L.A. County Museum of Art’s copy of this GF Schmidt 1769 etching “after Rembrandt,” they have titled as being “A Bearded Man Wearing a Turban,” from the estate of Howard de Forest.

  • I just found this photo of Rene Dubos the other day, don’t know what it’s doing up here. I’ll have to try to “straighten it out” later. (6/29.)
  • 14 May 2019, just like I’d had to go through all kinds of delaying perambulations before I finally saw that this is a PD item yesterday I’m realizing the system is doing wild hallucino-reality things with behind-my-back underworld-charging me for copyright violations — that don’t exist in real life. I only can guess about 2 of them so far and they’ve got some other one I can’t figure out about yet. It’s like I got that “Easter” slug-pneumonia near-death illness over this lie regarding that I’m doing any copyright violations. I’m titling this “C.A.R.P.” because there was some big thing about this in 2001 at a job I’d had, where they had me always going to Capitol Hill with paperwork on this C.A.R.P. copyright law business, that I didn’t and don’t fully understand; there was simultaneously another important copyright law business going on on Capitol Hill, the one involving the musician called Snoop Dog I think that that one involved, more in the news than the proceeding that I was always going there about for awhile, first by cab and then by bicycle regularly back and forth, till the Sept. 11 and then the Anthrax business. Whatever the various details the bums have been sneak-torturing me and I’m only guessing that it’s connected in particular to one of the books I’d been referring to for awhile, and then this morning I put together that there’s some similar “copyright violation” trick they’re running also, and then like I said there seems to be some 3rd one. In fact the 3rd one might even somehow have to do with the “Breakshot” book that I’m trying to get a permission on right now, but I didn’t take a copy of the picture that I want the permission on so I can’t guess why I’d be getting violation-tortured over that, maybe it’s just something about the general stereotype that that’s about.

I don’t really like to discuss what the torturers are doing to me and one of the reasons for that is that perhaps it excites them too much, thence leading to more of the same torture for more of and increased of the excitement from getting mentioned and that’s feeling of powerfulness, that this Autism seems to have. Speaking of which, the only time, to my thinking, that I have ever done an actual copyright violation was with Sean Barron’s “There’s a Boy In Here” Autism memoir but I was so sick with that slug-pneumonia and all these “tricks” being done all over me that I felt there was the life and death clause, in the Jewish religion at least, that would say it was okay/fair use that I’d made a copy of Barron’s whole book in case the library disappeared the only copy on me when I’d had to return it but desperately believe/d that it was the best description of the Autism that’s bringing us to real extinction, available, and it might have been disappeared on me and I wouldn’t have a back-up copy anywhere. I was so sick at the time that in leaving the copy shop, May or June of 2007, I’d actually had to do a little crawling to get up the street away from there, was barely able to stand or walk and scared that the book would be gone and I’d never see a copy again, was the circumstance I was dealing with, which I felt excused the seeming otherwise violation, doing it just for a back-up copy in case the library copy was taken away by the “tricks” all over anything I do, etc. The book had been published in 1992.

Now I’m looking at that “Palestrina mosaic” and I can’t find a PD copy without the “strings” that it was donated to Wikipedia by somebody that you ought to attribute it to, in this case the name Yann Forget. These attributable-names on these things almost always seem like they might be too-peculiar, that having to tag the piece with those letters or numbers is like some sort of a jinx or curse onto the piece’s being understood properly or without any “strings” or connected curses onto it. If you want to use the Wikipedia copy you should say that you’d gotten it from a name like that? The piece seems real controversial in that it’s my impression it was made by someone trying to describe how they’d been sneak-invaded and made prisoner, that the mosaic came from broken pieces, I think someone had extemporized trying to communicate with the smashed objects’ leftovers, nothing like all these Nile-interpretations I’m reading about now.

4:30p.m., there’s been being all kinds of LURE-seeming behavior all day and it’s getting worse. Also there seems to be a theme or set up over that book, “God Is Disappointed In You” as though I’m secret-world charged with copyright violation on it, one of the characters here earlier’s seeming to be connected to that book, as though that Mark Russell author but looking like that guy I’d known in 1978 in San Francisco, that I don’t like to mention his name, whole bad scene/trick that that was onto me, etc., but then that guy’s friend seems connected to the partner-author of the same book now, whole big “Armageddon Show” scam that the system seems to have been running all these years, like getting that book published as an entrapment-trick onto me, with those few illustrations that I’d thought were so useful but they seemed that way because they’d been set up for me to find probably, then the illustrator is one of the Shahan-types. Now they’re all sneak-around me and, say, scenes with Houston police and helicopters overhead and people dropping idea-of-reference phrases behind my back here where in fact, they are acting strange and walking too close right now, etc. … When I’d gotten sick, I haven’t been able to describe that yet, it was also like ideas of reference to that book’s author and or illustrator or both maybe, 2 faces that had been being flashed in front of my brain’s eyesight, I’d been being tortured by while too ill to be able to do anything, and I’d thought that I have to come in and find that material and get it off of here but I’d thought that same thing when they’d done the same illness after their December same holiday-type, first that one and now the Easter-time they’d done these illnesses to me. Now they’ve got a baby crying. But then when I’m able to get here to the blog the same torture makes it difficult to impossible for me to stick with trying to find these “copyright violation” small pieces that are likely somewhere here, where there’d been 4 illustrations that I’d thought might be “God Is Disappointed In You” useful here and they’re mostly just on pdfs with alot of other things, just storaged because of this emergency-situation I’m always in. There’s that book and there’s a character they use around the bungalow that looks like the author of the book on Minneapolis that has that or a Foshay Tower photo that I’ve also got just somewhere here, and they’re underworld-killing me out here based on these teeny tiny things AND, mainly, as though or as hallucino-though what I’m doing here is somehow “art” or dilly-dallying and not adult real life communication attempt in view of that they have all the law enforcement inter-connected with their underworld so that there isn’t any law enforcement against their insane mass-murdering selves, that this isn’t some personal fun I’m doing this for, it’s the sole way I can try to human-communicate attempt that we’ve got mass murderers taking the planet (and all of biology, etc.,) to death. So they trivialize it by saying that my trying to discuss this book that the system had probably published just for this set up onto myself for this same “Armageddon Program” is somehow a violation. I’d used that “Blame Game” cartoon mostly, then the little Jomon-guy with the protest sign that had said The End Is Near and I’d altered that to the title of the book, thinking any “legit” authors wouldn’t mind such, then that cartoon of a Jesus on a cloud saying Encore, Encore, to nuclear bombings, and what was the other one I’d thought might be useful… I can’t recall, maybe there wasn’t another one, I’d recall later this evening probably, but I have to go find and delete any of that I could find, plus also look for the Minnesota material, where then I don’t right now know if the author’s photo is in that same location or if I’d stored that somewhere different, and there’s only half an hour left to today so you’d figure I’d pick this back up tomorrow but my head is always all “screwed around” by this “Jomon” Armageddon Program-directorship, whatever all this invisible to me crap, c***, is.

15 May, — waiting for a book at the central library, because I keep thinking that an awful lot of females might have been descended from Pancho Barnes, but they largely have that hairstyle that Annette Funicello had had, combed over to one side like that so I keep going back to if she could possibly have been “from” Barnes and to try to see if that’s any po- tt there it i — nope, still waiting, — you’d have to know what a person’s male parent was doing about 9-10 months before the person’s birth, what possible link between Barnes out in the California desert and Utica’s Mr. Funicello could there be, and there’s no mention of his life outside of that they’d moved from Utica to Los Angeles when Annette was 4 years old, over and over again it’s all they have to say about him so I’m trying to get a look at — in fact I should even turn this terminal off and move to the one next to here where I’d have a clear view of when/if the book is finally brought up from the closed stacks area to here, — too late, someone just got the seat. I feel like they’re “pulling my leg” and are only going to stall and stall in turning over this book because this “Jomon” has been getting worse and worse with the Armageddon Program since that last slug-pneumonia bout I’m just starting to get over now. I didn’t have any particular plans for what to do here today, wasn’t going to sign up for a computer but they didn’t understand what I was talking about in requesting the book or some such so this time it’s really supposed to be up anytime in the next 12 minutes…. What else could I do today. I’d already found 2 books when I came back to find they hadn’t understood that I wanted to look at this book today, so I don’t have anything more I have to do here, just anxious to get myself back out into the normal air, don’t like these indoor air conditionings, and I have to go grocery shopping, where that’ll be a big Jomon-done scene too, like they have a special relationship with the Kroger stores that they go ape when I have to shop at one. I think there was some possibility I could go to the WalMart but I don’t really think I have the energy for that, just want to get this Annette book looked at and find out if maybe she’d come from Pancho Barnes!

— They got married April 17, 1941. This says she’d, Annette’s mother, had had blue-black hair, whereas I’d seen somewhere it’d been red. She was born Oct. 22, 1942.

nearby Rome Air Depot, vehicle repair during wwii. house trailer onto black 1940 dodge, 9-month old Joey. p11 about a lady born with 7 “veils” = lyers of tissues from the amniotic sac = to the gift of prophecy. Michael born in 1952. — Nothing, sound completely real and normal, except for that little nearby Air Depot work that was likely after Annette was born. I can’t sit here hogging this terminal and doing that reading but I don’t think there’s much more to do and I can leave here in a few more minutes now. Any connection with Jimmy Doolittle or — any oil companies. Her father was, it sounds like, basically an auto mechanic. I think he and his brother had a garage where they did repairs. Then they’d moved right to L.A., not out near the desert anywhere that might have been a link to the airplane industry, no mentions of any airplanes. That “pushed over” type of the hairdo though, I’d seen alot of ladies with that sort of hairdo and thought there might be some connection between their genes, which might have come from Pancho, and Annette’s, but it sounds like she was a normal birth from her own parents….

5/16, Thurs., it’s like everything is a big tragedy for me, trying to function through this. The Annette Funicello book was normal-seeming right to the next to last photograph and that made me start going back over some of it. I forgot to check how she’d met her second husband. It didn’t occur to me till later that she’d looked more like Elizabeth Taylor than Pancho Barnes, and checking now it looks like an ovae would have been taken from Taylor when she was about 10 years old, which I think is how the system has usually been working all these centuries, taking the reproductive matter from children for making people by. Then I’d wonder ovae from Taylor in 1942 fertilized by Marcello Mastroianni might have been how she’d gotten the big deal about being Italian. I’d thought of Pancho Barnes because Barnes’ grandfather had made that funicular in (I think) Pasadena, Funicello, funicular. Then the stereotype that I’d seen alot of had started around 1960, on that “French Connection” Longfellow Avenue. Barnes was born about 1901, that Taylor could conceivably (never a pun here) have come from her…. Ill thoughts but the reality is far worse than I could ever describe.

to donate to wikipedia, only as an example this is, to the sucking demons always all over my brain, they have the name of their bank and its market st., sf address, then:

ABA/ACH: 9 digits

A/C# also 9 digits, and that’s how they do a deposit-only bank transfer.

On June 18, 2018, the United States announced a proposal to create the United States Space Force as a new branch of the United States Armed Forces,[5] and on August 9, 2018, further announced a plan to have the new service established by 2020.[6]

— They’re doing all these creepy horror tricks like not letting useful-seeming photos get through to here.

5:30p.m., they cut me off because I was trying to do something on the cellphone and hadn’t hit a key in awhile.

I recalled that the other illustration from that 2012, Marietta, GA published “God Is Disappointed In You” book of summaries of the 66 books was the cover illustration, where it’s like the hand of God is coming down from the sky and going Plick! to a destitute person, funny from the ironicism or that someone would think of that at all, ludicrous or whatnot that it is it’s amusing for that reason, that, That’s how unimportant you are! in the scheme of things; you’re gone, plick, bye.* [*Check 5/24 for more on this.]

The “tricks” that they’re doing to me are like that I finally got an okay-looking selfie, learning how to do the 10-second timer and finding a way of propping up the camera so I could do this hands-free and whatnot, and I got and sent it just across the street from here and then I edited it some and sent it again and “the system/the bums,” whatever these powers-that-be are wouldn’t let it arrive to here, kept it in the Outbox of the gmail and then I kept trying to re-send the 1st one and it just vanished, the one I’d sent and then edited it and I’d liked the first one better than the edited one but it’s vanished, just disappeared for good and the other one is still in the outbox, for no reason, me then getting stuck trying to do this other task that had just gotten me cut off for not striking a key for possibly maybe for ten minutes but I don’t think I hadn’t checked the screen here for more than 4 minutes and the bums just felt like plicking this off and as usual then I have to try to at least mention that there’d been this technical difficulty because I’m always sick with worry about what those fraud-parent-things might be being used for underneath wherever I go, that it’s all scary and disgusting for me 24/7, the monsters now molesting me all the time while I’m trying to sleep so that I’m always too tired in the morning to care to wake up syndrome, etc., all kinds of horrors and they’re all gratuitous and there’s never been any sort of a human word or explication for any of this to me, and just my poor little self barely able to get down the few things I manage to about all these years of this, and all I’m doing is fretting how I could get hold of that “Breakshot” Kenji guy and the next thing is to try reaching him — see how I always have to think out about any plans and then the bum “mind readers” know what my plans are and thwart them before I can get to them, etc….

May 18, Saturday, Cristobal Colon is Christopher Columbus in Spanish.

CARP also on that book with the 1-page I’d made of the book’s summary of the book of Revelation.

They’ve got some typical weirdo-torture going on here now at this library, like forcing me to change my seat away from one of the fraud-parent-type things.

https ://paleorama . wordpress . com /2011/05/15/testimonio-el-secreto-de-las-reproducciones-de-los-hermanos-kennis-kennis/ = this is that “Wilma” Neanderthal mannequin statue back page photo, photos by Joe McNally but around 2016 AAAS bought the rights to them. October 2008 the article was, cover story, also photographer = David Liittschwager, article written by Steve Hall, editor Jamie Schreeve. hazel instead of blue eyes.

Marina Allende, from a farm near El Sidron, a cave in northern Spain where Neanderthal fossils were found, demonstrates how a modern human woman compares with a Neanderthal woman. photo by joe mcnally/ngs

Also there’s the June 1962 article, A Sikh Looks at America, that I’m looking for a copy of.


Empress Elisabeth 1837-98, click.









try power and volume down buttons at the same time = a shot of what’s on your screen

san disk sd card = settings, storage

manual.pixi7 — and —  manual.sonic = in media file

ghent burgundy confluence of scheldt and leie rivers, ck colmar

— I have to fit in about this army person i’d met named maybe jim whalen, that he’d worked at whatever they’d called — mental hygiene i think it was called, and he was a friend of norm’s where once we’d made a visit for a lunch to i’m pretty sure it was colmar and once maybe twice we’d gone to dinner at their apartment, then when i’d been trying to learn to garden i think there was some connection to me requesting the doo-doo from kenneled dogs that maybe they kept at mental hygiene or that those were next door to there or what, where everyone or the reading matter said that dog isn’t anything like cow manure, it doesn’t do any good for the soil but, trying to save money probably i’d requested those sweepings, which was a dumb thing to do, laughingstock sort of a thing. I’m thinking about this guy now because it suddenly occurred to me that he was a “Shahan, etc.” type and I’m a little uneasy about having made a trip to Colmar with such, that that had likely been one of the ritual set ups. I’m pretty sure norm’s friendship with him was based on their wanting to do some “swinging” with his wife, a korean lady, but when the subject was lightly raised it was out of the question for me, inconsiderable thing.

Petrucci-Deckerts, Castle Hill, Bronx. Check, the history of multiple sclerosis, 2005, t. jock murray, demos medical publishing, ny, paraplegia, Scheiden Holland 1380, Lidwina born with it, Leeywenhoek, Antoni von, 1794 Augustus d’Este, 1824, Charles Prosper Ollivier d’Angers, 1863 E. Leyden summarized, Charcot and Edme Vulpian paper, ck charcot professor rayer, 1879 wm osler presented 3 cases in montreal, 1885 Pelizaeus family of 12 cases. https ://archive . org/details/journalofdisappo00barbuoft/page/n8 — he died at 28, of m.s.

1306 e. gun hill road, 10469, had been the Lion King tire shop for awhile.

5/20, Monday, cannot get anywhere, everything I try to do is thwarted by this s.o.s***.  As I figured out the camera-timing the bums broke my charger so that they’re playing all the time with the battery on the cellphone’s running out. The only thing I got done was clothes wash, finally, that I hadn’t done it after being ill, which is generally one of the things that helps me to put an illness-spate behind me, getting that cleaned up and I barely was able to get it done today, wouldn’t even have except that the only place with good bread is also right near the laundromat I finally tried, at broadway and w. bellfort instead of the smaller one I’ve been going to, but then I got here and, what I really am trying to do is get in touch with that guy Kenji and for that I’d need to get onto that main social media, me having signed out, deactivated, the other one.

21 May, big deal about this 2005 commencement speech by 2011 suicide David Foster Wallace, some fiction writer b. 1962 around Ithaca I think. Now a note-attempt about this

Palestrina Mosaic, Dal Pozzo copies of it, 1976 Helen Whitehouse, 97 pages, copies from the collection of the royal library at windsor castle. Checking to see if that’s the one I’d looked at at the LOC, as that Meyboom, PGP, 1995, one is over 400 pages so that wasn’t it and then one foreign language choice and something about mosaics at the NSIC is all they have.

These 2 are together to get to that commencement speech:

https ://web . archive . org/web/20080213082423/

http ://www . marginalia . org/dfw_kenyon_commencement.html

I found it in trying to track this Aiwass business. “Shooting the master” is likely to be what that might be connected to. These “masters,” the Aiwass-and-666 and their brain-eating consortium are way out of control in this living off of me becomes more so each day of this, limit I’m at, that they haven’t any “compunction” about this doing their world-takeover off of little Kathy Foshay is too much…. All those bums, that they (seem to) think absolutely nothing about that this is how they’ve done/are doing their world-ownership, hiding behind doing it off of little kathy me all these decades, that it’s “inconceivable” that they could live with just being such bums. And the lying about everything else also of course goes with this subject. Thinking about the Palestrina mosaic too for an instance of that, of this — this overload-thing, deluge of false-information and swearing to it that they do, calling it a mosaic of the Nile. I’d thought of the word for this standard deluging practice earlier but can’t recall it now, where they — distraction/drowning out technique.

— It isn’t much but I somehow got a photo up on the re-activated now Twitter or “2nd social media” account, but when I caught on and started doing that uploading from the cellphone here one of those “fraud-parent types” that are big and black walked in, like they’d been doing whenever I’d tried to work on any of the car-hit material, they/the system-people, bring in these big, big types like to scare or trounce onto whatever little thing only it is that tiny little me is trying to do with my own business, like these big black versions of what’s been done with the fraud-parent’s/mr. foshay’s reproductive matter are always adversarial to me, and merely because I finally am figuring out how to do this putting up a photo to try to reach people by again now, when I’m so squashed-down right now is what I’d meant by the not any “compunction,” that these bums think nothing of them all’s running the world off of this secret continuous smashing-down of myself that they do all day long every day all these years and decades now but this is “ridiculous” anymore, for all those many young males like that one now and whatever these other “regulars” here do with their own selves about whatever this is that always goes on behind my back, etc., as I go to these libraries all these years, etc. So I figured how to get a rudimentary start of a photo-set because I suspect that both the social media’s pages work the same way and in fact so does this except that I don’t use it, to where you have the “banner” that I’ve got the words in, the brain-eating brain-reading — what’s the other one, brain-damaged brain-eating brain-invaders, I guess it’s the 3 of these all have that set up the same way, and then I don’t use the choice that you can also inset a “logo” somewhere on the heading here but that comes down to this with the 2 pictures that I just did, that the 3 companies’ headings seem to work the same way…. — Now these bums are turning me off for the second time today. Really I’m trying to go to a nearby library, get this, on the hunch that that “Precious” film off of the book called “Push” by a lady that goes by the name Sapphire, that film at least seems to have all been the hallucino-idea-of-references to cover-story for this what the system’s been doing to me all these decades, that that Mr. Wicher was like that guy, teacher, I mentioned here in the footer, Mr. Letterer or Letterman, and the useless mother and raping male-parent and all that crap, that this torture hallucino-claims that that all describes how unimportant doing this to me is, etc. I have to sign out.

22 May, — It looks like Julie Andrews may have “come from” Mabel Bell…. I’m looking up Felini and notice he’s a “Shahan” and see their photo together when she presented him with an Oscar and she looks like Mabel, which is like all that N Street Village business too.

I have so many things I’m trying to get done.

2p.m., a bunch of games around discontinuing the terminal while I was on a break, this “Jew” always on my skull playing games around every single thing I do in the course of each day, piece of s*** riding my skull “affably” -style affect sometimes like this, usually a sort of nocommittal normal-seeming person-seeming thing that thinks it’s a “judge of judges,” judging my each nano-step of my day always going on, doing this whole bunch of crap, like a 3-part hoax-set to this losing me my seat with this new way they’ve “tweaked” this lording over everything and especially these computers way they do. This library’s HVAC is too unhealthy for me and that “tweaks” the bums to pull on my innards more, to tweak how they’re sneak-torturing me with this phonied-up breathing difficulty-set, that it’s really too cold for me to sit in here for such long periods like this but I was quick about getting back to the seat after a food and toilet break and they had some kid sitting there like it was nothing, along with a trick before and after that, etc., etc. about wasting my time all the time. It’s this same “jew” as at the top of this post of course, always more or less that, Ginsberg-type or other slight variations on the same old same old etc. Steven Stefanowicz was the subject I was trying to get back here to get to, found his name in this Seymour Hersh book so I could see if there’s anything new in the search-engine and then it’s recalled that he’d worked for that “CACI” company that’s too peculiar for me.

In the report by Major General Antonio M. Taguba regarding the alleged acts of brutality, abuse, and torture at the Enemy Prisoner of War facility at Abu Ghraib and other Enemy Prisoner of War Camps in Iraq and Afghanistan, Taguba said, “‘Specifically I suspect that Col. Thomas M. Pappas, Lt. Col. Steve L. Jordan, Mr. Steven Stephanowicz and Mr. John Israel were either directly or indirectly responsible for the abuses at Abu Ghraib and strongly recommend immediate disciplinary actions …”[3]

5/23, 1:45, the bums cut me off again, switch the terminal off without the usual notice sign that only 4 minutes are left, then at the one minute mark, none of that sometimes now. List of things to do I can’t ever get far with.

Read this as soon as I can, on Edsel Ford and Walter Teague relat. http ://www . daads . org/modern/1401/ford . htm

May 24, * The more on this is mostly that did I mention that the main thing I guess is that I’d made photocopies of the pages on the book of Revelation and then I’d cut out excess white space or pieces that didn’t seem pertinent or what so that the whole thing fit onto one page I was going to post but it’s only “somewhere on here” in a pdf somewhere maybe, and I’m still carrying around the copy I’d made because I haven’t been able to get around to “discussing” the book yet, but it seems like it was some “set up” book, practically thought up for entrapping me into some copyright violation and I haven’t violated any copyright anything but this sneaks-system is torturing me as though this has all been discussed and “judged upon” that I had violated copyright rights. The “Fair Use” of published materials is way more than I make use of in my little looking into things ways. It’s really because the system doesn’t want anybody discussing anything that they use this gimmick. Now however as I’m going over this Gladys Rodriguez encounter at the same time as recalling about the “God Is Disappointed In You” book’s cover illustration of that that I call the “Plick” illustration, which might even be its title for all I know too, I do recall that I’d made some little prayer out of doors in that time period, that that Plick! could have been thought up with that incident in this phony publishing world’s mind, etc. Sorry to have to raise this lethal-level subject of this what seems to have been a set up book. I’m looking over the Push book now and that — might even be about this underworld petroleum-making industry, advising the girl to Push for that, while in the novel it’s advice for thought that she’d tired she still has to push herself to try more dilligently in developing her creative or language skills, communication skills. The real subject though then is that if that had had any connection with this fraud-family then it’s the sequel on that boy she’d had that I’m trying to get a look at where it sounds like nothing to do with anything to do with the fraud-parent’s dynasty of offspring-descendants because it starts out in Mississippi, I’d still better get a look at it, it sitting here in this particular branch library but I’ve got some big list of things to try to get mentioned and done today which is why I’m only going to emergency-style get them noted down here as much as I can so they don’t disappear entirely, I might find these notes and get around to these things at some later date if not today:

Mostly this Praeneste Palestrina Nile mosaic is on my mind more and more, looking for a good PD or usable here copy of that and I’d found one but on a foreign site that’s maybe run by system-people, Wikipedia’s copy having that “Forget” tag-line you’d have to include if you use it. I might be able to find the name of the tourist spot it’s at and find their site’s image of it and see how long it takes me to figure out or get permission on that one. “The more I think about it” since the system’s frittering away all my time with doing nothing mostly anymore, the suspended animation and unnecessary delays and waiting for things “tricks” to do the frittering away by, I don’t have anything to do but “mull” all this small world of stuff I have floating, — the torture to my brain is getting too skeevy as the animals are gearing up for their Memorial Day weekend off of doing this petroleum-LURE off of me, I had to yell at them to get off of my brain a little while ago and this place like cleared out then. — I think the Palestrina mosaic is describing that the system-bums found a Prey Nest, a nest of people to prey upon, and then the Domenichino mural highlights the predators. That would however mean that the future Julius II would be likely to be in that Domenichino, its ancestry might-should be one of those figures then, thinking that only because I’d recalled to check on the Palestrina mosaic because Mastroianni’s hometown was near there when I’d looked him up on the Wikipedia. I think it’s likely that the mosaic was depicting that Lake Nemi not far from the popes’ Castel Gandolfo, like I’d mentioned yesterday, and then that that “Disputation of St. Catherine” would come up in the chronology. But the Palestrina mosaic, I think that depicted how normal people were living when, maybe that in the low right hand corner or area, the invaders “discovered” this nest of relaxed, happy people to prey upon, and thence they’d never left, just keep doing that all around the world and living and meeting underground and “playing stupid” up here.

Then there’s this new to me Shooting the Master business, DF Wallace speech 2005., that that might be connected to the system’s “blackmailing” God all these centuries and that God might not be able to stand them any longer one of these days and the planet goes to oblivion. Help, I’m even making a small humor out of the question of the possibility of “God’s cutting off His own nose to spite His face” in having to obliterate the planet to get rid of these parasites. It’s some expression Mrs. Foshay used to use alot.

The subject that the cannibals/predators, parasites, think that the word Metaphysics is about the cannibalism, that that’s a whole subject I’d like to get to, that Metaphysics is about higher physics like how to planet-form and how to keep the ozone layer together and how to do evolution, etc., but these underworld-people think metaphysics is about how to get meat.

Wikipedia says Sandra Faber’s husband’s name is Andrew Leigh F., m. 1967

— These parasites never learn anything, as it seems I’m being tortured for writing that down, as though I don’t have any right to anyone’s personal or much other information about anything. I’m checking on this because it seems I’d seen a photo of him back around 2013 where he’d reminded me of Rufus Cole, and that might lead back to both the Rockefellers’ RIMR and maybe to P&G, that I’ve got 2 Rufus Coles and I don’t think it’s true that there were 2, I think the system comes from mass murderers who take lying for granted and just saying that there were 2 people, with different middle names, by that name is what they might have done, Cole being a big piece of the historical make-up to this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION set. They say the one who worked for RIMR, with Avery in especial with that slug-pneumonia business, was Rufus S. Cole but that there was a Rufus Ivory Cole that was connected with film-making, maybe with Joe Kennedy in particular, and I don’t think there were really those 2 separate people, I think Cole had gotten “paid off” for the good work with the 1918 Spanish Influenza off of Avery’s work with the film-making fun and that they say was a guy named Rufus I. Cole, that I can’t find further information on, yet. (Maybe the system will invent some tonight.) — No, it’s the other way around and there isn’t a Rufus S. Cole, but RIMR’s Rufus Ivory Cole is how it goes, from Rowsburg, Ohio, 1872-1966, U. of Michigan. So the film one was the S. Cole, I have to keep looking for I guess. I’ll come back to this because then I’m thinking maybe they’d become a big stereotype in San Francisco, leading to that tv anchorman Russ Coughlin, that might be connected then to this “SFClown” whole business of this Armageddon Show disease then onto me, is why I’m trying to check on Dr. Faber’s husband’s photo, thinking he’d looked like Rufus Cole a bit. — Forget it, now the photo isn’t like my recollection at all, and here it is that his father was Ivory Snethen Cole, a contract doctor in Cincinnati during the Civil War…. Then there’s a younger photo of him and that looks a little like Norm (that Army friend/”friend” I’d gone to SF with.) — Good photo of Rene Dubos in a group photo of RIMR people in the Oswald Avery collection and in Cole’s collection I found it in now but there’s a guy standing next to Rene that looks just like they must be “spawn-brothers,” the other guy’s having slightly grown-out more hair that makes then not obviously look alike, and that made me check David Foster Wallace photos and perhaps he’d come from this guy standing next to Dubos in the RIMR photo where only a few of the people are named; in that National Library of Medicine’s profiles in Science site. Maybe his name is T.F. McNair Scott.

— Now here’s a 53-page oral history by Michael E. DeBakey, no idea what it’s doing in this that’s supposed to be on the famous Dr. Cole’s file, all these photos, 4 of them taken on the same day and I have to go back and check the second one now. — but also they’ve got here the whole Professor, the Institute and DNA book, that might have that good photo in it, of Rene and Babers, Frank H. Babers, also in this set of the group photo. Then there’s one, Cornelius P. Rhoads, that looks like Junior Rockefeller. — There are only 3 of these of the group photos in the Rufus Cole file of the NLM Profiles in Science, but this TF McNair Scott looks like both Rene Dubos and that David Foster Wallace…. I’ll have to try to get back to trying to look him up. And the NLMPIS hasn’t another thing more on him somehow.

The Natural order of “things,” of life, is missing, goes with the Praeneste, Italy business too, that those people were all living on and in that lake, having good times relaxedly living, when this, to my thinking, invasion had occurred and hasn’t quit, that the group likely had come from ruining things in alexandria, the odyssey after the trojan invasion days, walking back and forth burning everything into all that desert now.

add about abu ghraib and then its The Torture Papers ritual trick book

lady at pharmacy that she’d lost a son in desert storm

bml – aml, before moon landing – after moon landing

post office’s ability to do all tt from the sneak-enabled underground ways

ghent synesthesidea, confused, jealousy, anthropomorphism, metaphysics, sound and letters mixed up


dr. k. to mayor of wdc

this here is like that, that’s 4th avenue


all with the cacis to the bath beach bonanos business and 1962 origin of caci

buckingham’s eyesight

add selestat to the st/e foy post

ck that congressional history site again, i’d tht tip oneill had been a senator, did their search wrong

tt john glenn’s orbit-set around the earth was at the same time as tt 1962 french connection stake-out in the bronx

verizon and bath beach

something illegible abt 1950s *** etc.

ck caci croton on hudson mendelsohn, mendelsohn’s date to sf and to berkeley

ck rome art lover for the st. catherine, and the nile’s in situ site’s website

ck daniel johnson with steven a stefanowicz, and they’d arrived in august, then the mp’s in september and then the scandal, one, two, three, that that was staged to go with the 6-week wait till i got the address for the bath beach assignment, the whole thing, and with that breakshot probably simultaneously to those two parts of this

666’s drawing of aiwass

make fair use /extenuating circs. disclaimer

It’s 4:30 now and I think I figured how they’d been cutting me off near closing time before to be able to avoid that’s happening anymore but I’m not positive and have been signing out just before that cut-off time just in case and — those are — i have to get off a letter to that YGS company, that it’s been since February and I don’t know what they’re really doing, probably nothing but I’d just been nearly murdered over this phonied-up copyright infringement secret-charges against me by this Shahan-Pill-grim boy type and also on that Breakshot photo I’ve only got a request for permission on in so far, don’t have the photo. I had had a black and white copy of the photo page I think, back before I lost all my work in 2014. Ideally I like to get about one photocopied page from any book I do bother to read so I can recollect the book off of the one page reminder of what it is like whereas otherwise these things become unrecollectable. But tonight now I have to run out to the VA real quick to pick up the monthly prescription and then I don’t think I have all the materials for the ygs letter. They could just search for ygs probably, let me go check that too. hasta.

25 May, Saturday

The brain-eaters are doing a whole repeat of the Bonanos Bath Beach 2003-04 business when I was set up as a home health aide, that I’ve said is a sister-curse with that Abu Ghraib business but I’m afraid it’s way worse than just that, where yesterday I’d put together that the Abu Ghraib group were like mostly just-delivered actors more or less, people to role-fill for this “magic”-done script off of me, but in looking into this now I’m recalling that there’d been some inconspicuous “Petro” business on the corner of Ms. Bonanos’ block that I’d walk by on my way to and from the allegedly a live-in assignment but wasn’t, was all a script for this real Armageddon, that’s gnawing away at my skull over all this excitement

L.A. County Museum of Art’s copy of this GF Schmidt 1769 etching “after Rembrandt,” they have titled as being “A Bearded Man Wearing a Turban,” from the estate of Howard de Forest.

they’re brewing for themselves, as with trying to “swirl” the Abu Ghraib tortures with me and that Bonanos lady to get me elder-abuse charges against all Amerians then, way that the scammers work, but now that quiet-seeming little business on her corner turns out to be a big super-merged petroleum oil company, a big nation-wide or more group with all kinds of different names and winds up being handled through a nearby town, a company in College Station, a little north of here I think, called ComputerShare or some such that gives payments differently than stock shares, set up all over me now, as with the gnawing on my head, that the torture is doing a big “Memorial Day” extravaganza for itself all off of this torture to me. Sneaky, unprovable torture, invisible. Here’s what I’ve got so far in trying to describe that they’re repeating that 2003 Bath Beach horror-set up all over me:

Star Group, L.P. is a full service energy provider specializing in the sale of home heating and air conditioning products and services to residential and commercial customers. The Company also services and sells heating and air conditioning equipment andfor certain areas , provides plumbing services. In addition, Star sells diesel fuel, gasoline and home heating oil on a delivery-only basis. Star is the nation’s largest retail distributor of home heating oil, based upon sales volume, operating throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Star Group, is a limited partnership that has approved an election to be treated as a corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes effective November 1, 2017.  Common units, representing limited partner interests in the Company, are listed and trade on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) under the symbol “SGU.”   For Company activity through October 31, 2017, our unitholders are required to report for U.S. federal income tax purposes their allocable share of our income, gains, losses, deductions and credits, regardless of whether we make cash distributions.  This activity will be reported on final 2017 Schedules K-1.

Cash distributions made on or after November 1, 2017, by Star Group, L.P. to its unitholders will be treated like dividends paid by a corporation and will be reported on Form 1099-DIV and may be subject to U.S. federal income tax, as well as any applicable state or local income tax.

For cash distribution inquiries please call or write:


Transfer Agent and Registrar
P.O. BOX 30170
College Station, TX 77842

— I don’t feel comfortable with this “private” and “controversial” material on here but nor is it and all these other little unprovable and invisible details recollectable without some sort of written notes.

May 28, Tuesday after 2-1/2 day library closed time. “Yann” is Breton for Jean, and means God is gracious, while Yan in Hebrew means God’s grace.

/en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Computershare == 211 Quality Circle, College Station, TX 77845-4470

5/29, Wednesday, I’m supposed to check 3 things right off, what are they, I’m trying to recall, being out of scrap paper again lately.

TF McNeill Scott I think was the rimr-pediatrician’s name, but that’s unlikely, to be DF the same as the DF Wallace… Then there’s where I left off yesterday with finally finding out where that painting of Otto III in Poland is, that it was donated to a college in Syracuse, so I have to find out who the Le Moyne’s were, the name’s sounding old French familiar, some system-character and then who the college was named after, but what was the then third subject I’m supposed to walk in and quick look up before this day starts, that’s gone. I may or likely won’t be able to recall it. Then I’d wanted to look for a specific person in charge at the local women’s place, that the third thing was more like about toward getting assistance than this Le Moyne business, DeRopp baron, etc. Gone, whatever all I was supposed to come in and get done it’s gone. Still trying to figure getting a Palestrina mosaic up even. I’d found the name of the book/diagram I’d likely read while at the LOC on that and it’s gone, submerged into the notes too now. — It looks really clear that that “Triumph of Caeser” attributed to Mantegna is part of this “Palestrina-set,” making 4 artworks, and then it looks like that “Judgment of Emperor Otto” and possibly even the Ghent Altarpiece (itself) might be inter-connected to the story-telling that the system does. I’m thinking the Palestrina and the Domenichino might have been the system coming around to the back of Rome from up on the Etrurian coast’s takeover, then going south of Rome and having it from both north and south, for that takeover of the Vatican I figure had been done. I have to find a way to secure I nice copy of the Palestrina and then also with this Le Moyne College library’s Polish-whole set of 7 paintings where I’d only noticed that the 1 was interesting to myself, but then that business all ties into the 1939 NY World’s Fair, and seems then to be linked to WWII so much that I’m thinking the European Autists had been obsessed with figuring out how to get over to here to do their sneak-takeover and had used that Fair for drawing the U.S. into their European wars in order to then, as allies, plop themselves all over here as with Wernher von Braun and the 50+ rocket science group to west Texas here as soon as that war was ended. The guy in charge of that Emperor Otto painting and set of them was a “Shahan,” who Shahan had just passed in 1932 in WDC, and he’d gotten the 7 subject matters I think from this Baron Stefan K. De Ropp that had after the World’s Fair contributed them to the Le Moyne College. That’s where I’d wound up yesterday, with just learning about him and that, that those 7 themes had been a commission to then the Shahan-type group, who were calling themselves the Brotherhood of St. Luke, which it seems was some historical group name also, trying to keep these things straight.

5/29, Wed., they cut me off without warning again, quarter after 5.

5/30, Thursday

check 2 way to go dot com = vajiralongkorn’s archive photos or some such

He looks like the guy in most of the Petro services ads….

check history of bangkok

check that circumnavigation of the pacific rim book

compare loren and brigitte (born only 8 days apart,) and sapphire


add watergate to bathgate

add spirit liberation movement

ck elton john

make other menu

find tt oikenos____?

triptolemus (met) great eleusinian relief marble

this getty bk is 300 pages on luxury renaissance art = d2aohiyo3d3idm . cloudfront . net/publications/virtuallibrary/9780892367856 . pdf

— 2:45p, what I think they’re doing is they cut you off without the obsessive-otherwise little signs about your time in two and a half hours after sign-in. After one hour they start the constant signs every ten minutes or what about your time left and then if you want more time, but near the two and a half hours they don’t interrupt you at all and I get involved and boom it turns off without a warning and it’s break-time should-be for me but I can’t get up and let time pass and go back to a different terminal, for all these fears of this site’s being stolen from me by the system-monsters, that I’d like to at least mention that there was this incident. Then maybe I’d sign out, after waiting the time for the system to have rebooted, just jot this and sign out to take a break hasn’t happened yet. This time I’d gotten caught up in photos of the inside of the Watergate Hotel, that apparently it was built to be space-venture oriented, in anticipation of space-world they’d been doing at that time, around 1967 or so it had opened, I’ll have to check.

Società Generale Immobiliare (English: The General Company of Real Estate) was once the largest real estate and construction company in Italy. It was founded in Turin in 1862 but then moved to Rome in 1870 with the unification of Italy. After moving to Rome, the company became interested in the pastoral land around Rome and ended up buying it. With the growth of Rome, the company grew as real estate prices rose. With time, the company’s activities changed from focusing on real estate to focusing on construction. One of the people to lead Immobiliare in the construction direction was Aldo Samaritani (1904–96) who joined the company in 1933. The company is famous for building numerous residential buildings throughout Italy.[1][2]

Immobiliare’s largest shareholder was the Vatican, which held 15% of the shares. However, most of the Vatican’s holdings in the company were sold in the late 1960s to Gulf and Western.

It is the predecessor of Group SGI which was brought under the control of Opus Dei in the early 1990s. The company was also involved in the scandal of Banco Ambrosiano.

Immobiliare, under the name of “Internazionale Immobiliare”, is featured in The Godfather Part III as part of main character Michael Corleone‘s efforts to legitimize his fortune.[3]

Their site says the hotel opened in Oct. 1965, the first building to open. I can’t figure how the 1972 break-in could have been in the hotel, like it seems to say, but it’s murky. Then it says that it was just re-done by Ron Arad so maybe those are the photos I’m seeing that look space-oriented and not from the moon-landing time. Strange uniforms too. — Scandal Room = 214

The complex is a group of six buildings. A good photo of it is what got me to spending so much time on this today, that I hadn’t realized the odd shape of it, like an “f” with a “c” for a head or maybe a space-figure looking for food. I think I started a file on it. The architect Moretti reminded me of Ponti and he was an art collector that had somehow caught my attention, maybe some piece in particular.

— I’d wanted to put a “Watergate” of some type illustration after the Bathgate photo but I couldn’t find one nor spend all the time on just an illustration.

May 31, somehow not getting anything i came here to do done, and now it sounds like rain starting, leaving time.

June 1, Saturday, the bums ruining the month right off with the horrors and right now I’ve only got 2 hours left for today, trying to think what I’m supposed to be trying to do.

— Bough Down reviewed by Ana Isabel Keilson in Women’s review of books, mentioning r off 2011 huffington post interview w karen green, pasadena show, tiny stampede = www . jstor . org/stable/ 24430655?seq=1#metadata_info_tab_contents

search-engine for images of karen green’s forgiveness machine brought up some new items or posts on the general subject-set

Tadeusz PruszkowskiSelf-portrait with a pipe. wikidata:Q25713989
Tadeusz Pruszkowski: Self-portrait with a pipe.
Self-portrait with a pipe.
Object type painting
Genre portrait
Depicted people Tadeusz Pruszkowski
Date 1915
Medium oil on oak
Dimensions Height: 55 cm (21.6 ″); Width: 45.3 cm (17.8 ″)
Current location
not on view
Accession number
MPW 1123
Object history purchased by National Museum in Warsaw (MNW)
Inscriptions Monogram and date bottom right: … 1915
References cyfrowe.mnw.art.pl
Source/Photographer artyzm.com


This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art. The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason:

Public domain

The author died in 1942, so this work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 75 years or less.

File:Tadeusz Pruszkowski, Dame á l'incroyable.jpg

Tadeusz PruszkowskiQ25714005 wikidata:Q25714005
Tadeusz Pruszkowski: Q25714005
Polski: Dame á l’incroyable
Object type painting
Genre portrait
Date 1917
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions Height: 80 cm (31.4 ″); Width: 80 cm (31.4 ″)
Current location
Accession number
MPW 1119
References MNW Cyfrowe
Source/Photographer http://cyfrowe.mnw.art.pl/dmuseion/docmetadata?id=7344


Public domain This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

Dialog-warning.svg You must also include a United States public domain tag to indicate why this work is in the public domain in the United States. Note that a few countries have copyright terms longer than 70 years: Mexico has 100 years, Jamaica has 95 years, Colombia has 80 years, and Guatemala and Samoa have 75 years. This image may not be in the public domain in these countries, which moreover do not implement the rule of the shorter term. Côte d’Ivoire has a general copyright term of 99 years and Honduras has 75 years, but they doimplement the rule of the shorter term. Copyright may extend on works created by French who died for France in World War II (more information), Russians who served in the Eastern Front of World War II (known as the Great Patriotic War in Russia) and posthumously rehabilitated victims of Soviet repressions (more information).

This file was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons as part of a GLAM-WIKI partnership project between the National Museum in Warsaw and Wikimedia Polska.

The Vistula River goes from Krakow to Warsaw and then Gdansk Bay, but now I have the further horror that I’d just described myself as being frail that they’re doing all this to and now find the new book title by wallace’s widow is frail sister about how a female disappears, more or less for what it’s “ritually” worth, the details of what anything’s supposedly about. I can’t find out anything about before she met him except that her son’s name is spelled stirling and he’s a married ballet dancer, from a previous marriage i think i’d read yesterday. scary, about that frail part. I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the downtown library tomorrow because there isn’t anything i particularly have to read right now, just the one book to return, and I have that letter-writing to get done… big difficulty-set with this about that that DIA email seems to have disappeared now that I’ve found that that place they referred me to doesn’t have rights on the rivera portrait of edsel ford.

June 3, I’ve only got a few minutes, the diablo gimmicking on the monthly oxygen-resupply, that I’d been remiss in requesting the appointment and so I got the delivery late instead of early in the day, making it a lousy day since I was supposed to be here early to use the copy machine and now the diablo et al. have me in the typical “Armageddon Program” position of me trying to get this — “quest’s” details taken care of while the diablo sends all the spare “extras” around to do scenes off of my impatience to get the few copies made but it really isn’t just a few and it’s complicated by like one from column a and two from column three that each different copy goes to, so I’m my usual “fraught” self for making slaughter-murder off of, situation I’m in and then I have to go do the usual errands of getting the rent money and going food shopping, which I won’t be able to accomplish and get the groceries hauled to the room till about 11pm, then I’ll be anxious to get here as early as I can tomorrow, etc., way that I’m stuck always having to try to do things.

I’m so sorry to learn that Ms. Sullivan of the Digital Imaging Project of most of the world’s best architecture had passed last year.

Twin Towers seen from the Brooklyn Bridge; photographed by Mary Ann Sullivan, Digital Imaging Project, Bluffton University, Ohio.

Seagram Building’s lobby; photograph by Mary Ann Sullivan, Digital Imaging Project, Bluffton University, Ohio.











1 June 2019, Saturday

I guess Ms. Sullivan will have to go under Architecture under where the Art section is under the Subjects on the Navigation bar. I’d gone looking to see if she’d visited Palestrina, Italy and there might be a photograph of the mosaic on her Digital Imaging Project website but there isn’t, and then I saw that she’d passed, when I’d gone back to look for some detail on the attribution, how to put it. I hadn’t seen any sign that her health had any difficulties when she’d been so helpful to me that May, me learning of the Conques Tourism link on the St/e. Foy, which seems to me to be a great part of where all this “Limitless” of the brain-eating and “Revelation” scam had come from, been disseminated from, so that now I don’t think I could or should even inquire as to if she’d looked into this site, the UniverseRescueetc. here, that it could bring “the Jomons'” attention to how to get closed down her whole “open source” I guess it might be called, Digital Imaging great Project she’d been doing when I’d run across it last year. On a 1st of anything, today being a first of a month for instance, the “Jomon” go “ape” to ruin it, to ruin a start of an anything for anyone in the normal world that they can get hold of I guess, that they’re just toilet-battering me all over and around, today being their designated-type 1st of the summer season also, for here at this library, they’ve got some Ulysses-type Explore the World summer theme going on, like a Puff the Magic Dragon-ride affect for the “kids.” There are so many bad things going on that I can’t keep track let alone try to describe them individually, but here with Ms. Sullivan is the sort of a real subject, if my noticing her Project, architecture Project, had had anything to do with that unexpected demise. She’d seemed extremely healthy and vigorous, doing all that work, after job-retirement. The word “bluff” is one of the horror-words to this “Jomon” Jomon-Autists’ system, that a bluff is like a big cliff and they’ve always been cliff-pushers as how they’ve been doing this world-takeover and then the Armageddon I’m specifically put under for being a similar “bluff” gimmick for their ways, modi opernadi, then bluff-ton is a word I’d be doubly afraid of and so mentioning Ms. Sullivan’s Project is/was difficult for me too, bringing up that word or phrase, bluff-ton, because then in addition I’ve got all these now-planted Armageddon-operatives all over me. They’ve set up a new one that I’d just come close on trying to ask him what it is that he’s doing here, some table set up by the library’s front door, but when I went in that direction again there was a big planted character yakking it up with him, like the “Jomon” moving their pieces all around all around me all the time it especially is like today, like double the invisible-torture set of a regular day it is on any “holiday” or a first or last of an anything, a weekend, just any excuse-gimmick these parasites all ride on. I should/will have to try to check to see what she’d done up in the Netherlands, if she’d been in Ghent and gotten any photos, as also there’s the subject that besides all the mass-reproductions of the Michelangelo-HImkillangels character there’s also occurring to me alot to mention that that character in the low left-front-center of the Ghent Altarpiece was probably Dracula I, the pater of the son-Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, and those must have been mass-reproduced to be the many with the straight, black hair that I see all the time, have slithering around me for this petroleum-LURE. Besides all the petroleum they’d made in Romania, Transylvania, there’s the possibility that the obsession with producing that might have been way-Prehistory inspired by the LaBrea tar pits right near Hollywood and Santa Monica, and Pasadena, coming up on my mind maybe because I have to look up Pomona sometime today. This untitled 50′ sculpture by Picasso set up in Daley Plaza in Chicago is surely a huge “ritual,” part of a big ritual-set for making “cancelled-out” that the dinosaur extinctions had been done more or less wilfully, malicious vandalism of breaking the baby-eggs of the dinosaurs so there wouldn’t be competition for the plant-drugs they were all getting fed, the “lost” humans and the baby dinosaurs sitting relaxing in the nests as the adults brought back the food-mash, etc., scenario I’ve been trying to describe for two decades now on how we’d gotten into this parasite-necessitated extinction-direction we’re in, and Ms. Sullivan just happened to have this good one of it and I can’t even recall if I’d found this on her site last year as well as the Conques material, which I don’t think I have any of her Conques material on here except her link to their link on St/e. Foy. Then just last month like “out of nowhere” I ran across that the Conques St/e. Foy was an offshoot of the Burgundy St/e. Foy church in what’s called in French Selestat but in German it’s a town spelled I think Schlesstadt, that I have to go back and re-find the material on. Things have just turned worse, them bringing in another planted-type character, one that is or looks like one that had done some sort of a sneak-attack scene on me here about 2 months ago, conspicuously doing a scene of loudly throwing papers all around the 6-person computer desk now, plopping down to start finding a way to make trouble for me is how this Armageddon Program always goes. Maybe it’s because I’d started mentioning the guy in the lobby, me trying to figure what the Armageddon Program murder-use of himself is, that I’m planning to mention that perhaps it’s that he’s a “type” like the guy who was Marvin Gaye’s partner, and he’s done way lots of other things, a big biographer too I think maybe he is, in the writing of Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” song, a guy named Richie maybe, I was planning to look that up too today but I’ve got at least 20 of these big and interconnected subjects that are all started but I have to get a permission here by writing for one to that source and a permission there for writing — and finally I just now got this Interlibrary Loan copy of Marvel Comic’s graphic novel on Homer’s The Iliad, and that is always a dangerous subject, anything about that or Abu Ghraib or anything to do with that side of the world this beast “Jomon” all over me goes “ape” about, like it’s trying to brew up WWIII off of little nobody me all the time this has been being like and they don’t do anything but re-pursue this Armageddon-making off of me each time I wake up, even before that, it’s just nothing but disgusting, so they’ve known that the book is there, me waiting for it for quite awhile considering the little clues from this computer-way of being able to request materials that this particular public-library-set, Houston’s library-system, doesn’t specifically have, that they got this book and another one I’d requested is due also, from Harris County’s library-set, a branch just 7 miles away but — there’s the date, it had reached to here on Thursday only, after I’d inquired I guess and then I didn’t inquire yesterday, not caring to “bug” anyone. Marvel and all the other illustrations-oriented places seem to be especially big on their copyright rights so I’ll have to try to be especially careful with this. I’ve got the address for Marvel Comics in my wallet, waiting for this, and last year I’d more or less gotten a permission from the text writer, Roy Thomas, but I hadn’t figured what exactly I wanted to use from this graphic novel for an illustration on “all this,” the entire situation, that that “Iliad” etc. “war” subject was all about this invasion by the “long-lost” in the Americas and dinosaur-extincting, to my 26 years on trying to figure out all this Armageddon-Revelation business I’m trapped into, people with the Autism, and now it looks like they’d “hooked up with” the island-bound similarly long-isolated “Jomon” people and (with or without other friend-groups) had attacked the normal Old World-resident people of some particular area or another. I generally always figure it was Istanbul/Constantinople but I’m going to try to check on what “the siege of Bangkok” was today also with a mind to that that might have been the actual “war” site, most of the rest all being this slithery-sneaky way that I’m trying to describe might have been what the “Palestrina mosaic” or Nile mosaic they call it so much that I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Egypt necessarily, might have been perpetrated, me also having to find that “Triumph of Caesar” because it looks like a furtherance of the theme from the Domenichino “St. Nilus Meeting the Emperor Otto” which then I’d gotten the Emperor Otto running up to Poland, as the place I’m actually at right now in all this “work” I’m trying to get done here while being inundated invisibly and unprovably by the underground insane people’s mass-murder system that’s bringing all of biology to gone-garbage.

When I go to “save” the typing the screen jumps to and stays at the top, where I see my favorite illustration all-told, that that is what had happened, and doesn’t the “dinosaur” look cross-eyed, too, as, not to mess up Ms. Sullivan’s post-file area but that that’s been being a big theme all my life and the bums had just done a ritual-set to putting that crosseyedness back onto me real bad again last month, started it in say March with now and then I’d vaguely hear someone in the distance saying something that only sort of sounded like they were saying the phrase cross-eyed, maybe twice a week for six weeks that had gone on and then it had been stepped-up by some similar “ritual ‘magic’ -spell” way or another that I can’t recall offhand, and now it’s become bothersome, an annoying feeling on the right side of my right eye they’ve been doing to make me appear to be crosseyed — I’d written to NY for copies of those photos, that’s how the subject had come up. They weren’t here as of yesterday or the day before. Anyway, first I see the dinosaur/dragon representative and notice that “cross-eyed” as to what to do with those humans -look on its face, where the eyes-area is, and notice that I’d like to use that photo to again try to point out that that’s like a “Janus-face,” a two-sided set of human lips there, that the dinosaur is mouth-feeding to those lips that are sitting in place of the egg there, as though the “lost” humans are the dinosaurs’ responsibility to feed in place of their own young, and then it’s to the architecture subject that Ms. Sullivan’s work was all about. She didn’t seem to have any political “slant” on the subject whereas I say that probably most of the buildings in the world had been stolen by these Armageddon-system insane and Autist people, and the whole field is a big cover-up for that. She didn’t seem to have noticed any such thing about architecture and she was totally into architecture, didn’t seem to think much about the Art except that she might as well also get pictures of whatever it was that was around the architecture she was after getting examples to show of itself, she didn’t seem to have any particular political view of any of it as far as my quick looks into her work could figure, while I think the whole thing everywhere around the planet is a big crime but none I guess is bigger than the crime that the “space-venture” has been, that that’s the biggest igoring or not-seeing, not-noticed, of all the crimes, and that comes back around to this Iliad copy, that I’d finally narrowed it down to one specific illustration that I could try to describe all this by, but I was so beset and exhausted, about a day or 2 before I left Washington in February 2018, that I couldn’t bring myself to make a photocopy of it after all. I didn’t think the graphic novel would be that difficult to get hold of another copy of. — Before I get off the subject though, this is complex, looking through the book reminds me that where I’m at with this research is that Otto III depiction that has wound up at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY, that I have to write to those people about a permission to show that picture also too, that that (believe it or not-style,) links to the Palestrina-depiction, and so maybe also do those famous doors at Gneizno where Otto III was said to be just before or maybe after that meeting depicted there, with the Boleslaw the Great historical character. (Historical and hysterically-humorous are likely Autist-code for each other.) And to the Diego Rivera “Man At the Crossroads” mural! brought up in the “Limitless” novel. (God help… ) Which might be connected to the “Infinite Jest” business, teetering on libel there that that might be for me, that it’s just the “patterns” way that the system operates. Then notice who has the “‘Jest” film rights, I was noticing. All these things’ being inter-connected is just this, “It’s a Small World After All,” It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, reality we’re “really” in, that we have to get these insane people off of us. I just learned about this DF Wallace business this past week also, and that also connects up to both the Rockefeller and the Palestrina subjects, in this bizarre, almost going in circles, way the system is in its being all over me at least that I can speak for.

L.A. County Museum of Art’s copy of this GF Schmidt 1769 etching “after Rembrandt,” they have titled as being “A Bearded Man Wearing a Turban,” from the estate of Howard de Forest.

But at the National Gallery of Art it’s called “The Persian,” that I also still haven’t had a chance to look into if that’s the same as the copy that LACMA had had or if there were multi-copies of this same “after Rembrandt” by Flinck or what the stories are, but it’s approximately what I was able to figure this “Armageddon Show” director invisible- “magic” seems to come from and it still does these many years later, from my being asked for a description in 2006 down to, this morning. “You should have seen” the bathroom-production the invisible-torture choreographed around and off of this onto me this morning, the 1st of an anything, the first of June, just to ruin a first of an anything. By the time I got to the library my mind had figured that that business about (chapter and verse found and put here maybe,) slaying all the first-born “sons” in Egypt had been these monsters’ way of getting rid of all the normal births and then forcing women to implant the “pre-fertilized seeds” for this “Brave New World” mass-reproduction of themselves and their brain-eating friends and slaves and consortium that they won’t quit off of this with.

Now I can’t find the illustration. Maybe it’s a smaller panel than I’m looking for, that being some consideration on trying to find a useful one. The book’s like a horror, all war-mongering. To my recollection’s recollecting then while waiting for it to arrive I’d thought I might be able to compare that panel with him-kill-angelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling! — I’d had a real hard time narrowing it to one useful panel and had just found it finally and now looking for it it isn’t obvious yet. — Still can’t find it. Think I’d started looking for one of just Briseis and couldn’t find one so had moved on to anything useful. — I found it finally, was getting scared that there wasn’t anything like my recollection of it. Mostly the thought was that No “wonder” the “kids” like DF Wallace have difficulties, as the graphic novel is like wall-to-wall filth with all that violence and the code-think that must go into those things, like the kiddie-books mostly seem to be too, that you “get the idea” from the pictures more than the written words seems to be a publishing-industry-takeover thinking-way. Finally found it and now I’d have to try to read the small print I finally also found for where the copyright information maybe is, and then to compare what my chance of being able to compare it to the Sistine Chapel ceiling then would be, for describing this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION these anti-spirit Jomon “champions” of the Autists are bringing, are forcing onto the earth, all Creation, really, that then tiny ill and fragile little old lady torture-victim me is all alone being fought against all day long everyday all of it gratuitous, is. It’s about the 18th page-leaf in, like page 36 if you count also the end-piece at the beginning, the title page and note from Roy Thomas. It says that On Olympus Zeus and the gods gazed down at Troy, and then it goes into their dialogue bubbles. I’m trying to use that to illustrate that the spirit world was all up high and on the other side of the so-called “sound barrier” that is the ozone layer, that they were graduating from mortal life and venturing out to create other worlds — and that that going on on earth prevented leaving mortals back there like that, thus space becoming a crime scene of everyone’s having to drop what they were doing and return to try to get the Autists to quit killing, space is like a homicide scene left a wreck by that, everybody ran out to where the body, the human mortal race, murder-victim was, and couldn’t/can’t leave things like that.

Now that I’ve located the panel the next thing to do is try to read that dark print on the bottom of the outside of that first leaf, figuring it has the copyright information. I’d probably been able to read that back in 2018 because I was sitting in pretty good lighting at the time and wasn’t so bad off like I am now. Then I’d guess that that’s where I’d gotten Thomas’ name from or it doesn’t mention copyright so I’d fallen back on that he was/is the author but I didn’t know anything about illustration copyrights, and I think he’d said that Marvel has the copyright on it regardless of what he says about a permission, is all that that says when I do figure out how to read it, but I’m going to let it drop for right now, having located the panel.

Rico Lebrun, Genesis mural; click-on for Pomona College license.

Mary Ann Sullivan’s Digital Imaging Project’s untitled Picasso sculpture from the rear. Try DigitalmagingProject dot mas/bc

I skipped to Pomona College and found this, now will have to look up Lebrun and when this was done. In the click-on to Sullivan’s back of “the Picasso,” sitting in front of the Cook County Courthouse come to recall, there’s a Wikipedia donation that gives a good view of the 2 sets of “lips” that I see in this by Picasso, who you could guess from the film “Rainman” I figure is/was a major Artist-Autist. That’s too snide. And it’s 2 words anyway. Let me check on Lebrun, but the time’s due to cut me off soon, and I should mention that Pomona was largely established by someone from Poland, where I’m supposed to be working on getting a copy of that Otto III painting by Pruszkovicz, Thadeus, in that it matches up to the St. Nilus meeting the Emperor Otto III which I think real-life matches up to the Palestrina/Praeneste mosaic and thence to the Triumph of Caesar, which, God help, matches then to Oswald Avery and thence to the group-photo I’d found in the Rufus Cole file in Profiles in Science by the National Library of Medicine, where then there’s what looks like a “spawn-brother” of Rene Dubos’, where one of them might have been “connected to” DF Wallace, who’d been teaching at Pomona when the bad thing happened. Or maybe he’s also with the undernearth, setting back and yukking, yuk-yukking.

Rico Lebrun, 1900 Naples – 1964 Malibu, this being done 1960-61; Ricolebrun dot com.

This is scary, in that I don’t think that that “Halloween costume” is a jest, think it’s an identity- or quality-replacement ritual, unable to find an author to this, http ://disparatesimiles . blogspot . com/2010/04/sunday-night-artist-david-foster . html — but the main thing is the top photo of wallace, that that’s the big skull “difficulty,” torture I guess sign. Rockefeller2, Junior Rockefeller, had a small one like that. I try to make note of them but then didn’t find anymore. I’d thought it was a sign that the Autists had led sleds from the New World over to the Old World by ropes to their foreheads but seeing this on Wallace then I’d guess it’s the victims that have that broken, cracked, “difficulty.” I can’t find an attribution to the photo yet, and so had put the link for now, but it’s a scary world. I’m thinking in terms of that Wallace had what I’d call the “Marilyn Monroe syndrome” off being parasited-all over by these sneaky underworld mass-reproductions who want to kill and replace to become the normal people. Instead of just assimilating. I’d guess they figure that, like child-sex perverts don’t do well in prisons that as brain-eaters they couldn’t be popular anyway with the “others,” the victim-types, etc.

college heights packing house, 532 west 1st street, #212, downtown Claremont, saturday, Dec. 13th (2008,) book-signing; pomona’s art colonists, her publisher = the Spineless Books neighbor or co-resident; posted by joslyn jane == beautiful crap’s ph # had been 9092915685/info at the village claremont dot com. Her latest book is Frail Sister.

— Also, Koko the sign-language gorilla had died last year shortly after I’d brought attention to her to these invisible parasites all over my brain and life. It’s unprovable that it’s connected but I’m sure it was, that it’s the parasites’ modus operandi. Then they did a trick based on that to me today where some normal citizen I’d written a short letter to had telephoned in response to that letter but at the thank you for calling time the phone line seemed to go dead as though the guy’d disappeared and I’m sure it was the typical trick the system does where I felt my cheek graze the cellphone near the hang-up icon just before his voice quit, that they do that trick to me alot, first I feel my cheek in that area and then the voice on the other end isn’t heard so I assume we got cut off when there’s not anymore response and instead of going hello hello, are you there still I just clicked the icon and then I’m supposed to have the guilty conscience that that guy got singled out by me too for the system to go after, is the “trick” there, for me to feel guilty guilty guilty. I’ve been alone with this “c*** on my head” for 50 hours since I’d last gotten to hear myself type here, and during the 50 hours of being alone with this c*** it’s just a swill of all semi-inter-connected subjects that I have to be at a computer in order to keep working on and these details just swirl, as this diablo plots how to ruin my each moment in this pointless world-takeover these c***-heads keep going through with, right now them preventing me from making a few photocopies I have to get so maybe I’ve unloaded and can sign out a little early again.

I have to try to connect this DF Wallace business to that group-photo with Rene Dubos and TF McNair Scott.

5 June, 2019 08:52

Yesterday I went to the library downtown for a book-copy of the Palestrina mosaic and could only get a Permissions address, then the same with the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for a spirit-world explication I’m trying to work up, and then, the diablo-Jomon like sitting on my head waiting for this, I was able to get a copy of the biography on DF Wallace so that now it’s raining all day and i’m stranded in this Armageddon-trap LURE reading it, this cellphone”s recharger not working

— We’re back! L.A. County Museum of Art’s copy of this GF Schmidt 1769 etching “after Rembrandt,” they have titled as being “A Bearded Man Wearing a Turban,” from the estate of Howard de Forest. — This etching or what it is actually has what’s likely his name on the frame right underneath himself, and that “Sieur,” Lord, I guess that that’s cover-meant to say, is likely the word “seer” in an early form.

6/6/19, Thursday, rough week with little time here so there’s alot all jumbled in my head. This “seer” or “diablo-Jomon” or “Man In Oriental Costume” or “The Turk” or what is all Armageddoned-up about this DF Wallace reading I’d chanced into yesterday. It’s so bad that I might have gotten the concept of going to that library for a Palestrina mosaic image because the “seer” or Armageddon Program-director, knew that I’d already looked it up and that that biography was sitting on the shelf…. “Marily Monroe-syndrome” I’ll summarize it too but additionally there’s the possiblity that there are huge inter-connections between the real-life “boy” and that novel I’m trying to describe shows that these bums are just doo-doo heads, the so-called “seers” with their self-mass-reproduced brain-eating selves’ selves. Those possible inter-connections make this invisible-torture onto me “game-like” even for my own self who tries to stay reality-grounded through all this hallucino-dumping all over and through the planet. The first of about 20 things that I’m supposed to do today is look for that RIMR photo of Rene Dubos and TF McN Scott. Before I can do that I really should move these pieces here, that this chronological material is supposed to go at the bottom of the blog-roll anymore but first I’ve got that 2003-LURE horror business of how they pulled the Armageddoning off off of me and all around my unawares self warning that I will still have to keep up here and then that Ms. Mary Ann Sullivan had passed slightly after assisting me a little last year, and then her great photo-set of the Chicago (untitled) Picasso and how that links into Pomona’s mural by Rico Lebrun and that’s inter-linked into everything I’m trying to cover about that Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with dependence on other people’s brain-chemicals is taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. Led by these doo-doo head helping “seer” brain-eaters, that live off of me — who is yet barely alive, am really really too tortured that it’s just obscene how I manage to drag myself around barely, worse and worse this invisible-torture takes advantage of anything they can get their suckers onto, all of them, the — see, there I’d morph into things like, “the Lebrun type,” … and the this-other too-controversial name or subject or another, that that guy has still got living “Book of Life” from the book of Revelation warning-prophecies, threats, relatives, all over the place, who might and especially might underworld “charge” Kathy Foshay for thinking about anything about any of their “family,” up or down type of genetic or up-here type of phony “family” members, etc. I don’t be good in these contemporary subjects like this boy’s suicide, if, goodness, I am never sure of anything that I hear or read anymore, I don’t know if any of these people actually passed or had faked their own passings for this or that system-reason. If he’d even had actually passed is where that sentence was going, but these subjects aren’t what I’m supposed to be working on, I’m supposed to be doing Prehistory (and of course the Astronomy subject.)

This is the 1937 photo with Rene in the middle and TFMcN Scott to our right of him: https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov /ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata/CCAABU = This is Dubos and McNair in the middle there.

This is the 1935: https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov /ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata /CCAAAW = McNair Scott on the 5th row, Dubos in the middle.

This is the 1932: https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve /ResourceMetadata /CCAABR = Dubos on the 6th row, not any McNair Scott.

check Esquire, Dec. 1983, 5p. article, Avery opened the door to the new biology.

check the 3 inter-linked names, 1934 Walther F. Goebel, Frank H. Babers and Avery, but it’s all permissions through the rock arch dot org site.

1947 Lasker Award, apha for permissions: https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata/ CCGMGL

1940 Maclyn McCarty seasonal photo of Avery

1932 g.p. note: https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata /CCGMDL

https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata/ CCGMFT = this is a whole new portrait of Avery, that I hadn’t seen or noticed before, but then there’s also a Maclyn McCarty photo with the portrait that’s a rock arch dot org permission but this just the portrait of Avery is courtesy the Tennessee State Library or what where all his papers are, that his brother had lived there and he’d retired from NY to there, Nashville I think.

Check, if this one looks like me possibly, :

— I didn’t mean to put the photo here, just this: https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve /ResourceMetadata/ CCGMFF

but now that it’s here it seems a shame to delete it, me “assuming” that the copyright permission isn’t a difficulty with Tennessee State Library, that this falls under Fair Use of materials without any difficulty, just the one photo for educational and even just my own personal business. His jaw is way longer and his forehead, but Avery was born back around 1870, alot of “permutations” — and he links to all this Palestrina mosaic and system business and then that portrait, the photo of McCarty with the portrait, that links to the “all this” also, etc. Move along, Avery has got a big file for me to glance through in trying to pin down both this TF McNair Scott business but then there’s a real controversial new business in that group photo set also…. — And, now I find that it doesn’t show to a viewer anyway, that I can see it in the edit-mode but not in the regular view-mode.

Check Detlev Bronk/s and the Avery Memorial gateway, 1965 dedication.

Durr Reedley, comm’d by Ernest Stillman friend of Avery’s in 1928, donated to RU by his sister-in-law Catherine Avery but they say it belongs to the Tennessee State Library, somehow. That’s the situation with the portrait of Edsel Ford, where the widow donated it to the museum — it’s some similar copyright permission convolution. I’d never heard of Stillman, will have to try to figure about that friendship. Rene Dubos wrote the biography on Avery, “The Professor, the Institute, and DNA.” Detlev Bronk has to be checked also.

Alvin F. Coburn 1943 photo. And one where Avery’s clearly smoking, the one with Coburn’s little kid.

https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata/ CCGMFS — this is just Avery at his desk

roy and catherine had a daughter named margaret  — roy worked as bacteriologist for vanderbilt school of medicine, there’s a photo of him around #280; alphonse r. dochez; 1947 lasker awad 4-pp https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve /ResourceMetadata/ CCBDBN = apha permission

This is the 1923 group photo, not any Rufus Cole

Fred Griffith, c. 1928, photo is #244, check, transforming principle. — Fred Griffith obit 1941:  https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata /CCBBCC

1948 group photo on g.p.: https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata /CCAAAX [Archibald isn’t in this one.]

harriet ephrussi-taylor, went to columbia then worked with avery from 1945-48 and then to paris, https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve/ ResourceMetadata /BBBCTN

This is a or the 1951, with only “Regina M. Archibald” as anyone I’ve heard of: https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve/ResourceMetadata/ CCBBDQ = now obviously it’s “Reginald,” as it says in the photo that’s now missing so that I’ve had to go through this whole Avery file looking for it, disappeared from the Rufus Cole file I’d been looking at recently.

https ://profiles . nlm . nih . gov/ps/retrieve /ResourceMetadata/ CCBBDQ = I guess that’s Michael Heidelberger in India, from the AMA, then searchg for r.m. archibald brings up only 2 pieces and one of those is by Henry Swan on SS Yudin. It’s a small world, it’s a small world… in that Henry Swan’s family owns the copyright somehow on Florence Sabin’s letters, are or were very close to the Sabin sisters, all mixed up in there, “all this.”

Well, that’s sure off the subject/s. Where do I begin now that I should go take a break/this machine will be cutting me off without a notice sometime soon also anyway and etc etc for i hardly know what to do now that I’m finally here. All I was trying to do was pinpoint the I think 2 photos of this McNair Scott that had gone to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and I can’t find any information on except that through alot of letter-writing one day I might be able to read something he’d jotted about having lived in his 20th century, In My Century maybe the short piece is titled. My point being only that perhaps DFWallace might have come from either prolific Rene or TFMcN Scott and all of them might possibly have come from Woodrow Wilson, who’d gone to the Vatican to discuss this League of Nations business probably because Wilson knew that he was “a big eater” and his kind would be requiring to have food in the future. But what happened is that instead of the 4 photos I’d been going back and forth amongst trying to figure out about when I’d first gone looking for a photo of Rufus Cole now there are only 3 photos. At any time any of these incidents that always are happening to me could all be my own misperception at the time or in retrospect and maybe there were always only 3 of those group photos…. Then while trying to figure out last week what had happened to the 4th photo I’d stumbled into this Reginald M. Archibald business and offhand I couldn’t even find him so I was thinking that maybe the missing photo is one of them with his photo in it but now I’m supposed to go review what I’d just found, take a look at the materials.

— What a mess! I don’t like to put links here because this real Armageddon goes on but also most people might find it objectionable to be in any way linked to the subject of “brain-eating,” so I don’t like to link anyone without their okay after being warned of that.

check christian b. anfinsen looks like reagan

= 1935 and 1937 are the only 2 with TF McNair Scott also in them, and that Regina/Reginald Archibald is only in the 1951 group photo, nothing to do with these people I only ever heard of; the name merely popped up somehow when I’d been search-engining somehow for more of McNair Scott at RIMR, not any other photos of him let alone with the Dubos or Avery business. What all this nearly 3 hours of this again now has got is that I’ve managed to narrow it down to that I have to request a permission from the roch archives dot org for the 1937 group photo only.

https ://www . bustle . com/p/ mary -karr -speaks-out-about- david-foster-wallace-amid-literatures-metoo-movement- 9003387 = that I can’t make time to read this right now, got 2 kinds of the extra sabotages forcing me to take a break.

— I’m back, but for my next thing I’m to do I’ve neglected to bring copy machine change, so I’ll have to see what there is to skip along to:

mostly now I’ll be stuck looking to see if there are correlations between Wallace’s Infinite Jest in 1994 with the The Dark Fields in 1998, retitled to the Limitless novel around 2000 I guess. Poor little me, having to do all this contemporary controversial look-into because the Limitless is about the same thing as this “quest” is forced to be about, that that brain-eating believes they are the supremeoes, Supreme-o’s, the greatests, the only-importantests except for those whom they serve, their Autist-buddies, like St. Christopher and his Pill-grim boy and Aiwass with his 666-Aleister Crowley, that that’s all the same thing. So I have to look for the system-bums as being all over Wallace because it’s the pattern. That means that I’m looking for Melissa and Vernon Gant-types as being around DF Wallace, too, which is like insane for me to be being bothered to do, that it’s “trifling,” it’s trivial pursuit amongst the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION-making dilettante sharks, like I don’t have enough difficulties. Those “art” people are all danger-dangerous, they just were thrown that kid for themselves to chew on while they’re leading hallucino-lives in this pre-extinction time. Wait till I get to the part about who’d “inspired” for that biography to be written. And, by the way, there aren’t any photos in it, so that I don’t know what his family looked like but it’s sociology-hell for me to be reading about him watching tv all the time and 20th century sociological things like that, to try to describe this hotsy-totsy Wallace subject, the “Man In Oriental Costume” loving it, that that’s their Armageddon, getting rid of the good-looking and the smart or vice-versa so that that will then leave them and their Autists as seeming to be the good-looking and the smart males, and then when they’re in female form too.

The October 2008 Nat Graph

check Prez downtown by the God is Disappointed’s mark russell

[this is here to get it off the front page, from a week or 10 days ago down to yesterday:]

I’ve been suspicious that that CACI group might have been connected to what had happened to Marilyn Monroe in 1962, because they’d originated in NY near the area I was long afraid I was being set up to be silence-trapped in, where there’s a VA hospital not far from the fraud-parent’s house, so I’ll be trying to look back into that origin of the moved-to-Virginia, Alexandria or Arlington, right near Washington, CACI company, also because then I’d had a “false-friend” it turns out, who’d nicknamed me Kakis, and maybe there was a connection to that company there too, is a connection. I’d gotten a small glimmer into how the business world works when I noticed that a company like that can’t operate unless they can house and feed the underworld that does most of the work so that the company can afford to be in business, that most of the world seems to be run that fake way it seems, i.e. that they get the ovaries of a victim and start “growing” food and employees from the “free” ovae. Difficult for me to describe but everyday business to the in-on-its of the underworld. My difficulty is that I’m trapped in a repeat now of the pattern that they’d used on me there at Bay 19th and Cropsey Avenues in 2003-04, that this poverty of mine makes me easily trapped like this so that they’re running the LURE and all I can do is to try to keep doing things like this that I’m doing. I sent off a letter last night about that 1939 World’s Fair article that comes up in my going over using that “Limitless” novel as an example that these “smart pill/brain-eaters” haven’t any idea or concern for where what they’re doing is leading to, they just love being high and feeling superior, but the 1969 space venture findings showed that their system’s thinking doesn’t have much or any to speak of connection to reality (to “real reality,” but they likely twist that word “real” to as though it’s a word for their “royalty” people and paradigm for the developmental disability of the Autism, that the “St. Christopher type” tells the “Pill-grim boy” type to, just sit there and wait, and the St. will get everything for the boy, in that they, as co-brain-eaters, are smarter than the people who don’t understand well enough about sex and getting high and what life’s all about, etc., etc. with their “limitless!” selves’ thinkings.)

Also about this LURE, the “Shahan/666/Pill-grim boys” seem to have this “playing stupid” affect-way of feigning not to understand things and I’m afraid that they’re projecting that affect onto and as though that’s also my “scam,” that I’m sitting here in this library and then in that rented room that’s in a set-up alot like the Bath Beach assignment, — that I still have to fill in a whole lot about, I think I was there for 11 months altogether somehow, — I’m afraid that the Shahan-types tell themselves that I like living like this! doing their LURE for whoever those strangers all are. To my knowledge I’d only fleetingly met one of them but then I’ve been noticing things like that my fraud-mother seems to have been a hybrid type of them and maybe a great-uncle in Ireland was a relatively big-time one of this type, and then maybe or probably one of the neighbors during that early 1960s time on Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx, the husband of this really strange friend of the fraud-mother’s, who seemed to have put alot of curses onto me and I see 2 ladies that look like her occasionally around here, that they must be her “offspring-descendants” to look that much like her, and they’re curse-oriented so I always am trying to stay careful but I was trapped in having to keep that work-assignment and I’m trapped in having to keep this room I’d blessedly been able to find but each day the Armageddon “Program” does some chess-move type move against little nobody me, that they’ve been accomplishing this “New Jerusalem” for themselves by, and they’re just primitives run amok on the highs from brain chemicals, plus the Autists had gotten the Autism from back committing the dinosaur-extinctions that enabled this cannibalism business that supports their brain-eating and the petroleum to buy it by. They’re running amok on me this “Memorial Day” time now, while I’ve been trying to keep this controversial-seeming stuff off of the front of the blog, and I’ll put this down at the end of the blog somewhere later likely.

— The invisible torture is doing, has been doing all week, that “s*** the world” scam gimmick that this Armageddon runs by, that this invisible war against “other” people than themselves has been being perpetrated by off of me since about 1978 or ’79 I think they started sneak-doing this “show” of this crap behind my back. They LURE people with this garbage-script that there’s any chance of getting the system to quit torturing everybody but it’s the system that’s running this trick LURE that’s saying that and this is how they’d gotten this “New Jerusalem” they’ve got now of all the “principalities” that have been issued out to the mass-reproduced nepotism “selected” stereotype types.

This is meant to reference the 2009 book, “Breakshot,” by Kenji Gallo and Randazzo V because it seems it’s very inter-connected to all this Armageddon “Program” off of me.

June 7, 2019, Friday

//ijustreadaboutthat . wordpress . com /2009/10/05/ mark-connors-david-foster-wallace-signifying-rappers-rap-and-race-in-the-urban-present-1990/ == I don’t know why that says mark-connors, it’s mark costello, while I don’t want any LURED controversy here, it’s really terrible this weekend and next weekend is that controversial especially for me “F’s Day” annual b.s. nightmare word that [that] word is for me anymore, this insane system insisting that that stranger-parasite was ever an actual male-parent, that the underworld has their own insane-vocabulary definitions to words. I was “struck by” the possibility that that insane global-underworld-system might have linked that poor boy, the alleged suicide victim of DF Wallace, to this s***-hole “Armageddon b.s. LURE that’s headed us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION despite all life’s nature. Many inter-mixed “themes” going on, so many that it occurred to me that maybe

L.A. County Museum of Art’s copy of this GF Schmidt 1769 etching “after Rembrandt,” they have titled as being “A Bearded Man Wearing a Turban,” from the estate of Howard de Forest.

the bums had linked Wallace to this TPE-bringing Armageddon “Program” through that book, 1990, Signifying Rappers, so that’s why the link is there, even though this is out of chronological order, the previous week now at the bottom of this: C.A.R.P.

All these contemporary subjects are dangerous, and the bums have “jumped” me with this LURE again, that I wouldn’t have come to this same library except for all these logistical-difficulties I’ve always got’s converging that it’s all I could do; then likely the same difficulty for functioning through tomorrow. It’s horrors but I don’t have time to describe it right now because I have to make this photocopy, where they’d had some stereotype at the machine when I first could have done it and gotten it over with before sitting down and then I’d looked up this Signifying Rappers book and sure enough, it might link that “poor boy” Wallace and his co-author then to this horror that’s been being perpetrated off of me — for 6 decades so far! There’s a group mentioned in Signifying Rappers that’s connected to the fraud-parent. Then I look up another one, the one the title comes from, and that’s some possibility of this inter-connectedness also, but the subject here is that the brain-eating is forcing Earth and biology to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION because it comes from insane and “doo-doo” -heads, normal people wouldn’t participate so extinction would come by attrition, but these things are so spiteful that they just like destruction, parasitism. I can’t get stuck on this aspect, it should be in the chronological. The “Jomon-diablo” loves this subject of Wallace and now it seems it’s not only linked to the “Limitless” novel but even some earlier link to this Armageddon Program off of poor little Kathy nobody Foshay, and that whole rigged “Bathgate Avenue Market” fraud-family business, which likely even goes back to the 1929 opening of the Minneapolis Foshay Tower scam, just before the Great Depression….

Today the monsters put a dream into my head where I woke with this what I’ll have to call a “Julie-male” stereotype-face looking into my head/brain, which was particularly scary for me because I’d just nearly been killed by this “slug-pneumonia” after the insane-calendar’s Ee-steer phony-holiday the month ago or what that was, April 21st I’d been okay but got caught in a bad situation health-wise and then in the days that followed I got that slug-pneumonia till I was nearly dead while this invisible-torture was putting this like a “photo carousel” of that face and a Shahan-666 face and 2 black-blobs of what looked like the top of an open oil well pit into my face, over and over those 4 pictures, so I’m trying to make an example for what that had looked like for here but everything takes me so much time and I was debilitated for like a month after that and just starting to normalize and they’re hitting me with all that same pattern again right now. It’s all inter-connected to this “Breakshot” book part of this Armageddon Program and LURE by which the system is steady bringing the TPE upon the Earth for real, me always all alone like this, and today they’re doing this goony-LURE affect and then it’ll be built up to something for this following weekend when they do that f’s day. I can’t stand that f word, the male-parent, it’s such a farce, the whole planet’s dying, so I have to try to stick with this “Julie-male” worst of the sadists probably subject till I finally ooze some of this garbage out of my head and into these abstract letters on this ephemeral and him-kill-angelo computer system.

Kenji Gallo has got probably the best example of a “Julie-male” photo that I could find, it’s probably the one the system is using to oil-well-torture me by lately, as with this morning. Then “Gallo” writes all kinds of useful description of the sadism but I think I figured out what the biggest gimmick of that sadism is but all these contemporary subjects are so dangerous for little me without any witnesses or contact person ever. Then they had the VA call me this morning with an odd message and I recognized the voice from the 18th of April, just before the deathly-illness had started being put all over me and that was the same pattern as with the system’s big December phony “holiday,” where I’d similarly had a contact that had seemed perhaps promising for my outlook here, a way out of this LURE-trap perhaps might be coming up, but instead I’d gotten the slug-pneumonia but first there was that LURE-useful hopefulness aspect, that Kathy might have gotten into a good or upbeat mood about some potential assistance for myself, they’d done that in late December then they did that the Thursday before this Ee-ster and then that voice was again on my voicemail today, right after this Julie-male face dream that’s LURE and death to me and petroleum-connected in my mind — and in reality I don’t have any the slightest thing to do with any of these goings-on, they’re just outside insaneo-system things being perpetrated from out of nowhere onto myself. And that went on and on all this morning. Now I made the little photocopy but I’d done a sloppy job and should think about this. I have to write for a Permission to one of these contemporary and “artsy” weirdo places, one of the biggest ones, Marvel. “Pow!” “Wham!” “Every Hero Has a Story” Marvel, that’s been as some part of this Armageddon sneak-horror onto me and is connected to the Julie-male faces big “theme” I have to ooze out because it seems to be what the global-system is really all about, is held together by. This connects to the Palestrina mosaic mentioned in the C.A.R.P. file, post, for this string of illustrations I’m trying to put together to illustrate how these bums have done this world-takeover, but also then there’s a mural in Pomona that I don’t want to ask for a Permission for showing, that same Julie-male face as in the “Breakshot” description, and that links of course to the David Foster Wallace whole new “theme” to how the system is bringing us to TPEXTINCTION. If you call up Pomona, the town he’d been working as a teacher in and then lived nearby in Claremont from, they completed a big mural in 2008 and on the right-hand top corner end of it you can see a Julie-face, like the Pope Julius II as the Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, and these in the stereotype section I’m trying to bring attention to, etc. In the case of the “Breakshot” book, the author alludes to that as a police-person the Julie-type guy might be going to give the guy a fellating as a turning-eighteen present, might be how that goes. And then, say, 20 years later the guy finds out that the (retired or what) fellator now has “grown” many copies of the now-38 year old guy, dependent young males and females that might be sadistically killed or tortured if the now-38 year old doesn’t obey; that that’s largely how this whole global-system has been getting away with all this “strength” of itself, taking reproductive matter and raising young for blackmail/sabotage purposes, you can’t do anything if they’re threatening to kill/hurt others, especially if, surprise, they’re from your own body, have your face and look like you and you’d have to be grateful that they’re being fed and housed at all, and such like that.

That’s the ooze, that I have to try to describe that “conceptually.” Goodness forfend, on a lighter side, that’s likely why in the “Limitless” novel Melissa had married Spinola at all, to get those — negative, that’s another aspect, not exactly the same blackmail purpose, that’s an aspect where they require victims for their brain-eating, is slightly a different reason for trying to procure people’s reproductive matters, “eggs” and sperm. They require victims for all their anthropophagy desires too, the cannibalism, the brain-eating, the petroleum spending-money, etc.

Okay, I didn’t do this well (never a pun here unless noted, etc.) Maybe it’s a widget that goes around and around, called a carousel widget maybe, that that’s what it was like when I was near-death type ill with that slug-pneumonia shortly after the system’s “spring” “holiday.” I’d have to find a way of editing the Shahan example without wrecking my original too, not sure how to do that yet. Usually I try to send the original then edit one in the phone-camera and send that again. And that Giuliano isn’t the same as the “Julie-male” shiny one type of their hybrids of themselves. I’ll look to see if there are any public domain photos of Steve McQueen but he’s more blond than the type they’re torturing me with, likely on this bizarre “copyright” theme the system smears all over my head all the time in their ludicrous-sadism way that I’m maybe the most abused person ever but if I even think about one of their “book of Life” family types then they start screaming for reparations of anthropophagy in exchange for that. If I could make it I guess I can’t insert a widget into here anyway. I was laying, on the floor where I’d felt safest, the torture usually forces me to the floor so it’s safest to just be there, incapacitated to do hardly anything but I somehow had enough food somehow and just slept or was in that suspended animation, and at night they’d flashed this picture-series into my head, a Shahan, a Julie-male, what I could only figure was like an open oil-well pit, and then another one that looked like that also, those 4 pictures going round like on one of these widgets here that I have that Murder, Inc.’s Lepke Buchalter on and then I’d made one with me with a Babar-cartoon like it was hitting me over the head with a gavel over that they don’t approve of anything I computer-write, which is the all the time Armageddon “Show/Program” gimmick, about 30% that and personal insults, 30% scatology and about that much of what I can only assume is long-ago made pornography off of me, hidden-camera pornography, largely connected to that circa 1980 Abscam scam, the scam and this’s horror with that fraud-parent theme being ritually-linked in the retrospect apparently. I’ll try to fix these things up for a carousel to illustrate the current invisible-tortures. Really though I also have to move that whole Stereotypes footer up onto the end of this first page of the blogroll so I can put the “Limitless” novel material back onto the footer. The system might have terrorized Wallace with being “exposed” via that story. Plus, the poor boy had written about rap music, which the system “also” owns, like everything else, and therefore it isn’t any of his business, and it seems he’d said something that wasn’t flattery about the group that the fraud-parent’s probable offspring-descendant was/is in, that then when I showed up in NY in late October 2002 one of that group had been assassinated, (allegedly, allegedly in that now I look at a photo of them and notice that he and the other partner had somehow looked like twins; (not the one like the fraud-parent.))

The magazine, from Berkeley, called Tikkun had had an article with a photo of a lady who might have been the same person as I’d been the home health aide for in 2003-04, that was the main part of this big horror-part of this Armageddon “Program,” so I’m trying to search to see if I could possibly needle-in-a-“magically”-rigged-haystack locate that, then there’d be a Permissions request that would be unlikely to be system-appreciated beyond its assisting-with-the-Armageddon-making twisted-abuses, and now I notice that it’s time to leave this library for the day anyway. They’ve done some new “trick” with one of the “regular characters” kept around me. This guy is such a regular that I’m starting to think they have him because he’s a “water” gotten from matching the fraud-female-parent’s fraud-male-parent’s reproductive matter with my fraud-sibling’s little baby baby-ovae, what they specifically always have the guy around for, but today he’s swearing, uncharacteristically, etc. I guess I won’t have much choice but to come to this same location tomorrow but that would be uncharcteristic for me except that I’m so bad-off anymore that I might not see much purpose to trying to run around to anywhere different here in this strange town anyway.

6/8/19, Saturday, they’re doing h*** to and off of me.

6/10/19 Monday, the Ginsberg-type animals, ginsberg & products-companies animals with it and them

L.A. County Museum of Art’s copy of this GF Schmidt 1769 etching “after Rembrandt,” they have titled as being “A Bearded Man Wearing a Turban,” from the estate of Howard de Forest.

are pouncing and sucking and leeching, and it’s based on their petroleum “theme,” their turning people into petroleum for money for their self-mass-reproduction product-people’s businesses that “comprise” or compose up this global-system, are on a feeding-frenzy as I walk into here. I’m very late because of all the tortures and I’m supposed to leave early over returning this “Push” book without hardly having had a chance to read it and the monsters are sucking my brain all over for whatever their “Armageddon Program” in these libraries is, characters always parading around but — etc., etc. Terrible s– now yet another creep scene, that there isn’t any real life connection to anything with this c*** that’s always all over me. It started worse when, in the suspended-animation trying to get dressed to come here I’d had the thought that, almost coincidentally, that “Wallace kid” was small like me and those Cassady and Kerouac “beat kids,” and that, almost coincidentally, Gindsberg was living where Wallace’s roommate had been living at some point, like the area of the “Limitless” novel, so that, along with at the Yadoo place, that that Ginsberg had likely been “instrumental” in Wallace’s early demise, and since that about 2 hours ago I’ve had this spectre of that Ginsberg monster all over me, and it is attached to this whole “Armageddon Show” but one of my illustrations for that has disappeared off of the search-engine for me to be able to describe that and so I haven’t been able to do so very well, it’s being the apparition type of a thing on Dec. 28, 1998 that in retrospect I rrealized looked like Ginsberg, but they were a duo of one of that type and one of the type there’s only one illustration I know about and can’t get ahold of. I was thinking that if I didn’t have any more problems I might be able to order the book, buy a copy of an old 1989-type book that should have the image with it, etc., but this petroleum “googoo-gaga happiness” I can’t figure out, like they love to smash people down into the bottomless pits, abysses, enthusiasm, googoo-gaga enthusiasm and happiness afftect, but it’s so disgusting in that these types that are like that seem to get hyped up when it’s someone else’s “race” or type of people that is being — and here’s that book title, pushed, into the pits, that that perspective especially then disgusts me, like such the horror is okay when it’s being perpetrated against team#someone else/someone else’s type.

check carl van vechten photographs at the loc

delillo’s parents owned a bakery on e. 187th

CO2 is an asphyxiant gas and not classified as toxic or harmful in accordance with Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals standards of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe by using the OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals. In concentrations up to 1% (10,000 ppm), it will make some people feel drowsy and give the lungs a stuffy feeling.[117] Concentrations of 7% to 10% (70,000 to 100,000 ppm) may cause suffocation, even in the presence of sufficient oxygen, manifesting as dizziness, headache, visual and hearing dysfunction, and unconsciousness within a few minutes to an hour.[119] The physiological effects of acute carbon dioxide exposure are grouped together under the term hypercapnia, a subset of asphyxiation.

— This hypercapnia the hospitals say I’ve got; and I’m doing this with the carbon dioxide I guess AlkaSeltzer type carbonation bubbles. When this Ginsberg-torture started today it came along with this feeling that there’s some airbag hallucino-placed around my diaphragm-ribs area so that it displaces the air-intake I’m supposed to be breathing.

June 11, Tuesday, now the Carbon Monoxide write-ups are even worse. They have a Carbon Monoxide meter in the hallway outside the room I’m in, put it up about 3 months ago but I’ve never looked at it to see what it is till last night, had just overheard that it had to do with carbon monoxide or dioxide. The write-ups on the monoxide sound insane. The insanity is all feeding off of my face and body worse than usual since I left here yesterday, the “Jomon” filth-being/s’ Armageddon. Maybe it’s connected to this little statue I finally got the name of:

I think that’s insane “Jupiter,” off of the boat with the other invaders of the normal people south of Rome.

by Archelaos, and that’s Homer being held prisoner at the bottom by this thing, “Jupiter” there at the top, harassing the female captives. This face isn’t as clearly “Jomon” as the copy I’d seen previously, in a Western Civilization book. The torture is obscene right now, wouldn’t let me sleep, eating my face, all those “Jurassic Park” terrorism Ginsberg roar-noises, — maybe they’ve been trying to drive me to suicide over the molestation, that there isn’t any way out of this LURE-trap they’ve built all around me, etc. Still working with trying to “assemble the pieces” as though for a show-and-tell presentation as though there were any humans anywhere around me that could care or do anything about the petroleum insane parasites. Here I’ve got that they’d disembarked and invaded, with the Domenichino to the Praeneste mosaic, Palestrina, that they’d pushed those people to then perhaps that this even represents that Fortuna Temple the mosaic is at, was found at I’d guess, was in place on the floor there. These monsters didn’t let me sleep, the “Jomon”

L.A. County Museum of Art’s copy of this GF Schmidt 1769 etching “after Rembrandt,” they have titled as being “A Bearded Man Wearing a Turban,” from the estate of Howard de Forest.

seeming to think it would be arena-Armageddon Program underneath this library good if I showed up ugly and short-tempered from no sleep at all on its mind lately so they pulled not letting me sleep last night, winding up that I got here a little late, forgot to carry a pen, left all my work papers there, am barely functioning.

I have to research this Archelaos “Homer” piece. They’re sacrificing a bull at the bottom, like a family imprisoned and forced to live like that by the guard up at the top. Then I’ve got the nguyen difficulty, that it occurred to me that that might be a system-name for money from making “gu” out of people, I have to try to check that.

Marie-Lan Nguyen (2011) — I’d like to be able to keep the links to useful people’s work but with many of these “donations” the link name is peculiar and I’d thought this wasn’t peculiar but then this torture and its petroleum obsession all over me, I’d mentioned that Page-Brin instead of the goo for instance and then it occurred to me that gu is much like goo and I’ll have to check back to that “famous” one during that war in Vietnam business, the southern president, I think that that maybe had been his name. Nguyen van Thieu maybe. So many things to check on and my head is all battered by all these different horrors that have been being perpetrated, alot of which I can’t mention for fear of encouraging the retarded animals to make-believe “perform”/LURE more off of uninvolved me, they just imperceptibly, unprovably, spook around me at most, I’m only a gimmick at the bottom of the crime of everything.

1965-1975 Nguyen was the president of s. vietnam. That might indicate that petroleum was what that was mostly all about. Then in 2001 I’d been sent on some sort of a fancy-seeming errand, on my court transcript bicycle delivery job, to deliver to or pick up from someone I think was named Kathy Nguyen at the Johns Hopkins school on Massachusetts Avenue, NW, in WDC. I don’t recall why it seemed — maybe it was just in going to the Johns Hopkins and it was a school that I’d thought was so fancy, and I don’t recall that it was more than one delivery, but it’s unusual to recall the name, that it had stuck in mind.

And while these things might be about petroleum the brain-selling seems always to be foremost in mind by this system, that they have it set in mind to want to make their living that way, maybe run the global-system basically as brain-selling “drug” distributors with the petroleum as second line of business. Vlad-type’s, Dracula-line of the Jomon, line of business. So I think I’ll take the link off of Ms. Nguyen’s copy of the Archelaos, and try to look for another one or see what’s available since it’s the slightly different than I recall. It’s probably a real important piece and thereby it gets flagged to note who is interested in it.

I wish a human adult could discuss the similarities between Rico Lebrun and Nguyen van Thieu with me, there might be the underworld’s connection between them.

I lost the URL to — it might be above here, that digital commons for ru.

digitalcommons dot rockefeller dot edu/life-of-rene-dubos

check network dot bepress dot com

*http ://network . bepress . com/explore/?q=jomon

http ://network . bepress . com /social-and-behavioral-sciences/anthropology/archaeological-anthropology/

on aztec sacrifice 1600s: — this is copyrighted by its dissertation self’s author —  https :// digitalcommons . du . edu/cgi/viewcontent . cgi?article=2287&context=etd — but they let you read it and I don’t have use for it right now and don’t have a pen even right now for jotting down any of all this to be able to find it later as it maybe comes up in this Stereotypes section’s image of the “Julie-males/that they do “Virgin Mary”” is particular and that 1999 “Universal Call to Holiness” one was financed by something in Alexandria, VA, called the aztec foundation, so I’d guess that this Julie-system that this might all be that I’m at the bottom of might all be supported by the Aztec “ethnicity” or whatever, by this underworld like is under me where I am at this latest horror room, etc. Now however I want to see what they might have on dinosaur extinction by egg vanishment.

check hb bozeman collection, university archives and special collections, prescott memorial library, louisiana tech university

Cretaceous Dinosaurs And The World They Lived In: A New Species Of Ornithischian Dinosaur From The Early Cretaceous (Aptian) Of Texas, Reconstruction Of The Brain Endocast And Inner Ear Of Malawisaurus Dixeyi, And Reconstruction Of The Paleoclimate And Paleoenvironment Of Cretaceous Terrestrial Formations In Texas And Oklahoma Using Pedogenic Minerals,    Kate Andrzejewski 2018    Southern Methodist University

Paradigms And Paleoartists: How Our Perception Of Dinosaurs Forms, Jordan C. Oldham 2018  Cedarville University

http ://digitalcommons . cedarville . edu /research_scholarship_symposium/2017/podium_presentations/11 == this is called understanding feathered dinosaurs, by sprague — and, — http ://digitalcommons . cedarville . edu/research_scholarship_symposium/2016/poster_presentations/55 == michael d. sprague, sauropods and water

http ://corescholar . libraries . wright.edu/ees/130 == rebecca teed, siberian traps, she checked different ones, different papers

http ://digitalcommons . unl . edu /usgsstaffpub/891 = chaco canyon maize

Discovery Of A 240 Million Year Old Nematode Parasite Egg In A Cynodont Coprolite Sheds Light On The Early Origin Of Pinworms In VertebratesJean-Pierre Hugot, Scott Gardner, Victor Borba, Priscilla Araujo, Daniela Leles, Átila Da-Rosa, Juliana Dutra, Luis Fernando Ferreira, Adauto Araújo == 2014 paper, in brazil site

Time, Money, And Melting Ice: Proposal For A Coopertive Study Of The World’S Cave Ice In A Race Against Climate ChangeGeorge Veni, Lewis Land, Aurel Perşoiu

Dinosaur Tracksites Of The Paluxy River Valley (Glen Rose Formation, Lower Cretaceous), Dinosaur Valley State Park, Somervell County, Texas.James O. Farlow, Mike O’brien, Glenn J. Kuban, Benjamin F. Dattilo, K. T. Bates, Peter L. Falkingham, L. Pinuela, Amanda Rose, A. Freels, C. Kumagai, Courtney Libben, Justin Smith, J. Whitcraft (indiana university, 2014)

How Many Track Horizons Are Exposed At Dinosaur Valley State Park? Stratigraphy Of The Cretaceous Glen Rose Formation Track Sites Of The Paluxy River, Glen Rose, TexasBenjamin Dattilo, Sadye Howald, James Farlow, Anthony Martin

Evidence Of Earliest Known WildfiresWalter Cressler2014 West Chester University of Pennsylvania

NE utah’s carnegie quarry of dinosaur bones:  https ://scholarsarchive . byu . edu /etd/6647/

11 June, 3:30pm, the selected parasites out here and the internal-torture together all the time working together to kill me toward their global-system’s world-takeove, driving me now to some terminal that doesn’t work at all well..

Archelaos of Priene, = w. coast of Turkey

Via Appia = the Appian Way

The Appian Way was used as a main route for military supplies since its construction for that purpose in 312 BC.[5]

The Appian Way was the first long road built specifically to transport troops outside the smaller region of greater Rome (this was essential to the Romans). The few roads outside the early city were Etruscan and went mainly to Etruria. By the late Republic, the Romans had expanded over most of Italy and were masters of road construction. Their roads began at Rome, where the master itinerarium, or list of destinations along the roads, was located, and extended to the borders of their domain — hence the expression, “All roads lead to Rome“.

The Samnite Wars[edit]

Romans had an affinity for the people of Campania, who, like themselves, traced their backgrounds to the Etruscans. The Samnite Wars were instigated by the Samnites when Rome attempted to ally itself with the city of Capua in Campania. The Italic speakers in Latium had long ago been subdued and incorporated into the Roman state. They were responsible for changing Rome from a primarily Etruscan to a primarily Italic state.

Dense populations of sovereign Samnites remained in the mountains north of Capua, which is just north of the Greek city of Neapolis. Around 343 BC, Rome and Capua attempted to form an alliance, a first step toward a closer unity. The Samnites reacted with military force. …

The Via Appia picked up the coastal road at Tarracina (Terracina). However, the Romans straightened it somewhat with cuttings, which form cliffs today. From there the road swerved north to Capua, where, for the time being, it ended. Caudine Forks was not far to the north. The itinerary was Aricia (Ariccia), Tres TabernaeForum Appii, Tarracina, Fundi (Fondi), Formiae(Formia), Minturnae (Minturno), SuessaCasilinum and Capua, but some of these were colonies added after the Samnite Wars. The distance was 212 kilometers (132 mi). The original road had no milestones, as they were not yet in use. A few survive from later times, including a first milestone near the porta Appia.

Extension to Beneventum[edit]

Via Appia within the ancient Minturno

The Third Samnite War (298–290 BC) is perhaps misnamed. It was an all-out attempt by all the neighbors of Rome: Italics, Etruscans and Gauls, to check the power of Rome. The Samnites were the leading people of the conspiracy. Rome dealt the northerners a crushing blow at the Battle of Sentinum in Umbria in 295. The Samnites fought on alone. Rome now placed 13 colonies in Campania and Samnium. It must have been during this time that they extended the via Appia 35 miles beyond Capua past the Caudine forks to a place the Samnites called Maloenton, “passage of the flocks”. The itinerary added CalatiaCaudium and Beneventum (not yet called that).[7] Here also ended the Via Latina[8]

i lost the translation now, it’s called state road 7, and appears to go right by that lake nemi.

strada statali maybe

via appia antica

ck velletri, ck formia, ck caput, casserta, benevento, lioni, taranto to brindisi

in the north- /www dot italymagazine . com /featured-story/italian-families-gonzaga

Appian of Alexandria: https ://en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Appian

12 June — this “Appian” has to get all looked into; maybe it’s “a peon of Alexander” the Great, as that Appian Way leads over to Greece, after leaving Rome and then the Lake Nemi area that I suspect the Palestrina mosaic had been trying to describe.

Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel — http ://commdocs . house . gov/committees /judiciary/hju80194.000/hju80194_0f.htm


Thank you, Chairman Coble and Ranking Member Berman, for holding this hearing on the process and structure of the CARP (Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel).

With the existence of compulsory licenses, agreements are needed in order to determine the amount of licensing royalties copyright owners are entitled to receive. Unfortunately, Congress has created a flawed process in which royalty decisions are handed down. My specific concerns are directed at the exorbitant costs for arbitrators, the restrictive discovery process and the different standards for setting rates.

 Page 118       PREV PAGE       TOP OF DOC

The CARP forces parties to participate in laborious proceedings that result often in disputed decisions and additional lawsuits. The existing CARP process can cost both parties a high price, with attorney fees, arbitrator fees, Copyright office fees and consultant fees listed as expenses. Without reform, the current model will continue to be costly for all sides. The discovery aspect of the CARP proceedings is restrictive, because the CARP has no subpoena powers. The scope of the discovery is limited to the written testimony, with access to official documents not available to shed more light on a particular issue, thereby ensuring the system in place remains ineffective and backwards, compared to a traditional court case.

My last area of concern involves the Copyright Act and the three different standards for setting royalty rates. I have attached to my opening statement a side-by-side display of the three standards, which are found in Sections 801, 119 and 114 of the Copyright Act. The first of these standards requires rates to be the product of a four-factor balancing test, and requires rates to be ”fair” and minimally disruptive of the relevant industries. The second standard requires the rates to represent the ”fair market value” of the relevant activity. The third standard, which applies only to Internet radio services, lacks a fairness requirement, and only requires the arbitrators to ratify prices that would be negotiated by willing buyers and sellers in ”the marketplace.”

I believe we should consider the feasibility of a single standard, which could lead to providing assurances that the rates the CARP set are fair and reasonable for both the copyright owners and the user, and provide the Copyright office a basis in which to set future royalty rates.

 Page 119       PREV PAGE       TOP OF DOC

Shedding light on the problems will require greater inquiry in to what is deficient with the current system and what could be done to ensure fair decisions are rendered.

Thank you again for holding this hearing. I look forward to hearing the testimony from the panel of witnesses.

The fees ultimately set by the CARP in its recent report were considerably higher than any fair market outcome or any reasonable construction of the economics of the Yahoo-RIAA Agreement. The Panel did not appropriately address the unique facts and circumstances surrounding the Yahoo-RIAA Agreement, yet the Panel explicitly used certain terms of that Agreement as a benchmark for industry rate-setting. The result is that a single specific agreement based upon the unique situation of an individual company whose business model was atypical of Internet webcasters in general, has been misapplied to set excessive rates for an entire industry.

Statement of Marybeth Peters
The Register of Copyrights
before the
Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property
Committee on the Judiciary

United States House of Representatives
107th Congress, 2nd Session

June 13, 2002

CARP (Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel) Structure and Process

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I am pleased to appear today before the Subcommittee and offer testimony on the structure and process of the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panels (CARPs). As you are aware, the CARPs have been operating under the auspices of the Copyright Office and the Library of Congress since the Congress eliminated the Copyright Royalty Tribunal in 1993. Today’s hearing is to consider how effective the CARP process has been to this point and, as you will hear from other members of today’s witness panel, ways in which it can be improved.

— Okay, now that’s some idea of what all that C.A.R.P. delivery-erranding I’d been being sent on during 2001 had been about. At the same time there was something going on up there I think with the performer Snoop Dog, Snoop Doggy, that got mixed into it when I’d search-engined to try to figure out what this was. Then that 9/11 had occurred and then there was a big Anthrax-evacuation up on Capitol Hill and after that I never got sent on any more of the C.A.R.P. paperwork. The job I’d had’s boss had at one point, maybe in June or July, told me to photocopy some kiddy book for him, which appeared to be clearly in violation of the copyright business but I didn’t feel that I had any option plus it wasn’t clear what the point of doing that was, beside the story that he was doing that for a nephew of his, and that the material was in Italian I think, like a kiddy songbook in Italian or the kid was in Italy maybe, going on a visit there and the book might help with language-learning, I haven’t any idea what these people around me are ever really doing, but I did as he’d instructed me to but then never heard another word in follow-up about whatever that project was. Also then it was a personal and not a job-related task he’d had me do, but everywhere I go is strange, with this “magic” c*** all over me. When I’d first walked in to fill out the job application there’d been a big Irish-looking old guy sitting at a desk like he was the boss of the job but after I started I’d met this small-sized guy as though the boss, right there at 14th and Rhode Island Streets, NW, in WDC, about 2 blocks from one of the houses Alexander Graham Bell and his wife and whoever all had lived in and then a block from where I’d wound up after the car-hit, had spent again alot of time in that neighborhood. I’ll try to find a copy of the DC Cultural Tourism sign from the corner by the court transcript delivery-boy job I’d had, doing photocopies also:

Detail of a DC Cultural Tourism sign at 14th and R.I. Sts., NW

Crop the beige bricks outside of the sign. The point of the signs there seem to be that it was a big early gasoline/petroleum area around/under there. That’s right across the street and over a few feet from the building with that court transcript office I’d worked for for 10 or 11 months in 2001, giving notice in December as the “tricks” were too much for me anymore, the same sorts of “tricks” that are played on me all day long every day no matter where I am but here they’d involved larger subjects like Capitol Hill and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and I was all over the place but with this “magic/Armageddon Show” that’s all over me always saying I’m a germ-spreading, like with the Oswald Avery/Caesar/Bicci de Medici subject I’m trying to get across is involved in all this mix of the evil system and its living off of this playing “tricks” as though this is trivial, etc. This C.A.R.P. was all about royalties also and I’m sure that’s got some double-meaning to this c*** on my head.

Speaking of copyrights I have to make a photocopy right now, not be typing. But it’s intermittently busy over there and there’s some small list of things to quick, try to quick, look up today.

2pm, the bums cut me off again, as though I’d missed the notices that I’d be cut off, but it was just out of nowhere and I hadn’t even been on 2 hours, they usually do that at 2 and a half hours sometimes, sometimes they don’t, but I was still outside when the noon bells went off and it was just before, i sat down at 12:20 to start the login process here only, and then they run all these emergency-like signs on how you’re time is nearly up, that I couldn’t have missed that four minute and then the 1 minute sign. was looking up that trouble-making charles l. stewart and finding there were 2 at the same time that had passed at nyhospital.

— It’s so difficult for me to do anything that now I have to make a note that I finally got that color photocopy of the Marvel Iliad panel made, fifty cents, took me all this time and now they can have the book back and I have to quicker look at this one on philip johnson and let them have that one back also so we can get on with all these things I’m trying to get done. The Johnson book was for some question I’d already answered, that I’d thought Burgee was some other stereotype, and this is a whole new reading on Johnson that I can’t make time for, despite that there’s alot of his buildings here, that that I might should make a point to look into before returning this Schulze biography, about 1996, which is about 10 years before Johnson had passed. I’d thought he was a trapped nice person, which he might’ve been but the friendship with Burgee now seems real, and all that business with Mies. There are 3 mentions of Mendelsohn in the book so I’ll check those. My point is that both books are going back to the same harris county la porte library so they ought to be timed together. They’d arrived here separately and now I’m waiting on a good one, don’t want it held up waiting for these 2. I think these 2 will have to go back separately.

— In this url there’s 2 photos of a girl that looks like me, as in from my ovae: https ://lsiowa . org/2018-impact-report/

13 June, list to check

cua jesuits

nara url

joe mcnally/nat geog

bk thomas info

bonnier group

everett collection

alexander the great

appian of alexandria

longfellow, longfellow’s errin’ aide

public domain images of nasa star images

ck photo credits torture and truth tt dog photo is where

mt olympus

adam west and batboy

buck rogers

morons using me for their increased spread of christianity, to their perspective

While I’m broaching the subject of Mayor/Marion Barry, thence to my worry that the inundation of me with all those fraud-parent offspring-descendants had let to the untimely demise, maybe I should try to fit in this similar worry about that set of books by the author known as Sapphire. Maybe the system’s advance planning had or hadn’t thought to use “Push” as a description of me when it was first released but by the time of the film had thought that that would be a nice story to tell “compartmentalized” other groups of people to describe what this is that is going on against all these letters for assistance that I write, me thinking that because there’d been some spate of people using the word precious toward me, as in, Excuse me, precious, this and that if I requested to go by where they were standing or some such, my way always being blocked, around that 2009 or so time period, that that was peculiar-seeming, and I think the “Program” equated doing this to me with doing similar to the girl Precious, of the film’s title, from the book, “Push.” However, in 2011 a continuation to the next generation was published, called “The Kid.” It sounds far-fetched but the system-core makes life decisions far in advance and I’m thinking that this publication might be a description for something the system has done with its mass-replications from the fraud-parent. The “kid” that becomes an orphan when Precious dies young is given Moslem names for not any apparent reason, Abdul Jamal Louis (after Farrakhan) and then I think maybe another name and then his last name, Jones or Johnston, I can’t recall which right now, even though I’ve got the book right here in front of me. After all this horror-orphancy the book winds up with him being forced to leave some asylum or psychiatric unit, like, we called you a cab and you take it and get out of here, like an image of purposely mass-reproduced homeless Islamics manufactured off of perhaps specifically the fraud-parent, going on nowadays, homeless confused dangerous crazy wrongfully-manufactured orphans, trying to feed and house and live nowadays, helping to create this situation we’re in. The author’s photos look to me alot like one of the other fraud-relatives but also like the young Sophia Loren:

Sophia Loren, 1934, Rome; PD, click.

I have to go try to straighten out the click-on, it wasn’t working when I’d checked yesterday, for the Stereotypes section.




14 June — Flag Day, is maybe why “the animals” the system, is acting so strange. I have to stash this from yesterday here for now, it’s too complex, too many inundating details all over me, etc:

Here’s another big way the Revelation-Armageddon has been being snuck-through off of me:

Marion Barry, (1936-1914) in 1983; PD, click-on.

They have a “secret-underworld’s secret ‘play'” character (here) that seems to be an imitation or reprise of how the Armageddon Program directorship  had been “situationally” using WDC’s Marion Barry (1936-2014; 1983 photo,) while I was Armageddon-stranded in WDC for many years, me just putting this together today now off of some of the goings-on that are always “invisible warfare” sneak-going on around me and it’s too difficult to describe all this more quickly than the system can Armageddon-barrage with all its deviousness.

Eph. 6:10-20 (KJV) 10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; 15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: 18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; 19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel, 20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

— These things are all very difficult for everybody and in the retrospect this is all the “insanity” directing this Program lifetime so far off of (little) nobody me and they invented every trick in the book. “(The) ‘Bums set me up,” set up everyone, long, long ago. I’ll try to make a nice click-on for describing this particular aspect of all this millennial-time. Coincidentally or “It’s a Small World After All, It’s a small world after,” I’ve long suspected that Mayor Barry might have been descended from Obadiah B. Brown

Rev. Obadiah B. Brown, 1807-1850 it says but that might have been his active years, from a book I’ll have to find the exact title of, The History of Baptists in Washington, DC approximately.

John Carroll (1735-1815)

I think this was a “fair use” or public domain photo from a history book, black history maybe, of Marion Barry that would be okay for use.








and that Brown was likely descended from the ubiquitous-seeming in all this John Carroll (1735-1815,) mentioned as possibly coming from the boy in the Otto III Domenichino mural at the bottom of this post right now. This is complicated and fraught with the system’s phonied-up “racism” strategy, tactic, and they’ve been pulling off this insanity despite everything to the contrary because of “compartmentalization” where none of us knows what’s really going on, the system just has each person surrounded with some set of made-up stories or another. I’m still looking to try to find out what specific parts of the field of Chemistry college student Barry was studying. Previously written just earlier:

I’m just realizing it now, from a combination of the inter-relateds, sic. This new Otto III illustration is from a library in Syracuse, NY, Le Moyne College’s, (a Jesuit school, so more to come on filling in about that inter-connection in all this, but,) and I thought that that was the same as the school that WDC’s Mayor Marion Barry had gone to so I was looking up about that and realized the schools aren’t inter-connected but I don’t have a file on Barry and thought I’d go ahead and start one quickly but then that inter-connected to this horrible situation I’ve got in this library here and I suddenly realized that the invisible and unprovable “Armageddon Program” off of me has sneak-got some scripted character that’s imitating Councilmember Barry’s “role” during at least some of my many years stranded in the WDC homeless shelters. I’m going to try to find a PD photo of him but the one on Wikipedia is actually cropped from a more useful photo of him and then-Mayor Gray in 2010, that mayor looking “just like” one of the characters from the below 2003-04 “Breakshot” part of this horror onto and off of my very little self, and the photographer actually has it I think on Creative Commons 2.0 status, some rights retained, DB King, but I’m too chicken to deal with all these controversial subjects — and then the “Jesuits'” founder was St. Ignatius of Loyala, which reminds me of the word “ignite” and we don’t want any igniting of anything around this Armageddon business, especially as I’m continuing to ascertain and prove that the system-core is only various insane people. When this “show” was first surprise-started onto my brain I’d told anyone and everyone that might be listening that whoever had written that book of Revelation with its Armageddon threat was smart enough to build this system off of the materials — reminds me that Barry was a chemistry major, is what I’d gotten into trying to look up more about, which kinds of chemistry he was mostly working on, going onto the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. — I’d told whoever was doing this brain-torture to me that whoever had written the Revelation was smart enough to build this system up off of the resources the planet had had to start with but that I felt they weren’t so bright as to be able to dismantle this same system after it’s up and we’ve seen that it’s heading in a wrong direction, toward human extinction. That was in 1993; by 2008 I’d realized that the system-makers have so much Autism that they’ll simply let the whole planet be destroyed before they’d admit to their system-building. Now I’m thinking that maybe they’ve got 2 groups of themselves that are “petroleum” -based and war against one another, and what happens to people around them isn’t what they’re doing so they don’t know much about what goes on with other people, that they just happen not to get out of the warriors’ way or such, is some possibility. I’m going to go back and try to find a PD photo of Barry for here. Previously written:

“Boleslaw I Chrobry (the Brave) Greeting Otto III on his Pilgrimage to the Tomb of St. Adalbert at Gniezno, 1000” https://resources.library.lemoyne.edu/arts/de-ropp-polish-art-collection/paintings. First of a series of 7 temperas painted by the Brotherhood of St. Luke, Warsaw, for the 1939 NY World’s Fair, then donated to this college in Syracuse, NY.

“St. Nilus Meeting the Emperor Otto IIII” by Domenichino, Grottaferrata, Italy, mural [originally.]

This bottom image was chronologically before the new one I just got the permission on. These bring up multi-inter-connections. Since I’m in the 2nd millennium “Revelation” exhibition for the Armageddon it was natural for me to try to learn about this first millennium, what had transpired that might assist me to getting out of this insanity. It took me many years to trace this to Autism-psychopathy and then its brain-eating “habit,” etc. for all the interconnections. This goes on and on with the little shreds of “evidence” that I’ve been able to find over the years. Then it comes up that the Syracuse school is a Jesuit college and I don’t know anything about Jesuits but recall and then connect that their founding Jesuit was Ignatius Loyola and offhand it occurs that he’d looked similar to the Oswald Avery I’m always trying to warn that maybe I was selected for this millennial exhibition because I’m some “offspring-descendant” from his tres peculiar self, and maybe the early 1500s’ Bicci de Medici was related to both Loyola and Avery.

— Back to now; what a mishmash. I’ll have to scrap this whole thing and start it over when/if I get caught up with the other parts. What they’ve been doing here is that for eight months this guy comes and loudly sits near me watching wrestling and laughing at the screen, while I suspect it’s laughter over me getting invisibly and unprovably beat up virtually 24/7/365 for decades now and sometimes his loudness with other people here while I’m trying to quietly pull these subjects together, about 10,000 different parts of “all this” there generally seems to be, gets me annoyed, and it’s like it’s a regular part of the secret underworld’s secret “show” and how the system’s been doing this Armageddon-making off of me, with teeny-seeming unprovable “tricks” like this, to where my increasing annoyance toward the end of the days is part of the way the system “disappears” unsuspecting normal people, the guy coming in and going into these routines around 3pm or so most days all this time, where everything goes maybe from pleasant to lousy for how my efforts on the blog are going and I have to take a break, change my seat etc., like as though there’s some running contest between me and this total stranger and then today I’d gotten onto this jag because of the coincidence with the names of the colleges and the guy came in a little early and so exuberant that it occurred to me that he’s “scripted” to play a role similar to that of Mr. Barry, Councilmember Barry most of the years I was there, “Mayor for Life” Barry, who I’d never met or thought about till after he’d passed and I started reading about him. One time it was mentioned that he was also in the foyer of the main library there, the MLK, and was looking over but I glanced and didn’t know which of a group he was. Unfortunately there’s a “theme” where I fear that the “offspring-descendants of the fraud-parent” may have “had a hand” in that bad demise, but that’s totally unprovable by me or any ordinary normal people. I’ve spent so much time on this today that I don’t think I’ll be able to keep trying to find out what his interest in Chemistry had been, whether it was toward the brain chemicals or petrochemicals or what. I should type my list of things to check here. In fact this whole file will have to go to the chronological post soon. Then also it occurred that DC’s Owen Lattimore also looked alot like Brown. Brown had co-founded the George Washington University, I forget it’s original name, maybe Columbian, with Luther Rice. — St. Ignatius of Loyola, (1491-1556.)

Francisco de ZurbaránSt Ignatius Loyola  wikidata:Q28017378
Francisco de Zurbarán: St Ignatius Loyola
Francisco Zurbaran (1598-1664)
Object type painting
St. Ignatius of Loyola
Date 1600s
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions Height: 100.9 cm (39.7 ″); Width: 89.4 cm (35.1 ″)
Accession number
RCIN 402879 (Royal Collection)
References described at URLhttps://www.royalcollection.org.uk/collection/402879/st-ignatius-loyola


Source/Photographer Art.co.uk

Licensing: This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art. The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason: This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

ck later: blogs . getty . edu /iris/about/ and www . pbase . com/dosseman/selcukmuseum

https ://en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Fran%C3%A7ois_Tomb

ck condi rice

http ://archeologialazio . beniculturali . it/

Palestrina attempt

https ://waterculturepower . wordpress . com/2012/03/08/scenes-of-the-nile-in-italy/

ck artstor . org = ck my loc expire date

they also call this, sanctuary of fortuna primigenia mosaic

somehow I got this, like a specific g***** art search: www . google . com/search?hl=en&tbs=sbi:AMhZZiuBgF9tZZEu1s5fo7kwvg8tROOoTRBOvxXwn3xUIc2aFyfEsr8pVpH19rDLaIxOnPpYclGOxe-UgL8SjC_1iMO2EBuJ3N3_1PZYey39IKGpCkutNY0x7mFeEdZy2w_1Mj8DDCG4jJnTNgd5g1-BTy2dbtaVhKAnztbtmOYUBPw80meRpHkYVNc7lmeGJEuoT9BV7OKqe4B7QR5PYKu6_1-IjQ5mK8PuKwADCqwysZSrcRg7C3Af1AsIIyAD4UnZ9Ey0O5tc0uypjQ76TYt4h1hNNAzlmcuBVVvH7W4We2hrq5nKFkzg0nqiOeKV7DZ0orARv4Ab3SLyetlj0dKodE-j2-AiqV_1ncA&ei=RgoEXc2-Kci7tgXNv7ioBg&start=30&sa=N&ved=0ahUKEwjN-bOu7uniAhXIna0KHc0fDmU4FBDy0wMIdQ&biw=1280&bih=913

== i didn’t put any more spaces after the one before com. It brings up like anything that’s got a copy of the mosaic, it seems.

http ://www . statemaster . com/encyclopedia/Palestrina

15 June, Saturday

I don’t have any idea what this Palestrina has to do with Douglas Hamp, a Bible expert, in that the you sense dot info is real peculiar but this has great views:

https ://yousense . info/6e696c65/nile-mosaic-of-palestrina-douglashampcom . html

— maybe the anonymous at the you sense dot info went through hamp’s work on the palestrina: https ://www . douglashamp . com/nile-mosaic-of-palenstrina/

this is odds and ends by a kathleen vail: // theshieldofachilles . net/2017/09/22/reading-helen-in-egypt-in-egypt/

this is good but i don’t trust to get involved with permissions: http :// archaeologicalworld . blogspot . com/2012/07/nile-mosaic-of-palestrina . html

Nile Mosaic of Palestrina =

this is from the German Wikipedia, found through the link on the Wolfgang Rieger donation that I haven’t used because I’m leery of these donors’ names, though his doesn’t stipulate that you should use his name. I think then he’d written that he’d gotten it from here, and I translated this.

Nile Mosaic of Palestrina (Barberini Mosaic ) is a 5.85 x 4.31 m antique mosaic from the sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia in Praeneste , today’s Palestrina , and is the best preserved and most significant ancient Nile landscape . A version reconstructed from fragments is in the Museo Nazionale Prenestino , the former Palazzo Barberini-Colonna. One segment is in the Antikensammlung in Berlin . [1]

Genesis and Dating edit Edit ]

Location edit Edit ]

Lower complex of the sanctuary

The Nile mosaic was originally located in an apse of a hall structure, which was part of the so-called lower complex of the Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia. This apse was 6.87 meters wide, 4.35 meters deep and about 10 meters high. It immediately connected to the rock standing there. Because of the porosity of the rock, it is believed that water penetrated the rock and covered the mosaic with a thin layer of water. There may have been versions in the three niches that cut through the apse, each about 80 cm deep and 90 cm wide. So it’s a cave nymphaeum . The hall itself was 22 meters long, 14 meters wide and at least 14 meters high. Below her floor was the Aerariumof Praeneste.

On the left side of the hall was a passageway to a larger, possibly covered, at least two-story building, which was divided by several rows of columns. Next to this pillared hall there is another grotto-nymphaeum, whose floor was decorated with another mosaic, some of which is still in place, the so-called fish mosaic of Palestrina .

In front of the portico was a temple, of which some remains are still under the church of San Agapito. Which deity was dedicated to the temple is unknown.

Sanctuary or forum? Edit Edit ]

The interpretation and dating of the Nile mosaic is as controversial as the function of the entire complex of buildings. [2]

In the late 19th century, Orazio Marucchi argued in several publications [3] that the complex was the actual sanctuary of Fortuna, based on a description of the Sanctuary of Cicero . [4] Accordingly, the portico as was Area Sacra or temple atrial identified, the nymphaeum with the fish mosaic was considered the place where the sortes Praenestinae , of lots, where the sanctuary owes its reputation as oracle, and the building with the apse was the Aedes Fortunae , the actual sanctuary of Fortuna.

The presence of the two mosaics seemed to support the assumption, since it is mentioned in the natural history of Pliny that Sulla donated a lithostrotos , or stone pavement, to the sanctuary of Fortuna in Praeneste :

Lithostrota coeptavere iam sub Sulla; parvolis certe crustis exstat hodieque quod in Fortunae delubro Praeneste fecit. [5]
“Lithostrota were already in use at Sulla’s time. In any case, there is still such a covering consisting of small pieces of marble that Sulla had installed in the sanctuary of Fortuna in Praeneste. “

This argument was used in particular by Richard Delbrueck . [6] Whether under Lithostrotos ( Greek λιθόστρωτος a large-scale mosaic image can be understood), does not appear safe. For image mosaics there was in Greek specifically the name Emblema ( ἔμβληεμα “the used”), from which derives the word emblem . The word meaning came from the fact that picture mosaics were set up in a box shape and then let in with the box in a larger, simpler designed floor area. The Romans, on the other hand, called pictorial mosaics specific as opus vermiculatum .

History of finds edit Edit ]

When the mosaic was found, is not known exactly. It is first mentioned in 1607 in a description of the diocese of Palestrina , [7] which indicates that it may have been discovered as early as 1588. It became known in 1614 by Federico Cesi , the founder of the Accademia dei Lincei , who in turn drew the attention of Cardinal Francesco Barberini to the importance of the find. The Barberini were at this time the lords of Palestrina. The cardinal depot of Maffeo Barberini, who was elected Urban Pope in 1623 , had the mosaic divided into segments between 1624 and 1626 and brought to Rome. The mosaic went there in the possession ofLorenzo Malagotti , Cardinal Secretary of State and also an uncle of Francesco Barberini. By Malagotti reached the segment with the pergola in 1628 as a state gift to Ferdinand II Medici , Grand Duke of Tuscany and several other owners finally in the collection of antiquities in Berlin.

After Francesco Barberini became director of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana in 1627 , the mosaic returned to his disposal. Through Battista Calandra , the most important mosaic artist of the time, Cardinal Barberini restored the mosaic and combined the segments into an overall composition that closed the existing gaps. The segment with the pergola has been replaced by a copy. This restored form essentially corresponds to the one known today. [8th]

The mosaic was now famous and the citizens of Palestrina demanded his repatriation. In 1640 Cardinal Barberini ordered the transfer to the Palazzo Colonna-Barberini in Palestrina. Improper storage during transport, however, the mosaic took considerable damage. The boxes had been stored upside down (face down), so that the picture stones came off the track when driving on bumpy paths, so the mosaic had to be restored after arriving in Palestrina again. [9]

Description edit Edit ]

Original segments (colored) according to the copies of Dal Pozzo.

These changeable destinies today would create a great uncertainty as to which part of the found stock is preserved and which parts of the surviving parts are original, if not before 1640 (presumably already 1626) the scholar Cassiano Dal Pozzo by a painter (probably Vincenzo Vanenti) watercolors make the segments in their then state. These watercolors were discovered and published by Helen Whitehouse in the 1970’s in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle . [10] These watercolors show that the existing stock was preserved except for a small fragment. In addition, during the last restoration by Salvatore Aurigemma largely determined by the back of the mosaic, the antique parts.

To what extent, however, the current arrangement of the segments corresponds to the original arrangement, there is still uncertainty. Nor is it clear how great the lost part of the ancient state is. Since the dimensions of the locality are significantly wider at 6.78 × 4.35 and also have bulges in the apse, it could be that almost one meter of the antique image is lost in width.

The following sections contain a description of the individual segments. The numbering corresponds to that used by Helen Whitehouse, which also corresponds to the numbering of Dal Pozzo copies. Exceptions are segments 20 and 21, which were identified by Paul Meyboom as part of the original mosaic.

Segment 1 edit Edit ]

Segment 1 (copy of Dal Pozzo).

Giant snake eats a bird (detail from segment 1a)

Python sebae eats a bird (illustration from Brehm’s Thierleben ).

Onokentauros (segment 1b)

Pairing of wolf and cheetah (illustration to Oppians Kynegetika in a Venetian manuscript of the 10th century).

Thos (left) is hunting with wolves.

Segment 1, which is depicted as a unit on the Dal Pozzo copy, has been split into two parts. These parts (segment 1a and 1b) are now positioned on the left and top right. Presumably, the segment broke in 1640 and the parts were misused during assembly. Above all, the segment shows various animal species that could be considered typical of ancient Ethiopia. The old Aithiopia ( Αιθιοπία ) should not be confused with the modern Ethiopia , but called it a vast area, consisting of Egypt above the first cataract , Nubia , the Sudan and northern parts of modern Ethiopia.

On the left side you can see a number of birds (herons or cranes) that seem to fall. One of the birds is being eaten by a big snake. Pliny [11] and Claudius Aelianus [12]report that large snakes are capable of catching birds in flight. The depicted species may be the northern rock python ( Python sebae ), which due to its size (it can reach a length of over 7 m), aggressiveness (it also attacks larger mammals and humans) and appearance (bright, yellowish underside; Upper side is brown with black edges) the representation corresponds well. Also interesting is the similarity with an illustration from Brehm’s Thierlebenshowing Python sebae eating a bird. [13] In addition, copies of the type in the Roman were Circus put on display [14] and Agatharchides reports in his (not received) book on the Red Sea ( Περὶ Πόντου Έρυθροῦ ) from catching a aithiopischen boa constrictor to Ptolemy II. Was brought and gave the visitors of Alexandria a remarkable spectacle when they tried to tame them by starving. [15] In the background you can see a tree or shrub that as Salvadora persica has been identified. [16]

Behind the snake is a flat rock formation, similar to a small table mountain . The snake seems to crawl out of a crack in the rock. Embedded in the rock are several, partly greenish, partly reddish oval objects, which are supposed to represent gemstones , as they are often found in Nubia and Upper Egypt and have been imported from there since ancient times. [17] It could be turquoise , of which Pliny reports that he is found in egg-shaped deposits in the rock. [18] Agatharchides gives a corresponding description of the topaz sites . [19]

On the rock tablet you can see a strange hybrid creature with a human head and a hoofed animal’s body. The label reads ΗΟΝΟΚΕΝΤΑΥΡΑ . [20] The onokentauros was a mythical creature from human and donkey , similar to the more well-known centaur , which is a mixture of man and horse. This animal was described by Pythagoras, a navigator and geographer who explored the coast of the Red Sea on behalf of Ptolemy II. The account he wrote about the journey has not been preserved, but is quoted by other ancient authors:

His body resembles a donkey, he is gray, but whitish under the flanks. He has a human upper body with breasts and a human face, which is surrounded by a dense mane. He uses the arms both for gripping and holding things as well as for running. He is of a strong temper and can not bear captivity. [21]

Which animal underlies this description is the subject of speculation. It was suspected both a monkey species and the gnu as a model. In the Nile mosaic, the Onokentauros has no arms, the head sits directly on the chest, and strangely, the front hooves are split (as in antelope ), the hind hooves are not (as in donkeys).

The Onokentauros is also mentioned in other places: In the Septuagint, for example, he appears as a kind of jackal who lives in the ruins of Babylon ( Is 13:22  EU , 34:14 EU ) In the Physiologus he is an animal, the noble traits with beastly Instincts united, whereby he resembles the human. [22]

To the right of the Onokentauros one sees a monkey sit, probably a Meerkatze . Since there are only baboons in the areas of Aithiopias except Meerkatzen, but baboons are represented differently in the segments 6 and 7, it is assumed that it is a monkey. [23]

At the foot of the rock, to the right of the snake, are two spotted, confronting animals, next to the name Θ Ѡ ΑΝΤΕΣ ( Toantes), a plural form of θώς (tos) , which refers to jackals, leopards, wolves and similar predators. The animals pictured here are apparently spotted hyenas ( Crocuta crocuta ). Because of the stains, it was believed in antiquity that the spotted hyena was a cross between wolf and leopard . In a manuscript of the Kynegetica of the Oppian of Apameafrom the 10th century are mappings of this mating and the result of the crossing, which is very similar to the representation in the Nile Mosaic. [24]Alternatively, it has been considered that it is in the Thoantes to wild dogs ( Lycaon pictus could) act, although also have a speckled, but shows no points. [25]

Segment 2 edit Edit ]

Segment 2 (copy of Dal Pozzo).

Troglodytes, monkeys and ΞΙΟΙΓ(detail from segment 2).

Monkey and crabs (detail from segment 2).

In the upper part of the segment you can see six black hunters, armed with bows and round shields and ready to shoot. The prey is not visible. The depiction corresponds to the description of aithiopian tribes in Diodorus: they are of black skin and her hair would be woolly. They are armed with javelins, long bows and shields of raw ox hide. They were skilled archers and would meet birds in flight. As far as clothing is concerned, Diodorus’s description does not coincide, for it says that some of them are completely undressed or wear skirts made of sheepskin or hair-braided belts, but on the Nile mosaic they wear a kind of tunicwith belt, but it could also be untanned skins. [26]

To the right of it sit two apes in a bush and below the shrub sits a third monkey on a rock. One of the two monkeys in the bush climbs along a branch. Above his head is the inscription ΣΦΙΝΓΙΑ (SPHINGIA) , which is probably a plural form of the deminutive of Sphinx ( Greek Σφίγξ ). In ancient times, six types of monkeys were distinguished:

  • kallitriches (” fair-haired “) [27]
  • kephi : In Diodorus [28] kepus , κηρους (kepous) in Pliny the Elder, [29] κῆβος (kebos) in Aristotle , [30] also κεῖπος (keipos) .
  • kerkopitheki (“tail monkey “) [31]
  • kynokephali (“dog heads”): The name suggests that they are baboons, as the baby’s snout reminds one of a dog. [30]
  • satyri ( satyrs ) [32]
  • sphinges (sphinxes): Diodorus reported that this type of monkeys in both Aithiopia and in the Land of Troglodytes happen and that they were similar in appearance of a sphinx, only was her mane shaggy. [33]

It is difficult to impossible to assign modern taxa to these different ancient species . Some of the species were also not good or known only by hearsay, z. For example, Pliny says of the kepous animal that it was only seen once in Rome in the games of Pompeius Magnus , and never again later.

In the Nile mosaic appear six monkeys, in three of them are attached labels, namely the sphinx monkey here, kepion in segment 6 and satyrus in segment 7. According to the description in Diodorus should be expected as a sphinx monkey a mahnentragenden monkey, which in the over the branch climbing monkeys also applies. The other two monkeys seem to be more than meerkats. In the area in question several suitable species occur today, namely the Mantelpavian ( Papio hamadryas), the Ethiopian Grünmeerkatze ( Chlorocebus aethiops ) (whereby the eye-catching black face does not correspond to the representation), as well as the Husarenaffe (Erythrocebus patas ). However, given the climate change in North Africa in the last 2000 years, the distribution areas in antiquity may have been very different, so z. B. species would come into question, which occur today only in West Africa.

On the left below the shrub is a strange four-legged animal with a crocodile-like snout on a rock plate. The text of the caption reads ΞΙΟΙΓ , which makes no sense. Since there is no label on the Dal Pozzo copies, it has been assumed that the inscription is a later addition. But it can also be a mutilated remnant of a longer word overlooked by the copyist. [34] was Complementing ΣΑΡΚΟΦΑΓΟΣ ( SARKOPHAGOS proposed “Predator”) because Agatharchides as one of the species Aithiopias a carnivorous Buffalo ( sarkophagos tauros ) mentioned. [35]The type shown remains unclear. The assumption that it could be warthog or hippopotamus contradicts that both species elsewhere in the mosaic are life-like and clearly identifiable represented.

Below the rock with the ΞΙΟΙΓ , two large crabs are shearing their scissors out of the water. There were both marine crab species, especially on the Red Sea coast, as well as Nile species of freshwater crabs.

Segment 3 edit Edit ]

Segment 3 (copy of Dal Pozzo).

KROKOTTAS , the striped hyena (detail from segment 3)

NABOUS , the dromedary (detail from segment 3)

Like Segment 2, one sees dark-skinned hunters hunting with their bows and arrows for birds (herons or cranes). The clothing is different, as the two hunters wear here a kind of chiton exomis , which is closed only over the left shoulder, whereby the right arm has more freedom of movement. Both hunters are ready to shoot, the front kneels in a kind of semi- splits , the rear stands upright with legs spread.

The hunters are halfway up a cliff above which is a group of low-flying birds. You will be accompanied by a tall, slender dog that jumps at the birds, possibly a greyhound or a related species such. B. the Tesem . Below the dog is a in the mosaic only poorly recognizable, in the copy on the basis of the train well identifiable peacock . Peacocks are originally from Asia, especially India, and were not native to Egypt in ancient times. However, they were imported early: Athenaios reports that peacocks along with other Indian and Ethiopian animals are in the triumph of Dionysusperforming train of Ptolemy II. were shown. [36] In general, there was no clear distinction between Indian and Aethiopian animals, since it was assumed that a land connection between India and Ethiopia existed until the Middle Ages, making the Indian Ocean an inland sea. In addition, the trade route between the Ptolemaic Egypt and India via the Red Sea, thus aithiopian ports.

Below the peacock one sees a white and a brown bird standing on the rock. Meyboom suspects that it is gray or purple heron . To the left of them, a large animal disappears behind a boulder, whose hindquarters are very similar to those of a hippopotamus. The part is not original, but already appears on the copy. Perhaps the reconstruction was unclear as to whether the part in question was a rock or an animal, which was then solved in the form of a both-as-well. [37]

On the lower left you can see a striped hyena with the inscription ΚΡΟΚΟΤΤΑΣ (KROKOTTAS) , a name that is used to describe the hyena by Agatharchides. [38] However, the stripes are horizontal instead of correctly vertical. To the right is a dromedary . The inscription calls it ΝΑΒΟΥΣ (NABOUS) . Pliny writes that nabun is the aithiopian name of the giraffe . [39]Given the giraffe ( Greek καμηλοπάρδαλις kamelopardalis ) for a cross of camel and panther ( Pardel ) giraffe and dromedary were easily confused. [40]

The segment was badly damaged. On the top of the rock were probably two birds whose feet can still be seen on the Dal Pozzo copy. To the right of the rock was possibly an elephant whose outline as well as a tusk can be seen on the Dal Pozzo copy. [41]

Segment 4 edit Edit ]

Segment 4 (copy of Dal Pozzo).

Turtles and otters (detail from segment 4)

The small segment in the current arrangement at the bottom left connects to segment 2 . It shows two otters, the left carries a caught fish in its mouth, the right one has already half-throttled its catch. As species would come into question the Eurasian otterLutra lutra ) or as a typical Ethiopian species of stain otter ( Lutra maculicollis ). Above the two otters there is a bad readable inscription ( ΕΝΥΔΡΙΣ ENYDRIS “aquatic animal”).

Two turtles are sitting on a rock below the otter.

Segment 5 edit Edit ]

Segment 5 (copy of Dal Pozzo).

The segment shows two giraffes, with the back obscured by the front so that only her neck and feet are visible. The neck of the front giraffe is stretched, as if it were plucking leaves from a tree, which can only be seen on the copy. The rear giraffe, whose front legs and neck are seen on the copy, seems to eat grass from the ground. Below the giraffes is the inscription Κ.ΜΕΛΟΠΑΡΑΑΔΙ , originally probably ΚΑΜΕΛΟΠΑΡΔΑΛΙΣ , so kamelopardalis , the usual Greek name of the giraffe mentioned in the description of segment 3 .

Although the giraffe living in southern Sudan had already come to ancient Egypt as a Nubian tribute, it first became known to the ancient world when it was shown to be one of the exotic Aethiopian animals in the already mentioned pompous procession of Ptolemy II. The oldest known illustration of a giraffe shows a frieze of the 3rd century BC. In the necropolis of Marissa in Palestine. [42] The Romans first got it in the games of Caesar in 46 BC. To see Chr. [43]

Below the giraffe you can see a small animal lying on its back. Whether the animal has a tail is uncertain. On the copy a relatively long tail can be seen. In the report on the restoration, the original presence of a tail remains open. [44] Which species should be displayed remains unclear. It was suggested that the animal should not be interpreted as lying on its back, but as a chameleon hanging from a branch . [45] Other proposals were hyrax , a Igelart such. The Ethiopian hedgehog ( Paraechinus aethiopicus ), [46] or a shrew . [47] Another possibility is the Myrmekoleon , the ant-lion, an incredible animal of unclear size and texture, also found in Agatharchides in Ethiopia. [48]

Segment 6 edit Edit ]

Segment 6 (copy of Dal Pozzo).

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Original file ‎(2,511 × 2,170 pixels, file size: 742 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg); ZoomViewer: flash/no flash


Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents


English: Nile mosaic from Palestrina (present state). Museo Nazionale Palestrina, Italy.
Source Bernard Andrae: Antike Bildmosaiken. von Zabern, Mainz 2003, ISBN 3-8053-3156-8, p. 78
Author WolfgangRieger


This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art. The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason:

Public domain This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less.


My poor self. Now I found the best and simplest-seeming one, a Creative Commons 3.0, meaning only that you include the photographer’s name, and it occurs to me that that could get twisted to Affliction of Surgery, for using the photo — the system just is insane and I have to be careful and never know where curses might be coming from. I’m exhausted, where I’ll barely be able to get out of here. This one by Sergio d’Afflitto is lovely and complete even with the museum’s chain in front of the piece, a realistic touch I think, but you have to keep his name and many of these “names” might be set up curses, like I’m still seeing the Breton Yann Forget, a French name I guess, that Yann is Jean in northwest France. This piece seems cursed. The girl I’d found one with yesterday and linked to her, overnight and this morning the torture, and even now I can hear it in the car noises outside like monitoring and waiting while I do this and what they’re doing underground, etc, it was/is so bad I had to erase the link because the girl looks a little like maybe she’d from ovae from the same “product line” as the one this “Jomon” calls “Julie” ostensibly in this horror-script they suck off of me, they’ve been doing it real bad so I dropped that image of this mosaic and I’m still looking, and I’d wind up with the Roman retired from Esso but I can’t find it offhand while I’m looking at the others. Wolfgang Rieger is like some expert and made the good Wikipedia article in Germany but I only require a simple view of the whole thing as a way to get started on it.

http ://www . romanmosaicworkshops . co . uk/nile-mosaic-gallery . html

. understandingrome . com/2014/03/17/hippopotamuses-and-lotus-flowers-the-nile-mosaic-at-palestrina/

https : //www . italywhereelse . com/the-nile-mosaic-of-palestrina/ = this is a duplicate but it’s a good source

and the RomeArtLover . it i finally re-found is too dark after all.

17 June, Monday, stuck on this “Limitless” fixation, reading Glynn that in 2001 deniro’s tribeca production company expressed interest, then scott rudin, then harvey weinstein. dixon’s 2003 script, neil burger, relativity media, abbie cornish, anna friel, bradley cooper,

5pm, like the world’s waste of time, and bad news on the book reviews, by which wallace would have learned of this little, brown book, same pubg company, but there were only 2 books in brief, both in 2002, the march 2002 for the nytimes by someone that looks like the man in oriental costume, king kaufman, and there’s maybe some connection to barry neil kaufman, however the neil is spelled, i think tt’s it. As usual — that that i’d taken notes on in the paragraph above, i didn’t get better citation on it, tt tt was glynn saying tt right off, i guess in 2000 or 2001, deniro had expressed interest in the film rights, but i couldn’t find any review at all, till the march 2002 and that was teeny. Now i could use a better reading of what glynn was saying and there isn’t any real way to find these things again later, everything after that amounting to nothing till i started looking up about things connected to wallace, mostly tt michael milburn’s family had a house in cambridge, he’d been born there, slightly younger than karr where i’d been guessing he’d been older. i couldn’t think of any “reason” for the wallace obsession for her except that she “must have” fellated him and he interpreted tt as tt she didn’t really have any marriage left to speak of, tt tt was a “sign” tt her marriage was a dead thing, while i’d read that they’d been married till 1996. Very bad messy all this nightmare insanity. To look at Kaufman and see he was nearly the only one mentioning the DF book, is too coincidental while there isn’t any substantial evidence. The Publication party for the Infinite Jest, 1996 i think, was on 10th street, let me see if I can find how close to avenue a that was. — A block and a half away from where Eddie Spinola lived. Then a blonde asked him if he wanted to see her puppy and he left with her instead of costello, who became furious. i’ll never find out what transpired with the blonde in that neighborhood then, all that more than 20 years ago now.

5:55p the monsters cut me off again without a warning. then i forgot to try this new way of doing a log out before doing the log in like i just did when i hadn’t really logged out. it had “worked” the last time. what happens is they quit giving you the time-warning and -adding notices and just run out the last five minutes without the 2 usual low-time warning notices, for no reason i can figure out, no pattern.

1pm 18 june, tuesday, they did it again at 11:55, after only an hour on i guess that that was, no warning-flashing again.

6/19, wed., http ://daytoninmanhattan . blogspot . com/2016/11/the-lost-coster-mansion-nos-539-541 . html = i got stuck on this old longfellow photo with an appleton hanging over some guy named john h. coster, maybe the 1800-1861 one, son of john gerard coster, m. sarah adeline boardman 1806-1882 but i have to give this up, all my time going to these search-engine labyrinths all the time. Longfellow’s wife was hanging all over the guy too, the whole group was like attaching themselves to this guy named coster, 6 in it, and then the daytonian in manhattan credits the same photo to that perkins school for the blind that comes up in any reading on graham bell and their building is just a short walk from this longfellow-washington house. I can’t find a nice illustration for this longfellow business yet but he was a major “brain-eater” and from the him-kill-angelos line of this Jomon, all mixed up with everything there from his Cambridge house that Washington had lived in for nearly a year and then even down to this business with this df wallace kid.

I can’t keep all this sitting as the first post so I’ll have to move it here for now “real quick:”

Here’s another big way the Revelation-Armageddon has been being snuck-through off of me:

The caution is that I finally found an okay photograph-image of the Praeneste”Palestrina Nile” mosaic, in the Italian Wikipedia, but it comes with the CC 3.0 stipulation that you both credit and I think actually keep the link to the donation, which I hadn’t thought the link was mandatory before but nevertheless I try to stick to flat-out PD (public domain) donations and images, — but the photographer’s family name translates to Pain or Pained, and comes down from a St. Eustachius that I have yet to look up [St. Eustace, one of the 14 holy helpers] and his first name comes from (a) St. Sergius that I don’t know anything about either, — and then also he’s a big member in Rome’s Union of Atheists, UAAR, atheists and Rationalist Agnostics I think it is and there’s the Armageddon-worry that his donation might not be the brightest thing I, “the stupid crosseyed girl” of this Armageddon Program/-making, might do, but it appears to clearly be the best photograph of the “Palistrina mosaic” and I’m therefore anxious (no pun, that this invisible-torture largely hangs on giving me underworld-“magic” phonied-up anxiety pains so I can’t breathe,) to put it here. I’m likely therefore to be able to get it to here by the end of today and figured to put this warning up that this “free donation” comes from someone from a “house of pain” and-or worse, mere simple-seeming photo that it is. The best research is by a guy on German Wikipedia and that will have to go into a link-file as behind the mosaic. His name I’m not sure about either but I think the donation is a 4.0 but his name, a donor’s name, ought to be included if it’s okay with themselves, etc. So I’ll be trying to get to at least getting the mosaic-photo up here in the course of this day, 2pm already and I’m in terrible shape. This should go into chronology but, actually it does wind up coming around to this business. I say it’s the “It’s a Small World After All” overload phenomenon. I was able to get some more reading on the David Foster Wallace business yesterday and it seems so closely linked to the The Dark Fields/Limitless novel that the whole thing’s more of a scandal than just the sociological horror of the unfortunate demise, but then, — there’s some chance that he was a descendant of the underground “Homer” in the Archelaos piece that connects to this mosaic to my thinking, my offhand view of these archaeological items, with that male on the top being of the “Jomon” invaders, who have steadily been killing and replacing the normal males, along with the rest of the brain-eating consortium of the Autist invaders, which is what I think, very very hiddenly anymore that the mosaic was about, that it had been made as a communication attempt that has been all mistranslated by the “Jomon” replacements for the normal humans, like the “Jomon” that are steady all over me, my whole life, etc., etc. — I didn’t get it yet today but — I could try putting its link to my work file on it and then there’s the Archelaos stele piece I’ll put in place now while there’s the few minutes:

Palestrina mosaic

Dominchino’s St. Nilus Meets the Emperor Otto III

Boleslaw the Brave Greeting the Emperor Otto III, by the Brotherhood of St. Luke, [1938] — and I’ve run out of time, have to fill this link to Le Moyne College the rest in tomorrow now.






Previously written and I’ll have to rearrange things soon:

Marion Barry, (1936-1914) in 1983; PD, click-on.

Fresco in the Ephesus Archaeological Museum, Turkey, titled in Greek “Socrates;” photographed by Pvasiliadis in 2007 and given to Wikimedia Commons; click.

Since the subject of the late DC Mayor Barry came up yesterday [they have a character here that seems to be role-playing Barry’s “Armageddon Program” role,] I’ll mention that I think of him as being like Socrates, who I see as having been stuck with all those invading Autist-psychopaths, like the Alcibiades one for example, and, someone responsibly-thinking had to stay with the sneaky little pyromaniacs, not just let them go off wandering where next by themselves, winding up in this global-system we’ve got today.

Barry in Peking, probably 1984, the date didn’t photograph, technical problems. The caption reads, District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry, center, and D.C. Council Chairman David Clarke, left, lead a group of joggers up a portion of China’s Great Wall near Peking. The man at right is not identified. Barry and Clarke are leading a city delegation to China to promote good will.(Associated Press/WPost)marion barry3 = Something is wrong with my links lately, I’ll have to try to fix them but the original on this is gone. It’s my favorite picture of Barry, the exuberance it expresses and that I figure he was trying to spread. The person on his left had some untimely death, has a law school or building at UDC named after him, but I see what I call a classic Autist, and to my outsider’s view it seems like Barry was like Socrates, right in the midst of alot of Autists there in DC and trying to teach them about life while trying to stay safe from them at the same time. I’d seen this photo in passing while looking for something else and then had a terrible time trying to pin down the date of this trip in order to find it again. Now the library is doing more tricks, I have to move this desk since the packed others have freed up. — I despise games and it’s all these secret underworld people seem to do, the morning has been so disgusting. I think they’re doing the pattern where they let me sit and work, at an open instead of a closed terminal-table, as though there is a “world-saving” attempt going on in my typing and everything is friendly and nice-nice, and then toward the close of day there’s a flip-flop to riot-level anger about anything about this character, “the stupid, crosseyed girl,” that this secret-from-me Armageddon Program dubs me. They’d had an Asian guy sit down a little conspicuously with a big book about the game Go, that these contemporaries all seem to think it’s some turn-taking secret murder world or what but I don’t have anything to do with any of that. I don’t know what they were under-doing all those years I was in DC. I just read that they put up a nice statue of Marion Barry, 13th and Pennsylvania, NW, their City Hall. Can’t find a public domain photo of it yet. I think this is maybe inscribed on the back of it, from a re-published Instagram (in all capital letters): “Marion Barry, Jr., held elected office in the District of Columbia for 35 years. He was elected president of the District of Columbia school board in 1972. He was elected the second mayor of Washington, DC, from 1979 to 1991, and served again as the fourth mayor from 1995-1999. He also served on the Council of the District of Columbia, beginning as an at-large member of the first elected city council, from 1975 to 1979 and later serving the residents of Ward 8 from 1993 to 1995, and again from 2005 until his death on November 23, 2014.”

— Not all the pieces of what I’m trying to describe are here, I’ll have to try to put this together in one of the other files since it isn’t an emergency difficulty for right now, just that the Armageddon Program must have give the important citizen some role or another to act out as I’d been there so long, that I describe as having been like a ghost-prisoner, stranded there by the “Program’s” enforcing all this poverty onto me always, like I’m stranded too even on finally the retirement social security. When I got here they gave the stereotyped-role to some other person to act out, as most people seem, we seem, to be in a prison-planet anymore, as these invaders have gone around the world killing and replacing the normal people with their manufactured type selves, and so it is still some real-life way that these “directors” are still carrying out their Revelation-Armageddon Plan, by having this new role-player as plop in every day to start making annoyance-difficulties for me which are then reverberated into whatever their underworld is here and thence out through the whole global-system. (Duh.)

June 18, Tuesday, this doesn’t belong here but the “system,” the underworld-parasites, are doing the emergency-level pulling on the front of my hair that goes with a big LURE and then kill afterwards sometime soon or now, they pull on people ritually by pulling on my hair/here I think maybe it goes. They used to do this all the time in the Washington library is why I decided to type it here. Barry wasn’t mayor while I was there by he’d gone to being a regular Councilperson, on the City Council through most of this millennium. That gets me off the subjects I’m trying to get to so I can get to getting this Palestrina up here. What I recall now had happened is that I was trying to learn about someone else in Washington and in that research-attempt Barry’s name had kept coming up, in about September and then October of 2014 till I’d started reading the 4 books they’d had there, temporarily closed they’ve been until next year. Then in November he passed unexpectedly, a big mourning. The proximity of my sudden notice of him with then his passing and some other goings on had me the feeling that my difficulties with that fraud-parent offspring-descendant horror inundation had had some connection to Barry’s passing, really.

Today is really bad as I’d gotten the thought that perhaps the DF Wallace author might have “faked his death” as I’m always unsure about who has and hasn’t actually passed, and then I’d wanted to quick look up about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on account of that it was on Longfellow Avenue, Bronx, “the ‘French Connection’ neighborhood” I call it, that I’d grown up on and there was that odd Neil Diamond song, Longfellow’s Serenade, and what I have since put together were/are a bunch of disgusting child-ovary perverts all around, and in looking up Longfellow he looked just like the Bell family and so I am stranded drowning in all the inter-connections to this and then also that Wallace had spent alot of time in Cambridge, Mass. also. That big book of his might have been the forerunner to the “Limitless” novel, Wallace calling it DMZ and 2 or 3 nicknames. I read a brief excerpt of his description in that “Infinite Jest” 1996 novel, that DMZ came from a mold that grows on a mold, which is off of the Albert Hofmann assurance that his LSD-25 came from ergot mold. Maybe it’s that it’s similar in chemical structure to serotonin, I don’t recall the detail-details right off. But that makes it sound like Wallace was writing about it before Limitless was written, and then it struck that Wallace and the film’s star Bradley Cooper did/do look alot alike. Offhand I can only think of one sort of the detail that at some time the system seemed to have some sort of a “deal” where the gorier one’s death the better the system would take care of your underworld-made “offspring-descendants,” as something that people do or had been doing at some point, that they made such sacrifices of themselves for the betterment then of their illicit descendants.

First Day of Summer, I don’t know what these ******* have been doing to ruin it yet.

Cellulose was discovered in 1838 by the French chemist Anselme Payen, who isolated it from plant matter and determined its chemical formula.[3][10][11] Cellulose was used to produce the first successful thermoplastic polymercelluloid, by Hyatt Manufacturing Company in 1870. Production of rayon (“artificial silk“) from cellulose began in the 1890s and cellophane was invented in 1912. Hermann Staudinger determined the polymer structure of cellulose in 1920. The compound was first chemically synthesized (without the use of any biologically derived enzymes) in 1992, by Kobayashi and Shoda. == I have to figure if that manufacturing corp is the same as the guy in upstatish ny that’d invented the billiard balls, that hyatt. … Cellulose contains 44.44% carbon, 6.17% hydrogen, and 49.39% oxygen. The chemical formula of cellulose is (C6H10O5)n where n is the degree of polymerization and represents the number of glucose groups. —

Cotton fibres represent the purest natural form of cellulose, containing more than 90% of this polysaccharide.













Rene J. Dubos as Dyer Lecturer, Oct. 22, 1953.

William H. Sebrell, Jr., (1901-92,) director of NIH 1950-55, nutrition.)

Rolla E. Dyer, NIH director (till 1950, infectious diseases.)

www . rpg . net/reviews/archive/14/14442 . phtml == a summary of the Anthony/Buck Rogers story, and wikipedia = A ten-minute Buck Rogers film premiered at the 1933–1934 World’s Fair in Chicago. John Dille Jr. (son of strip baron John F. Dille) starred in the film, which was called Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: An Interplanetary Battle with the Tiger Men of Mars. It was later shown in department stores to promote Buck Rogers merchandise. It was shot in the Action Film Company studio in ChicagoIllinois, and was directed by Dr. Harlan Tarbell. A 35mm print of the film was discovered by the filmmaker’s granddaughter, donated to UCLA’s film and television archive, restruck and subsequently posted to the web. It is available on the VCI Entertainment DVD 70th Anniversary release of the 1939 serial. The characters featured include Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering, Dr. Huer, Killer Kane, Ardala, King Grallo of the Martian Tiger Men, and robots.

— they’re doing something scary-horrible on the images part of the search-engine, showing only the first few rows of the images and then you’d have to click-on each separately thereafter, making looking over the array about impossible, searching for anything obscure like I’m always doing.

Little, Brown was established in Boston by Charles Little and James Brown in 1837, and was bought by Time Inc in 1968. Little, Brown became part of the Time Warner Book Group when Time merged with Warner Communications in 1989. Little, Brown USA bought what became Little, Brown Book Group UK in 1992. == This is confusing for me, and that’s only about the The Dark Fields business, that I think Glynn’s publisher in the UK, from Dublin, was Little, Brown, that that’s what the Limitless says was the first publishing. I’d likely try to check the The Dark Fields in the closed section of the library downtown to double-check that that says Little Brown, UK, which solely means to me that it’s still basically a Boston group that had been behind getting the The Dark Fields published.

6/24, Monday, (around 3:45,) they cut me off again, I don’t know how they keep doing these “tricks.” I want to do some quick reading and they always cut me off when I’m not looking, on the phony excuse that it had gone over some time since I’d made a keystroke and I’m just sure that that’s b.s. because I’m all “neurotic” about all this anyway. I have to return this Philip Johnson biog by Schulze and it’s such a shame that the library doesn’t have one for when there’d be something specific I’d be looking for in his architecture or anything. — They put up a sign, Are you there, or hi, are you there or some such when it’s been awhile since you’ve done a keystroke — everything has me nuts. I got here about 2 hours “late” just because everything’s difficult, where they don’t even open here till noon on Mondays and Thursdays anymore so how could I be that off-schedule but I can’t do anything about it, this “jomon-blob,” to not use the 3-letter word, lives on my skull and “they,” with the girl-things seemingly, are always molesting me like even out of boredom from waiting for me to provide them with some form of entertainment like the walk to the bus or whatever, and nobody can live like this, etc. I’m kind of struck by that my realizing something this big is contained here, this massive a thing like it doesn’t exist and worse that the 3-letters thing and its “consortium” of the monsters might actually be hoping I’ll try to be contacting people who will “spread the word” to using my discovering about this as an excuse for moving the Armageddon into further worse horrors they’ve long been plotting toward. I sent a twitter attempt, I don’t know if i do that correctly to a girl and then tried an email/gmail address she’d used a long time ago for trying to get a permission on a book cover photo she’d made of her IJ copy and I’m afraid these 3-letter bums are hoping that DFW “fans,” people, would hear about this and the 3-letters could brew up a storm from that, is a worry, that this is so so outrageous in reality.

7:10p.m., they did it to me again, like sneaking up on me and sneaking the out-of-time through all the time, whatever these parasites are that live-suck all over me. Again it was a whole lot of work and I hadn’t saved it frequently enough.

6/25, Tuesday; I can’t describe the filth, all the different kinds of it, like combating against little me, all morning and right now, etc.

4:40 pm, they cut me off again, it must be a game with them to stalk for that situation when I don’t notice that the warning sign for ten minutes left wasn’t followed five minutes later by the adding 15 minutes sign, like usual, and instead the five minutes run out and the machine cuts off just like that, five minutes of not watching the timer these parasites stalk for.

6/28, friday, just miscellaneous because today’s the short day, and those 2 loan books came in but will have to wait for tomorrow, everything really lousy otherwise.

6/29, Saturday, all kinds of decapitation-horror, the bums doing the rituals all around me and these 2 locations and increasing on account of the various things I might try to communicate about. Right now I just want to mention this potentially-useful site:

god checker dot com, in UK, check their Permissions explicating for what is and isn’t okay.

now, world of tales dot com also for this Manabozho research, a long story published by the Allen Brothers in ny in 1869, written by cornelius mathews.

MOS 35M = humint collector/gatherer

7/1, Monday, these monsters are creating all kinds of filth to upset me, and not sending my photos on the Abscam business, email not working bs.

7/3, Wednesday, went through the Philip Johnson book because it has to be returned today, so what should i do now, with thinking, as i usually do, that i should get a photocopy by which to be able to recall some of the book, the “jomon” ever crawling on me, objecting to anything, etc., resistance i’m always working against, word i should use for the tactic because i’d heard about that alot, etc., for already too disgusting a subject, believe it or not.

7/9, Tuesday, I’m doing the best I can. Only new thing is that the Signifying Rappers book came in but I guess I’d said to send it to Central library because it might take less time so I’ll have to figure out how to get there and I’m out of resources right now. Maybe I’ll be able to go tomorrow. There are only 3 hours left for today and I’ll have to take a break now in order to call the oxygen company, always forgetting about that, but I’d rather be able to keep sitting here and go from anything I can think of to straighten out this blog to a next. I’ve been unable to get any work on the Permissions done for nearly a month, on account of that I’d only gotten replies on one of them from the last batch of 4 or 5, 2 replies I think but one was real odd. I will have to take a break now and really don’t want to.

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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