresh-washed clothes and I had all that mess to clean up and feel so bad about being “betrayed” like that, that only the LURE means anything to the invisible strangers and the earth could rot for all any of them care beyond their immediate gratification of the deaths they make in whatever their undergrounds are off of this LURE. I’d coped with these parasites Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, went out to wash like this with them crawling all over me on Wednesday and I guess they do the LURE whenever I do clothes-wash because they ruin anywhere I go with this show and the old hidden camera pornography they must have stocked up, back around that ABSCAM time in the early 1980s. I don’t ever know what these bums are doing but I’d coped all that time and had clean clothes and lunch for today and was getting ready to try to sleep and out of nowhere there was a set up with that being force-pulled out of me, the “Limitless” power of mind practicing itself or how many strange males were participating in that. Trying to cause me to lose my mind the “Jomon” leadership seems to be going about causing to have happen to me. Just before that the search-engine on the cellphone had quit, and I made a note about it to myself and got up and suddenly the room was too warm and I had difficulty breathing and I opened the room door for the cold hallway air to come in and there was some different voice or activity going on and then that overpowering me, like “Jacob and the angel” wrestling sort of tearing at me, won, forcing me to close the door and do this standard tortured-move:

My “character type.”

I have to try to use my leg and foot to hold back and they just tore the urine out of me. That’s why I figure there are “Babars” around, that it seems one of their specialties, and then once that thought had occurred to me then it more seemed like they were around and then there was an odd scene where one of the other roomers looked a little “Babar” this morning. Separately one that looked like this guy this morning and a nice-seeming girl had seemed to vacate the area when I walked up the street on Saturday night, like they were walking away from the place at 10p.m., the girl carrying bags like luggage. Then when I was on my way here a boy in the same outfit was like returning after having been away from the place (or underneath it) since Saturday. But the feeling was that people were getting away from the place because of trouble, and then returning after it was over maybe. So after all these days away I feel really bad. I have to write some piece of paper I can make copies of to include with any letter-writing I have to use those envelopes for to explain that they come with curses:

1- for the slug-pneumonia, and-or snottiness, as after the little ordeal at the post office I must have wiped my nose and while taking notes on the incident I looked and saw some green, however slight, of a little of that on my piece of paper. In retrospect it seems there was a Babar-affect around that day also. I’ll have to try to include them in this “Stereotype” footer, forfend to call it stereotype organizing, they already are the organized people.

2- The next day I’d tried to buy envelopes somewhere else and they got all kinds of curses onto them. These “Jomon” just don’t have any normal lives they know how to lead and they’re parasites on everything everywhere all of the time in one way or more than that. Curses for a neck support or some such by a strange willy-nilly acting girl held up the line at the register, the system-bums always do these things at the register that I can’t get out of, and while I was waiting for her to go back — it went on and on, and then a guy came in like a salesperson for the blackmarket-type pornography of me that these bums must have made a fortune off of, all these Armageddon bums living off of selling videotapes of unawares me these past decades, so he and the clerk with one side of his head shaved and one not, like a Janus type, were discussing whatever was in the black plastic bag like that and a girl rushed up to process me out but it was more like pushing me through to having to walk between those 2 guys to get out of the store and the whole thing is always this racial business with the “Jomon,” like they don’t think in terms of much else but racial phony difficulties all of the time as a major part of their Armageddon-making, so that an “Aztec” sort of a death-crew seemed attached to the purchase. Yesterday these bums had 4 different racial groups to play with over my wash-house trip, visit, chore. Having unloaded a little I’ll have to take the break now. I should even maybe call it quits as the stresses, — that’s why I hadn’t worried about coming in here on Monday and Tuesday, that putting myself through the stresses seems too much, but then it exploded on me last night with that anonymously-done piss-pulling. I can’t always explain every detail because of all this sabotage sitting all over me but the envelopes were made so difficult for me to get because of specific communication-prevention the “Jomon” is doing.

Man In Oriental Costume test 1

“Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” by Govaert Flink, Remrandt school, c. 1635.

“Cem/Jem” from the Disputation of St. Catherine.

Mar. 8, 2019, I wanted to try coming in and going right to here for the first time but I had to put another aviso up at the top, throwing me off some for getting started in this “opposite” way of doing the blog, trying to smooth the previous entries down to this point and this is like a worst of them example for the jumble. That aviso I don’t really even want to leave up there because I want someone to look at just the photo and do the recognizing for themselves, so maybe I’ll have to move that to above here, except that the pictures here really went with yesterday, except the “Jomon” is doing all the usual horror-tricks today so that it’s just the continuation. I’ll stick the other here when it’s time to move it after this awful day:

3/8/19, Friday; the animals just did one of the most disgusting scenes they’ve ever done in front of me at one of these libraries. First, — the weather is obscene, psychiatric, that it’s like tropical outside today after being “feels like” 32 degrees at times on Monday and Tuesday, so bad that I couldn’t venture out into it anymore for just the few hours here compared to the treks to and from here, that suddenly it’s almost too warm for comfort, though it then seems to switch to cool down by raining for who knows how on and off long. Then they’ve got this “invisible” arena-like noise that comes from the nearby Gulf Freeway. On the bus recently it sounded like the recorded-announcement was calling it “Gull’fr’eeway” or Gull’f”ree-way, that it’s an area for gullible misled refugee-type people and-or underworld-“growths.” It had seemed like a “big kill” had just been done maybe it was last week or weekend or the weekend before, I’d made some note of that feeling, that it’d seemed like that arena-noise effect had quieted alot, but it’s back now, making it feel like trying to enter the library here is like going into a sports coliseum, one computer against another or whatever ways these stranger-contemporaries all think to themselves that I don’t have any real-life connection to but the torture all over me is where this c*** seems to all be directed down from, this “way of living.” Then I got here and saw 2 other parties heading toward the front door so I waited till they got to here and went in because I can only stand to walk real slowly, can’t stand being around these who-knows-what-they-think-they’re-thinking modern types anymore, stay clear of as many people as I can. What approached though looked like the one was going to “bump” run into the other, approaching it from the side, the other being parents carrying a baby, maybe a toddler with them sort of a family-group and this single person approached forcefully from another direction like they were going to do that and from way back it had seemed that it might be one of these fraud-parent “growths” so that I’d had to take some little notice of what transpired and saw that but then that it was/is a female that looks like me, except that big sort of the fraud-parent body, like she was going to “bump” these strangers in an arena-like death-sports competition while I’m unawaredsly (sic) in here trying to fix this blog to be presentable toward getting some assistance against this necessitated good riddance to these underworld “grown” people without connection to reality. Whatever I’d been planning to come to the blog to try to do goes out the window when I get hit with these inane crap scenes, and that’s while coping with all the usual “Jomon” -tortures. Also there was some big guy wearing a TAMU aggies t-shirt inexplicably walking in this crappy area that I walk to get here while everyone else just walks in the road, but I don’t walk quickly enough for that, takes me like half an hour so I walk on the side through all these weeds and garbage laying around and this big guy had like walked that full length toward me, sort of what I call the “Dodge City-affect” of duelers or some such, coming at and against you sort of an effect it was and he got close so I could read the t-shirt and I guess — surprise for me, I just looked it up, it’s Texas A&M; I’d thought it was some Methodist school. Don’t know why I couldn’t figure that out. There’s some, unfortunate as all get out, girl down in some underworld arena that comes from this horror-abuse to me that the system picked up for perpetrating its old Armageddon Plan off of. The sight of those poor people that my ovae were stolen to “grow” is terribly upsetting, of course. That’s what that 6th figure in the above photo is about, that that’s the fraud-parent, stealing my ovae to “grow” this faux-dynasty that’s all over the place working for the Armageddon.

3/9/19, Saturday, I’m going to move this to here now: (21 February, 2019 17:30)

(This is left here on purpose like this for a bit.)= and it didn’t work. Now I’m trying to figure to learn this “Links” category. The invisible torture was horrific last night and while it was going on it finally hit me how the “Links” category might work but first I need some example to make a test of it, maybe this photo. “French Connection,” testing. — It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with anything. More bad news, I search-engined for Gerald Shur since that’s what the book claims the photographed person’s name is and they have some mean-looking person in the news a relative lot, like to dispute my claim/s.

I was leaving this photo at the top of the blog in hope that because of the recent (alleged) passing of the fraud-parent a (fraud-) -relative might loosen up to be in touch with me and look at the blog and see the picture and right off be able to verify at least one detail I’m claiming about it but it turns out that there’s zero interest in me or anything about me, so there’s no point leaving it up there for someone who isn’t going to be looking into the blog anyway, etc. Then there’s a difficulty with something about the cellphone’s got messages vanished off of it, that have to do with this current project I have to try to feel okay about while trying to feel okay about … anything, everything, life like it is, being invisibly molested and having Babars and all kinds of strangers invisibly crawling all over me and doing holograms all over my sanity, etc. — 3pm, I have an hour and a half left, wonder what on earth i can possibly do with myself under so much nonstop “Jomon” torture. Coming at me from any direction. Now they’ve knocked out the 1 of 2 hopes I only have so that they can concentrate on knocking out the next one, while I’m just disgusted to “death” by these fraud-parent-things all over me all the time, out here and crawling on me for the LURE business the bums run all these decades, disgusting me continuously with that strange male all the time. I got a little bit done here but it’s unsatisfactory and they’re playing some game with the copy machine so that I can’t make progress, am always sat on to keep me going as slowly and nonexistently as possible. What on earth is left on my list of things that might assist me with some of this if i can’t get those copies made today so that i can move forward with some of this trying to make contact with anyone business, having been staying away from that while getting settled in houston and not wanting any trouble, just trying to straighten out this blog all these months but I’ve got to make some contact with anyone toward getting myself out of this filthy LURE.

3/11/19, Monday, I feel terrible today, it’s as thought the time-change has a little to do with it, that it was just starting to get nice with its getting light outside around six thirty a.m. and now that’s not until seven thirty a.m. so I’d gotten up a little late and everything’s draggy and I can barely type it seems. Then it’s like I don’t have much of a plan today. Saturday night my cellphone suddenly “gave back” some material I’d had to have for this ygs bs that I’d figured I’d have to work without, but it came back so I’d sent then an email yesterday describing that I’m not sure how to proceed so it’s as though I’m ostensibly waiting for a reply on that before I can figure what I’m doing today, with then this business about Diego Rivera back again, but worse. I didn’t bring that book with me but had taken a photo of the cover to see what would happen if I “flipped” the whole cover, but then there’s also the whole mural itself. Right now it’s a good thing I’ve started typing because it’s like it’s perking my recollections on what I’m supposed to be doing toward getting myself out of this disgusting situation I’m in toward anything relevantly useful to “reality.” Honest, I have to get up and get a drink of water, there’s something wrong that I’m a little too thirsty and no point in sitting here like that except that I have this “Armageddon jew” that’s been living on me virtually all or most of my life but in a semi-“contact” way since 1998, twenty years of this “Allen Gingsberg-type” imbecile that’s fronting for the “Man In Oriental Costume” type, sort of a self-evolved world species, sub-race of their race or such, living on me. Those think I’m the anaethema, anathema, the bad thing, and they don’t let me drink from water fountains because I’m a germ spreader. So I have to wash out this little bowl-like cup I — never mind, let me keep trying to figure how I can inconspicuously get a drink of water, seeing as how I’d used the little bowl-like thing for pee once, that that’s what I really carry it for. I’d usually carry some sort of a cup and wash it out before getting water from a water fountain and then this “Program” probably tells its viewers that I do that because I think I’m too good to drink from the same fountain, where if you followed this Armageddon-weapon-use sabotage of myself you’d realize that they do things and I can’t take chances so that that really has come to be true too, I’d fear germ-sabotage and would use a cup then anyway, first to shield others from the Armageddon all over me and now I use a cup to shield myself from the Armageddon against me, and my kind, of the unsuspecting normal people. I guess I know what I can only do, and I might as well incorporate it with a whole break then, always around 3pm when the kiddies start coming in for after-school time is only when I finally budge myself out of the chair, instead of at 2pm when my to and from isn’t interfering with their using the library. I’ll have to go ahead and do that before I can think any too well. I’d been under the impression I had a hospital appointment for tomorrow but called and there isn’t anything, it’s just some paperwork-thing that hadn’t gotten straightened out, some standard trick on me. Then I found out that this lady at the “pg” co. wasn’t a receptionist but a lobbyist there. I’ve written to her 2 times now, looking at the old emails being how I’d noticed that. The first one I’d sent, 2 years ago about, she’d been out of the office, I’d gotten an auto-reply, and to this current attempt I’d gotten not any reply but notice that she isn’t/wasn’t a receptionist, and everything goes through their main office lawyer, he’s the head of the office, and I’d seen a photo of him once…. Maybe I should try to look it up again, but to my recollection the photo’d seemed like the “Charles Bardot” grandfather of Bridget -type, and now I’d been thinking that that type might be connected to the Rivera type. I do not guess how the system would have gotten that from the Ghent “Pill-grim” or St/e. Foy type. Making their own kinds of people. This invisible-torture had directed my attention to a new book on Frida Kahlo, published from a Milan exhibition of last year, where Milan’s like a system-hotbed since the Charles Borromeo days, I don’t trust anything connected with there. The book makes it look like there’s alot more to her thinking than it had seemed, somehow, to where I have to look up about Nicholas Murray and his friend or what Selwyn something who’d written some mystery novel about don’t tell anybody about the murder (business.) I got off-tracked there, was trying to bring up that maybe the new catalog book makes it look like she was largely a prisoner-type to have to go with and make a fuss over Rivera, and then that’s got to do with why I’m thinking about doing a mirror-flip on the cover toward comparing it to the Ghent Altarpiece.

Then also I’d like to mention this little thing about at the supermarket after the library trip yesterday, that heading for the cashier some guy appeared to be about to collision with me in order to get to that register-line before me and I’d paused because I’d thought maybe he was heading for the attractive cashier, to get to her line before I did for some reason, but then he went to the closer line and I got on line and he was getting rung up at the same time as me and afterward it occurred to me he is an “Ira Levin-type” of a face, Ginsberg or Levin or any of that self-evolved or whatever they all are type, but the scary part is that maybe, not about the good-looking cashier but about “racing” against me in general might have been what that bizarre meaningless little performing might have been “about,” about racing against oblivious me! all of them, all kinds of strangers and stereotypes of strangers walking around thinking bizarre things like that around oblivious me.

5pm, These monsters are doing a “retarded” -ness curse onto me today. The “Jomon” has always been doing this at/onto me and now I notice that I’ve got 3 email-photos that haven’t arrived and I can’t get the system to register a title-change I’d just made toward trying to link click-ons to these photos in the footers toward trying to organize some of this stuff, and earlier they’d had someone guiding a Down’s syndrome girl toward the restroom after me, that from the 1964+ of the system’s trying to retard me I notice the patterns and that they’re really doing an assault, that it slows my efforts down tremendously all the time. I’m just a sitting duck victim alone and can’t do anything when all these bums converge toward cursing me all day long every day like this all the time. But that seems to be connected to how I can’t seem to feel right today, thinking it’s the time-change and these system-bums might always pull this type of curse on unawares people at the time-change times of the yearly calendar the system’s thought up in its unnatural and brain-eating time of its own self. Everything is always a crime. Then I’d noticed and have to do something about this “WITSEC” business where the system seems to have had the guy asserting himself since I’d put those pictures all over Washington as much as I could. It’s so awful, every moment. Then they were “playing” by disappearing my cellphone’s emails about a week ago and returning them so that now I’m waiting for a reply on the played-around with emails, too, and everything feels off-kilter.

3/12/19, tuesday, same thing, but worse. Plus I can’t seem to get back to the 1939 project, finally figuring a place to put it. — Now I’m all tied-up with finally pinning down that that exhibit had turned out to be Raymond Loewy’s in the Chrysler Building, called the Focal Exhibit.

Raymond Loewy was likely the “progenitor” of that Dr. Carfagni who’d stuck that life-wrecking label onto me that it seems like runs this Armageddon Program, that that was a carte blanche for doing whatever they wanted to to me, down to right now and beyond too yet, and I’d be considered like dead, no defense for myself, just a nonentity after that label was put on me that anyone could get away with doing about whatever they want to to me, and it came from this Loewy prototype, who was maybe a hybrid, out of Prague for instance, between the Alexander von Humboldt and-or the Leonardo type and — in fact, he might have been a combination hybrid of Alexander Graham or Melville Bell with genes of the partner Thomas A. Watson, a hybrid of those 2 lines, genotypes, turned into Loewy. Loewy I’d been thinking might have come from Theodore Herzl, a little similarity there too. Then they were spread all over the place as with that Prince Radziwill and those Orthodox Greeks and then that so-called Carfagni that I’d gotten sent to, who doesn’t seem to have looked anything like the well-known family-line of doctors by that name in that Bay Area. The weather has gotten “psychiatric” again, from maybe 80 degrees yesterday or the day before down to where I should have brought my sweatjacket for the trip back tonight, that the weather’s leaving me not any option but to go straight there from here, whereas then I have to go get the rent somehow sometime tomorrow, Wednesday.

ck nelson peltz

orson welles

margaret of york

stanley resor

stenson base

terrorize- w the LURE, disappearing their books

the yoke picture

Store these here for a little bit,

author Frances Saunders


Joshua Lederberg 1925-’08







This is the 1962 “French Connection” photo, taken in the Bronx near where I d been 6 years old and played with those suitcases for some part of the “hallucino-superstition” that goes into all this system we have. The author Robin Moore s, , cation describes the alleged identities of those guys and then I write to people that tha t is actually my “fraud-parent” there on the far-right and that the guy on the far-left is an example of what I call high-functioning” Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with hallucinogen-dependence from the brains of other people, and that that is taking us to ….















March 2014









Remember that Adele Cutts Douglas was Stephen A.’s wife.

van Gogh and post master arles neighbor joseph roulin and his whole family got portraits.

Faure, jean-baptiste, 1830-1914, opera, friend of manet

1955 UPI image, johnson, mies, phyllis lambert, that I can’t tell which Mies that is!

3/13/19, Wednesday, all kinds of horror as it’s the same “Armageddon Program” they just sado-pulled again, made-up garbage-toilet all over me trying to merely run errands, pick up that monthly prescription again. There must be some “code” that comes up when my name is called up on the computer and the clerks start making excuses for lengthening the wait-time to get this stuff, which seems more like a small poison than any assistance to my lungs or breathing but,

Man In Oriental Costume test 1

“Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” by Govaert Flink, Remrandt school, c. 1642 I guess.

these are brain-eaters, they live off the made-up pharmacy world they’ve created toward getting hold of more “magic” brain for themselves, and all their system of it now, so it’s as though I have to take anything to placate them and if I’m not taking some pharmacy product, like the Loratadine all those years and still gets required of me for warding off their “slug-pneumonia” illness, then they make me sick, they make me sick even when the monthly prescription starts to run low, as though the substance, a spray, has less strength in it.

The other thing that’s happened mostly only since yesterday is that I’m figuring out their “ritual” use of some other published book, back in 2009. It’s really bad. Of course I can’t write about it here in this “public” means of communication-attempt because it involves nowadays people and they’re like all underworld-sue-happy, as with the car-hit in 2015, had probably come from.

— Now here’s a semi-typical thing, where I’d like to read an article and the site would like me to make up a user name and a password, the site being the New Criterion magazine. Obviously I should have about all these various password/username things being something easy to recall so i’m tempted to simply use like the key to my life, that anyone seems to be able to get hold of, the last four of the ss #., kathyfoshay could be the username and then the usual password to go with the usual name, but that’s so simple. I could hardly contain my agonized laughter when the guy signing me for the bank account had me think up the same thing, it’s always the same i pain-laughed, like, what “sense” does this make, it isn’t real-real any secrecy, that everyone thinks along the same line of the last four of their social security number, and then the VA is always asking me to tell them my last four out loud, and when you have that you can get into any of my important things, using the # because it’s unlikely to be forgotten. i think it was the library of congress that had first required of me an 8-digit password to be thought up, with mixed letters and numbers, not one or the other, so a simple word and the last four seemed easiest and the same pattern is still the best idea because how on earth could i recall when once any six months or so I’d like to see something New Criterion had published that I just learned about, as with this good-seeming article i’d like to read and get it over with.

To do this “Armageddon” “Program” off of me when I went to get the prescription I think they hid it and various scenarios and then told, for the fourth time, that they’ll order it now and this time they told me they’d call, a whole pre-set up routine it seems, as excuse for killing girls like me I guess, a set up where they had a big heavy girl like lecturing me over and over till it was too obvious and luckily I managed to get in that I think it’s probably right back there, and putting me through this and having to come back again after she telephones me, and it’s as though it’s a personal note, scratching my name and last four and telephone number on some teeny piece of scratch paper and she’ll personally be able to find that information when this product materializes, not from dallas now they’re saying, new made-up stuff about the not mailing the prescription, mixing that up with its arrival from dallas and just any sort of stupid stuff they were doing, and it’s on my mind because it seems there’s some “Program” that goes on underneath wherever I go, here in this library now where it’s gotten quiet since I got here, like me left alone to do this with myself.

— the animals playing games all over me cut off the computer, — this is too much torture, invisible-torture. Etc., 26 years of repeating the same simplicities, that nature can’t bring new life into being created while there are these parasites that will only destroy, devour, anything birthed. They don’t understand anything except their brain-eating preferences.

3/14, it’s always like I’m “encrusted” by these parasites and today it’s worse than usual, the feci all over me. I’ll try to recall where I’m trying to think about, but their Murder, Inc. group seems to be the same as their global-system.

For what it’s worth here’s the URL# to the assassination of Albert Anastasia story:

http://www.nytimes dot .com /1957/10/26/archives/anastasia-slain-in-a-hotel-here-led-murder-inc-victims-brothers.html

the photo is all messed up so that it looks different, looks like the Babar-Anastasia instead of the “staircase-being #3” -Anastasia.

4pm, I finally found, secured, most of those missing pages from the Suburban notes, so that it’s only pages 44-50 now that seem to be missing. If my life weren’t always being destroyed I might have a chance at finding some of them on some back pages. — A new difficulty, another of these “Amber Alerts” where it seems to me like the pedophiles are doing some sort of a showing off. I get these quite a bit, and the cellphone won’t work till I like click that that’s okay, and why would i say it’s okay and they always have a car description in place of a description of the child. White Chevrolet Impala with a #303etc. paper tag. I’m thinking about writing to that mark and jim about the cute king casimir statue photo with jim in it i think. Typical Armageddon-terrorism, their blog seems to have “died out” too now, same as that Texan Tales. com, Marcom’s. It quit in January, saying they were headed to NYC but it’s different than usual, sort of all like bad omens for traveling or trying to live for our “kind” of normal people that would be keeping personal travelogues. Etc.I had wanted to find out if there’d be any reply but I guess not, that the business with the YGS seems “dead” like not hearing back from the 2 1939 guys. I’d sent her an email yesterday but only my usual that i’m still working on it, like, unless you wanted to lend a hand to me out of my ghost-prisonership then there isn’t really anything to email me back about, i’m still figuring that pdf out and what I’ve figured out is this Murder, Inc. business, that it looks like that that’s what Loewy and the system-types were all doing, with that Fair, trying to siphon people to disappearance. I’d have to try to pin down a map of the Fair to see where the Parachutes and Dali’s Trip to Venus and the Chrysler Building were all located, and then Loewy or someone else might have even mentioned a different locale, I can’t keep up with hardly anything, just found about 42 of 49 of my own missing pages since 2015-16. When I call up the email/gmail to write to mark and jim i guess i’ll see if ygs had responded, and then i’ll have to return to that other project-attempt, with the parasites always listening “in on” my plans as I have to try to firm things up by jotting down about them. — I sent that but without the URL.

ck da Vinci – Michelangelo, watson and a.g. bell

horrible day. I had to open the cellphone just now to be able to use it, they just leave that amber alert on. i should check for news report. — It was cancelled around 4 hours ago, about the same time they stuck it so that i can’t use the cellphone unless i click ok. i feel like the system-bums twist that into that they can molest/kidnap/murder children based on that “the stupid, crosseyed girl” out here says it’s ok.

3/15/19, Trip, I’d thought I’d found forty-odd pages of the Suburban letter but I’d found those a long time ago. I was real ready to start typing up all those pages but they’ve just been sitting there and I found where I’d found them when I went to get started. Sent a gmail about that nice new Casimir images, and when I got off the bus today there was a dramatic-style effect of a lightning storm and some rain as I walked to here a little earlier than usual, and then the door was trick-closed. I decided Casimir’s proliferations are “essentially insane” as a new way to try to get this across since I’ve got this good explicatory photo, etc., and obviously nothing real to type about right now, since I’d rather be copy-typing today.

2018 on Albert Hofmann (d. age 102 in 2008) from a site called Ozy= also Francis Crick, Richard Feynman, Kary Mullis in his Autobiography, 2009 firing of a drug czar in britain/london for lsd-support, — Lucius Werthmuller, mystic chemist biog on hofmann, and now a description on the microdosing, tt it’s about 10mg, too small for hallucinations but boosts creativity and productivity, that it’s become common in some circles, 2006 resolution hofmann’d signed toward making it legal for research to the World Health Organization. Hofmann’s quoted as saying at the time that his “problem child” has become a wonder child.

300 ug/or micrograms/25-50 micrograms == that it seems to be a problem in the abbreviation used and mathless me can’t figure it out but 10mg sounds like alot, that that’s what i think those loratadine tablets are! So this is what the dosage in the Limitless novel was talking about, that a speck of a “regular” lsd-dose heightens alertness.

10 micrograms vs. 10milligrams

now someone saying 15 micrograms every 3 days was micro-dosing and too much for him because of previous usage experience-set.

It’s milligrams that are mg, are the big ones, like normal dosing.

Micrograms are “mcg”‘s. And they’re written like the mu chemical sign and then a g., his “ug” in the above comment, and the mu-sign is on these keyboards somewhere, a regular science-sign, a backwards u. Which language’s letter does that look like, a little similar to the Hebrew m or a Greek Upsilon or what. I’ll try to find it on the wordpress keyboard options.μ – It’s under the Special Characters and then between l and n on the Greek alphabet, “mu.” So it means micrograms, and I’d thought micrograms were what we usually get but those are milligrams, probably.

Hofmann did his doctorate on chitin. That’s cockroach carapace, other shells like that, but it’s a big subject for me because these “Jomon” seem to adore cockroaches, they were all over that “French Connection” Longfellow Avenue one block I’d lived on, and maybe weren’t the block away where we’d lived first. I’m sure the system was growing roaches on purpose so I’d run into that they have alot of chitin but I haven’t gotten to what purpose the system might be making of it, other than as cola-coloring…. But also he was born in Switzerland’s Baden, which I have some confusion with Germany’s Baden and hadn’t heard that SW has an area named that, where it’s a suburb to Zurich, 16 miles northwest of there I think the search-engine said. I don’t have time to read this right now:

.maps (dot) . org/news-letters/v06n3/06346hof.html

Now I recall I forgot to ask the photo-lenders how they’d like to be credited, plus I’d left the casimir file with their email numbers too likely, I have to close for the bit.

3:30pm, they’re doing a LURE behavior here now, that I offhand guess might be/is connected to the space center and if the guy keeps this up I’ll try to get a look at him and call up images of the new leader at the space center to see if they look genetically related like it’d seemed

4:30p, I had to leave, it was obviously some sort of underworld ritual they were doing, and I’m just always all my life a sitting duck dummy for these system-people. They’re doing something real bad today. It seems to be “psychiatric” weather that they have here, usually peculiar, like today is real cold again and it’s supposed to be some few days like this and that seems connected to this LURE or what it is behavior around me. I have to sign-off now, short day on Fridays.

3/16, Sat., today’s like garbage but that I’d barely salvaged by getting out to the V.A. pharmacy and they gave me the prescription this time, which spares me/and the world this insane slaughter-play-acting script they’d been putting all over me where I was told by some girl who said her name is Janet to wait until she called me that the medicine, “medicine,” whatever it is that I have to take or this invisible “Jomon”-torture will torture my innards till I am in a hospital again, was ready, and I’d said that it’s probably back there behind the counter but I’m like the tiniest and alonest thing and these “tricks” have been going on like this all my life, so by chancing going out there on the weekend I spared myself and the world this ludicrous ordeal on Monday and Tuesday and maybe into Wednesday or Thursday with this scripted character-performance for the underworld secret-slaughter, and it’s that time of year now and-or coming up, the “high holidays” and ee-steer, the saddest, worst time of their annual calendar business. Then there are 2 subjects that I’ll really have to at least make mention of and should make a post on:

1- all that that I’d read about Albert Hofmann, that that stuff is all made up, where “LSD” actually comes from inside of one’s brain, inside the skull that they break up, — and nothing about that “chemical formula” around that ergot mold story about Hofmann and his work is real. It isn’t there, it’s “Bang, bang, Maxwell’s silver hammer” comes down on someone’s head, simple lab equipment is all you require to make “lysergic acid di-” methalide or however it’s spelled, that there are 2 different stories going on there, Hofmann’s will tell you that it can be manufactured and his followers will add “with simple enough lab equipment” anyone could buy at a chemical supply store but when you go for details it’s all just this “hoax,” that the simple lab equipment is solely a hammer for breaking someone’s skull. And thence to this modern-day “microdosing” that’s what that “Limitless” novel is about that I’m trying to do a nice critique on but am too tortured to be able to sit and do anything without interference, etc. LIMITLESS is here finally, and there’s this one but I can’t check it from here, am just throwing it in, another thing I have to get back to to try to “straighten out” instead of the drug-code slang “fix” word that overexcites the invisibles; serotonin mushrooms notes.

2- “Breakshot,” 2009 book about the life of a Mafia informer, that that book also seem is likely linked to this whole “Armageddon-making” off of me. Alot of this guy’s experiences overlap with my times in Brooklyn and the sorts of system-experiences that he writes about, but I guess the main thing is that a big character, Teddie Persico, had been up in that prison that’s near where the fraud-parent had lived, that that’s too coincidental along with that they’d moved to there shortly after Pasquale (Patsy) Fuca had gotten out of there, Green Haven prison. I’d read that the 1964 convicted murderer of Kitty Genovese had spent time at Green Haven during the 1980s; and one of the “French Connection” convictees had gone to a new jail where Kitty had moved to at about that same time, shortly before the World’s Fair had opened near there, which is a current big subject as I’m getting some bad information on the 1939 NY World’s Fair in that same part of Queens there. That was right after chemist Dr. Hofmann had come across the “LSD” formula but put it aside till 1946 it came up again, and I’m thinking that during those Depression-to-World War II years the underworld-system had figured they’d about gotten rid of all the normal people who might figure out and object to that LSD comes from brain-serum so that that’s why they brought it out in 1946. Twenty years later it started getting outlawed, in 1966. Then they’ve been bringing it up again, pushing sales of brain serum since the St/e. Foy/”Ghent Altarpiece” days.

I have to leave it like this without a new post.

check Petrarch’s book Africa on the Second Punic War.

3/18/19, Monday, 1p.m., it’s beyond my control, the “Jomon” phony “magic” being used against me in all their different kinds of sneaky ways. I have to try to find a PD picture of a skull I can use for trying to describe that most of that “Breakshot” 2009 account of mobsters in all interconnected with these years of the Armageddon off of me, etc.

I’m trying to send the notes I’ve been making from the cellphone and they cut them off again. I can’t guess out all these things. Sometimes they send and sometimes they don’t. Here’s the part that’s gotten through so far:

3/8/19, Friday, 10pm, the torture’s insanely tearing up my skull, same old Armageddon modus operandi and making me afraid to lay down to sleep, and I feel all encrusted by Babars’s playing games while I’m doing things with the cellphone. it seems like the animals are doing a filth LURE, for their weekend living off of me. Get off me you monsters, act as though you’re viable humans, that don’t necessitate extinction. 26 years I’ve been repeating tt and they’ve got these dog voices screeching the julie-ho phrases tt are most of this Armageddon “show” all these same years, same thing no matter what I’m doing. then it’s super-disgustingness that maybe “only” started in 2009, connected with that Stan Lee character sort of, but mostly seems connected to the fraud-parent/s. the jew and the junk paradigm. they’re molesting me each time I try to sit down. Torture this frenetic makes me feel its urgent I get me out if this neighborhood, LURE-fortified by now, nothing but gg to keep getting worse like this for the underworld bums.1am, 3/9, molestation torture attack. get off if me you swine. get off of my privates and go away.
worse attack now.
3/10, Sunday, then last night they’d woken me about every half hour or less, 12-20 times but not after the sky started to lighten, then I was just left to sleep after six a.m. till I woke around ten. it’s really hideous. then, believe it or not, a toilet-clogging trick was sprung here again, me able to work around it luckily, but maybe signals were used. [last night was tt spring forward time change ]
3/12/19, Tuesday 730pm, nothing to do as the jew keeps sabotaging anything, and they’re real scary w those freak babars too. horrors experience w checking on tt vote blue thing sy p&g, tt the guy from Brooklyn had “won.”

— That’s all they sent and now I copied it to a “re-send” file and the rest came out:

I sent emails to both those 1939 guys and neither responded, making me figure “the jew” or its fraud-parent criminal dynasty over me “speaks for” me and tells anyone not to contact me, and this loneliness for not any reason is killing me. the thing with the fraud- sister seems all stage-managed for the cannibalism a system. I’m lucky I didn’t overspend but I don’t have any leeway for leaving here by. oddly of course it isn’t warm enough for me anywhere else for a long time yet, I have to stay in Houston. but I can’t keep up with the Florence Sabin materials which I’d thought I’d at least be able to do. today was the day I’d guess the bed card for mandi”s bd on Friday got there, then Friday or Saturday the letter I mailed yesterday should arrive and I can’t guess what response that will get. am looking forward to finding out. then there isn’t any further reason for further contact, Jess’s be not till October!
poor little me with something telling those 1939 people to ignore me, then that’s the syndrome where they just “knock out” my one at a time next only possibility for some assistance.
midnight; it’s difficult to begin w but they’re BG vicious more than usual. there are about 5 different contact-attempts that any one I might hear from and these bums block anything,, I tried reading Break shot but am stuck on figuring it gas some sort of ritual connection to blocking me too, really, tt randazzo’s a jomon, “Jomon.” I keep wondering how his Break shot codename has relation to me or this. it’s difficult to keep track of the timetable, chronology. I figure he was used for getting rid of the normals for the e pluribus unum stereotypes.
3/13, wed., Their author photos are like NY flyer letterhead, tt the system does seem to have pub’d tt for ritual use, as though this LURE is a govt project.
3/14, Thurs., lousy day but I found a copy of most of the missing pages from the Suburban notes. I’m so thrilled thst I can’t wait to be able to start typing them. Then I could spend many days scouring back page-pdfs for the other 6 or 7 still missing, is what I’d likely do…! The hole in the material was so big that it all felt ruined. 6 or 7 pages though is reparable. ck repairable. if I live it might come in handy later on one of these days to have started typing it. I know that it isn’t particularly good in any particular way because I don’t have enough or complete information in anything, only flitted from one topic to another, like maybe 6 different mentions of things from one page to a next I’d noticed when trying to index it while at the inferno-shelter.
then I finally asked about tt cute tourist photo with the king casimir statue and the guy said okay, his email marked 7:22 but I was having a cellphone problem tt I’d just cleared up and think tt’s odd, like, tt’s when it arrived but was it also really sent then, etc., but in the few minutes left I got it up on the (new) footer of the Stereotypes and am pleased with that but still have to straighten it out, then start typing that trivial-drivvel tt will nevertheless please me somehow, like I’ve not got any higher priorities that I know about. it’ll keep me occupied through this unreal garbage at least.
this place keeps seeming unnaturally “re-stocked” with roaches.
midnight; and they’re always around the bathroom sink anymore, where it’d started slowly but seems permanent now, for the duration, leading me to guess thst they’re in/coming from the kitchen, on the other side of the bathroom from here. Good thing for tt also tt I’d not gotten started doing anything in there, the devil’s scripting tt tt’s be used for, whose fault the roaches are, running across food this and tt. then, are handfuls scooped up from corners in there and thrown into here about every other day it seems lately. they were such a theme on Longfellow avenue, the French connection neighborhood, tt I think the “Jomon” think they’re a people-mass-reproduction ritual fetish, bring good luck or fecundity. And they like to practice “magic” with those and advance to people, in their training, like of the fraud-parent type.
3/16, ,1a.m., they’re disgusting the world to death.
3a.m., all kinds of new Armageddon-feces is going on. it seems interconnected with the monthly prescription pick-up scene pulled on Wednesday. it doesn’t seem safe to go to the park place library, this being some approved multi-assault, from the v.a. and from here with cockroaches like double-restocked and a couple talking in the bathroom for over an hour till it was too spooky and I had to knock on the door thinking it was some radio special effect but luckily she opened the door so I saw what they look like, the back door open and s soda cap on the floor. then also there’s a character like a semiotic for slaughter they use. now a car pulling away like the couple from the bathroom. it seems too late to sleep, tt it seems I should try the pharmacy bc otherwise they have me trapped in a hoax with that overweight phony clerk’s having a lookalike at the library yesterday, like mixing the 2 places Armageddon off of me. then I’m reading this Breakshot book and Brooklyn’s Teddy Persico had been up in Green Haven big prison near Stormville; I’ll have to check how close they are. a French connection Fuca had left there maybe 2 Yeats before the fraud-family had moved there and kitty Genovese’s convicted killer had been there in the 1980s. tt’s why, after 43 years or so there I think it’s possible the fraud-parent’s death had been faked so he could retire to under there.
When I’d visited in 1989-90 he was always using a real loud electric saw in his basement, making me think now he had a big butcher business or underworld position there.
12pm, it’s worse and worse instead of better, they’re just going to erode the earth (till there’s nothing.) Scene after scene around the toilet-room, reminds me that their “high holidays” are coming up, ee-steer, etc. I managed the gamble of gg out to the VA pharmacy and got the monthly “Olodateril” I think it’s spelled. it’s only some combination of 2 of the regular types of the phony Respiratory medications.
730pm, a new bathroom scene, walking in more or less on top of me this female said hi to me and started calling a guy’s name and knocking on the bathroom door and then walked her out doing s mother and son scene then the kid a conspicuous backbin the toilet and now I guess to tt first room by the door, like different stereotypes for different rooms. on the bus it was a woman/girl breastfeeding a baby real picturesquely but with the carriage blocking the whole aisle, 2 bus employees chatting while the 1 drove and me not liking to sit in or use hand-ee-capped anything, but couldn’t just stand there so I asked the driver at a light to open the back door so I could run around and get a regular seat tt way, and it was one scene after another like thst, the pervert “Jomon” an animal all over me because of the picture-perfect breastfeeding, tt it:s increasingly scary and disgusting, alot because the Breakshot book goes into a lot about the guy’s pimp-style work in pornography, the Jomon’s uncontrollable.
10p, there’s so ltl to do WO the book or the search-engine tt I mt be able to get a shower, the fear of the perverts’ usual routines and then tryg to sleep and those are always nearby or worse has me more comfortable w the Jomon’s standard routine tt I’m unclean, afraid to sleep clean/gd selling w tt Ginsberg+torture around, as w the weekend LURE’s expectancy tt I’d be reading about Kenji and the pornography time of his life. I was reading tt Genji book in Brighton Beach while he was likely not too far away. he might have been all around tt Bath Beach area when I was there Oct. 2003-04 about in June, maybe I was trying to make it to a year w tt one assignment, realizing now the lady was a “Shshan,” an Autist/e.
Then I’d looked up Green Haven’s proximity to the fraud-parent and it’s 3 miles so after 40 years I figure a lot of those “copies” of him had been busy diggg and fixing it up, like a backyard to Green Haven, which attracts Jewish criminals by a Hot Kosher Food arrangement, offering…. This and the “Jomon’s” viciousness all day long every day is why i’m figuring I must be like a linchpin to this cannibalism/brain-eating system. they did a filthy “program” off of me today, a lot based on how bad I feel without sleep because of their standard trick of leaning on the outside of my right eyeball.
11pm, seems like the shower was left particularly dirty so tt I’d either HV to clean up behind the kid, and for what reason the director has ppl dripping tt blue toothpaste onto the shower floor lately, so tt tt has to be cleaned also or stood on top of while wearing shower shoes or what the point is I can’t guess.
3/17, the animals, first the MIOC normal-affect s***-eyed jomon, have me LURE-entrapped, staying in of necessity to clean bc of the roach-syndrome before more are thrown into here this coming week, but the animals are doing a LURE off of tt and starting to terrorize me w those disgusting fraud-parent faces, one they use planted next car and seeing tt one led to self ngg the hologram bag-faces of the things invisibly at me while this Faust-stle muzak singsong is making the Armageddon Program phrases and blobs chewing my face to singsong them unlivable-level already. I have to eat soon and when tt’s dine this’ll be embedded all over me, trying to avert tt now by this typing abt it.
4pm, now they put it like a security guard blob outside near the window; the seldom lately sight of even a place-holder impostor of the character freaks me out, afraid to go near the window and inhibited and unhealthy then, while the character likely seems a pity-case, the script, and the animals are molesting me while I type and sometimes don’t quit till something at the library gets them to sneak-quit, pretend to be normal.//it’s as though I don’t allow the guy normal fresh air, but really — etc tt the later it gets the more I’m lure-bait entrapped and I HV to do things in the room, but it’s sneak-building for me to explode from horror men crust arm, plus today’s a standard jew- “olidsy” calendar trap.
530p, the jomon is doing some trick sound effect tt might be a disguised Pied Piper LURE flute bass-undertone to some seemingly unrelated Mexican music, me out twice trying to check the source of this freaky jew-noise effect. they can also draw-out thoughts from your head to this peculiar flute-rhythm.
3.18, more n
915a.m. mm n (Jomon, because I couldn’t type “They” right then, that “They” did it again, waking me from 4-6am. so I’ve overslept.) did it again. waking me from 4-6a.m. so I:ve overslept.

— I couldn’t see without my glasses and little sleep, waking up from and into the torture and obviously-timed for some one of their invisible and unprovable “big shows” off of tiny horror-victim for the end of the planet Earth me. That’s why I sort of left the above sentence the way I’d typed it, hunt and pecked it without really being able to see, from the cellphone, the sole defense I’ve got is taking any notes I can, that it assists to keep the filthy “jomon” back off of me a bit since they specialize in not getting caught at their crime-paradigm onto everything on earth. It’s just horror, worse always than little me could ever describe in its unseen and invisible and all-surrounding sneakiness. I’m trying to find a map to show that the fraud-parent was likely living like in the backyard of that maximum security prison up there all these last 40 plus years, but that it was on purpose, because of all the Armageddon Plan inter-connections. Of course, little me, can’t be sure of anything including merely using a map from this nearly-ubiquitous “search-engine” group/company whose name I don’t like to use because it sounds like decomposing people to little me, the “goo-” word, that that’s how this system has been making gasoline and rocket fuel and before that kerosene and fire-weapons, “Essentially insane” Jomon-Autist system.

Then, of the 2 authors, the main one telling his business for the other one to make into the book that it turned out to be, his name is Kenji, which sounds to me like the famous Genji character of Japan, and I’d read that Genji book when I’d gone to NY, in early 2003 I was reading it, and so many of the locations overlap where I’d been in Brooklyn, running all around as a home health aide for an employment but it was this Armageddon Program, sometimes joke-sending me to as many as 3 addresses a day, just ran me ragged all 2003 till I wound up in this place in Brooklyn’s Bath Beach, near the big V.A. hospital and Staten Island, and there was a big set up there with a lady that I since realize was/is one of these “Pill-grim/666” boy types, an Autists with a last name like the famous Joe Bonano mobster-don. That set up was like a sister-set up to the one in Abu Ghraib but I hadn’t realized they were also doing an inter-connection with this that is in the “Breakshot” account by Kenji/Kenny “Gallo,” a pseudonym. I’m looking for a skull, found one I think, that I can take tonight and see if I can fix up the photo to look like a representative for this big Breakshot subject, where one of the main characters was in Green Haven prison and I finally just Saturday looked it up on the search-engine and it’s practically backyard. “Let me” see if I can find a photo from the 2002 “WITSEC” book that might help to describe that close inter-connection between and amongst all these Armageddon-parts, alot of them. But also then about how “the jomon” is freaking me out by tricks like leaving a big towel in the shared-bathroom for me to walk in to see after jotting that little note this morning that they’d caused me to oversleep, that it’s this maroon and beige color-pattern from the Breakshot cover but also that design that’s in the open nose-hole of the skull, like blood splotches and drips all over the place and down there deep under everything is this Armageddon going on off of this invisible-business onto me all these decades now.

from the 2002 “WITSEC” account of the Federal Witness Protection/Security program, by Gerald Shur and Pete Earley

I’d sent this photo-set all over Washington, eventually folding it to take up less space on the letter-pages. The caption reads that it’s Mr. Shur but their 2 photos of Mr. Shur look like entirely different “staircase-beings,” this one looking just like the fraud-parent, who’d responded by letter a couple of times that it wasn’t himself, and then I’d seen 2-3 people who did look about exactly like this in Washington, one a midget-version in those clothes, running up the D Street side of the homeless shelter from where one of the big Bureau of Prisons buildings is. This photo is made to represent the fraud-parent’s backyard, it’s semiotic to him and his backyard but using maybe even that midget that I’d seen or the other 1 maybe 2 people that are like “copies” of the fraud-parent to look like that way, of the at least 10,000 I’ve personally been seeing around me since 2010. There was just a horror-scene outside with one that if it isn’t “from” specifically the fraud-parent is from some close genetic cousin or some such, all of them from that staircase-group it seems, being more or less Jomon-Frankenstein creations up from the basement of the castle in Krakow, Crakow, probably, is what I’ve been figuring all these years so there’s a good chance that it’s just that way. They’d been creations that were selected to be mass-reproduced for use in Armageddon, the “staircase-#1” beings are all over the place here, this being one of the few days I haven’t particularly seen that type of a stereotype yet today. Yesterday I’d found my copy of the other Gerald Shur photo but I didn’t bring it. I’ll look again to see if I can find it in the picture-file here.

2nd photo of Mr. Shur in the WITSEC 2002 account of the witness protection program

Here it’s folded to save room on the paper again but 2 Dept. of Justice people are flanking him, giving him an award. I’m saying that there’s little or no resemblance between the 2 figures, they’re 2 different people, 2 different stereotypes. And this one here looks the same as the 1957 NY Times’ photo announcing Albert Anastasia’s assassination in NY but when I go looking for that now it it’s all blurry and looks like one of the “Babar boy” types, like the other type of photo that comes up if you search-engine for Anastasia, that I think that that’s a misleading fake-direction and this one here is what Anastasia had looked like, and it’s a common stereotype I’ve seen around quite a bit, just saw one last Friday as the invisible-torture was intimidating me out of being able to buy bread at a supermarket, that one of this type had been planted near the bread so I’d feel too self-conscious, and all these moron game-tricks the system plays on me all day long every day. Let me see if I can somehow put the 2 photos together for comparison. These below here are just ones loosely connected with the subject also.

1st photo of Gerald Shur in the 2002 “WITSEC” account of the Federal Witness Protection/Security program, by Gerald Shur and Pete Earley

2nd photo of Gerald Shur in the 2002 WITSEC account, by Pete Earley.

Right now my point is that those trees in the background are sort of semiotic that the prison is back there, plus all the “copies” of himself/themselves that were being fertilized and grown those 40 years.




Rene d’Anjou, d. 1480, a big source of all these stereotypes.

D Street, NW, shelter to Bureau of Prisons on 1st Street. Right up the street here is where I’d seen the midget running, like a comedy-routine to not get caught, a ritual maybe, wearing the same type outfit as in the photo. That mural wasn’t there back then, around 2011-12. The beige rail under the sunlight on the right is a kept locked side-door of the Bureau of Prisons.









I’ll have to do some other, some drone work in the background, looking for those few missing pages from the Suburban Hospital business, only to try to have them available, no big deal. — Terrible day, no luck finding that little bit somehow.

3/20/19, Wednesday,

1- fecesageddoning this first day of spring to and off of me the “jomon” is doing.
2- I didn’t make any Comments yesterday and someone’s put 2 or maybe 3 of them attributed to me. Get off of my business whatever you are.

1pm, then, i got into this thing of trying to delete the note-pdfs from the media file as they take up an enormous amount of room to sift through, the whole “media library” is a disaster/mess, word I’m afraid to use as this (jew’s) death-paradigm is over my every nano-second of each day for so long, the filthy-minded jew, etc. But I can’t figure out how I’d gotten this mass of pdfs — okay, i’m recalling now, it wasn’t so difficult, they were just already in the media file but i hadn’t known what was on them and it’s nothing, just the dregs after all my work got disappeared. But it had been scanned into the pdf files and was just sitting here on the media file and still is and it’s time to move it to storage, plus i think i have to leave a little early to go get the rent and get back after the little food shopping took the way that #28 bus quits running so early, is most convenient if i can catch that back — hadn’t even considered gg the other way, only, recalling the reason for that also, because i want to try the heb house blend coffee, and they might have the loaf bread and that lasts alot longer than what i’ve been finding otherwise, and that chicken is a good time for getting, so that’s why the 28 bus. Today was the first beautiful morning weather-wise but it’s like the “magic” it’s under the control of, the “magic” allowing the morning to be beautiful weather while at the same time it was all the armageddon feces-usual “s***-show” but with the morning toilet in that rooming house b.s. to add to the usual splendors, and then emerge from there with my head all messed up, though i’d caught onto that it was the first day of spring and hence that’s why it had to be an especial exhibition time to destroy the first day of spring for me. Then of course I come inside out of the lovely day and then i’m enmired in this imbecile dronework, but by this typing i did finally recall how it was that i’d thought i’d found some cache of material in those pdfs, and now i’m trying to group the scanned files into one file and pdf that and then i’m sure there are more efficient ways of doing this but then i have to go back and delete the things from the media and it doesn’t look like i’ll be able to get it finished today but it isn’t the sort of thing you want to leave in the middle and then have to recollect all the details and pieces as to how this drone work is done. — I accidentally deleted all kinds of things irretrievably. It’s like all this invisible-torture has stuffed my head with feces so that I’m like retarded, as “the jew” has more or less always been invisibly threatening me with. It’s that “Error 404 — File Not Found” error I just did, dumbhead copying everything to the USB and then going back and deleting what I’d copied to “over there.” Now “over there” doesn’t have the file to draw on. What a bad day. I’ve been having this trouble thinking with figuring out bus fare and with some other routine matter lately, putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 3 or 5 because — and they’re torturing me as I’m typing about it too. They don’t usually bother to do this type of torture while I’m typing but it’s like this is too exciting for the devil crew.

They put a bunch of curses on me Saturday when I started this project. I’m really trying to get rid of some of the bulk pdfs in the media file, and — the whole USB, maybe it might sink in to me, I guess I hadn’t realized this at all. I think it’s like a disk, like a 5-1/4 disk, and maybe it might even be when it isn’t a pdf file. Now that’s a good question.

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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