WARNING-Please read the LURE WARNING/S Above Here 1st

Feb. 2020; Pls. see the bottom here for updates; beware the LURE

Dec. 2019, the sadism for the system’s LURE is k***ing me. Nov. 16, It’s too much torture for me. Nov: The system is doing the “S*** the World” LURE scam out of control. Oct. 21; the parasites are way out of control for me. Oct. 5, The LURE-parasites are bolder and more blatant. Oct., usual horror/LURE atrocities, not any contact with anyone. Sept., things worse than even usual. 31 Aug., the brain-eaters’ system is (insane) LURE-berserk all over me. 27 Aug., the ejaculo-animals’ first day of school bombardment being done to me; * Aug. 2019, All the usual WARNINGS plus it’s especially vile now … but I did find the Prehistory-Autism in this “Planet Trillophan” by DFW so I’m inwardly real excited so have to be careful of the “Jomon” parasites’ sucking my internal-good feeling into their Armageddon now while I have yet to keep trying to whittle the story down, etc. 7/16/19, 5/25/19, The LURE-torture is way out of control for me. Please check the bottom of both this post for updates and now also of the blogroll asI’m trying to quick re-arrange before the system runs me more ragged.

9/26/18, the brain-eaters took over by using me as this LURE- gimmick all these decades now. 7/3, WORDPRESS, I didn’t put any “cookies” on here and don’t want them, am hoping you could get them off of here however they got here.* 1/20/18, LURE horror; 16 Dec., I’m calling the Ainu-Babar robot-types the “hallucino-boys” anymore. 15 December, Now a game of cutting off the computer again so that I’m always nervous that there’s tampering going on. Now I’m going to try to take a quick break and hope I don’t lose the computer time. — Previous: This is a “reality blog.” I’m the most parasited-on person that’s ever lived and now the “invisible” anonymous bums are even sneak-deleting files from here, I’m always a wreck trying to describe that the cumulative parasitism is forcing the planet to be trashed and this is growing worse on me, already the world’s most-tortured person that’s ever lived all or most of this millennium so far, etc., there’s not really any succinct way to describe this let alone while sitting in a “lion’s den.” I’d have to find a business manager for the real-life real Universe rescue-attempt because it’s just a game to be robbing me all the time, this won’t be able to get anywhere let alone succeed. — 5 Dec. These anonymous monsters seem to have disappeared the whole “car-hit” enormous file of the files. I’d had 2 copies of it somehow and deleted one yesterday and now the other is also gone. 4 Dec., I have to straighten out this: 3 December, I haven’t any idea what all this disaster on the Navigation bar is except the usual “Armageddon-making Program” harassments that are forcing the planet Earth to total extinction, me always alone with one horror “trick” after another. The “mess” will likely be gone tomorrow and my comment seem deranged or such. The LURE is so bad I can’t even type to try to describe this anymore but I bought some plain paper to try to make notes on it as at this “holiday” part of the underworld’s cycle it’s like they think I’m Radio City Music Hall and have Rockettes all performing and it’s disgusting beyond describing to have me alone with all these stereotypes of bums all living off of doing all this “invisible warfare”  invisible torture off of me. The usual WARNINGS: PLEASE READ THIS WARNING 1st ALSO  …  try to look at all of the WARNING files I’ve been trying to make all along, etc., because there are so many many different aspects to all of this. Nobody by themselves should be reading this blogsite, it really isn’t safe for a lone individual. I’ve only been able to be distributing the blogsite URL to people connected with this car that had hit me in 2015 and then recently some science groups because the system uses me as a LURE-trick (but I forgot I’d also put this URL and the “social media” two main programs before the car-hit,) and there are all kinds of insane “strains” or lines of self-mass-reproducing “science fiction” -type peoples with Prehistoric-accident-descended brain damage that I’ve been politely calling “Autism-psychopathy” with hallucinogen-dependence but,  1- they are brain-eaters, and “LSD”-ingestion from the brain’s serum liquids by other means, “running” it and such, and,

2- I have bizarre especial problems in that one of those was, is, this “fraud-parent” from the Bronx household I’d been raised in and the guy’s appearing to have always been criminally insane but it’s dangerous for me to even bring such things up as now it’s been mass-reproduced into like a whole dynasty off of his genes/ejaculations, a bunch of corporate-owned products with the same basic insanity that I don’t even think is really the Autism that my blogsite is trying to explain is taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, but that the Autists had picked up all kinds of “buddies” who enjoy the brain-parasitism, using that as  narcotics for their personal preferences. Here are some pdf previous WARNINGS:  123016-LURE-warning //LURE warning-attempt (and book pages then)//  don t come here on my account about the  Abort Armageddon (1/29/17) .pdf
Without that missing kid this “Armageddon/Armageddon-making Show” has a hole in it as big as the ozone layer–  October 2017, — BE CAREFUL, PLEASE; BIG-LURE THIS WEEKEND, like to the various “bottomless” abysses, set-ups going on all around me, both for the usual system-feeding reasons but also they’re trying to get me defrauded of the relief that’s supposed to start in a week or two for my own little self, …   — 10/12, I’ll continue this at the bottom of the “Ventricle” post under here, …– … both the regular horror-“disappearance” LURE the underworlders are all working for but then the special putsch to prevent relief from reaching me so I could run my own business here a little bit, etc., that they steal everything and have always lived off of this “revulsive” script-story set that goes to the specific LURE off of me, be careful, be careful, be careful, they really do those bottomless pit disappearances as the underworld’s regular way of life and thence that to petroleum-economy profits. I can’t explain all the new things right now as usual, they’re just tearing me apart and I can see from the signs that it’s headed for worse this weekend so I’m going to try to quietly attempt to stay apart from all these goings-on is all i can try to do. Here are the usual WARNING/S toward trying to prevent the TOTAL PLANET/BIOLOGY EXTINCTION these contemporary s***-heads are bringing, and then I’ll try to keep the new Ventricle post together with this one, please read that if you don’t have better things to do than accidentally run into this horror-situation of mine, all goon-surrounded me:
10/14, I’m likely to be changing this format again soon but it’s scary because this hallucino-system we’re in has attached a whole language of secret things “ritually” to everything. See what I’m putting together about Allen Ginsberg’s involvement in this global-system-making at the top of the “French” Connection file addition I just made. I’ve been describing that it’s like Mrs. Suzy Welch was made the “God” for the system, her the decision-maker on everything, but with this new Ginsberg realization it’s much worse. The new format looks so nice that I’m afraid what the system might do to wreck it for me and thence for everyone and eternity, etc., whole usual problem-set.
  I put the close-up picture of the Aleister Crowley self-proclaimed “666” and Beast as the featured image because it’s all I have so far but there might be some sort of a copyright on that particular image so I’ll have to check into it better but I’m dealing with real-life and he was the self-proclaimed Biblically-predicted 666 and I believe that he really was supposed to be that but the space race didn’t prove what the Autists’ system thought it would, that there are diamond-gems they could have gotten rich on for running the Earth the way they like it, which is what we have anyway. The emphasis on WARNINGS is that “goons” like “666” go after anyone I try to contact. All these years the Armageddon-making has been being snuck-through like this and the situation is still the same, me now 62 years old. My age-62 social security fund is supposed to start soon and so I don’t have to beg for assistance but I’m nervous they’ll collapse the whole system to prevent any benefit from that. In the meantime I’ll try to better-organize these files, but try to read the full WARNING/S because I can’t relate all the details that go into all the ways the system uses me for their Armageddon against what I call “the normal people” and I can’t stress the situation well enough, maybe nobody could.
18 October, that now I’m trying to rearrange the blogsite a little because of all this wild parasitism off of me at current and then I’d switched to see what the format/theme called “Textbook” would look like for this and the parasitism like went wild in “stealing” this blogsite from myself to these science fiction things, products, made from this horror-fraudfamily in the Bronx I’d been raised in and knew nothing about any of this brain-eating business until 2005-06 and then that “French Connection” photo wasn’t found by me till 2014, indicating extreme involvement in the whole world-takeover system done off of the hrain-narcotic-economy, situation I’m in while all this cartoon about this is drowning me like under the s***-throwup I’ve been trying all along to describe this whole paradigm only amounts to, then these parasites think Universe/God-rescue is a great murder-gimmick for their worldtakeovering selves. There aren’t words to describe the modern-day situation and then mine underneath that but oblivious and uninvolved out here, just that when I left the library there were all kinds of parasite tricks done around me, while I was there too, etc., so I have to stick with this format/theme, Twenty Ten, (2010) it’s called and so it occurred to me I could do approximately the same as the “Textbook” theme by putting the same sort of the Images down the sidebar here, freeing up some room, but the whole situation I’m in is a disaster so I’m working on a little here and there and there and only have these few hours a day, that this blogsite really isn’t a presentable site for me to be able to give copies of it in search of responsible adults to do something about that black hair is a sign of an old-time days’ infection to the brain’s ventricle system, where I’ve been trying to describe that with fewer details since 2005, that that unrecognized old infection-problem is causing us to be forced to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION as it involves some sort of a contrariness to nature, like in that Joseph von Sternberg quote that I’ve somehow lost the words to in all this moving around here and have to go look for again because it’s basic to this extinction-direction problem: the Prehistory people had played stupid  to nature’s signs of wind and rain and such to not keep walking north and east to up over Beringia where they’d then gotten snowbound and everything’s gone downhill ever since. All those unknown-about planets in the Universe were made so that we could grow into them and we’ve been going downhill, de-evolving instead. I’ll be trying to better-explain all this but these individual files are such a mess that I can’t try to give people who might work on these situations copies of this yet; I only am looking for a few responsibly-thinking readers, I’m not looking to LURE for people who can’t do anything anyway and that’s what the parasites are (always) twisting my attempts into, that that’s the Armageddon LURE, trying to attract people to a circus about whatever, with all filth-minded pornography all over the place all over and around me, all that long-ago planned and those around me are carrying out those same Armageddon/narcotic-economy and really I’ve always figured that the Armageddon author-types only plan on crashing the world economy after they’ve gotten everyone roped in, that you have nothing going on except these “Autist” sneaks and their narcotic-buddies’ having a good time and they’d rather the planet did fall apart than themselves get “caught” for any of any of the crimes.
10/25/17, it’s really bad, me just calling them all the “Armageddon-animals” now and they appear to be relishing to “brawl” underworld about my age-62 social security now, withholding mail scam and I don’t know what now but I’m in  this world’s-worst position for so long and there’s never been any improvement and as I’m realizing about this Allen Ginsberg-Elise Cowen business I see that “Ginsberg’s type” did likely come from the old Japanese “hairy” Ainu people and I figure that they were misled by the Autists to think the Old World people were cruel where everything was way the opposite situation for thousands of years while the Ainu were separate-world and there’s a thing where being raised or evolved on an island gives you a small perspective, smaller growth than on a mainland, so I’m thinking that when the Autists initiated the islanders with all the “lies and doo-doo” that the Ainu just thought life was a lark and they could do anything, leering at and taking advantage of the femals because the Old World people were allegedly unkind to the invading New World-evolved and dinosaur-extincting Autists. I’ll see if I survive again through to tomorrow and try to work toward actually receiving this first “ss” fund, sick from these years of destitution that each day seems like twice as difficult as the usual world’s-most torture day generally is and I’m just “quicksand-drowned” by all these underworld types’ all “performing” to prevent my little survival, etc., to be able to do this blogsite, but these underworld people are the Ainu’s “fountain of youth” from growing people from cut-out ovaries, figuring they’d outnumber their victims and inherit the earth, etc., that my point is always that this is only the loss of all creation over childhood-Autism run amok, to just leave me out of it and let me try to explain the human race’s way out of the needless extinction, etc.
I mean the WARNING/S of the regular Navigation menu, the topic-headings’, the front, WARNING file, because reading or watching me really is how they’ve been tricking people to death for doing that Armageddon onto the real reality, and I’m just lost to describe it as there isn’t ever any improvement, like it’s sarcasm to just keep doing this to and off of me.
I have to edit this new front header i’m trying to make for trying to keep people away while trying to attract someone the system won’t terrorize to extinction “disappearance.”
Summary 6_19_16-May 2017 _– This is one of the 2 disappeared, I’ll go check it now.
1/9/18, “they have” me rereading that Trojan “war” story again now which seems to serve as a gimmick for them making more trouble.
I don’t know why I can’t fix the print here, the typeface’s size.
The “animal boys” I can only think of them as being anymore, have pulled one of the worst trick-sets; it’s despicable beyond description because it’s all the hallucinating “magic” trick-ways that they invisibly do all all around me. To try to describe it makes it sound trivial, is how they work around me all the time, are doing especially this morning. All I could think of is that it’s the grace of God that there’s anything much left of ourselves, the long-ago putting us together.
6/30/18, I’m at this rest home in Greenfield Massachusetts now and there’s a big problem like a practically a joke onto that “the deus ex machine” keeps replacing all my editing cuts, where that Barbara Fuca and Robin Moore picture is repeated too much, all those pictures I keep deleting and the material keeps coming back for nearly an hour now.
7/3, They seem to be putting fraud-family products all around me as part of the latest “entertainment.”
7/4, They’re largely “Shahans” from the Borgia pope, Alexander VI, who’d done the 1492 bull dividing the New World between Spain and Portugal, and then Asia the same when Magellen’s voyage showed the world is round, around 1523, the Treaty of Saragossa/Zaragosa the 2nd one is called.

Try this for trying to get the type back like usual.

That’s too wide a paragraph then, but now it’s back to normal somehow.

7/5/18, Thursday, these are “animals” about bothering my blogsite so that it’s scaring as well as female-scaring me, that these are “bowel movement boys” “playing games,” total strangers, presumably they’re about always guys because it’s a male-system, Autists are mostly male, the symptoms are worse. But this to me is always always disgusting and they’re doing it with these “bowel movement boys” particularly of the mass-reproduced fraud-parent male of the fraud-cousine “Brigitte” monster, and I figure I should better mention that more specifically as it’s becoming a bigger difficulty. These are the type, except in black skin, that had done the 2005-15 “Armageddon Program” off of me under the Washington DC homeless shelter I was stranded in until then they’d shipped me out to Kensington, Maryland and then in fact there was another black version of this “fraud-uncle’s” “bio-descendants, mass-reproductions” whatever these “copies” of selecteds are called, I’m here alone with all the difficulties in the world and this is like a strange pile of s*** planting itself into my business. Get lost illegal strangers. These bums are legal in their underworld criminal world dens but if they weren’t illegal they wouldn’t be hiding and sneaking around. This is the Revelation, from those Ghent Altarpiece characters, and I can’t guess where the Pill-grim brain-serum business boy and “St. Christopher” with that big red cloak ahead of the Pill-grim had picked up these fraud-family characters but I didn’t know any of those people well let alone the mass-reproduced strangers off of those weirdoes.

7/10/18, now someone who’d looked at the blog didn’t know anything about the “French” Connection part of all my life of sabotage since then, since 1962 and slightly before that. The area at the end of the Navigation bar is a disaster but this terminal I’m on hasn’t let me work on that file yet so it’s a disaster, as is everything else right now.

7/14/18, a Saturday, and like a “holiday” in this place over that it’s Bastille Day but it isn’t any lighthearted “French” business, but all over decapitation ideas-of-reference continuous all last evening and now horror-sabotage behaviors by the “deus ex machine” where the bizarre-world maybe taught itself while waiting for more brains to eat how to “freeze” the computer-workings so that for an hour and a half now it’s been frozen and panicking me and they seem to have pulled it so I’d feel as though trapped while the residents are having an activity time, but many similar small tricks constantly. — I’ve got a new complaint file but it’s on the Navigation bar; when they torture me they’re similarly going after anyone that would like to read what I’m trying to get down onto here so that’s why I sometimes feel like it should be noted in the first WARNING file that the system is being all animals all over me, that they’re just reveling in playing these computer and “noises” as though nobody else hears anything or had any idea what I’m talking about, that now they’re terrorizing me with “noises” of the fraud-family doo-doo from that French Connection photo I was lucky to have found.

** I can’t really figure out what the “cookies” are about but it seems they really come from predator-types with too much time sitting around like bums, that they aren’t supposed to be underground and waiting for someone to go to their websites so that they have the free time to then follow around where those people go to, the whole system is unnatural like that. And as far as the LURE use of myself here goes there is nearly never anything I can do about the behavior of the anonymous underworld, that that was why I’d tried going to Springfield, so I wouldn’t get used for a big LURE in this area with so many colleges around.

— Now a terrorizing “trick” of opening multiple tabs on me while I think I’m only in the one tab. I’ll try to keep this boring stuff to the “New WARNING attempt” file.

7/20/18, all the same LURE-kill behaviors. I’m not responsible for what elsewhere-anonymous-underworld and “magic” do off of me, I warn and try to explain and the system is just from and by garbage.

I’m trying to update the WARNING/S 1st file

Apparently the brain-eaters literally did their Armageddon takeover (so far) using me as this longtime LURE-gimmick and they’re all over me like I’m doomed, so I’m trying to update the WARNING/S a little but there’s some technicality in the background that I can’t find anymore, how to format for the type of post or file that just sits there at the top of the blog, do I’m looking for that but it might be obsoleted from this theme I’d switched to after first already having figured out how to do that post that just stays there, etc. — Yeah, it looks like this “navigation-bar” format doesn’t have that option like the previous format had had.

10/7/18, one of these fraud-parent “donations” just walked into this library branch same as all that horror in Washington nonstop all over me, sitting on the other side of this terminal now. Thank goodness only that this place has got better cubicles than just the bums always getting seats in my line of sight all the time. The system never lets me just sit and function like a normal human to get anything accomplished, pursues wherever I go to both leech-live off of and force me out of my own life.  — 10/10, now the whole day at this central library is the same “invisible, unprovable” underworld modus operandi that’s gotten the underworld in large part to its present global-system status, lying to people about “Blithe Spirit” Helen Keller uninvolved me out here, then they’re doing the decapitation “signs” that go with this whole “Armageddon Program” off of me all these decades, and I just don’t have any control, can’t let them scare me into leaving, etc.

10/16/18, Tuesday, all the filth, nonstop s***-throwup, the “Feces Rules the Earth” song every day to placate these sucking leeches and feces always when I try to get anywhere or have anything not-horrible occur, the system bums counteract that by sending special feces to get little me upset. All day yesterday was wasted waiting for the oxygen delivery so the torture piles up too much when I can’t get any of my own real things accomplished and I have this big backlog of stuff then to try to get added into or do on the blog, and they do this trivial crap to me nonstop, to trivialize the whole death of the planet reality, drag me down into the toilet-mentality level, like right now with this latest difficulty-set of trying to describe this massive curse-set that had been put all over me and the system that’s got to do with that the author of Limiteless lives in Ireland, that there are so many possible-connections to that that it seems it was a big part of the overall Armageddon/brain-serum selling world takeover off of parasiting on me, this semi-extemporized, made-up book of Revelation Armageddon Plan. There’s alot I have to try to explain by thinking it out in this typing and they moved one of the fraud-parent faces loudly to this seat next to me where it’s got horror ideas-0f-reference conspicuously on the computer screen its loudy chuckling too as I’m trying to recall all this from around 1968 and what all it might also connect up to and also what in the Limitless book and it’s a terrible thing, when I’m only supposed to be researching and explaining Prehisory and then some history and they keep forcing these contemporary-related subjects onto me and it’s like there’s little good about this Irish author subject, that he looks like one of the, similar to the fraud-parent horrors, one of the standard Armageddon Program stereotypes these monsters always have all around me. Then for that matter, and these stereotypes largely go with this “Jadwiga” painting that I’m trying to get to the research and explicating on, that alot of them come from those little “staircase figures” behind her and the kneeling guy that I have yet to get to, and the author likely seems connected to those but there’s a big connection to my difficulties around 1965 I think it was, when some guy had tried to kidnap me and in retrospect he’d seemed to haunt the area as a pervert also, but I’ve been seeing alot of people around that look like that one maybe mixed with my reproductive matter, that he and the fraud-parent seem to have been in the same group or type underneath the area, in the global-system underworld, coming from those staircase figures, that there are alot of those things now, and this monster they just moved to the next seat is acting — they’re garbage-“magic” perpetrators, do s***ty little garbage-tricks, deviants doing weird crap they consider to be mind-power, for instance, and it’s all deviance from normal thinking, the normal order of life and this is how, what is all over me right now, how the world-takeover Armageddon has gotten the brain-eaters, skull-crackers and brain-eaters to all this power they’re currently running, ruining, the world with, chasing me out of this seat, making the whole atmosphere s***ty all day long every day everywhere I go, and I’d been in Ireland with this filth-set all over me the same back then, around 1968 and 1969 I was figuring out those 2 visits to there had been, — and now I realize why I’d had such good fortune that some fraud-relative had taken me there. Etc.

11/5/18, Monday, the animals had double-barraged me on Friday late afternoon, me never able to suspect these behaviors no matter what that this Armageddon-making does off of anything off of me, any simple excuse like if I go to a clothes-wash attempt or on Friday it was a first-time I was going to do an anything, and I really don’t care to get “embroiled” into discussing it to myself right now for the double-reason of the waste of my time and because of this latest “controversiality” factor of this business with the VA and my mailing address and God, couldn’t care less either about these toilet-details.

(11/8/18, I wasn’t going to post this file but they’re too severe all over me and this thing turned out to be a hoax that led to a barrage of tricks on me then on the 2nd. You could just barely see where it’s scratched-in that that sign was put on my door on 10/31. I’ll describe more of this below if I run out of better things I can think of to do, and I’d covered their phone number because I don’t want anyone to harass anyone about any of my blog or personal business, it’s really “rescuing” eternity from these parasitisms that I’m always trying to do, not to wrestle with the “limitless” number of the c*** they can think of.)

Nov. 5, 2018

The monsters are all Armageddon about the oxygen-refill delivery and hover-gave a filthy dream to me yesterday around 6am that’d seemed to have come from one of the fraud-parent monsters, from a rapture that I’d looked up about some local college here, the “shadow” parasites figuring how much fun that would be for themselves, then using my brain like it’s a free TV while I slept and waking me to toilet (along with the ‘Jomon” of course) all the time and then this creepy long dream where then I went to find a ladies’ room and the stalls were just along a school corridor, step in and piss, and when I had difficulty sliding the latch some lady already standing outside it nearby stepped over to help me with that and I did a typical, here, you can go ahead when I feel people are “with the” Armageddon “Program” and unnaturally around me, then I looked into another stall and it was stuffed and another in that line if them in the school hallway had doo-doo floating in it and I while I had backed off and was trying to figure what to do the invisible-sabotage knocked me over and yanked out both my poo and piss, less important was the latter in having to look for a ladies’ room. Then I cleaned as best I could and went looking for tissue and came back with one of these paper towels I like to use to pick up the doo-doo before then mopping the floor and I guess then I woke up and shook the “invisible” monsters off, but the main point seemed to be me laying in that pile of s*** and piss in the school hallway until I could extract me, and that’s connected to how the underworld is always posing as experts doing teaching and that they’ve always abused me as being a what not to do example, as with the 1959/-58 photo taken all out of context and put into that encyclopedia article on Kindergartens. My point is that I figure the filth “dream” was a ritual fetish for this “program” exhibition off of me stranded waiting en place for the oxygen delivery.11/8, the jew and the animals, 12:30am, I wish “real-God” could kill them. that filthy ginsberg thing all day over me having to go to the bank for the rent money, a huge behind my back and then filth-grenade so bad as had to skip grocery shopping while in that area and then filth-parade tricks and now this force-molesting me to wake and urinate that’s destroying me from the sadistic 2 and 3 times and every day torture of that s torture, them sucking me to each syllable voraciously. A terrorism of it is of course that there is further “program” scripted for during the trip thst they’re forcing me awake for, and of course that my cursing the filthy things to get off of me is used as the Jew’s slaughter excuse as they’re snesk-buildimg themselves a whole slaughter area around here, the jew getting me woken for amusement while slaughter supervisoring. — I’m back WO incident but maybe bc if the delay. similarly they have some big personal at least snesk-horror plotted for their thanksginving “holiday” off of me. the filth-torture’s increasing with excitement that I’m trying to mention it. — all this
gratuitous sadism and filth —

11 a.m., 11/8/18, that I’m a wreck from this “invisible” nonstop torture. The animals, as described above, woke me at 6:30; I rationalize that “they’re only” assisting me to do what I’d planned to do which was to wake between 6 and 7 but in addition to that horror by itself then there were other of the underworld’s repertoire of the “tricks” or games or sport or whatever lies they think of themselves as “only doing,” etc., and — all the difficulties I have with this “Allen Ginsberg-type” or Tsiolkovsky-type they came from I cannot describe over and over again, that I’ve been harassed virtually every single time I’ve done clothes wash since I first noticed this in October 2002, every single clothes-wash time, every time I take the clothes to a laundromat the invisible-torture goes insane and I can’t describe it except that I couldn’t walk into that after yesterday’s horror-set and the new tricks and what so I just tried to rest if not actually be able to go back to sleep till library-time and a description for this — inane — specific going wild over my laundry washing occurred that I’ll try to word okay, that, instead of the normal people’s way of doing clothing wash the underworld Autists/and Jomon do everything for mass-quantities of their army-like selves, that they’d mass-migrated to the Old World, as the “Myrmidons” from the Homer’s account of the Trojan “war” that was really just this invasion of these developmentally disabled and narcotic-addicted and jonesing Autists, all starving and cold and expecting to be fed and have everything unconditionally done for themselves, being Autists that’s just how they only think about their own self-enclosed selves each, and all wanting to be fed at the same times each day and all wanting clothing, so these Jomon took the “unfortunates” and “God” doesn’t recall all the b.s. in its detail probably because they are just b.s., but in mass-migration of themselves, so there was always “industrial revolution” large quantities of feeding and clothing and then washing the clothes. Then the buggers didn’t know how to toilet so we wound up with this situation today of the water-toilets to both localize their excrement and keep themselves clean at the same time with their “limitlessly” fabulous developmentally disabled, penis-sucking selves, the whole Ginsberg thing about getting their penises mutually sucked, and they take it out like this on me because I’m just a normal female and therefore an enemy, the Jomon jealous that the Autists might prefer a female so the Jomon are always competing against the normal females. That’s the crap about me merely trying to do clothes wash every week or two or three or however often and I can’t bring myself to do it lately only because I’ve been having to get this available time spent on this blog attempt so I haven’t been able to take the time to do the clothes wash and I couldn’t do it this morning because of this inane “preparedness” for my trip to do my clothes that this invisible-torture has invisibly got all over and around me. More to the point though is that while I was laying there I had all kinds of useful thoughts for points I should like to be able to get fitted into this blog. The “Armageddon Program” off of my yesterday did this “invisible and unprovable,” etc., horror-bit where their underground staring holds my head prisoner-still so that I’m unable to do anything except sit here and keep just doing this same thing over straight ahead, can’t — they “fixed” my pee so that I didn’t have to urinate the whole day but then when I got back to the room they kept waking me up to go pee because with all their “limitless” intelligence of staring at human beings they’ve learned tricks to store pee in cells and whatnot so that I didn’t have to go until they wanted me to have that, this, sleep deprivation. That reminded me of the sleep deprivation scene in the “Limitless” book, that that’s one of the physical-body tricks that the underworld is always doing to us out here and I should get it mentioned there just before that 1933 Diego Rivera mural, I’ll go do that, but also I might as well start a file on this November 2018 and it should include this “trick” hoax, that they did to me on Halloween and fouled then my November 2nd with that grenade-barrage. Now they’ve got someone playing around with the computer wires here to make me nervous that they’ll lose this file on me, all the typing to waste again, but really they probably sent this person over “invisibly” because they want me to quit typing about their tricks, tortures, and I’m trying to get to mention that, besides adding this big “URGENT!” sign they’d hung on my door on Oct. 31, also it occurred to me that I should mention that Allen Ginsberg really had started out as a criminal circa 1944 per that book “Mania!” by Ronald L. Collins and his partner Michael ______, but what I’m learning about publishing and history and “Papers” lately has me sure that the book was mostly an excuse for “fine-tooth combing” Ginsberg’s papers from mentions about the space beliefs, beliefs that everything would soon all be different after the moon landing that they’d had. I think I’d looked up, only on the internet search-engine though, a newspaper write-up from back then that — that car hijacking he’d been involved in, that his name had been mentioned in that which I don’t think that that alone proves any criminality, like it’s very circumstantial maybe, but “Mania” had mentioned that Ginsberg had seemed to want a label as being a criminal for some quirk of his own, me afraid to use the word “reason” because it’s one of the words they think is “slang” for brain. — I’ll move this file to the journal section under the About category soon. — I decided to move it to the WARNING/S because this is so real, how they’re bringing down the whole planet off of using me as their slaughterhouse-gimmick, and now at 2pm they had this noisy cellphone girl across the way move over to here with her phone over my head and now just rattling away to herself to drive my nerves to breaking for absolutely no real reason except the sleep deprivation and the horror I’ve been under since yesterday mostly I guess it’s been, that things weren’t too bad on Tuesday, today being Thursday and the swine always setting up for their weekend LURE off of me and they know I’d made an arrangement to go out to the VA hospital tomorrow, which to the Allen Ginsberg-type is like “free food!” LURE off of my life and me having to go there.

11/12– It’s been emergency weather horror and some of the gimmick-excuse for that might be “from” that it was obvious that I’d be trying to look into the medical field’s annual Lasker Awards, that that was predictably  coming up on my look-up schedule and I’d notice that there was something strange about the whole thing, because of what those awards look like primarily, that it’s revolting, — … I’ll be filling this in soon but Lasker’s first name was Albert so that you’d get Al Lasker, so we’ve got Alaska-level cold weather going on. Not to be too trivial but also I noticed the libraries are taking like a whole vacation out of the next upcoming (and phony) “holiday.”

11/16, this horror is too much for me, that it’s so unremitting. I had to come to the downtown library for a book on that William Casey of that “intelligence” agency because of one of the peculiar tricks this animal-circus invisible, bathroom-revolving, torture does to me, that they’d had a regular character that looked like that at the previous central library I’d used and now they’d used one when I’d tried to pick up mail last week, just getting it but not having looked at it now, and in looking up for a or the biography on Casey I’d come across some peculiar mention of that everything should become disinformation and that has made me feel that I’d better try to get this book and see if there are further connections, like that he’d been born in Queens and was in Washington back years ago when this “Armageddon” -scam had first been being run on me in San Francisco, so I’m waiting while they go get the book from closed stacks, as with the Sean Barron book and the original “The Dark Fields/Limitless” novel and many others because they can’t all fit on — and now an incident here, where this whole day has been rigged especially on account of me trying for the third time to pick up my mail at the new mailing address for the first time, som incident to knock me off of whatever my train of thought might happen to be. Additionally, upon one of the previous similar of the barrage repertoire, while waiting for that to go away, I’d noticed a book on the ones that are still doing this space venture business. I’d noticed that when I was in Florida and looked it up and am thinking that one of the main characters doing those space ventures today is only “from” a boy that had harassed me from third to six grade, just on the same “French Connection” in the Bronx g.p. harassing me, playing tricks, the same group like a production-industry that’s owned by global stockholders I guess it is, birthing mass-reproductions from that area, the Bronx, spreading them out to be, what I call “kill and replace” populations all over the place now, phony-made instead of normal people being run by the “magicians” of the brain-eaters underground and through satellites and what, and today has been so bad that all I could do was turn this on in order to try to describe-off what the system has toilet-revolving been doing to me all day, and it seems like they’re just warming u for using me as a slaughter-excuse, setting me here to be trick- insulted and lied about while waiting for he Casey book so far and with this large-print one on the nowadays space venture and then all these “walkbys” with the fraud-family faces to get me upset by as but more than usual, etc.

— The Casey biography, by Joseph Persico, can’t be found, it being the only one. I think it was from 1990 and re-released or reprinted in 2005. I’d seen a photo of him where I’m thinking his type had also come from those staircase gnomes possibly, where they get hold of ovaries to make themselves look better each generation, taller and smarter they figure they are, on account of all that brain that’s leftover from the meat and body parts. Then this “Armageddon Show” abuse of me seems to come from that the system’s space venture had shown that they don’t know what they’re doing despite all that brain-eating, that it was pretty definitive by July/August lab results that they weren’t going to be rich off of the space work and so they couldn’t repay the people that had invested in or loaned to them in those 1950-60s years and they went into the “Godfather” of making offers you can’t refuse and the Taxi Driver and Deer Hunter  violence, the guy getting the blond guy’s blonde widow at the end being that point of that piece of the “art” way of doing this Armageddon, but during the confusion I was able to get into the Army and thereby away from the fraud-family and this imprisonment I’d been expected to live in that they’ve still wound up having all over me and I’m 63 years old now and it’s unbelievably disgusting what they do with those things that have the fraud-parent’s face, but it seems it was a surprise that I’d been able to get away and then be able to stay in the army and away, and then I’d gotten out to San Francisco by simply refusing to be on the east coast anywhere near those people because there was some indefinable something that made it impossible to be around them without becoming like a nutcase and in 2006 I realized that the fraud-parent had always been a “brain-eater” while I’d been growing up as what was odd and impossible about the situation, but then in 2008 about all this “growing people” from disembodied ovaries, and now it’s becoming clear that those staircase-beings are a mass-reproduction Armageddon army replacing the normal population people all these centuries I guess. Out in San Francisco then this “Armageddon Show” started getting put onto me, but also there was the whole “Watergate” 1972 or whatever business, was like a follow-up to the French Connection and then the failed space venture, not to get ahead of what was going on before I was out there and then it was the Reagan Administration and Casey to a big role in getting him elected and then getting that “intelligence” post and then that’s when this “disinformation” statement I’d read the other day had occurred, but there’s nearly not any simple information, Casey would have to be a whole study and that would be real difficult without that simple biography as a starting point, to see what photographs of him might be in it like the one I’d seen the other day where it looks like he’d come from some kind of the “mutants” that the system-people even like to call themselves, self-made humans unlike the ordinary ones. Then I’ve got these Casey-lookalikes, “bio-offspring-descendants” maybe, and likely they are as “experts” telling people not to do anything to get me out of all this gratuitous sadistic horror onto my every moment. But the starting-book isn’t here. I thought I’d started a journal for Nov. 2018 but I think it was small and I’d stuck it here under the first WARNING that this is really how that “Biblical” Armageddon is being, has been being, has been, pulled off, and now I’m trying to illustrate through the “Limitless” novel that these are crazed “drug” addicts who won’t stop at anything to get their drug, they have themselves convinced that they’re smarter and better than “other” people. I’m thinking I should “pack up” that starter on trying to show that on the book of Revelation, put it out of the way so I can focus more easily on the novel and get its 3 points I guess made clear: that they won’t stop at anything for procuring their drug, that the busy-busy symptom has built all this stuff we’ve got, like busy-busy misdirected mentalities’ work, and that they’re terribly conceited or egotistic or egoistic, as with the Autism’s basic self-centeredness and everything else is just other out there somewhere, not too important to anything except in regard to the Autist’s self. I’m trying to make those 3 points clear as what’s putting us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I’d like to go over the Sean Barron and Judy Barron Autism memoir “There’s a Boy In Here” the same way but it seems a real cordoned-off subject, trying to get in touch with any of them, and I haven’t had a chance to write to any of the publishers of material I use yet, which includes now this difficulty with that I don’t know how much harm this “Casey-stereotype” might real-time be doing me. When I’d gone for the 2nd time, last Friday because Friday seems to be the simplest time for me to try to pick up mail, thinking I could do that once a month could be adequate but I’d have to get it started first and going smoothly, so the first time the office was closed/the lady wasn’t there and I’d left a note that I’d be back that Friday and then the office was closed but a guy came and opened it and went in and shut or what the door I don’t know, I was busy writing another note to the lady and he came out like with his nose buried in some reading material so I didn’t bother him but some other guy jumped over and took up his time and they walked over to a next office and I finished the note and then the lady showed up but with her arms full of stuff and saying she wasn’t staying but was in a hurry to leave for somewhere and she had 2 black eyes. Then I’m supposed to assume about how come she has that and that it’s connected to all this Armageddon on me but it’s me that’s the victim and she’s a regular employee at the place, they’re just all participating in the Armageddon-scam the same as had gone on in Washington all those years around me and it’s just more of the directed scripted acting. Today I went and she just stayed on the phone while taking my ID card and looking up and handing it back with the mail to me and I decided to be glad for that and leave without stopping at the pharmacy that will still have to get done then next week, just that there wasn’t any difficulty it doing this routine thing and I could quietly slip away but they had the toilet stuffed with doo doo and paper and water all over the floor when I went to stop there before going out to the bus stop and no telling how long till I’d get to near another toilet so that I’d had to make that detour and see that filth for the second time today, the first time being just a bunch of paper left that I’d have to flush which is upsetting because it’s some of the “sign” “semiotics” like in the Chapter 12 of the book of Revelation, a “sign” or wonder or what in the heavens, a semion, everything is “magic” semiotics these Jomon freaks do their underworld world-takeover by. I am so sorry I had to get into this in the WARNING file that’s supposed to be for the acute and not the everyday difficulties like this, but the toilet scenes are so all the time, just filth, “filthy Jew” my all the time days start out like, filthy Jew, filthing up each day and then I was leaving the VA in an okay frame of mind and when the system stages one of those toilet-scenes they simultaneously sneak up and wrench my innards and then the hysteria-feelings are all over my psyche, that it’s 25 years of these toilet tricks during the nonstop invisible torture and so my innards start to get upset because of the conditioning from all this, the many many times I’ve been put through bathroom scene after bathroom scene that when one starts like that my nerves become a wreck. I made it out to the bus area and as I waited it began to seem like the waiting was another trick and in my nervousness I got on the wrong bus but I found a way to get back in the right direction and then some guy plopped down 6 or 8 bottles of wine right next to me and I changed seats and made it here and so far only 3 or 4 tricks and the book is missing but I’m sitting here feeling like using this library is an error, that I can’t just try to proceed about trying to make this blog into a real thing, a real thing for me, and I’ve got this feces like riding on me I notice as I try to relax now, this blob of crap on my left shoulder echoing my syllables back into me in the singsong crap, and also I noticed last night these monsters are eating a whole collapsed area on the back of my skull, are always sticking “points” like drug needles into my skull and have been localizing that — crater was the word I couldn’t think of the few seconds ago, like a collapsed crater there from all the hurting me they do while I’m trying to function. Today I’m trying to pack up that Revelation material to make the “Limitless” material easier to follow and I’ll have to go try to do some of that now, but everything is real vicious all around me and from this unnatural cold weather spate. Many people must have died somehow but I don’t know how real life works in any of these places I go to, I’m only always all alone out here and struggling to survive plus try to get assistance, etc., etc.

straighten out this: (the “magic-intelligence” skewed me off of that I’d just been there 20 minutes before and it was normal, and then that not only riches but also none of the ” intelligent life” they’d figured on, martians or beings preferable to us earthling “others” scum, were found.)


These are email notes that I make to myself to try to keep track of all this horror by which the global-system’s been running itself off of me that has us real-life headed to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. Right now I’m in a library where the underground won’t let me move these 2 files to elsewhere, under the WARNING/S or a journal file or some way I can keep track of the chronology of this real-life horror being perpetrated onto the whole planet that’s going to destroy eternity stuck here alone without biology anymore because these parasites have to be gotten rid of, and I can’t keep playing with these anonymous bums and have to leave the files messing up the blog”site” till I’m less harrassed somewhere maybe tomorrow or the next day. Things are going terribly for me personally.

11/8/18 Thurs 9am animals quit molesting me, , they the torture does it to make my nerves hysterical for my day and then the paranoid/erratic overreactions to the sneak grenade-tricks.11/9, the world is dying from this viciousness like “the jew” is perpetrating right now i’m forced to describe to the sucking affect or whatever this torture nvusible garbage is from. maybe “Limitless'” word psychotronic is what the monsters think this is.
over and over the parasites’ oxymoronic phrase. mob day could or should have to live through what they’re ruined ng, have ruined, this place for me by, three strange male stereotypes plus whatever set milarly unknown female strangers as though waking me and not their LURE workday off of me today and the 2 prior days have been, this secret sneaked atoms and me brain-eaters’ days, while a who le slaughterhouse industry is further arose and that, like supporting them to keep me increasingly walled-in. it’s unless vabke already and there had been me bad verbal abuse attack last month, which leads to knowing it could be sprung again or worse worse at any time, and now the s “workaday” I’m being jew-forced awake into, n addition to the usual toilet-horror/s.
11/10, Saturday 1230am the filthy stupid swine molesting me awake.
11/11/18 sun., as soon as I for ready to lay down for what would only be allowed to be a brief nap the swine started milesrg me. I’m thinking Henri deterding might have come from v. young Thomas a. Watson, bell’s partner, from Alexander von humboldt to Sidney gottleib and then one of them that lives or stays around here and does curses onto me and is probably, fore river shipyard, connected. to some loud industry on this bayou down the street and there’s a website that pretty much tells you they’re none of your sightseer-self’s business, me therefore forgetting its name, something marine something.


(This is the same explication as the post above, is a continuation because I’m all alone and this molesting crap goes on all the time, is alot those Babar-boys’ good “fun” that I can’t stick these under a journal file yet, have to leave them on the first page.)

11/11/18, sat., barely still.It doesn’t even have a name, just generic bathroom tissue by Orchid Paper Products in Pryor OR or OH or OK, me too tired to read or get the magnifier. The shelf sticker calls it b&w, 4 rolls for sixty cents, at Walmart, which might prefer I don’t mention them as this Armageddon makes trouble for me anywhere I go.
11/12, “holiday” typical usual sneak-tortures to me while the nonexistent/secret underworld snesl-does this jew,-devised LURE by these gimmicks off of me, the marathon repertoire they’ve built and me blind and not-there and alone in shit reality being invisibly tortured bybthe repertoire.
1:30pm, their moved everyone n a Babar-boy across the street a little more work each day since I moved into n here toard the Armageddon and twice now there’ve been the vehicle mitor-running noises that the area orrure is doing the terrorizing fraud-parent affect to time as d makes ng me htsterucal ,– look at all those auto-correction tricks all have to plough through to hunt and peck on that s cellphone, they’re all my hands and face….
11/14, wed-thurs midnt, as soon as I’m exhausted enough to try to sleep the swine start the molestation and it always makes me angry till I wish all the ginsberg-types were dead, additionally they’ve been doing the needle pain more and more to one spit at the back of my head whole I was reading so that it’s sire now and they’ve turned vicious with that too when I tried to sleep. decades of trying to sleep curled in a ball with one hand trying to protect my privates and the other one head and ears.
11/15 8am now they did a scene of creeping to the toilet behalf and me and knocking on the just-locked door while the “Program” Jew and what’s very the local underground here is suck my brain, re-start molesting sic and all the trick repertoire, over the rent day.

11/16/18, 9pm, now the monsters just turned off the internet after it had been working for about 3 weeks, which is why I hadn’t mentioned it was on, big relief, because there’s not any telling when the anonymouses will take it away again, like a yo-yo game. Filthy day, as I’d described most of it into the WARNING post-file. This captivity all over me seems even worse. I managed to make the blog a little more presentable I think and want to try to get a letter off to the post office finally but — I’d stuck the address right on the sidebar, now I recall but also’m getting sleepy, and won’t be able to call up the blog for that address. Usually I gave to make out an envelope and have a stamp available before I can take the letter-writing seriously because of all the variables. I could leave space on the cheap lined looseleaf paper but anything I’d jot would onlyceind up a starter draft, and there wouldn’t be anyway to get it copied and then mailed by the p.o’s. Saturday pick-up time, meaning that I can’t quick get it mailed off tomorrow anyway, bless I could find the page here with the address but my papers are a mess here on the bed next to me.

11/18/18, Sat.-Sun. midnight. The animals are doing a bad LURE-standard molestation attack. I don’t want to excite them about getting attention for this horror but it’s the standard party-to-holocaust modus operandi.1230a, I can never care understand all this malice to little me. I keep forgetting to mention that it seems the staircases breeds are in charge of keys that (other…) humans get underground lacked up by. By interfering with my sleep they skew my waking and things I have to do…. You horrible garbage get off of me. A “phenomenon” happened on this past horrible day, Saturday, where I had to send a photo, Hubbard I guess, from this cellphone and as long as I was here I sent these note-files on these invisible protrudes, where I can only wish that the “jomon” was dead, the “rectal-stench ginsberg” stereotype that seems to do this torture was or is, “inflammatory” -type reaction to all these decades of this nonstop horror, etc., and I noticed that the last time I’d been to that branch library was last month and the same type of files I’d sent and then there was difficulty getting the 2nd one through, that I still think of having to complete that 2nd emailed journal notes file from October, and it’d been so annoying tt tt’s why I hadn’t been there, but now it feels too sneaky-war games onto real life at this closest one and jew getting me closed in there and here tt I’d not wanted to have to go to the closest one, the usual attempt to damage control this Armageddon sneaked horror. — 2 other things, that the way I use the oxygen tube through my mouth worries me the jew twists that to ritual for its use of hookah for intakng brain while directing this nonstop torture onto me (and all the busy busyness I don’t know what they’re doing,) and the other thing is a 1998 incident — but this has become entertaining the holocausting monsters, reward for the molest-terror crime pattern. There are 2 astro-related topics also tt should get mentioned. — there was also a horror incident w a fraud-parent scare tt I’ll have to jot down abt soon. 2am, they’re still not letting me sleep. –340am, it seems the underground using my having the light on as a complaunt,-excuse for waking me not w but last night tget’d woken me 4 times and then in the morning when the light wasn’t on. My increasing discomfort and the molestation of course are why I’m preferring the light on and the jew is twistingvthat to further torture-excuse now. also a peculiar sneak trick of causing thirst so that I’d drunk more tea than usual for me at night when they’d woken me from 12-2 or so earlier so tt when forced-awake now I also had on choice but to get up (from the floor again now that the weather’s normalizing) and urinate because once they have a little early n my bladder they don’t let go of pressing it to force a toilet trip. this crap isn’t worth the time it takes to type it but it’s how they’ve forced through those Revelation threats. People couldn’t/can’t have children with these filthy brain-eaters on the planet.

11/21/18, There’s a writer’s group in Bologna, Wu Ming it’s called, that released a book titled “Altai” that has a character based on this source of this Armageddon LURE off of me that I’ve been trying to get attention to, — anyway, you could read that the character, if continued these further 450 years like that same mentality, is this Armageddon and it’s insane, that this really is going to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION because the guy’s just a wacko, championing “little people” that were brain-damaged “Autists” back then and still are and are busy destroying all day long every day everywhere all these centuries and they all live off of torturing me here these past 25 and 63 years of my life, invisibly and “unprovably” torturing me. This “Nasi” is where the word “Nazi” and NASA and Nasdaq and likely anything that’d been named National before they saw they were wrong about the nature of space and had slunk back a bit. I’ll be trying to find more of this “Altai” novel for to see if they have any more realistic details like what I’d read about yesterday in that L.A. book review from 2013, by a guy, a “creation” of the underworld system’s probably, whose name I don’t really want to mention right here in conjunction with the explication that I figure he’s an underworld creation, just because of all that smiling in his photos, etc. for my horror circumstances that the “Nasi” type is always all over my every moment and it gets worse as they set this up here, their Armageddon Plan, around me a little more each day despite all the natural world to the contrary and detriment from themselves, etc.

Pre-“holiday” Wednesday Nov. 21, 2018: I do not know and can’t guess what these monsters think the word “reading” secretly means in their slaughter-world but now the Continue reading little click-ons are all pointing at the figures on this sidebar, so I’m typing this to move them. I finally got something mailed off to the postal service last night, though it’s still just going to be sitting in the postal box till 5pm today, at least it’s a start. Last night I’d tried to send this message to be here before the library opened but it only just got here now, because the cellphone doesn’t have internet. On Wed, Nov 21, 2018, 6:20 AM kathleen foshay <pixisafe> wrote:

6a.m., when I got forced awake for pee I “decided” to stay awake to try to work on the “Limitless” novel before the 4 days of closed library but the nonstop torture is tearing me apart with that LURE phrase. What I’d meant in that description of the of the 2004 Michael P.-Babar’s snort about it is that this torture yammers nonstop and until I heard that derisive affect it hadn’t occurred to me that the noises are anything being used as a LURE, I’d let the torture make that noise while I’m busy trying to think about my business out here, think underneath the racket. when I put together that the phrase was being heard and probably used by the underground sneaks like San Francisco hotel-Michael P.-type I quit letting the torture slip that ludicrous phrase into my head, and they bombard me with it at their LURE times like any “holiday” always is as the underworld is always hunting, etc, etc. And finally reading about Nasi, the brain-tortures’ leader, that’s a big torture too this morning, that it’s evidence that the source of this is forcing the earth to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I can’t guess what the local library is doing with this horror I’m in. I wrote to the main director at the beginning of October but it’s all the same invisible and sneaky syndromes.

I forget how to set the print from this italics back to normal. Next for the margins. I don’t think I recall how to fix this well enough. Everything is horrific and filthy. Reading that about Nasi yesterday, and then the Nasi-types are using me for this big “Thanksgiving holiday” LURE like usual except here in Houston now. Houston’s like a sprawled-out gas station founded by the Nasi and Pill-grim boy duo. They did an “Amber Alert” trick to the cellphone last night so I couldn’t set the alarm for today and then they forced me awake to pee so that I couldn’t fall back to sleep and then overslept a little and am here, when the libraries will all be closed for 4 days now, a little later than I’d wanted to be. I don’t know what to do about this “Altai” book. If I could download a copy I can’t really use the cellphone for the scan-reading for the Nasi-areas of it that I would on a larger screen so there isn’t a reason to try to look into that, they’re hurting me so bad, always sitting on my head to each syllable all these years and they only select-for complaints to make about me as being one of their slaughter-stereotypes as they have the “stereotypes” all invisibly battling each other for who’s going to be dying next or what how this filth world the Nasis have devised, to please their Autist little penis-sucking boyfriends.

11/29/18, Thursday, I haven’t done anything but wish they were dead since I had to sign off yesterday.

This is the closest I can figure to what the “Joseph Nasi” character had looked like and disseminated mass-reproduced and hybrid copies of itself all over the world, that they only came from island-evolved primitives gone “ape****” under the influence of the Autist invaders who discovered them.

Here in Houston now they’ve totally surrounded me with this sadism LURE, torturing me to gather unsuspecting people to discuss the merits of the phony-gimmick “world-saving” where they and the Autists figure that they are the world and the others or non-Autists don’t count as being real. Gratuitous molestation-torture to me all these hours, waking me continuously only to be disgusted at what “invisible” undergrounders are or might be all over around me, then that makes me wake up into this solely wishing they were all dead horrified situation and they did a Secret Service and fire engine or HazMat emergency truck scene by the bus stop I have to go to and then this library seems all set up with “show” characters that think I’m part of their troupe, and those Babar-boys started it right at the closing of this library last night, one that maybe looked like that “French Connection” Scaglia guy, all these bums mass-reproducing themselves and living off of nobody little me for their global-system. In Washington (DC is the only Washington I’ve been to, many years there, about 14 this millennium) it was as though the “system” people that I’m not calling just flat-out brain-eaters even though they get it in pill form or running or otherwise ingesting it not necessarily with awareness that it’s other people’s brains necessarily, as though the brain-eaters in each state send the people they don’t like, like me for instance as a “stereotype,” to Washington for the head-brain-eaters to look over and figure out how to get rid of the individuals with all of the resources that underworld Washington and the global-system have got and then of course there’s LURING them to that area where I was stranded. Now I’m stranded in Houston and this is like a big gas station and refinery-system and I went and signed up for a library card 2 days ago mostly just because it’s rude to go to a library every day as a nameless guest and use their computers so I’d gone ahead and gotten one and they’ve gone “ape****” in surrounding and doing this feces LURE all over me now, seeming since last week, just before that horror “Thanksgiving” scam the system does in their other world-perspective of everything, with that feces “Julie-ho” theme of the 25 years more or less, where in addition to all the other (they even have me afraid to use the word “filthy” anymore because maybe they translate that to about filling themselves with human resource-pigeon people,) feces tortures of the disgusting males of the fraud-family especially, that fraud-parent way mass-reproduced to thousands and tens of thousands I’d guess from seeing them since 2010 just everywhere and then recollecting seeing them and this “Nasi-type” like in that big portrait I’m always trying to explain that this Armageddon “show” seems directed by, that I’d seen the 2 stereotypes together 2 or 3 times in NY, around the subways generally, like the Nasi escorting the creatures up from the depths or vice-versa, in addition to all that horror now they’re just pulling this disgusting “Julie-program” all over me again. I never know what they are doing, but then it’s also all in conjunction with this new mailing address, that it’s seeming like that was a premeditated LURE-victim entrapment off of this writing for assistance that I’m forced to do because these garbage-bums are really going to force the planet to have to die off in order to get rid of their parasite selves. When I get off the bus for this library first they’d thrown a pair of panties in the middle of the intersection and then today they added a pile of run-over mail so that I had to walk between the dirty panties and the mail-blob now, and “garbage-‘magic'” like that is really how the garbage-head “Nasi-types” have built up this disgusting TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION system with their fellow and created other brain-eaters. The Autists had become drug addicts by their parasitism on the New World dinosaurs and that became this secret brain-eating system everywhere today now.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018, 11:15 AM kathleen foshay <pixisafe> wrote:

Then yesterday, my first day with a Houston library card, they set up this inanely huge Book Donations box when in underground Armageddon “Program” that means ovaries for the morons to inseminate for the Nasi-type illegal/wrongful people-growers for themselves and the other brain-eaters that they grow. Get out of my skull you useless bums (playing religionists largely.)

Because of the lack of sleep I had a difficult time getting this here, and all my other horrification “difficulties.” This “donations” is the least of what they’d done off of me those 10 “Catholic Charities” years in Washington, LURING people to ejaculate where really it was to get them into a disappearance situation, and now they’re doing that same thing here but here I’m totally on the system’s own founded territory, the “Shahan-666”-type having been the ovaries that founded Houston. Over the Thanksgiving 4 day-holiday for these people I didn’t have anything to do except try to ride around on buses to see a little of this town besides the small paths I can only take while trying to work up this blog to be able to reach assistance through, etc., and the place is like hopeless for me being able to use any different library than this branch that I happened to be lucky to have moved near to, but the way the libraries seem to be set up gives me the impression that they’re part of like “principalities,” where some development or another gets a library for itself is how it works, and the library is under the surveillance-ownership of that local “king” or “prince” or what they really live like anymore after this millennium of the Revelation threat-promises’ having been done off of this ghost-prisonership of myself due to the lifetime of enforced poverty. I’m trying to get all the pieces for describing this difficulty with my mailing address/contact-address and these things are just steamrollering all over me with whatever lie-circus they’ve been working up all millennium. They use me as a front for different aspects depending on how the scam is going and it’s all unbeknownst to me, etc., that I can only guess at it, but they had a lookalike of a shrieking Secret Service SUV on my path and riotous other system-happiness semiotics that they have me trapped for use for their system-purposes now, and mostly they basically just want to decapitate as many people as possible and use the bodies for food for the helpers and for decomposing to petroleum for their rich global-system people, is what they’ve been using me for all millennium and all my life on and off before that. I’m only trying to reach responsibly-behaving adults mostly in the medical field but the LURE wants to get rid of all normal adults is what they use me for and I can’t reiterate to warn about that all day long every day year after year as all these bums lie to to gather anyone they can lay eyes on. “Ayes” is another big scam-part, they lie to people that I’m trying to “save the world” from themselves though they don’t mention and they make believe that that makes a big deal and for a party and parasiting on me 24/7 and when they get a crowd they hold “votes” on who wants me to be allowed to do that but the nature of Autism is that it never changes and they do this scam endlessly where anyone who agrees that I ought to be allowed to “save the world” then gets “disappeared” into brain-chemicals and food and petroleum use for “the world” of the Autists and Jomon and creatures they’ve grown. One more thing is that there are all kinds of weird noises coming from I guess under the little bungalow I’d found a room to rent. The system always does construction work near wherever I go and it seems they’ve been constructing their holocaust set-up, little by little and seemingly innocent or have good real-reasons for this or that, they have some cover story to absolutely anything they do, like with this big book donations scam they put up yesterday, as though they always do it and there isn’t any underworld anything that exists or “magic” anything either, etc., that nothing can be proven by myself always but from the patterns I can be sure that it’s only going to continue to get worse, like the Nasi does one little chess move-type thing each day to corral me into this LURE and cover up about everything. They just get high on brain and lounge around underground thinking up ways they can run to take over the world, not any normal interests ever. Another problem is that I look like I’m smoking a “hookah” pipe with the way I’ve found to be doing the oxygen this scam has forced onto me, this phonied-up illness and hospitalization scam. So I worry they make believe that there’s a connection between how I intake this oxygen, I brought with me today because they have me so sick, and their brain-ingesting through hookah pipes. Also there’s the new subject of this “Altai” novel out of Bologna, Italy, and it was written in 2009 and translated to English in 2013 and that possibly coincides with first my research on Nasi and then that the phony hospitalizations had started being scammed onto me in March 2014, like that possibly I’d been expected to be “disappeared” by one of the hospital scams or another to never see the novel while it had been system-thought up because I’d read that 2001 biography on that Gracia Mendes aunt of Nasi, and the Altai-novel mentions that she had completely silver or white hair when she was 59 years old so that was unexpected and I’m thinking it might only be the silver-haired guys like the recently allegedly departed Stan Lee cartoonist, the Henri Deterding type but nearly 500 years ago now, and-or maybe like the recently departed Mrs. Bush with that solid white or silver hair, as the partner for Nasi, which would be much the same as Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A. Watson as the partnership sneaking around setting up for all this brain-eating.

— I’m trying to get to some regular “Universe Rescue” of any sort type of use of my day and I’m seach-engine looking to see if there are links between the living over water of Venice and with that of Amsterdam and Hokkaido, because I think the Nasi types only come from Hokkaido or Japan in general maybe and that that had let to building Amsterdam by the water-draining to build like on stilts or what from Hokkaido, but then with Nasi Venice comes up as he was touted to be the main enemy of Venice and I’d suspect anymore that that was the opposite of reality, that they’d played that scam as a cover excuse for going to war against 2 sides in order to catch the normal people in the middle and get them to flee for their lives, leaving their homes to these bums. But when I call up for the history of Venice, as is mentioned in the Limitless novel too, then lately I’m always getting this business of the appeal for donations from the Wikipedia. With all kinds of things also this Wikipedia is likely to have come from this parasitism using me for the LURE and watching whatever I do and when, in this ghost-prisonership in that hotel run by a guy who looked like the author of “The Drowning Room” Michael Pye, 

(an author’s photo that I’m using to describe one of the major stereotypes to this invisible-torture to me. This happens to be author of “The Drowning Room” novel, Michael Pye, but he looks just like a figure that had become the management-owner of the residential/welfare hotel I’d gotten stranded in through most of the 1990s and the stereotype has now started this invisible-torture for at least the 4th time in these 25 years that I’ve been aware of this “Armageddon Show” off of me, so it’s an emergency for me today, 11/19/18.)(and this type has reappeared again recently and might be running a “‘magic’ show” off of me again like there, in San Francisco from 1994-2000, this type showing up maybe by 1997 it was,) that when I’d moved in I could only go to thrift shops for things for not being homeless by, for household items, and I found those books at a St. Vincent’s where then they only charged a quarter per hardcover book and I started collecting single encyclopedia volumes and sat hiding in a corner of the hotel room floor cutting out and then combining the articles into files and I think that’s where the system got the Wikipedia idea from and then they destroyed the Washington library during my ten years there and the attitude was that everything’s on computers now you don’t have to have books anymore but I couldn’t use the computers because of all my “difficulties” of being at the bottom of how those Revelation threats have now been put through to this “New Jerusalem” age we’re in, so now they’ve been letting me do this blog and use the search-engine, the given search-engine, me not knowing how to use anything else except what the system’s set up that I can only use, and I refer to Wikipedia for a quick survey on the history of anything I’m trying to look into and increasingly it’s these increasingly-bad appeals for money, like 3 out of the last 4 or 5 days it’s been, and this is just a further of the Nasi’s de-educating trick where they want excuses for cutting people off from information, have made the normal people all into refugees and they slyly disappear the normal books and replace them with their own propaganda types and their computers and then they’ll take those away too, intimidating me with these begging for money signs over the Wikipedia that really they’d worked up from this Armageddon LURE -abuse to me, as typical Nasi modus operandi.

12/14/18, Friday, the torture’s off the wall.

12/18/18, Tuesday, trying to learn about the stock market has me realizing the global-parasite “magicians'” Armageddon was going so well having me ghost-prisoner in San Francisco much the same as now in Houston that they’d begun the NASDAQ off of this host-victiming (sic) Armageddon putsch off of little nobody me. That’s a big big thing; trying to explain that the same invisible-torturers run the global-economy all these years. And maybe they’re reprising that 1995-2000 modus operandi (holocaust) now, are just repeating a pattern that’s worked for them in the past. I’m thinking that that Frida Kahlo wife of the muralist Diego Rivera makes a good example for the “magicians'” mentality, that that’s all there is, and they’re obsessed with making Diego “Alpha and Omega.” Again, the torture’s “off the wall” for me to be coping with.

12/20/18, Thursday, the animals just disappeared the blog from the screen, which they haven’t done since I’ve been here at this library in this town heretofore. All I could do was call it up and then press the sign out and then call it up and log in.

1/5/2019, It’s really bad with this “possessing” rectal-bag “Jomon” or Ginsberg-type all over me, 3 days indoors of that.

1/16/19, things are real piled up on me.

— Another LURE-connected trick. The LURE-connected tricks are piling up. It’s looking like I was only given the mailing address because of the LURE and that’s where it’s been being run from, that horror of last month. Now they’re doing another “trick” of a vacuum-insuck noise maybe from outside, maybe from a different terminal, it’s just all all garbage all over me, waking me in the middle of the night so I can’t get an early start again today for instance, it’s all crime everywhere around and around me. It seems that one or more groups around the mailing address and place I found the rented room at all plan on just suck-living off of having me tortured by what still seems like the regular “Jomon ‘director'” of this “Armageddon Show/Program” of these decades, that they’re like a circus ringmaster role telling the parts of their LURE how to do the “tricks” to drive me ill.

One of the tricks is this with some weirdo “follower” that’s just appeared from nowhere, some Bible-freak with nothing to do with anything I’m talking about but being a mass-reproduced place-holder type of a population-nobody for gathering a LURE together for its also’s suck-living then, if it’s even a person, where the “intelligence” just makes up whatever they want to. I might have to change terminals as this vacuum-suction noise is getting worse. — Then while they’d planted this email that I have some weirdo for a blog-follower where I don’t know where they got any following-permission from, simultaneously the system had some weirdo guy sitting across from and keep trying to get my attention while I’m trying to do this, similar to how this vacuum-suction noise keeps coming at me. The guy across from me is similar then to this alleged new follower, not a responsibly-behaving adult type at all but a stereotype immersing himself in Bible study, which is the opposite of what I’m trying to get across, both the alleged follower and the kid across from me are that same type was going on and when I got out of the library the system did this “Amber Alert” 2 or 3 times so I couldn’t use the cellphone unless I press that the Amber Alert is “OK” and it isn’t “OK” or anything else to abduct a child, why do they want one to press an OK sign for? It drives me nuts and the cellphone is frozen unless I take out the battery and re-start it, which I did twice to get that — this typing on doesn’t belong in the WARNING file, let me skip ahead then to that then I got a voicemail and then an email and then another email from some mental health person in response to a letter for assistance by getting a contact name to me here that I’d written to the group that had given me this new mailing address, so I’m guessing that they gave me the mailing address because they’d learned that this is a free and clear LURE, I’m denied assistance on the basis of this phony old 1989 mental health trick scam that had been run on naive me, trying to sign up for some disability fund because of all these tricks against me being able to have and keep employment, because it’s all for the nepotism-system and I come from this, other aspect of this horror-spate of additional difficulties around this LURE use of me, which reminds me that I just now had checked on what this “follower’s” little information is about and there’s rambling about some Great Commission Bible-connected, which is the same as all this Revelation crap. I’m pretty sure the bums had simply-enough stolen the first writings from one of my unfortunate ancestors, which is like some of the material I’m trying to get up onto the real-life blog, but trying to get out of the torture and doing anything proactive about rescuing “the Universe,” rescuing intelligent Earth-maker from watching all this f**** (=feces,) haven’t anything in common, the trying to get the torture off of me takes me away from useful thinking.

Feb. 18, Monday – The system’s doing high-holocaust behaviors all over me the like it’s a joke modus operandi. I have alot to do to try to do this real Universe rescue-attempt and I can’t guess why the whole system competes against me all the time, etc., same old, same old. The new material is going to be going at the end of the Older Posts now, somehow.

March 9, 2018, Saturday, things are as bad as usual. Now I’m trying to put the blog backwards so that the current attempts are at the bottom of all the posts.

31/14, the jew-animal is out of control with making up things, hallucino-world all over little me, just makes up “themes” for each day of my own and slathers them all over uninvolved in that made-up c*** me. I sat down at the library finally for today and they start the molestation-torture. the ugly stupid “Jomon” probably gave their women and children to the Autists to eat and so can’t stand for any real families and invented this made-up garbage world.

3/18/19, Monday, seems that 2009 “Breakshot” account by Kenny “Gallo” is a part of the Armageddon Program off of oblivious me, the “Jomon” going nuts with the sneak-directing people all around me to beat me to trying to get any assistance, going on since Saturday real bad with some “magic” show ritual at a library I’d had to detour to on Saturday, then it’s been filth since about 4a.m. so that I’d be a wreck now when I get to this Park Place and Broadway library; all about that Green Haven prison’s being like a backyard for the fraud-parent and all interconnections with my going to Brooklyn two times, in 1992 and then in 2002-05 more or less.

4/8/19, Monday, it is really really bad, LURE for the “holiday” or Spring slaughter-time of the Autist-system calendar year I guess that this is but it’s — unreal. For a long time I’ve been saying that there’s no such thing as anyone’s being the world’s most-tortured person three times over, that that would be begging for the whole good riddance of the sadistic-parasites infested Earth and that really seems to be what the insane bums are pushing for, that EVERYTHING must go if they can’t live being parasites in charge of everything their own selves.

4/11/19, Thursday, found a trouble-making specific sentence, possibly one planted for causing the trouble, the Armageddon. Now I found out they’d, together, made a film just recently too that uses a title I’d be likely to notice since it was used for a book about that lady “Candy” that’d been married to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s main originator Jack Parsons, that the whole subject is incendiary and seems all on-purpose and then this is the worst time of the year for the murder-slaughter system’s delugement of “us all,” all the normal people, so the bums have practically got me bodily paralyzed by their invisible tortures to mind and body, sitting all all over me. Be careful not to take sides, that that’s the worst of their gimmicks, is how they run this c*** off of me, tricking normal people to get involved and merely even think that they should quit whatever all it is that they’re doing to me, etc. Maybe I’ll just try to do some of that rote typing or what today to get through since it makes not any difference, nobody normal could do anything if they could learn about this which they can’t unless, like this business I’m stuck in now, unless the system’s planted for things to fall that way for their trick way of how they operate in this world-takeover for their selves.

“Holiday” Memorial Day weekend, the petroleum-LURE is all over me, I can’t find a way to move to a place where these parasites haven’t yet entrenched themselves all over me.

8 July 2019, now it’s been the “patriotic ‘holiday.” I guess anyone finding this would already have seen this about that that big book, novel, “Infinite Jest” was one of these cover-up and rituals the system does, this for obscuring this invisible-torture to me, that that Abscam scandal was largely a cover-up for that the real thing was to spread pornography and underworld and Armageddon by making pornography of me, like by request of the fraud-parent when I’d gotten out of the army and moved to san francisco, etc. It’s too exhausting to put capital letters about, the pornographing “Jomon” type like the Ginsberg super-torturing because of the phony holiday and that I’ve left that about that dinosaur expert, me getting terrorized for writing that on Saturday and not thinking how I could put it away and now that it’s Monday, the library open again, I feel it’s too true to be stuffing it away like it’s been all this time, but they’re really scary and thin-veiledly threatening.

July 30, 2019, Tuesday, it’s like they’re doing the “Tourist Season,” season on tourists, LURED unawares people, “show” off of me now, same as most of all those years in Washington, DC. It was generally from Memorial to Labor day a bad spree on/off of unawares-mostly me, then tapering off to mostly the extended weekends of Thursday to Monday morning’s big aftermath -kill.

6 August, the swine are all plastered all over me doing their Hindu-Jomon “magic” circus mental deviants’ acts, just laying all over me inside and out, proud of their “Chandra and Levy ‘talents'” being shown off-exhibited off of me trying to live and function. S***-retards got the terminal cut off on — also they’d done the insomnia-torture last night that makes my mind weak and therefore easier to control then they have the murder-circus performers doing their tricks around me and that’s how they sneak-turned off the computer to get me upset now. God help me they’re bringing their cockroach-Hindu-types around me now too, the slithery-girls

12 August 2019, Monday, the torture is wearing me down, all terrorized now as I walk into a set up in this “shuttle” branch library after having had to buy some stamps at the local post office. The animals, I mean other people, all did like the noise that is made at a child’s birthday party as I walked in and then all the usual seats had people sitting in them so that I’d be “forced” to sit at one of the other places, for this episode, the jew terrorize-gimmicking over that tomorrow’s my (64th) birthday, so they all like did a suck-in to blow out the candles sort of a group noise around the library desk as I walked in and already there’d appeared to be 2 of the fraud-parent types at the entrance and some other peculiarities, a “Fleetshare” vehicle outside when I’ve just been putting together more of this David Foster Wallace chronology as correlated with what’s been going on with me and then me with this “Armageddon Show/Program/-making.”

13 August, the terminal did the sneak-cutting off without a notice and I’m so bad off that I couldn’t recall that I hadn’t signed out of here, had only just saved whatever I was working on, and had then gone to look the assassin of the Beatle-head, Lennon, and in the swirl of the conjunction of these other current subjects — did Rosemary’s Baby take place at the Dakota apartments, was my question I’ll go look up now but there’s all real-life stuff around me and this Armageddon-doing. Then I didn’t know “who” to make a mention of it to that I hadn’t logged out and I’ve got so many parasites crawling all over me and this for the Armageddon that — in fact, I’ve got a social media difficulty similar, right on this same subject of people faking being me, where they send notices to check for messages from fraud-family members, there are 2 of those, and I’ve finally gotten into my social media files and don’t see anything at all from either of them and in fact there’s some other difficulty that involves them that’s vanished from there, etc. for all this system’s identity-lying, etc.


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kathyfoshay posted: “WARNING- Please read the WARNING/S file above here, and see the bottom of this post for updates; 9/26/18, the brain-eaters took over by using me as this LURE- gimmick all these decades now. 7/3, WORDPRESS, I didn’t put any “cookies” on

here and don’t ”

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WARNING-Please read the LURE WARNING/S Above Here 1st

by kathyfoshay

WARNING- Please read the WARNING/S file above here, and see the bottom of this post for updates; 9/26/18, the brain-eaters took over by using me as this LURE- gimmick all these decades now. 7/3, WORDPRESS, I didn’t put any “cookies” on Read more of this post

The invisible warfare gave me the deathly slug-pneumonia again and I can barely see, walk or feed myself, lack of appetite exacerbated by lack of stores I can get snail-pace toddled to. Now they’re giving me nausea of I might have to leave even earlier than I’d thought. Last night they did all kinds of weird computer=plus “magic” dreams around this goat business and veiled threats that I’ll lose the blog because of those “Shahan-666’s” horror attacks onto me alone out here, in Houston, which is like a sprawling petroleum-paradigm gas station. Now I’m too sick to see what they’re threatening about Comments in the goat-area, can only try to look up Urbino right now, as being where that “Me-kill-angelos” might have come from, Francesco or Francisco d’Urbino, but whatever the specifics then insanely-conceited Him-kill-angelos then mass-reproduced itself and has been using me for that all my life.

I don’t notice anything there more than anywhere else, just the usual. I have to sign off and leave these people alone from this sickening sputum difficulty I’ve got. I think I’ll try camouflaging the controversial file with this one by copying this one from the bottom, because they’re just invisibly beating me up left and right, like Stan Lee from the Bronx or Manhattan’s famous 4 or however that goes, all over this LURE.

4/30/19, Tuesday, If anyone would/could assist me it could possibly get looked up who I’d delivered the package to on Capitol Hill on Friday April 6, 2001, around 3p.m. or so and the whole TOTAL EXTINCTION BOUND system could start quietly getting dismantled, straightened out and put back together quietly again. This “Jomon” that directs this invisible-warfare Armageddon “show” or what lies they call it all over me only sneak-added some line that I don’t want anyone to help assist me around 2008 when my letters for assistance began getting noticeable, and these invisible direction givers rigged some typical meaningless scene where I was trying to look up a book on a library catalog and some of these trained underworld-types wanted to put their hands all over mine on the keyboard and another one told them to quit it because I don’t want any help. That’s all the whole system is based on, made-up hallucino-reality lies, the 2 subjects having nothing to do with each other in reality but ever since then it’s like, leave her alone, she doesn’t want any help, and of course that’s all I do is try to write letters to find responsibly-behaving adult assistance, that I just accidentally got stuck in this position and we have to real-life work our way out of it. I’m thinking of how maybe I could put a Western Union yellow and black logo sign on the sidebar here for that anyone who wanted to try might easily be able to send me some cash for getting myself out of this LURE-situation, and thence of course that could be one small step for a person and giant leap for our species, but otherwise these brain-eaters are just getting away with it because it’s been rigged for themselves for so long.

A.G.Bell 1879, 29 yo.

This is the Smithsonian’s image of young AG Bell. I’m trying to compare it to Michelangels, sic., that all the “art” seems to come from his distorted, cursing mind, some belief that his favored type should own the world and the rest of us shouldn’t exist, and then the favored types could have a good time. I don’t make these things up, but I’m looking into if the Me-kill-angels didn’t get into the mass-self-reproducing of his genes too.

j guide europe . org /en/region/italy/rome/

check Lady of Loreto/Mo. T’s group

Vittoria Colonna

www . academia . edu /33491570/ The_Love_Poems_of_Michelangelo._Translated_and_Introduced_by_James_Cowan

http://www . creationism . org/images/DoreBibleIllus/

check Fra Angelico, crucifixion with the virgin and saints cosmas, john the evangelist and peter martyr.

… (miscellaneous moved to here:) The point though is that they were mass-reproducing people from ovaries by this time here, that that group looks to me like a directed group of “spawn” grown in place of being naturally-there people, and here the “Nasi/Jomon/Me-kill-angelo” type of the thing that directs this Armageddon over and off of me for virtually my whole life, seems to be setting up on purpose for war against the type represented by the baby being taught-trained for war against the dark type of the Nasi-Jome-Me-kill-angelo type, my point being that everything is artificial and comes from ill minds, that his dark hair is a sign and symptom that something is wrong underneath the hair, it is deeply bruised down inside of there, and that could have been inherited from what I’ve been positing as being the Autists, though there’s the possibility that this type was the Autist invaders from the New World after having extincted the dinosaurs and all the large animals evolving over here in the Americas. I just think they’re a deluded middle people caught between the Old and New World “culture clash” and they sided with the psychoto-psychopaths to the extent that they’d become the psychoto-psychopaths, or whatever the specific details, get off of me, be realistic, re-assess in view of the space venture-findings and other things learned in all these centuries of finding out that the world happens to be round and not flat, etc. That place they’re dancing at is like a place near that Chauvet cave that I’d just found. Frida Kahlo insisted that Diego Rivera was frog-like and “frog” is a slang for a French person and I’m starting to think that the cave wall-paintings are from spies doing this takeover in the past centuries, not millennia. I cannot find a picture of Brigitte Bardot’s grandfather Charles Bardot but I’d seen one once and he seems like the Rivera type of looks in retrospect, and then there was a Washington DC lawyer I can’t get any more information on yet that looks like Rivera to me also.

Probate lawyer Edward Schwartz on the Brumidi-Germon estate c. 1919, detail from an Evening Star photo…  (courtesy Boothie Barn dot com.)

Oddly, I can’t find a picture of Rivera except that one fair use because of my/the emergency, but the people who do “art” are all like pariahs that you have to pay to look at it so I’m afraid what would happen over a personal picture, though there are many of him and Kahlo, to compare this against, this lawyer in a business about the famous Capitol-building muralist Constantino Brumidi, some of his work found around 1919. He’d passed where the main library got built then in the 1960s and I’d spent about 10 years trying to get assistance out from this “Armageddon” show or program or real how it’s being trick snuck-through, still. They’re parasites without real-life basis for anything so they still keep hanging onto me as a gimmick for how they’re still doing the same thing as in that book of the Revelation and whatever other war-mongering claims they go by, sneak by by. So it’s on my mind lately that Brigitte’s father might have sired this guy and Rivera and reading Rivera’s Autobiography helps give clues to the “real” history of how we’ve gotten to what life is like today and then to my business about that they’ve never known or cared, that petroleum obsession comes from using it as lit firebombs, incendiaries like the Mendelsohn in Utah in 1943 business and all this other inter-connected business. Here I’m trying to get across that they’ve brain-wash trained all these wrongfully “made” or “grown” or manufactured people into various bizarre thinkings, like teaching the kid how to play war for that Mantegna painting.

Pont-d’Arc, France; click-on.

The search-engine says, somehow, that it’s an eight-minute walk from here to the Chauvet cave.

This is 2km SE of the town of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc and that’s an hour’s walk to the cave, with all the fancy wall-paintings and I think it’s said to be around twice the age Lascaux is said to be, and I’m coming to think they were hide-outs for people like the ancestors of Diego Rivera, as this sneak world-takeover by self-mass-reproducing ovary-thieves and brain-eaters has been going on. I’m just suspicious of the timing of the big article in National Geographic on Chauvet in 2001 and all these other little things that go on to and off of me.

Michelangelo by Holanda c. 1540; click-on.

Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson, Mar. 21 1917, Bell receiving an award in NYC; from their in-house newsletter, Bell Telephone’s, and I figure the photo of this part of their page is fair use. Think I found through the
Google books. I’ll try to put a link to a file on Bell.

I haven’t researched the artist Francisco de Holanda, 1517-1585 Lisbon, but his painting of “Me-kill-angelo” looks just like this photo I’d found last week of Bell and Watson in NY, me trying to figure if Watson had sired Sidney Gottlieb, born 1918 in the Bronx somewhere, and ran across and recall this now. Small world. That Pont-d’Arc might have been the inspiration for the “Parnassus” by Mantegna, maybe reinspired by finding another erosion like that in Italy, but the whole area there is important in that it goes to that “ergot” that LSD is said to be made from outbreak just down the Ardeche River from there and then it goes to Avignon where they’d had those popes for awhile and the place seems to have been headed by the historical person Rene d’Anjou, (d. 1480,) that’s alot of trouble for me. There are those “staircase-beings” in that Krakow painting by Matejko:

This is the only detail-copy I can find yet but I’m just referring to the 3 on the left side, the “Evilene” in front and then one I don’t know to guess about yet and the one at the top that isn’t in this color version well is the type I figure the fraud-parent had come from. I’m starting to suspect it’s an underworld/Jomon hoax to put these little-sized creations into charge of the underworld and it’s locking up of people for the cannibalism/serotonin industries. — I haven’t gotten to this file yet, the Matejko file. I’ll see if I can put a link before closing time here now.

(ignore the particular old caption,) but there are also the “Myrmidon” warriors from the invasion of Troy as being small-sized people that Rene or others might have come from, as we have so many now today, the old large-sized people, — what does the Bible have them as… Nephelim, — gone, what I call “killed and replaced.” Rene d’Anjou was like the #1 of the small-sized people, the whole Renaissance I think being named after his disembodied-ovary offspring-descendants, Rene’s sons, that it might be different from thinking that it was all from King Casimir the Great the III’s work under his castle
















20 August 2019, Tuesday, everything is real real terrible so I’m trying to condense this a bit, moving something that seems less serious, those pictures, to here but everything is worse all the time about this planeticide the system’s making, the bell system i could but won’t trivialize it like this.

*27 August, I had to say to one of the phony plant library clerks as she did the feigning naivete that it’s like a bombardment at me, as she was the one to cross in front of me before I could reach the terminal here this morning, the front gate of the library locked and then a parking lot scene with one of those many guys that looks like that guy who’d taken over from LaVey with that San Francisco church of satan, in a post office worker’s uniform-looking get up, did a scene where then the invisible-torture “jew” pulled out of my mouth what was on my mind, me thinking, World of doo-doo, that this is, that they’d locked the front gate because this is really like a private day care center for the parochial school/s around here, etc., set up that this Monopoly-game named area is. So then they went into the routine of having one of the phony plant-staff do a conspicuous phone call, because I’d explained that it’s like a bombardment coming at me when this last character had done this rote ritual-crossing that they do to me most days when I enter here, for whatever the devil’s purposes. Then they pulled another scene again just now like out of spite for me typing, which is sounding particularly loud but that’s what the animals set me up for knowing that the locked gate, with a big lock on it so I can’t open it, is going to cause as now I’d be faced with the dilly-dilemma of what to do about that great inconvenience to my little self for the double-reason that not only is the walk difficult and they’d put a fraud-parent bum type on the path to boot, but then also I have to bear in mind that the sneaky “jew,” who I’m guessing now emanated from that Rabbi Loew of old Prague, that he was addicted to eating brain and, from Casimir I guess then to him, this system has been created for providing them with that “drug” for themselves, the serotonin, that those live in a hallucino-world of representative-symbolism and me having to walk up a “drive way” is like a mass-game-drive of animals into a pit or off of a cliff, too, that I always have to keep things to be watched out for like that abuse being perpetrated off of me in mind, so my mind was full of all this morning’s horrors and this little tatooed one today did that one more piece of the bombardment on my way here today, everything increased because schoo’s re-starting, and I only told her the truth and she did the playing stupid routine and everything’s likely to turn (more) vicious now, etc.

1:30p, I think I got the “magic-” -bopped off of my main point or the bottom line to what I was trying to express, that that is an all-the-time “magic” trick they always are doing to me. I was trying to, and perhaps did but I can’t look at the above lines to check this yet or at all as then they also just repeated that same trick except with a Hindu-Mex set added to it, that as I was walking up here the driveway route I was saddled with this assinine-trick where I’m then saddled with this invented-moral quandary set of what I’m supposed to do about the locked gate which carries with it that it’s for locking out homeless people from coming to this child-oriented library building, or whatever they’re doing here, that it’s ostensibly for the innocent wee ones but really they’re ejaculo-brainwashing those kids but really it’s not any of my interest, which I should put in bold there, that I can’t ping-pong to these different devil’s tricks and subjects and games all the time, they’ve got the gate locked, to lock out not just myself but also homeless community or people or perverts amongst them from these innocent wee wee products from the st. christopher’s school to the methodist (check that picture of wesley’s male-parent, for instance, that these parasites just paint or draw their faces wherever it can’t be disproved,) front here, so I’m walking up this driveway totally uninterested in anything except my own business, that I can’t worry about what these people system-citizens might or might not be doing or meaning behind unspoken “signs” and world of miscellaneous, but, it is an inconvenience to me and it’s morally wrong to lock the library front gate against homeless people, etc., so that the jew is saddling me with “episodes” around this made-up question, where the gate was only locked to cause difficulties, not any other reason, just creating false- or manufactured-false-reality Armageddon-show to-do script for the day and for their longrun Armageddon, what should I do, when they always know when I’d have to ask a question or report a difficulty here and have scripted-plants waiting to receive my saying-anythings, all that c*** was on my mind, and I cancelled telling the cleaning guy outside doing windows or whatever because he’d just started recently and is obviously planted here for that type of Armageddon-anything availability, and that leaves then any of these library clerks, if there was one that seemed normal do I even want to get invovled in making a “complaint” on my own even’s behalf, forget about the world of prisoners, just me alone, it’s an inconvenience and I’m a very ill torture victim for doing those extra steps around and into one of the driveways or another, and I’d decided to just ignore the situation for today, and that’s when that stereotype in the post office-looking garb had walked out and that made me nervous, his stereotype-face, and then he dropped the keys and-or asked how I am or such and “World of doo-doo…” was on my mind and came out, typical typical Armageddon-trick they’d always done at that shelter-area in Washington, then I feel “guilty” for saying that on such a beautiful morning so the jew-torture feeds on the confusion from the wrongful guilt feeling for having done anything negative, but also the reason I’m typing now is that when I was trying to relate, what if anything should I say to any of the staff inside about the lock on the front gate that this Armageddon-blob on my head knows how to “bop” a person off from getting to the main subject and I’d been bopped off as I typed about that incident and while taking a break just now I reflected, as it’s right out there, on whether I’d gotten to that “moral question-quandary saddling me” trick that the jew always always uses against little me, really, all these sneaky psychology tricks are always sitting like cats on a mouse watching my brain and paw to delete a point that I’m trying to get to, in pulling all this end of the world making conspiracy problem description together, me particularly bad at description to begin with. — Okay, I’d gotten to the point but not into it, that the “dilly-dilemma” is whether I should say anything to anyone here and voila the gate will be unlocked and I will get blamed for any and all perversions emanating from the gate’s having been unlocked, unleashing just any pervert off of the street onto the little ejaculo-learning tykes. They are going to unlock that thing probably and only locked it to cause Armageddon scripts off of me, like this is. But almost nobody uses it except me! it’s really like a threat-insult specifically for me, like one of the joke-insult “Infinite Jest” all day long every day triviae.

3 October, unreal sadism “show” following me so that I couldn’t look up a few things today at the downtown library after going back to see about a bed-space at that “odd” shelter. I don’t like to do it but I have to admit that the place and I really don’t have anything in common to the point where I don’t have any business interfering in their private enterprise, like entering a family-group where you are an undesirable to them stranger, where my attitude is basically like, well I can overlook their religious beliefs because my emergency is this bad, but this time that just won’t work, it’s like they’d have to revamp their place’s lifeways in order to accommodate me with this hidden circus, that they’re all happily running around together today with, all the different kinds of the male parasites’ having a ball making up underground/underworld script-entertainment-LURE off of me trying to do my few simple life necessity-things. The disgustingness of it isn’t describable. It started with me noticing a grape inconspicuously near the bus’s back door this morning, then other similar little idea-of-references to my little business out here dropped similarly around, then downtown it became real bad and I had to turn around and come back to this quieter area as the “show” seemed set to be trying to attract thousands while I did the few things at the library, like dozens and hundreds and thousands of the underground-guys were trying to live off of the people they could catch off of me just today alone for instance.

Oct. 5, It’s like the “show” I’d tried to avoid the 2 days ago has been kept assembled and ready to spring behind my back wherever I go or what I try to do. They’ve got the neighborhood like it’s doing LURE and then fraud-family types all over around me, then they withheld a bus’s arrival while they set it up and I recognized one of the people from getting on at the medical center transit stop after that trip I’d made to the shelter that’s run by the descendant of Marcus Samuel, Shell oil. My nerves went haywire, as is a standard trick after I’ve coped and coped and it just keeps getting worse and I went into my spiel that I’m not an underground person and then about Hindu “shows” I’m not any involved with, when one of the handicapped people went to script-ask me some contrived anything or another as it was finally time to board the bus, — which leads right into me seeming to be wrongful and I suspect gives the clowns some fabricated excuse for scrutinizing whatever I’m then doing as I got off of the bus and was followed by a Hindu-Mex family-type group full of those ejaculo-boys, and I’d demurred for the kid to get back, that I really can’t stand the sight of them since last January.

Oct. 21, It’s turned personally super-vicious, like being (Armageddon-) ambushed by all different kinds of the system’s parasites working in concert with each other.

Oct. 26, s*** overload, the jew dragging in all kinds of the Armageddon methods dumped onto my poor little real self, all kinds of hallucino-make believe themes headed for the holocausting way the “jew-sikhs” and their black-haired loves and the 666-boys are bringing the planet to closure, leaving their stench-filth behind for eternity.

Oct. 31, I have to leave things like this but as usual the invisible torture is way ahead of anything I can only try to do. It’s only coincidence about that this is one of their “holidays.”

16 Dec. 2019, Monday, the “jew,” jew/s, out of control with invisibly-manipulating myself through this LURE’s invisible-torture, I can’t guess what they’re doing but it’s insane all over poor little, tiny, me. I’ll put this in the regular daily notes but it’s worse than usual sneaky inane insanity.

Jan. 18, 2020, Apparently this invisible-torture to me is more or less from that “MKUltra” program and its director’s being from near where I’d grown up in the Bronx, that they’d set up something there. Research is difficult but worse is that I’ve got this/these Allen Ginsberg-lookalikes 24/7 laying all over to “magic” sabotage my health and abilities to function to try to get into these libraries to keep this blog and looking for assistance for myself. The disgusting things doing invisible “Armageddon Now” directing the strangers around me. I’m dying largely from lack of human contact as they keep everyone away from actually speaking with me ever and these atrocities all started back by 1960, etc.

File:Allen Ginsberg 1979 - cropped.jpgGinsberg, 1926-1997 I don’t have anything in the file except the creative commons 1.0 license to using this, but this is more or less like what’s laying all over every moment of my life. I hadn’t noticed it in all the confusion of everything’s being so close together in Washington (DC) and then it started becoming annoying that it wouldn’t go away in Florida in 2018 and it started those “Jurassic Park” growling animal noises all the time, but now that I’m just in this quiet horror area of Houston it’s apparent that this blob is laying all over me and then “following” me out of the rented room to the libraries or grocery shopping errands that I can only try to do and it’s killing me and is largely what gets my communications from others intercepted for their brain-serum industry to staying high and doing “magic” and running the planet off of making copies of their own brain-eating selves, “lsd,” etc.

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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4 Responses to WARNING-Please read the LURE WARNING/S Above Here 1st

  1. kathyfoshay says:

    I thought I’d turned that Akismet off.

  2. kathyfoshay says:

    They seem to simply be another weapon.

  3. Kathy F. says:

    15 May 2020, Friday; the LURE, its invisible tortures, and its tricks are about the same. It doesn’t seem this place could be worse than near the Capitol but it might be. I woke to find my medical condition suddenly improved and then realized it’s the anonymouses’ weekend LURE that’s likely the psychology for that trick, it’s so disgusting, the bums, “St. Christopher and the Pill-grim boy, Aiwass and Crowley-666,” proliferating mass-reproductions of themselves to voyeur and ejaculate, bowel-bums’ big production holding me ghost-prisoner, but then for making petroleum out of people, this is an area….

  4. Kathy F. says:

    15 May 2020, Friday; the LURE, its invisible tortures, and its tricks are about the same. It doesn’t seem this place could be worse than near the Capitol but it might be. I woke to find my medical condition suddenly improved and then realized it’s the anonymouses’ weekend LURE that’s likely the psychology for that trick, it’s so disgusting, the bums, “St. Christopher and the Pill-grim boy, Aiwass and Crowley-666,” proliferating mass-reproductions of themselves to voyeur and ejaculate, bowel-bums’ big production holding me ghost-prisoner, but then for making petroleum out of people, this is an area….

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